Weird and Whacky News and Other Items of Note

Bloody Meg Whitman to Cut 25,000 jobs as She Proves Incompetent

Hp is jettisoning a lot of its r*d into commercial and business projects to focus on ‘total information’ and government spy networks and software and AI. This woman is the bitch from England and England. Rothschilds revenge for not allowing his Anglo-Zionist kin to loot California. Evil witch!!

Britain colder than Arctic and Antarctic with just two weeks until summer

Quick, someone tell Al to start gabbing more about Global warming, England needs warming badl!

English Tart News Faker  Calls French Women Predators…

Global banks see market rally on Greek exit

City of London Crime Gang Moodys Hits Spanish Banks for Zionist Fun and Profit!!

Royal Hebrew Dimon Summoned to Anglo-Hebrew Senate

Royal Anglo-Zionist @….s!!!

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to join the Queen in jubilee flotilla. May the Heavens rain fire and brimstone upon this entire pagan nation and their Satanic Crown. Down with the English. Down with their crown!

Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’: President’s OWN literary agency  promotional booklet from 1991 claims he WAS born in Africa

John Travolta ‘tried to perform oral sex act on Grease co-star Jeff Conaway as he was sleeping’

The horny Sephardi are in the news tonight!

France Wonders, Who Carla Bruni has Not Screwed

Those Sephardi girls are very horny. The Arabs used to tell me they would sneak out to cheat on their husband all time and slipped into the West Banks as their men were so queer. I saw no reason to doubt the veracity of the Arabs in this regard.

Lots going on in the markets tonight, but it can wait until tomorrow. At least for me as I closed my trades out for the week. The Lord willing I will post it all tomorrow.

‘Travyon High on Pot Night of Shooting. Zionist Zimmeran on Hebrew Shrink Drugs

Pot makes virtually everyone into a pacifist. Zimmerman’s Hebrew Shrink sure did not help him, eh..

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