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 Greek Coalition Talks Fail 

Get out slimsters or pay your bills!!

Merkel’s Party Crushed in Major State Election

Go Pirate Party!

HOT- Employee Catches HSBC In Drug Laundry- Obama Administration, refuses to Investigate

We have got to get rid of this English devil now!! What a lawless daemon Obama is. Arrest Gulliver and Prince Charles!

Report: Three to leave Chase over massive losses

By staff

UPDATE 5:47 P.M. EDT: We have a New York Times profile of Ina Drew here.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that three high-ranking employees at JP Morgan Chase are expected to leave this week following the disclosure the largest American bank sustained at least $2 billion in losses.

The Journal identified Ina Drew, Achilles Macris and Javier Martin-Artajo as the three and gave their responsibilities as follows:

  • Drew runs the risk management unit that sustained the losses.
  • Macris is in charge of the team that placed the trades.
  • Martin-Artajo is a managing director on Macris’ team.

The departures could be announced before the bank’s annual meeting Tuesday, a source told the Journal.


TSA To Seek to Recruit John Travolata, Sephardi Illuminati? 

Read Romans 1.

 Along the Line of Zeno-England Dope Enslaves America

Here you have, yet again , two WASPs given extraordinary privilege, one the son of the President of Pepperdine University and these spoiled brats are main-lining. Why are you WASPs such, evil leaders and why are your scions so evil? Go back to England if you want to do your filthy drugs and drug trade and don’t want to teach your children Christian values. What a pig the father must be.

Pepperdine is a garbage school for the Rich Anglo elites of LA.

Well Katie Wilkins is dead and in hell, and Mr. Benton is not far behind her. Oh,, yes, he was not her pusher, he is just such a great guy.

Drug addicts are punks by definition. No one pushes that needle into your arm.

Anglosaxons have appalled me my entire life at least their first cousin don’t pretend to be Christians.

Still since you Anglosaxons and banking kin have run all the heroin in the world for the last 300 years, it is appropriate the elites children die for what they have done to so many people. Die Anglomasons, die, who cares, your departure is a blessed relief for the world just like when the Talmudist goes to judgement?

The USA would be better off without all the families with ‘royal’ pretensions that think they are better than we gentiles! You Anglomasons  deserve far worse than this family, imo for what you have done to the world. Wilkens well that is a well known English name involved intimately with the opium trade of England. Illuminati scum in general like the Armstrongs and Fairfaxes.


Police to question son of university president over mysterious case of 25-year-old graphic designer who ‘died of heroin overdose in her parents’ garage’

Read more:

SEC Under Fire

from Z

maybe this is directly related to the JPM crisis and maybe it is not. There are a lot of stinking rats nests in the Feds purview…. the porn watchers at the sec are obviously getting blazed by the eruption of so many criminal activities that they refused to clamp down upon and that are now coming home to roost. Maybe this guy wanted to get out of dodge before the nations revulsion at the sec’s performance turned into a neck tie party…. maybe not.. how would i know…

Top SEC investigator David Weber ‘put on leave over gun comments’
The top investigator at the watchdog responsible for policing the Securities and Exchange Commission has been put on leave after openly talking about bringing a gun to work, it has been reported.

The SEC is based in Washington Photo: Getty Images
By Richard Blackden4:44PM BST 11 May 20123 Comments
David Weber, the new lead investigator at the SEC’s Office of Inspector General, also brought a bullet-proof vest into work, according to Reuters.
Mr Weber, who was placed on leave on Tuesday, joined the watchdog, known as the Office of Inspector General, in January from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. That was shortly before David Kotz, the then head of the watchdog, left to work for a private investigations firm.
A lawyer for Mr Weber said that the investigator had been unfairly retaliated against after making complaints of his own about conduct within the watchdog. “A chronology of events will reveal that any allegations against my client are not only false, but are unlawful retaliation against an employee who did the right thing,” said Chris Mead, a lawyer for Mr Weber.
The controversy is a distraction for the watchdog, which has been under increased pressure to monitor the SEC after the financial regulator failed to anticipate the financial crisis. The five commissioners who run the SEC, which is based in Washington, are still searching for a replacement for Mr Kotz. In his role, Mr Weber is responsible for investigations that the watchdog undertook.
The SEC declined to comment.

America- Opium Addict Nation!! 

From Z

The slimy British attempt to addict the entire nation of china on opium has come full circle. While we weren’t looking the medical establishment and the drug companies conspired to addict great swathes of the american public to addictive opiates… the dark side of the capitalist spirit is ugly…. Without a moral anchor capitalism can devolve into beastial and brutal assault on humanity itself.. with a moral anchor capitalism is the highest and most powerful star in civilizations firmament.. America’s economic problem is a reflection of a much deeper spiritual problem that has brought a plague on the nation…

Americans consume EIGHTY percent of the world’s pain pills as prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes


PUBLISHED: 16:15 GMT, 10 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:45 GMT, 10 May 2012

Americans consume 80 percent of the world’s supply of painkillers — more than 110 tons of pure, addictive opiates every year — as the country’s prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes.

That’s enough drugs to give every single American 64 Percocets or Vicodin. And pain pill prescriptions continue to surge, up 600 percent in ten year, thanks to doctors who are more and more willing to hand out drugs to patients who are suffering.
As more people get their hands on these potentially-dangerous drugs, more are taking them to get high. Their drug abuse leads to 14,800 deaths a year — more than from heroin and cocaine combined.
Read more:

Michele Bachmann caught trying to flee to Switzerland.

Good place with the Slimy Swiss. Her relative Rothschilds runs that clip joint. Thanks to the reader who sent me this.

Geraldo Rivera Gate- Rape by TSA Queer

We have another Transexual like John Reno at the TSA. This is what happens when the LGBT crowd gets in power.

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