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VW Passat- 1500 miles per tank-75 MPG

VW ripped the design off from the USA. Notice the English guy laughing at the USA.


Ford Focus Diesel 80 MPG In England only of course.


Crooked Congress. Evil Prince Charles. Wicked English. Evil Detroit.



Our Jewish Queen of England….

See the ZGR is not the only ‘hipster’ out there although this guy has only a ‘glimmer’ of how Jewish the English royals really are. Prince Phillip is a Greek Jew, and Sephardic. Elizabeth is an Ashkenazi Jew. Thus Elizabeth is ‘dominant’. Prince Di was Anglosaxon and Ashkenazi. Kate Goldsmith is Ashkenazi and Anglosaxon. Di of course was a ‘white witch’ and the Windsors practice the black occult arts. I  hope Di repented of her witchcraft before she died. Even white witchcraft is a damnable sin, as the power comes from Lucifer when he appears as an Angel of light to his dupes.


Megalomaniac Soros Threatens Germans and Greeks

The only thing you can say ‘good’ about Soros is he does not throw the ‘Talmudic’ and ‘secret’ Masonic/Jewish ‘gang signs’. It took me a while to figure out his illicit billions had merely caused him to go mad with his perceived power. Those were really rotten corrupt regimes he overturned with his color revolutions. but his installed regimes were Anglo-Zionist criminals of an even fouler sort.

Now he is pimping the vile chess cheat and evil Jew Kasparov  to run Russia and start murdering Christians again. The Jew is relentless in his madness so we must be as Christians relentless in our prayers and warning our fellow man of the evil of the Satanic Jew, which is to say about 80-90 percent of them. Maybe more, maybe less.

Soros clearly does not believe in God or the devil, heaven or hell or he would throw the ‘gang’ signs of Israel. You can disbelieve in gravity if you want and jump off a 20 story building without a base jumping parachute, but the end result is still the same no matter if you disbelieve in gravity or hell.

Goodness knows I have prayed this foul man would repent of his evil over decades like Kissinger. Now I pray the Lord will avenge the people whose deaths he caused. A madman like Prince Charles or Soros or Rothschilds, well, they are are in their own prison so to speak.

Soros won’t like his end with his fellow Jews. Ever since the Jew got away with murdering the Messiah, he sought to elevate himself to God, much like Lucifer. We must be honest and frank about the Jew and from whence his madness comes and it is from rejecting Christ alone. This is the great, great sin and madness of the Jews.


Anglo-Zionist Newsfakers At Washington Post Break 58 Year Silence On Bilderberg Crime Gang


Bilderberg 2012: real men don’t like oligarchs


U.S. Bilderberg Attendees Violating Federal Law, Activists Say


JPM Returns Some Loot to MFG

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has returned roughly $600 million that was ensnared at the bank when MF Global Holdings Ltd. collapsed in October, people familiar with the matter said.

Most of the payments haven’t been disclosed publicly, and a bankruptcy trustee representing customers of the failed securities firm might pursue J.P. Morgan for as much as several hundred million dollars in additional claims, according to a person familiar with the investigation.

Still, the New York bank’s payments are a sign of progress in efforts to fill the estimated $1.6 billion hole left in customer accounts at MF Global. Money recovered by the bankruptcy trustee, James Giddens, eventually will be passed along to customers, though the amount depends on the outcome of continuing legal squabbles and negotiations…



How to Deal With Trespassers

Don’t mess with old men, genxyz. We see things a bit differently than your generation.

More than 110,000 U.S. soldiers remain on antidepressants and sedatives

Pray for our soldiers. Then write to your congress slut/homosexual/lesbian/mason/zionist and tell them to end the wars now and bring the boys and girls home.

FDA-HFCS is not corn sugar

Finally these puppets come down with a decision for the people. Friends don’t let friends take corn syrup, high fructose or not. HFCS=liquid diabetes! Say no to Coca Cola, no to pepsi, and no to high fructose corn syrup. Live long and prosper without Warren Buffetts poison.



Obama-Lackey of the Zionist Jewish Bankers and Zionist Jewish Lobby

American Jewry had made every ones life hell on earth  except for their worshipers in the USA. Most are tax dodgers, draft dodgers, and war mongers and their goy slaves must pick up the bill. The feminist is their closest ally not from the ‘family’. Anglos are hebraics so they don’t count as being outside of the family. Send the Jews in the USA the bill for Israel and take the Jews money to pay for their wars, and Israel would be hung out to dry. The Zionist Jew wants your money and life to support his madness. Sadly about 80 pc of the Jews in America or more support this madness.

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The so-called “kishkes issue” — what does President Obama, deep down, really feel about Israel — is now being addressed at the highest level by Obama himself.

Obama dropped in on a White House meeting Tuesday of lay and rabbinical leaders of the Conservative Judaism and Jack Lew, the president’s chief of staff. During his 20 minutes at the hourlong meeting, Obama emphasized his affection for Judaism and Israel, and like Vice President Joe Biden last week in a similar meeting with organizational leaders, his frustration with perceptions that he is cool toward the Jewish state.

The tone, coupled with blitzes of Jewish communities by Democratic leaders in recent months, reinforces the impression that the party’s leadership is unsettled by Republican inroads into what for decades has been a Democratic base constituency.

The presidential visit was “informal,” although the group of Jewish leaders knew a drop-by was likely. So when Obama walked into the Roosevelt Room, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, the executive vice president of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly, was ready with the traditional blessing for heads of state.

The account of what happened next is based on detailed notes by a person in attendance and confirmed by broader descriptions by others in attendance.

Obama opened by describing what he said was the “overlap” between his priorities and those of the Jewish community, both domestically and abroad. His first question was from Arnold Eisen, the chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary, who asked about the role of religious leaders in the public sphere.

Obama responded by speaking about the need to be part of a community, and he paraphrased a Talmudic injunction about Jews being responsible for one another, applying it to Americans.

Schonfeld then thanked the president for his efforts to revive the economy, as well as for isolating Iran and initiating U.N. Security Council condemnation of Syria’s bloody repression of regime opponents.

She then asked the president how best to convey hope to Americans.

Obama reiterated his thoughts about community and the obligations of Americans for one another, and described Republicans as seeing government as a negative power that unfairly distributes wealth from the hard-working to the lazy.

Rabbi Steven Wernick, the executive vice president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, then asked the president how the rabbis could push back against perceptions that he was hiding his true feelings about Israel.

“Jack always tells me I’ll get asked the kishkes question,” he said, referring to Lew, who is an Orthodox Jew, and using the Yiddish term for “guts.”

Obama said the question dated back to 2008 and for him was a bizarre reversal: Until then, he said, during his rise as a state politician in Illinois and then as U.S. senator, he had been depicted by some on the left as a “stooge” for Israel because of his close friendship with Jews and others in the pro-Israel community.

The president blamed several elements for the reversal: The reluctance among some Jews to credit someone with the middle name Hussein, and the son of a Muslim, with being pro-Israel; the quirk of history of a center-left government in the U.S. overlapping with a center-right government in Israel, and the resulting perception that Obama was pressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu too hard to shut down settlement expansion; and the fact that the Republicans seized these elements to advance a narrative that he was unfavorable to Israel.

Obama made clear that he resented the narrative, calling it “unfounded.” He said his support for Israel was evident not just during his administration through enhanced security assistance, but also during his days in the Senate.

Obama also complained that no one questions the pro-Israel bona fides of Mitt Romney, the all-but-certain Republican presidential nominee; Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the minority leader in the U.S. Senate; or Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The administration’s pushback on this issue was evident as well in a May 21 meeting featuring top White House officials and some 70 Jewish community leaders. Biden  complained about an acquaintance who was writing “scurrilous” emails about Obama’s record, according to two participants.

Matt Brooks, the director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said that Obama’s complaints were disingenuous, noting that until this year a number of Democrats had complained about Obama’s approach to Israel, particularly his call to use the 1967 lines as the basis for negotiating the future borders of a Palestinian state.

“On the eve of his reelection, he’s engaging in a charm offensive with the Jewish community and has turned down some of the rhetoric,” Brooks told JTA. “But I don’t believe he has changed his fundamental policies in any regard.”

Obama in his talk with the Conservative leaders also said that he had read deeply about Judaism, saying he probably knew more about the topic than any other president. Brooks derided the assertion as “narcissistic.”

Those at the meeting said they were impressed by Obama’s remarks.

“He talked very passionately about his personal sense of commitment to the values that are reflected in the U.S.-Israel relationship and the feelings he shares with the American Jewish community for Israel,” Rabbi Jack Moline, the spiritual leader of the Agudas Achim Congregation in Alexandria, Va., and the Rabbinical Assembly’s director of public policy, told JTA.

Moline arranged the meeting between Lew and the Conservative leaders.

“My impression is that this was an effort by the White House to reach out to faith leaders of various communities, and we were just fortunate to be among the first,” Moline said.

In a blog post on the JTS website, Eisen said that Obama’s quest for Jewish approval was a positive.

“He clearly cares what the Jews of America think of him,” Eisen wrote. “This has to be a good thing for us and for Israel; I believe it is also a good thing for America.”


Rockefeller Designed Feminism to Destroy the Family

American Women are  Misandric

Caution some foul language.

Feminists Don’t Care

Jim Tucker Bilderberg 2012

 Heather Riesman and Alison Redford Canadian Traitors

Any relationship to the Anglomason devil Robert Redford the Hollywood piece of excrement.? Generational Anglosaxson Satanists like the Redfords are as much of a part of the NWO as are the 3000 year old satanic Jewish families like the Camerons who claim to go all the way back to Moses with their satanism.

Females love power. They will do anything to get it. Visit Washington DC, it is full of women looking for powerful men and homosexual and ‘metrosexuals and Jews and Angloroyals. No one else gets any representation. Anglosaxons want you to believe they are 80 pc of America and want you to ‘anglocize’ your family name to increase their power, yet they are only 8 pc and those with royal surnames married into the Jew bloodlines, names like Barrymore, etheridge, redford, shelby, duke, are only 2 pc of America. So a very small minority is screwing us. And the weak minded and evil females who reject Christianity and the queers are their main constituents.

Women loved Hilter. They loved Stalin. They loved Bush. They loved Clinton. They love Obama. Sure there are a handful of gals who are on our side and the side of the constitution.

Women don’t like it when you quote the Bible to them when King David asked if any man could find a righteous woman. Catty things with sharp tongues and opposed to being good wives and mothers and good Christians is what most women are.

Repentance in the USA starts with you women. You are the majority that enables this evil. Just stop being so  so evil females. Please for the sakes of your foul mouthed children, stop.


We Are Change Confronts Zionist Pig Henry Kissinger

Notice all the females kissing Kissingers ass. I sometimes question why we gave women the right to vote. I don’t give them the right to read the ZGR as they are a waste of time and energy. Women have minds like cats. There is no reasoning with them. They are hardwired to love money and power and security and most hate your freedom . Kissinger is a full English Knight like Alan Greenspan. People should not kid themselves, this Windsor-Rothschilds alliance is the root of all evil in this present age. Kissinger is Prince Charles’ Butcher. The pig English and pig Zionist Jews give us these monsters and there is nary a dissident among those two conjoined tribes. Good for we are change.


 Bilderberg Plot to Kill Ron Paul


Garry Kasparov: Bilderberg Hopes to Checkmate Russia

Evil Jew Kasparov.

AFP Staffer Manhandled By Police During Arrest At Bilderberg 2012

Merkel Rejects Debt Sharing as Obama Urges End to Crisis Cloud


SEC Approves Exchange Proposal to Adjust U.S. Trading Curbs


European Union Said to Prepare Start of ESM for July 9

“Big Four” to audit Spain’s banking sector

Reuters) – Spain has picked the “Big Four” accounting firms KPMG KPMG.UL, PwC PWC.UL, Deloitte DLTE.UL and Ernst & Young ERNY.UL to carry a full, individual audit of its ailing banks, a source with knowledge of the decision told Reuters on Saturday.

The review, which should take a few months, will complement an ongoing exercise to stress test Spain’s banking sector by consultors Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger, whose first results are expected around mid-June.

“I can confirm (the names),” the source said.

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Saturday said his government would have a clear view of how much money will be needed to recapitalize troubled lenders by the end of June.

He also said the government would make clear by then how it intends to inject the money.

Economy Minister Luis De Guindos said earlier this week that Spain would likely go to the markets to find the 19 billion euros ($23.5 billion) nationalized lender Bankia (BKIA.MC) said it would need to be cleaned up but investors are doubtful it can manage to prop up the entire sector without outside help.

Senior EU officials have said privately that the country should instead seek a loan from the European bailout fund but that would necessarily come with tough conditions and a high political cost Rajoy is not willing to assume.

The European Stability Mechanism (ESM), due to enter into force on July 1st, has the capacity to lend money to banks but the request has to be made by the state, which receives the money and then transfers it to the lenders.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has so far opposed calls from other European leaders, including from Rajoy or France’s President Francois Hollande, to change the rules and allow direct recapitalizations of the banks.


Egypt’s Mubarak gets life term, protests erupt


Top Italy banker says risk of euro breakup growing

(Reuters) – A top Italian banker said on Friday that the European single currency was “on the edge of the abyss”, and indicated that national regulators were helping to cripple interbank lending across the euro zone by urging banks to lend domestically.

“The Greeks will decide on their own whether to stay in the euro or leave it, but if they leave and we haven’t decided what to do to keep the others in, everything will fall apart,” Alessandro Profumo, chairman of Italy’s third-largest lender Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS.MI), told an economic conference in Trento, Italy.

“We are on the edge of the abyss … The risk that (the single currency) may fall apart rises every day.”

Greece is holding a new election in mid-June that could determine whether or not it remains in the euro zone.

Profumo, previously chief executive of UniCredit (CRDI.MI), Italy’s biggest bank by assets, said that while European policymakers were taking time to ponder a course of action, rapid decisions were needed.

“If we continue to hold discussions, Italian government bonds won’t be renewed and banks will end up totally dependent on European Central Bank liquidity,” he said.

Italy has the world’s fourth-largest public debt and its large refinancing needs make it vulnerable to a worsening in the euro zone debt crisis.

Calls are growing in Europe for progress towards a single banking system, with some central bankers seeing it as an essential step to overcome the crisis, which has dried up cross-border capital flows, crippling the euro zone’s interbank lending market.

Speaking at the same conference on Friday, European Central Bank Executive Board member Benoit Coeure warned against the disintegration of a single market for capital in Europe.

Profumo urged a uniform regulatory environment for banks in Europe.

“Every regulator says not to lend money to a bank in a different country because there is a risk,” he said, adding that this meant a single European market for banks no longer existed.


Queen of Hell , Elizabeth Starts Bloody 4 day Celebration


Chavez Cancer In Terminal Stage


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  1. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    well technically he is a jew. his mother is a dunham, royal crown loyalists with heavy jew bloodlines. he sort of looks like a jew. i should photoshop him and take the color and curly hair out and he is the spitting image of a lot of ashkenazi. when he talks to blacks you can tell he does not consider himself to be one of them. but disgusting yes. putin is taking russia oil back. he is paying bp too much for it given how they stole it in rigged auctions the jew bob rubin helped set up.

  2. vino says:

    how can the most powerful leader in the world spend so much time licking the boots of the israeli firsters. The optics are more then terrible. He is spitting on and insulting america itself with all that boot licking.. America comes first…

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