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Chinese Media Warns of War with USA Client State of the Phillipines over Oil/Fish  Disputes in South Sea

England the Nation of Hate and Piracy AND Witchcraft- Mr Ed

The Euro would soar if Greece was given the boot or left. Given the financial terrorism and propaganda and lies AEP and Mr Ed deal in, I’m really surprised some government has not ordered an ‘accident’ for them both.  What a viscious mouths and ill will these English have towards everyone. Truly they are the enemy of the world. A good Englishman is one pushing up daisies, there are no others it appears to me.

Some Sanity Still Left- Facebook IPO demand weaker than expected

Kercherlakota Sees Persistent Damage to Jobs Market

He would know the FED, helped Congress quite a bit with engineering structural job losses by favoring the banksters and handing out free cash to them.

Nancy Drew Anglomason, Witch Type  Causes 2 Billion Dollar Loss to Shareholders at JPM

Notice her highly distorted face with one side being asymmetrical and  higher than the other. That is a classic sign of demonic possession that witches show. Don’t believe that, these female witches have their own Wiccan magazine. Examine their photos in their Wiccan magazine then say go to Good Housekeeping and and examine the women’s faces there, they wont show the asymmetrical distortion. Dimon has surrounded himself with women like this and Blythe Masters as he is probably a closet homosexual like many of the Anglo-Zionists.  Bizarre the financial mayhem and murder these broads and queers are getting away with on Wall Street and in London.  Lust for money, piracy, withcraft and the devil all seem to go hand in hand. Ask the Harry Potter Gang at JPM in London who handed American Pension funds this loss. JPM should be sued out of existence. It should be natioanalized and broken up and people like Dimon, Masters and Nancy Drew belong in the Docket. 

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Chief Investment Officer Ina R. Drew, head of the unit responsible for a $2 billion trading loss, built a 30-year career at the largest U.S. bank by embracing risk and avoiding the spotlight.

“With everything she does, she thinks in terms of trading,” said Stephen Murray, head of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC, created from a JPMorgan private-equity unit in 2006. “There are risk-lovers, there are risk-haters, and the best traders will take the risk as long as they get paid for it.”

Drew’s operation, which helps manage the bank’s risk, has been transformed under Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimonto make bigger speculative bets with the firm’s own money, according to five former employees, Bloomberg News reported last month. Some bets were so big JPMorgan probably couldn’t unwind them without roiling markets, the former executives said.

The loss disclosed yesterday came after an “egregious” investment-office failure tied to credit derivatives, Dimon said in a conference call. “In hindsight, the new strategy was flawed, complex, poorly reviewed, poorly executed and poorly monitored.”

Drew, 55, is one of two women who sit on the New York-based firm’s operating committee. Her office oversees about $360 billion, the difference between money from deposits and what the bank extends in loans. Dimon, 56, had pushed the unit to boost profit by buying higher-yielding assets, including structured credit, equities and derivatives, two former employees have said. The shift to riskier bets underscores how blurry the line can be between so-called proprietary trading and what banks say is hedging…

While the losses originated from the unit’s London team that reports to Drew in New York, more than one trader was responsible, according to an executive at the bank. The company is reevaluating the risk-monitoring team within Drew’s unit, according to the executive. Dimon said yesterday that “all appropriate corrective actions will be taken, as necessary.”

Faber Sees 87 Crash if Stocks Climb Higher Without QE

Hard to say, stock are rising as we have rip roaring global inflation and that results in top line growth and EPS growth. Stocks are very cheap currently. That said without QE, the USA will follow the EU into a recession. The USA is in one now, but a recession they wont be able to ‘fake it until they make it’ into the November elections. Note idiot female analyst from BAC saying ‘there is no inflation’ in article below. ha, ha. Know you know why the NWO loves females so much.

Wholesale Prices Decline In USA on Gold/Commodity Take Down by CBs

Shock from JPM New Ammunition for Glass-Steagal Crowd

“Regardless of how the final rule turns out, it will be a shock to the U.S. financial system, as banking entities will need to take extraordinary measures to attempt to implement it,” said Barry Zubrow, JPMorgan’s executive vice president of corporate and regulatory affairs, in a letter to federal regulators earlier this year. In the letter, Mr. Zubrow defended exactly this kind of trade…

Canada Adds 58,200 Jobs in April, Unemployment Hits 7.3%

Canadian employment rose almost six times faster than economists forecast in April, led by private- sector and full-time positions, to create the largest two-month increase in more than 30 years.

Employment rose by 58,200 following a March jump of 82,300 that was the biggest since September 2008, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa. The labor force grew by 72,500, lifting the jobless rate to 7.3 percent from 7.2 percent. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg News projected a 10,000 gain in jobs and 7.3 percent unemployment, according to the median forecasts…

Stocks, Commodities Drop on JPMorgan Loss; Bonds Advance

Stocks and commodities fell after JPMorgan (JPM) Chase & Co. reported a $2 billion trading loss and China’s industrial output unexpectedly slowed. Treasuries rose, heading for their the longest run of weekly gains since Russia’s default in 1998.

The MSCI All-Country World Index (MXWD) slipped 0.5 percent at 8:35 a.m. in New York. Standard & Poor’s 500 Index futures lost 0.7 percent as JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank by assets, tumbled 8.1 percent in pre-market trading. The 10-year Treasury bond yield decreased two basis points and the Dollar Index advanced for a 10th day. Cotton slumped 3.4 percent and oil declined 1.2 percent.

PMorgan’s Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon said an “egregious” failure on its synthetic credit securities led to losses in its chief investment office. China’s industrial production grew the least since 2009 in April, the National Bureau of Statistics said. Spain said it will force lenders to raise provisions against real estate holdings in the government’s fourth attempt to clean up the financial system.

“Clearly JPMorgan got it wrong,” said Shane Oliver, Sydney-based head of investment strategy at AMP Capital Investors Ltd., which has almost $100 billion under management. “I suspect it’s probably a one-off, but it comes during a week where we’ve seen risk off in a big way.”

Vallourec Tumbles

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index slid 0.8 percent, extending this week’s decline to 1.6 percent. Vallourec SA (VK) plunged 20 percent, the biggest retreat since 2008, as the French producer of steel pipes for the oil and gas industry cut its sales growth forecast and reported profit that missed estimates. Telefonica SA, Spain’s biggest telecommunications company, fell 3 percent as first-quarter operating income trailed projections.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA of Spain dropped 4.1 percent and Banco Santander SA fell 2.7 percent.

The decline in S&P 500 futures indicated the U.S. equity gauge will extend this week’s 0.8 percent slide. Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. declined more than 2.5 percent.

Credit-default swaps insuring JPMorgan’s debt rose 18 basis points to 125, the highest since Feb. 16, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

A report today may show confidence among U.S. consumers declined in May from the highest level in a year. The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan’s preliminary index of sentiment fell to 76 from 76.4 last month, according to the median of 68 forecasts in a Bloomberg survey of economists.

Emerging Markets

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index (MXEF) lost 1.1 percent, extending declines from this year’s March 2 high to 10 percent, the level that some investors consider to signal a correction. TheHang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) slumped 1.4 percent. India’s Sensex Index slipped 0.8 percent as production at factories, utilities and mines declined in March.

Russia’s Micex Index fell 1.8 percent, with OAO MRSK Holding, the state-run power distributor, sinking 11 percent after Interfax reported it may be transferred under the management of Federal Grid Co.

The S&P GSCI gauge of 24 commodities dropped 0.8 percent. Cotton tumbled to a 21-month low. Gold futures were down 0.7 percent at $1,584.50 an ounce and close to erasing this year’s gain of 0.8 percent. Copper declined 1.6 percent. Oil fell as much as 1.4 percent in New York, heading for a second weekly drop.

Germany’s 10-year bund yield fell four basis points, while the yield on Greece’s 10-year note advanced 37 basis points, climbing for the ninth straight day. Greek political leaders go into a fifth day of talks today with Evangelos Venizelos, the socialist Pasok leader, set to press for a unity government that would avert a new election. Antonis Samaras, head of the New Democracy party, said today his sole condition for supporting a coalition government is that it guarantees Greece’s membership of the euro area.

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6 Responses to American Markets- Leading News

  1. says:

    ha, ha , ha that 880/101 widening and 237 interchange went on for nearly a decade..under bush. sounds like they are smokin down in socal. make work.

    wrt to marriage, i think the japan model is the best. they stay in the closet, they leave the society that supports them alone, and they have their little section where they can be left alone and no ‘temple’ marriage for them but the prefecture will let them sign up for the civil things like property, homes, etc. but in japan the homosexuals accept they have failed Japan and they bow to married couples with children and show them many kindness.

    also i think the state has no business in marriage like you. its a religious institution. if couples want a lower cost civil ‘form’ to comingle who cares as long as the state charges them a fair fee for the legal work and form.

    i remain adamantly opposed to these people adopting or having test tube kids and trying to create LGBT nation. i’ m even sicker of these people than the all war all the time for england and israel crowd.

    like in japan, polite society should not even know they exist and they should have their quiet world and stay out of ours.

    this radical in your face, you must accept our perversity or we will kill you or take your children and rape them reminds me too much of sodom. they found sodom btw.

  2. says:

    eloquently said as usual!!

  3. vino says:

    someone who has been nurtured to only expect love from ones mother on the condition that they invert their masculinity and hate their own masculinity to boot is going to grow up to be an anti man and prone to be a destroyer of masculine power and civilization… Most lesbians and most nurturers of homo sexuals project an intense overt and sometimes inverted rage and hatred onto men and their own male children… Now there are all kinds of weirdoes but this is one of the largest subsets in the homosexual community….

  4. arb says:

    the whole “legalize gay marriage” was won through superior Orwellian PR before it ever started.

    They controlled the debate to legalize gay marriage. In reality, they seek to redefine marriage, but “legalize” implied a right denied as a ‘discrimination based on gender’ which is illegal.

    I admit I am impressed with this simple but devastating strategy, but the sheeple, including your church leaders played THEIR game, on their field, with their rules, and never had a chance. The battle had to be fought on the basis of changing the definition of marriage, or not. Yes, too few tried.

    The libertarian view is the entire issue is a religious one, and that government has no role.

    I happen to support contractual (not institutional, not legislative) arrangements between same sex couples on property, and children or next of kin/family issues to the extent any state or hospital is willing to recognize it.

    And while I am at it? There has been (ARRA Fed Stimulus) freeway construction going on in my part of the city for THREE years. It does not take 3 years to add a lane to two miles of freeway. My guess is the project has long been slowtracked, workers on 25 hour weeks, and a slow go stretch out schedule, to avoid completing the project before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in Nov, to avoid dumping those barely full time workers back into the unemployment data prior. Looking forward to the election so the project will be completed as the barriers etc have fouled up traffic badly for 3 years now. Probably finish the project the day after the election.

  5. says:

    well i did not know that little ‘factoid’ and probably could have done without it. but these people are disgusting. i guess she could have Crohns disease but suspect shes a real sexual deviant. a sephardic hebrew married or living in sin with one. just your mentioning it gave me the heaves. i’m tired of this 2 percent lgbt, 2 pc ‘royal’ anglosaxon-mason-hebrew types and 2 pc fanatical talmudic hebrews running the usa and canada cause prince charles and uncle jacob , ‘sez’.

  6. Christian says:

    re Drew “distorted face with one side being asymmetrical and higher “.
    Interesting, we are certainly living in a VERY satanic world, I 100% believe we are nearing the end as Jesus stated, gross immorality LGBT just as in the days of Noah/Sodom.
    He said, those perverted feces-eating, sphincter-obsessed idiots would be prevalent, and the end would come. Sooner the better.

    Disney/MK-Ultra Christina Aguilera leaky bowel stretched sphincter had an “accident” in concert as feces leaked down her leg haha. Result from sodomy. Which a lot of the faggots have, they wear Depends. And get oral herpes!!!!

    2 gay rights are : aids and hell. Revelation 21:8

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