Jimmy Swaggart’s Wife Calls Alex Jones a Traitor- Demands Arrest?


Jimmy Lee Swaggart is Jerry Lee Lewis’ and Mickey Gilley’s cousin-the debauched R&R and CW stars- so he comes from a very bad family. You don’t get to be a R&R and C&W star without being in the illuminati, so if Swaggart’s first cousins are such prominent members it is likely he too is in the illuminati. At least Jerry Lee Lewis admits he is going to hell and he is rotten to the core. More than I can say about his cousin Jimmy who seems to have phoniness down to a fine political art.

But it shows you how controlled the evangelical church is. Jimmy Swaggart comes out of the very corrupt Anglosaxon Lead Assemblies of God.The most infamous leader of the Assemblies of God is the criminal John Ashcroft, W’s AG.

Jimmy was the guy who had a penchant for other women besides his wife Frances , not that we need to remind others of their sins, except the Swaggarts want to condemn others so I thought I would remind them that they have no business at all telling anyone what to do , much less calling for Alex Jones’ arrest for getting the sheeple near the truth, much less are they as a family qualified to peach the Gospel anymore. Be careful Frances least you find yourself arrested for Treason or worse least you fall into the hands of the Lord for condemning the just.

Now Swaggart’s son, ‘Donny”,  heads his multi-million dollar broadcasting operation effectively. Can’t lose that tax free status can we Frances and stop the loot from rolling in?

If Jesus’ job is winning the spiritual battle and the battle for the Republic and it is his job and not yours to fight it Frances, and the Churches’ job, Jesus is clearly losing the battle! The sit on your haunches near worthless bought off Christian Church, that is what the Swaggarts lead. Most of the Lutheran pastors in Germany were Hitler’s paid spys and turned ‘traitors’ in like Frances wants to throw Alex Jones in Jail so she has plenty of historical precedent. During our revolutionary war the Pastors lead from the front, now they lead for the illuminati.

The son Donny Swaggart Below,  looks like an illuminati pose to me ,and he looks evil!

The family is German Ashkenazi Anglosaxon.  That Ashkenazi- English Bloodline is the ‘top’ of the illuminati bloodline, preferred even over the Ashkenazi as far as I can tell. I looked his family  up many, many decades ago and determined he was probably illuminati. You can see the Ashkenazi in Jimmy Swaggart by the narrow eyes and pronounced asiatic eye lid droop and sloped-forehead.

The blonde flashing the 666 sign is Jill Swaggart, Gabriel Swaggart’s wife and back up singer. The Swaggarts are natural at bars are they not? Christians pose like this and dress like whores and go to bars? Well maybe Luciferian ‘christians’ who follow the same new age messiah as the Bush family.


Jill And Friends

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8 Responses to Jimmy Swaggart’s Wife Calls Alex Jones a Traitor- Demands Arrest?

  1. Reimann says:

    The same Richard Dawkins who admits his family wealth came from the slave trade after historians revealed that fact in England? The same Richard Dawkins the ZGR exposed giving various Masonic hand signs? He’s not a disbeliever in God except a disbeliever in Christ, his new god appears to be lucifer. He’s being well rewarded by the Crown for destroying morality. You best read this history of the ‘secular’ humanist movement of England and how people like Dawkins are responsible for 2 world wars, and planning a third.Dawkins was rejected for Tenure at UC Berkeley, why would I spend my money on a trasparent whore like him.


  2. Keith says:

    You must pick up a copy of the book “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. The book freed me from a belief in god and I have never felt more free in my whole life. Those that have been shackled by the misbegotten believe that they need a god to keep their moral compass pointing true north; or believe that they can only be saved by a belief in a god, will be set free by Dawkins book.

  3. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    jimmy the ashkenazi swaggert and his anglo slut daughters. Christianity is a money making business to the Swaggerts, that is it. i put this link up a while back, fyi, but thanks for sending it.

  4. Christian says:

    Crap, what a nasty, hard-ass bunch of beat hos!!!! NB their expressions???


    J the swagman has been picked up NUMEROUS times soliciting. What a dumpster.

  5. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    read the blog long enough and you will find out how to spot them yourselves. most of the illuminati are hebrews and people of anglosaxon/english extraction or some combination thereof. there are a cast of sellouts to go with that superset.

  6. kioki says:

    I am interested in knowing who is in the illuminati, the Lord,God, Almighty is the only King I worship. It is good to know the truth and to preach the Gospel

  7. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    mainly entertainers. a common profession for the tribe.

  8. underdog says:

    JS looks like younger Berezovsky.What a fine specimen from the former Pale of Settelment.Let me guess ….. grandgrandmum/dad from Drohobycz or Pinsk ,yes?In
    USA lots of doctors and lawyers in his/her family,yes?

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