After catching the JPM announcement I went flat the DIA and in the premarket, after watching the carnage roll through Asia and Europe, I unloaded the short side of the spread and went long as I anticipated a gold bash and DIA pump, unloaded that and decided to carry a small short position over the weekend in the DIA as the market peaked around 10 EDT, then went out and shoveled a couple of yard of wood chips onto the garden, largely as I need to trade decompress. Unfortunately the IT police assigned to harass me means I cant get much posted in real-time in the way of trade. At least you know you’re reading the most censored website on the internet. No one dares link or mention to your humble servant as our aim at the bullseye of truth is far too good.

Amazing how no one questions how Goldman Sachs only had one losing day last quarter. Easy they are part of the UST long, short gold and pump the dollar gang. You’re never off sides if you’re on the team FED as a general rule.

We saw the unholy satanic trinity of Jamie Diamond, Nancy Drew, the mule faced Anglomason demon and Blythe Masters the other witch Diamond, er Dimon has surrounded themselves with attack the markets with ferocity to defend their book along with their cabal bank. Good old Nancy the witch picked up 14 million in pay from shareholders from letting a bunch of London thugs play havoc with the CDS marketsin corporate bonds. The reason all this goes on in London is cornering and manipulating CDS is legal there, whereas a corner is illegal in the USA, unless the FED/ UST does it. Needless to say this was not a ‘one’ off and JPM will be DOA without a massive QE and  boost to European corporate credit. There is no one that needs QE3 more than Jamie Diamond and his witch sidekicks. Count on it baby. The sharks smell blood in the water. What is risible is this was JPM ‘risk management’ department that put these trades on that is supposed to not make money but hedge JPM risk. So we have a complete fail at JPM. I thought Bernanke had guys parked there? Oh yeah all this garbage went on in England again.


Jamie Dimon “I’m not a Hebrew Diamon(d)”

My trading instinct tells me the Chinaman is up to something big in gold. I hope all these hack adviser and paper traders are out of it when the Chinese make their gold move. Certainly their military is not afraid of the homosexual and LGBT USN and their new piece of garbage 1 billion dollar littoral ships and is making a big move in Response to Prince Charles war mongering.

I have friend that are retired USN Captains who retired when women were allowed to sail and whom tell me the USN is not competent to fight any battle against a first class all male navy like Russia or China ,and one called the USN a ‘floating Potemkin village’.

Any serious sailor will tell you women on board a ship are a curse. Women belong on land raising their babies and that is it, they have no place even as whores or cleaning women or cooks on a ship much less a fighting ship. By the USN/USAF own studies they need 3.4 women for ever position a man can do.

Feminism is satanism and they are the ultimate fascists of our time even worse than the LGBT lobby, as the number of feminist is so large in the USA. Feminists are communists at heart, and belong beside them. On our first date, find out if your date is a feminist and ask her directly then dump her if she is. Don’t ‘use her’ then dump her, just dump her. American feminists, only the Aussie and English are worse.

The Chinese hypersonic cruise missiles can devastate the entire Pacific fleet in about 20 minutes. China has made its move to stake out the oil rich south China sea. Nothing in the Philippines worth fighting and dying for. I’ve been there on business. We have plenty of oil in our own sphere of influence which includes Chavez’s oil we should ‘liberate’. I have never seen such craven cowardice and such evil as we see coming out of the USA pentagon. The Russian and Chinese are not afraid of these clowns and their little triangle gang signs. These Anglo-Zionist in the Pentagon are Satanist and we can see how the  satanist is the open and bold in the USA even when it comes to molesting little boys and child porn. Get a load of this narrowed eyed  freak.I can’t say I  ever heard of this guy, but clearly he should never have been allowed to play in the NBA much less been given a ‘free ride’ in college.


Who even knew people like existed much less were ‘heros’ and professional sports players. Hopefully after his conviction assuming he gets jail time, prison ‘justice’ will come the way of this fairy. Oh so cool a satanic ‘santa’. Issac Asimov’s kid walked on the worlds biggest Child porn collection, I will bet twinkle toes does no jail time.

I should advise readers that the Hollywood Hebrews are in big, big panic and everyone is scrambling to sell their USA properties and get out and I got that from several very high level well placed Hollywood Hebrews, one who called and asked me where to move to. I keep my friends close but my enemies closer.

I don’t think Prince Charles who has fooled most, will start WW3 until after the London Olympics but he might shortly thereafter with his stooges in DC and Tel Aviv. Certainly Christians should prepare and pray against this evil.

Good luck to all your divorced women out there when SHTF. I suggest you buy a Remington 870 shotgun , 8 shot and load it with 00 shot and be prepared to use it, move out of the USA now or move in with your brothers or uncles or stay under your fathers roof.

The problem with the American female is she votes for war, and loves it yet never really dies in it, and has a very sheltered life while she votes to murder in Iraq, Afgahnistan, Germany, by having the Anglosaxon lead USA military drop bombs on everyone like they were Redcross gift packages

I can get up in the morning and feel the incredible evil coming from Prince Charles and kin. Last night I had nightmares about his cousin Bernanke. The Antichrist will be an Englishman and will be a Prince of England and Israel. Count on it.

On a carnage day like this, the FED at all costs looks to smash gold and the selling started in London, and the CB want money to flow into UST and the $, which they accomplished. Despite incredible volatility in oil , WTI trades near 94-95 again.

I saw an article today on marketwatch I did not have time to post, that the Chinese are boycotting made in China goods. They simply are terrible value propositions as they don’t last long.

Venizelos failed to form a government and they are going to give it one last try. The Germans have resolved that pushing the Greeks out would probably be the best and have drawn the line in the sand. Now it will be up to the Greeks to cross it at the polls. My impression of the Greeks is they like to blow off steam and rant and rave but are not particularly brave anymore, so I don’t see them leaving the EU as they have it down to a fine art of lying , cheating and stealing from the Northern EU. Shauble tossed down the gauntlet today for the Greeks and this young communist thug Alexis Tsipras backed right off. I will go massively long the Euro$ if the execrable Greeks are booted out.

The ‘farce’ FSA is going to investigate how JPM-london got so offsides. About like their investigation into JPM-London and the MFG global take down.

Out of time.  Have a great and prayer filled evening and even a better weekend and my God keep you and bless you and your family. May his love shine over you in these trouble times.




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  1. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    what with that hairstyle. is it for queers only. or do metrosexual do it. im a number 2 on the sides and wash and wear military type of haircut guy. i look at guys who spend big bucks on their hair as bizarre. thanks for the links. your comments are appreciated. put up more if you have the time.

  2. Christian says:

    “Birdman” .. as soon as I saw the tatts, well, they bespeak of his foul rebellion. And his dinobot fag hair style, and his horned salute = another Trace Cyrus type, hellbound rebels all.
    Tech news >> http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2012/05/4500-wonderbike-set-to-hit-streets/

    Powered by LiFePo4 batteries, the motorcycle is expected to cost about $3500.

  3. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    thnks ;)!

  4. vino says:

    The SEC Wells Notices means that JP Morgan is staring at the distinct possibility of having to buy back $120 BILLION in now worthless mortgage backed securities
    JPMorgan’s $120 Billion Problem: SEC Issues JPM Wells Notice Over MBS Violations


    Not only is The Morgue drowning in interest rate swap losses from its CIO unit, but the SEC has issued JP Morgan a Wells notice over Bear Stearns’ mortgage backed securities violations.
    Why you might ask, is a Wells Notice over MBS fraud a monumental concern for JP Morgan when the SEC is likely to slap JPM’s wrist over the issue for a $50 million fine ?

    Well, Wells notices happen to be discoverable in civil litigation. In JPM’s Mortgage-Backed Securities and Repurchase Litigation note on the 10-Q the bank filed on Thursday, JPM states: “There are currently pending and tolled investor and monoline claims involving approximately $120 billion of such securities.”

    MBS analyst Teri Buhl writes: ‘The face value amount of securities tied to the monoline suits against JPM are significant because there was a recent ruling in a Countrywide RMBS suit that ruled if plaintiffs can prove there were miss-representations in the bonds then the entire amount of the bond has to be bought back…not just the amount that defaulted or caused a loss.‘

    Think the high power legal teams that are currently suing JPM over $120 billion in fraudulent MBS slicing and dicing will be interested in settling for a measly $2-$5 billion now that the SEC has essentially confirmed that fraudulent activity has occurred by issuing a Wells Notice? We don’t think so either, and now JPM HAS to settle. We are talking about massive settlements in the multi-billion dollar range if JPM wants to keep these suits out of court.

    The SEC Wells Notices means that JP Morgan is staring at the distinct possibility of having to buy back $120 BILLION in now worthless mortgage backed securities if any of these suits ever made it to court, ensuring massive settlements WILL OCCUR.

  5. vino says:

    plunge protection team has been broken up!!! stop!!! end of quote!!!! it looks to me JPM has run aground on the rocks. It will most likely need a massive bailout from the Fed. I suspect the Fed is already backstopping JPM .. They have to otherwise the jpm derivative situation could cascade out of control. The problem is the american public may be enraged to the point of revolting against more money for the scofflaw banksters… I don’t for a minute believe this whelan guy on the plunge protection team being broken up… though technically the banksters act as the trading bank agents for the plunge protection team and for their allowable own accompanying trading accounts…i do believe the fed is now up the creek without a paddle on many fronts now… a bank bust up plus QE 111 plus the ongoing treasury investment interest collapse


    one liner towards the end of the tape…. somewhere before or just after the 6 minute mark

  6. vino says:

    The slimy British attempt to addict the entire nation of china on opium has come full circle. While we weren’t looking the medical establishment and the drug companies conspired to addict great swathes of the american public to addictive opiates… the dark side of the capitalist spirit is ugly…. Without a moral anchor capitalism can devolve into beastial and brutal assault on humanity itself.. with a moral anchor capitalism is the highest and most powerful star in civilizations firmament.. America’s economic problem is a reflection of a much deeper spiritual problem that has brought a plague on the nation…

    Americans consume EIGHTY percent of the world’s pain pills as prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes


    PUBLISHED: 16:15 GMT, 10 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:45 GMT, 10 May 2012

    Americans consume 80 percent of the world’s supply of painkillers — more than 110 tons of pure, addictive opiates every year — as the country’s prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes.

    That’s enough drugs to give every single American 64 Percocets or Vicodin. And pain pill prescriptions continue to surge, up 600 percent in ten year, thanks to doctors who are more and more willing to hand out drugs to patients who are suffering.
    As more people get their hands on these potentially-dangerous drugs, more are taking them to get high. Their drug abuse leads to 14,800 deaths a year — more than from heroin and cocaine combined.
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2142481/Americans-consume-80-percent-worlds-pain-pills-prescription-drug-abuse-epidemic-explodes.html#ixzz1ucryB5Rp

  7. vino says:

    maybe this is directly related to the JPM crisis and maybe it is not. There are a lot of stinking rats nests in the Feds purview…. the porn watchers at the sec are obviously getting blazed by the eruption of so many criminal activities that they refused to clamp down upon and that are now coming home to roost. Maybe this guy wanted to get out of dodge before the nations revulsion at the sec’s performance turned into a neck tie party…. maybe not.. how would i know…

    Top SEC investigator David Weber ‘put on leave over gun comments’
    The top investigator at the watchdog responsible for policing the Securities and Exchange Commission has been put on leave after openly talking about bringing a gun to work, it has been reported.


    The SEC is based in Washington Photo: Getty Images
    By Richard Blackden4:44PM BST 11 May 20123 Comments
    David Weber, the new lead investigator at the SEC’s Office of Inspector General, also brought a bullet-proof vest into work, according to Reuters.
    Mr Weber, who was placed on leave on Tuesday, joined the watchdog, known as the Office of Inspector General, in January from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. That was shortly before David Kotz, the then head of the watchdog, left to work for a private investigations firm.
    A lawyer for Mr Weber said that the investigator had been unfairly retaliated against after making complaints of his own about conduct within the watchdog. “A chronology of events will reveal that any allegations against my client are not only false, but are unlawful retaliation against an employee who did the right thing,” said Chris Mead, a lawyer for Mr Weber.
    The controversy is a distraction for the watchdog, which has been under increased pressure to monitor the SEC after the financial regulator failed to anticipate the financial crisis. The five commissioners who run the SEC, which is based in Washington, are still searching for a replacement for Mr Kotz. In his role, Mr Weber is responsible for investigations that the watchdog undertook.
    The SEC declined to comment.

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