Ted Wasserman, er Ted Nugent Versus Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Nugent is an Anglosaxon name and a very, very ROYAL surname. And Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is your basic out in the open Communist/NWO Hebrew feminist pig. ‘Conservative’ Nugent endorsing fellow Anglo Royal Mittens Pratt, the fake conservative British-Israelite Bush family stooge  is par for the course. Nugent was yet another Anglosaxon Vietnam draft dodger no?

If the USA was like England or Australia where 90 percent of the people were of Anglo-Hebrew (Scythe) background then I should shut up about this British-Israel freak show but these people are small, small minority always dominating the media for the thought-controllers in America and I am tired of this freak show of political thought control.

Given Nugent’s endorsement of the BBC 911 tale tale is it any wonder I think Anglosaxon and Hebrew political leadership of America is excrement. Nugent had better watch his potty mouth. Prince Wills married a Goldsmith, the close family kin of the communist loving Obama Puppet master Baron Jacob Rothschilds.

Life in Anglo-Hebrew America is hell for the gentile and Christian. It is not like Nugent is exactly a ‘Bible” believer is he?. Still Ted believes in the ‘gun’ half of the ‘bitter clinger’ charge Obama laid at our feet-as Obama calls those of us who love our Bibles and are down right fond of our guns or at least the right to bear them against tyrants in far off lands and crooks who want to harm our home and kin.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz sounds like the bitter clinger and one using the states draconian SS jackboots to temper metaphoric speech. Go back to Israel Debbie, all of the rest of the USA knows what you’re up to with your gal-pals and temple buddies and communist pals.

About time some real North Americans stood up and told these freaks to shut up.

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