Overnight Markets-Leading News -Update 1

Madness in Spain Lingers as Ireland Chase Recovery


Sarkozy in Debate Duel With Hollande

Sarkozy could get elected if he would share power with the nationalist. I think they must have the vote rigged in France as he is acting very confident or is an incredible actor. This mornings data and the polls shows the Anglo-Zionist neocon and friend of Jacob Rothschilds and Prince Charles will be gone. The French -Zionist neoliberal Hollande is ill prepared to lead France like Mitterand. Hollande has like Sarkozy all kinds of sexual dirt the Anglo-Zionist power axis can use to bend him. The ZGR endorses Le Pen for the President of France and recommends not voting for either Hollande or Sarkozy but Sarkozy must go for his bloodshed in Libya and his false flag shooter operation run by hte Mossad and his Iran war mongering.


China Credit Markets -March Loans Decline 30pc

* Anonymous source estimates April loans at 700 bln yuan

* Extrapolation based on lending by “big four”

* Similar reports were wrong about Feb and March loans

* Analysts see lower April lending after huge surge in March (Adds detail, context, analyst views)

SHANGHAI, May 2 (Reuters) – Chinese bank lending may have dropped 30 percent in April from a month earlier as demand for credit eased, the official China Securities Journal said on Wednesday, raising concerns about a possible decline in corporate demand for credit due to a slowing economy.

The newspaper cited unidentified banking sources estimating that China’s banking system extended about 700 billion yuan ($111 billion) in new yuan loans in April.

Such anonymous estimates leaked to domestic media have sometimes proved accurate, but similar reports this year predicting February and March lending both significantly underestimated the actual total.

Analysts generally expect that new loans in April declined from the sky-high 1.01 trillion yuan figure seen in March but will still come in above 700 billion yuan.

The paper’s estimate was based on a figure of about 102 billion yuan in loans extended by the “big four” state-owned banks through April 25.

Though a large portion of monthly bank lending is typically clustered in the last few days of each month, the paper’s source estimated that total lending by the big four will not exceed 200 billion yuan….


China’s vanishing Trade Imbalance

An incredible set of lies by the NYT. Chinese Yuan is no where near fairly valued, and they use slave labor with no environmental controls. I see stuff coming out of China and no the cost and no one could


EU Unemployment at 15 Year High,  EU Manufacturing Tanks

Euro-region unemployment rose to a 15- year high and manufacturing contracted for a ninth month, adding to signs the economic slump is deepening.

The jobless rate in the 17-nation euro area increased to 10.9 percent in March from 10.8 percent in February, the European Union statistics office in Luxembourg said today. That’s the highest since April 1997, according to Bloomberg News data. Separate reports showed euro-area manufacturing contracted more than initially estimated in April and unemployment in Germany, the region’s largest economy, unexpectedly increased.

Rising joblessness will keep pressure on politicians to find ways of boosting growth as austerity measures designed to stem the debt crisis push economies into recession and provoke a backlash among citizens. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi last week called on leaders to create a “growth compact” to complement an agreement on fiscal rules. The ECB will probably keep its benchmark interest rate at a record low of 1 percent tomorrow.

“The grim unemployment figures for March will likely encourage talk about a long overdue ‘growth pact’ for the euro zone,” said Martin van Vliet, an economist at ING Group in Amsterdam. “Survey measures of hiring intentions point to further increases in unemployment over the coming months, so we would expect unemployment to breach the 11 percent threshold.”

Euro Drops

The euro declined against the dollar today and was down 0.8 percent at $1.3137 as of 10:30 a.m. in London. The benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 Index pared gains to 0.1 percent.

The euro-area jobless rate matched the median forecast of 31 economists in a Bloomberg survey. In the 27-nation European Union, the unemployment rate was 10.2 percent in March, unchanged from the previous month and up from 9.4 percent a year earlier. Italy said today its jobless rate jumped to a 12-year high of 9.8 percent in March.

In Germany, the number of people out of work in increased a seasonally adjusted 19,000 in April to 2.87 million, the Nuremberg-based Federal Labor Agency said. Economists forecast a decline of 10,000, according to the median of 34 estimates in a Bloomberg survey. The adjusted jobless rate was unchanged at 6.8 percent, a two-decade low.

Declining unemployment has helped gird Germany against the debt crisis by bolstering household spending as export growth slows. Frank-Juergen Weise, the labor agency’s president, said the “positive trend on the labor market remains intact, but the economy has lost momentum.”

Manufacturing Slump

A manufacturing gauge in the euro region fell to 45.9 in April, a 34-month low, from 47.7 in March, Markit Economics said today. Readings below 50 indicate contraction. The report also indicated that job losses at factories increased and there was “weak” demand from both domestic and export customers.

The index contrasts with a similar gauge in the U.S. released yesterday showing manufacturing growth accelerated last month in the world’s largest economy.

A Chinese manufacturing index from HSBC Holdings Plc and Markit Economics today rose to 49.3 from 48.3 in March. That’s above a preliminary 49.1 reported April 23. A separate index released yesterday by China’s statistics bureau and logistics federation was at 53.3, indicating the fastest growth in a year.

In Europe, the debt crisis is curbing demand for goods. Manufacturers are also facing pressure from rising costs as oil prices increase. Stuttgart, Germany-based Robert Bosch GmbH, the world’s biggest car-parts supplier, said on April 26 that it will be harder to meet profit targets as high raw-material costs and spending on new business areas hurt margins.

“Economic uncertainties remain high,” Bosch Chief Executive Officer Franz Fehrenbach said.

Spanish Unemployment

The unemployment data showed that the number of people out of work in the euro area rose by 169,000 in March to 17.4 million. From a year earlier, unemployment increased by 1.73 million.

Spain had the region’s highest unemployment rate in March, at 24.1 percent. Data on April 30 showed that the Spanish economy contracted 0.3 percent in the first quarter, putting it into its second recession since 2009. The lowest jobless rates were in Austria and the Netherlands, at 4 percent and 5 percent respectively.

The labor-market and factory reports “underline the enormity of the challenge facing policy makers to respond,” said Jonathan Loynes, chief European economist at Capital Economics in London. “‘There may be a growing ‘consensus’ on the need for growth in the euro zone. But with unemployment rising and industry slumping, a prolonged recession looks much more likely.”


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5 Responses to Overnight Markets-Leading News -Update 1

  1. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    will do.

  2. Arb says:

    Thanks. That really should be published under http://www.Slimyswiss.com.
    I saw hunger games. A lot of nwo illum themes extended 80 years into the future. Murderousp Brits, perverts and deviants, orwellian.
    Well done IMO.
    One of the subthemes was miracle medicines the illum had but withheld from the masses. Check it out , let me know.

  3. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    there is paris and there is france, just like hollywood mores are really not shared by much of america once your off the coasts. in paris even hollande is a disgrace not for having an affair or many of them but for making it so public and not keeping it to one mistress and humiliating his wife by leaving her and his children the middle of the last presidential race putting sarkozy in power . only 23 pc of the french support him. so it is not like he has the support of the French people. im sure 23 percent of america supports hollywood probably the number of hebrews and anglosaxons we have in this country. but that does not make those people ‘america’ or ‘france’

    sarkozy of course his past homosexuals affairs are his biggest scandal but at least he has the public decency to not force his mores off on france and be very discrete about his homosexual vice like Obama, whereas Hollande is closer to DSK and a bit sick in the head like DSK.

    you have to have lived in france. the french tolerate your human shortcomings as long as you don’t claim them to be virtue like say in the anglosaxon world. hollande has flaunted the mores of still basically catholic and Christian france whereas Sarkozy has at least pretended to uphold them. there is a big difference in respect towards the people and nation hollande does not understand.

    while the swiss have the longest running truly democratic government in the world , 700 years, their history pre christianity is not particularly good. basically ceasar conquering them civilized them. before that they were ruthless mercenaries whom the Germanic tribes were even afraid to go to war with, which is quite amazing as the PreChristian Germanic tribes of the German lowlands were the most fierce in all the worLd, and certainly they were constantly raiding the gauls (france) italians (romans) and austrians/slavs and well looting the place as bad as the english just looted libya. the romans typically had good things to say about a lot of the countries they defeated but had nothing good to say about the Hebrews , the English and interestingly enough the Swiss or Helvetian tribes.

    after the romans came the gospel and the swiss turned from mercenaries into very good farmers and industrialists and were very good people until say 100 years ago, where around the same time the Rothschilds and English crown ‘recaptured’ france and the USA the French Rothschilds started intermarrying with Royal whom 700 years ago the Swiss decided they wanted none of and around 1960 or so the Rothschilds were running the SNB and as time has progress has gotten more control indeed complete control of the swiss government.

    a lot of this came by taking ‘swiss’ banking partner from among the swiss who wanted to be considered to be royals , mainly french swiss ‘royals’ whom the rest of the swiss said ‘no thanks’ to 700 years ago and went to war with to form their republic.

    that was the beauty of the swiss they realized royals were the problems and put the pike to many of them such as they fled back to France. now the swiss lay out the royal red carpet for Prince Charles who has a secret home there and fawn all over him which i find very bizarre as they are the oldest antiroyalist regime with the USA at number 2 and france at number 3.

    they host the davos crime gang and put 700 snipers on the roof and allow no political dissent and the swiss people think that is great as they make so much money off it.

    it took me while to appreciate celentes brilliance in calling the swiss slimy but thinking of all my trips there , my observations was hebrews were running whores in from the Slavic countries and Germans mainly to service the corrupt arabs and africans whose stolen oil loot they banked. prostitution is rampant in switzerland but is very hidden and there is not the extreme murder and abuse of the young girls say like the Turkish Jews do.

    the swiss have secret files on all the swiss that would put the MI6/CIA/Mossad to shame and have a very hidden but brutal police state. you just dont see it unless you’re a very observant person. really bright swiss don’t like it at all.

    you dont have banking privacy in switzerland as all their banks are infiltrated by rothschilds men. it was the illusion of banking privacy. say before 1960 i would say the swiss provide banking privacy but not since then. in switzerland even in the 1960s every bank manager reported all the foreigners to the swiss federal secret police something the swiss don’t like known.

    certainly banking privacy ought to be a right ex the drug runners and the dictators like al quadaffi and idi amin abused it. the best way is to own business and keep ‘investing’ in your business and pay long term capital gains and buy real estate.

    the other problems with switzerland is their ghoulish ‘death’ tourism. the swiss have many ‘miracle’ cures but these are not available in their socialized medical system but cancer cures and the like are sold for million and millions of dollar in private clinics to the ‘Russian’ billionaires and the like. these people are the doctors to the jewish elites. it is called medical tourism in todays parlance. none of the elite die of cancer. the swiss government withholds these cures of course the usa medical establishment probably has these cures as well and withholds them and withholds them for the murder of chemo/radiation therapy.

    the other problem i have with switzerland is that the Soros NGO located there have legalized drug use, and while i support decriminalization of pot, and other drugs used personally that is large fines but no jail or criminal record, i don’t support like the swiss drug tourism nor do i support gambling.

    switzerland of today is not the switzerland of old much like the USA has degenerated into one big las Vegas run by the Hebrews , Switzerland is actually the Las Vegas of Europe and it should have the same reputation as las vegas.

    i boycott switzerland as i consider it to be the las vegas of europe much like i boycott las vegas.

    ive always thought of the swiss as ‘sneaky’ but after five years of thinking about celente, i decided he is right and i am wrong and the swiss are slimy.

    switzerland is a key vassal state for the rothschilds banking empire.

    i hired a swiss engineer who once got on the bad side of the government when he noticed all the corruption and he was blackballed. i don’t speak highly of living in Prison USA, but Switzerland has the same jailers running the better class jail.

    i did admire the swiss of 700 years ago who ran the royals through with a pike and whom wanted to keep their country Christian and free of despots. those were fine swiss.

    one thing about the swiss is they are ‘tough’ and you don’t mess with them anymore than texans, so rothschilds and his hebrew pals corrupted their society and ‘grafted’ them into making money off ever thing and making that state virtue.

    the creepy rick steves who always praises the rothschilds calls switzerland his favorite country in europe. I dont consider england to be part of europe but i would say due to its corruption switzerland is my least favorite place. i suppose if i were to go to europe i would go back to austria or on to russia or live with the italians who are a lot of fun and decent people.

    it took me a while to figure out what went on in switzerland. it has an amazing ‘facade’ maybe even worse than the English facade or American facade. the swiss vote for all this corruption, directly.

  4. arb says:

    sexual dirt on Hollande?
    In France of all places???

    No such thing.
    Short of pedophile charges, sexual charges will only boost his popularity.

    Slimy Swiss?
    I have learned, primarily through ZGR, what they are about. Imperfect though they may be, I consider them a greater good on the planet than not and their banking privacy gave the world an alternative to tyranny and confiscation. So they move narco dollars? If only that were the greatest crime of Ben, Tim, Eric and the usual suspects.

    But as a government, IMO they are superior to USA which has seen a bloodless coup by Rockrot in the personage of Goldie and Jamie, and is rapidly moving toward greater enslavement.

    While most of us — who can choose — will stay in US and work for peace and freedom, I respect those who choose to expatriate.

    Thanks as always for the report.

  5. vino says:

    the minimum wage is going to increase 13% every year under the chinese 5 year plan….

    as the mining executive being interviewed went on to say if the chinese say they will do it in their 5 year plan they will do it… He keeps a copy of the chinese 5 year plan in his briefcase at all times…

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