Threading the Arete


China to crack down on imported cars

Egypt Takes out Muslim Brotherhood violent trash with bayonets and bullets-Declares state of emergency (martial law).

France /Germany/EU Report Fake GDPs for Merkel Election

India raises gold import duties from 8 pc to 10 pc.


-Cisco Systems  Chief Executive John Chambers said the technology market remains uncertain, saying the company saw “what continues to be a challenging and inconsistent global macroeconomic environment.” In a call with analysts, Chambers said, “I haven’t seen anything to suggest that this dynamic will change in the short term. But this recovery is more mixed and inconsistent than the others I have seen.” Cisco reported higher fiscal fourth-quarter profit, on mostly in-line revenue. Cisco shares were down 4% in after-hours trading.

-USA Summary

I sure enjoy it when Obama is on his vacations. The cost is minuscule compared to the damage he does while ‘at work’

USA markets barfed up the EU fake numbers as Middle Class Retailing  Giant Macys smacked WS in the gut on a big earnings and revenue miss. Macy’s shares fell 4.2%,  the biggest S&P 500 decliner on Wednesday after the company’s second-quarter profit missed analysts’ estimates and comparable sales saw an unexpected decline. Macy’s cut its full-year profit and sales outlook, raising concerns about the critical back-to-school and holiday season sales in the second half.  M said its fiscal second-quarter profit rose to $281 million, or 72 cents a share, from $279 million, or 67 cents, a year earlier. Sales fell 0.8% to $6.07 billion. Comparable sales declined 0.8%. The company cut its full-year comparable sales guidance to a gain of as much as 2.9% from a prior forecast of 3.5%. It also cut its profit outlook to $3.80 to $3.90 from a prior range of as much as $3.95 a share.

The MBA mortgage applications for the week ending August 9th data saw its steepest decline since late June. This marks the 12th week of decline in mortgage applications out of the last 14 weeks (there was a faint +0.2% gain in the prior week). Mortgage activity has collapsed by over 50% in the last three months, as the average 30-year mortgage rate has risen from around 3.50% to above 4.30% currently (down from around 4.70% in early July).

The FED sent dove Bullard out to stop the carnage at midday and for the PPT to prop the markets up on his blather.

BAC-ML put out a good report showing how leveraged up on margin everyone is , including hedge funds chasing this rally. They joined HSBC in pulling in their horns.

Two former employees of JPM-London employees have been charged by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York on Wednesday related to the “London Whale” scandal at the firm. Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout have been charged for conspiracy to falsify books and records, to commit wire fraud and to falsify Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Analysts have weighed in on the DOJ’s move to block the US Airways/American merger. JP Morgan said it remains cautiously optimistic that the firms can legally prevail in their efforts to merge. JP Morgan went on to predict that the lawsuit could prompt American to emerge from bankruptcy without merging and that resolving the case could take months. The UK is well known to covet American’s routes and gates and wanting a shotgun marriage with British Airways.  You can expect this order by the DOJ came right from London. Probably David Cameron just calls Holder up and tells him to do it.

Chinese solar names are up a few percent a piece after JinkoSolar’s  results. Jinko crushed profit and revenue estimates and raised its FY13 shipments outlook by 25% . With the Chinese deal on solar exports to Europe set in stone, Jinko said that it has already reduced its reliance on European markets and expanded sale in emerging markets, China, Japan, the US and India. JKS is up around 8%. After having used Merkel to smash European and American solar firms, London is buying the China copycat artists. MI6 knows nothing much is going to come of UK shale gas /oil reservoirs.

In gold China’s demand is going to eclipse the crack down in India, and with the massive devaluation of the rupee, it is only a matter of time before smugglers work around India’s tariffs on gold imports. India is expecting a very good harvest, so gold sales should be brisk this year and we are not far off that season. Only the Crooks at the LBMA know whose gold they sold and where their next lot of gold to cover their massive naked short position is coming from. So far no nation has made an overt , panic move to go for the gold in public and dump Euros and Dollars.

Major Stock Indexes

3:58 PM EDT 8/14/2013

DJIA 15345.19 -105.82 -0.68%
Nasdaq 3670.33 -14.12 -0.38%
S&P 500 1686.15 -8.01 -0.47%
Russell 2000 1048.37 -3.62 -0.34%
Global Dow 2275.41 2.52 0.11%
Japan: Nikkei 225 14050.16 183.16 1.32%
Stoxx Europe 600 308.62 0.83 0.27%
UK: FTSE 100 6587.43 -24.51 -0.37%


3:26 PM EDT 8/14/2013

Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3261 -0.0002
Yen (USD/JPY) 98.14 -0.07
Pound (GBP/USD) 1.5512 0.0062
Australia $ (AUD/USD) 0.9138 0.0026
Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) 0.9348 0.0019
WSJ Dollar Index 73.94 -0.07


3:16 PM EDT 8/14/2013

Crude Oil 106.59 0.19 0.18%
Brent Crude 108.83 0.35 0.32%
Gold 1334.8 14.3 1.08%
Silver 21.830 0.487 2.28%
E-mini DJIA 15340 -71 -0.46%
E-mini S&P 500 1686.75 -4.00 -0.24%

Government Bonds

3:26 PM EDT 8/14/2013

U.S. 10 Year 4/32 2.711
German 10 Year -5/32 1.826
Japan 10 Year -6/32 0.7

-Bankers, and Ratpublicans and Democrats and Obama Crush American startups with student debt loans

When I went to the University of California, everyone was European American and everyone was rich , upper middle class or above,  ex the returning Vietnam Vets who at least had the GI Bill to pay some of their cost. Its still that way. Only the middle classes kids get stuck with debt. At least if you were from a non- affluent family or wanted to do it on your own there were very high paying summer jobs to be had back then, in factories, cutting timber, fishing. Those jobs don’t exist anymore, and even if they did, by design, now only the very wealthy can pay for the cost of a good university education in the USA as cost have escalated many hundreds of percent more than inflation in the last 40 years for a University education. $1 trillion and counting on student loans. We need to cap interest at 2 %, and if the person does not have a job, waive interest payment and look at debt forgiveness. Americans might like some real socialism if they could get it. When you see guys with masters degrees in engineering from Caltech who can’t get design jobs and who are working as IT administrators for $60k year trying to pay off $25ok in loans, there is something very, fundamentally wrong and broken with the American system London has put in place.

-MI6 /Mossad run NYT reveals Clinton Crooks

The NWO has never trusted Hillary. She’s not a royal arse kisser like her Rockefeller husband who never saw an order from Maggie Thatcher and the privy council he refused to obey. She knows where too many bodies are buried by MI6 and the Mossad and CIA. The fat Anglosaxon-Satanic and English Crown creep Chris Christie appears to be the Windsors/Rothschilds choice in 2016.

-Zionist Shill Dick Gregory Tanks.

-Americans despise Prince Charles Butler..

This photo provided by Jameson Hsieh shows a clown at the Missouri State Fair wearing a mask intended to look like President Obama. Video went viral of the crowd cheering an announcement that the Obama clown might be ‘run down by a bull,’ and fair officials banned the clown for life.


I spent so much time in Horn of Africa and met so many Black Jews, I have a hard time of thinking of him as the Magic Negro, and not as a black Jew,  but within the American female mind who put him in office that is what he is.  Banned for life? We need to ban Prince Charles’ clowns for life.

-Alex Jones, Anglo-Zionist-Masonic Conditioning agent for the Rothschilds

This guy is one of the biggest pieces of traitorous English excrement since George III. Alex Jones daily mocks Christians with his Masonic/Zionist misdirections. I think he is being given a space to repent , then will reap what he sows. If you think of Alex Jones as just another version of Pat Robertson or Billy Graham or Benny Hinn, you’re thinking correctly. 

Jeff Rense is another conditioning agent for the illuminati. But at least he does not pretend to be Christian. Both Rense and Jones are getting their material rewards for selling out here and now, neither will like hell. Rense had on the crypto Jew and Mormon and CIA shill Joel Skousen last night  preaching the CIA hatred against Russia and Putin and that illuminati will have their one world govt, and that it is ‘hopeless’ to resist. Rense and his ‘don’t contact your congress person’ , well that line is right from Billy Graham who counsels the same thing.

I can ‘t think of two bigger sellouts than Rense or Jones, with each accusing the other of working for the CIA. Ha,  ha. It is like a debate between Bush and Clinton about which one of them is just a CIA plant. Different Anglo-Zionist bankers may sign their paychecks but at the end of the day they are both Anglo-Zionist aparatchiks.

-English Princes Greedy for Carbon Trading Taxes, Obama to circumvent Constitution to force Prince Charles greed upon the American people

At a joint news conference with his Brazilian counterpart on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry praised Brazil for its commitment to climate change initiatives, and he promised that the Obama administration also is determined to do something about it.“So the challenge is ahead of us, for all of us, and I know that the United States has a great commitment under President Obama to take our own initiatives, not even to wait for congressional action, but to move administratively in order to do our part. I know we can continue to work with Brazil on this issue of climate, and we look forward to doing so.”President Obama repeatedly has said he won’t wait for Congress to act — on jobs, recess appointments, immigration, gun control, and other issues — where “we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization, and just get it done,” as he said in October 2011. Reuters

-St. Louis Fed President James Bullard continued Wednesday to express concern with recent low inflation readings and said that the central bank could lose credibility if it doesn’t hit its 2% inflation target, according to Dow Jones Newswires. In remarks to the Rotary Club of Paducah, Ky., Bullard said there is not much indication yet that inflation is moving back toward the Fed’s target. The latest reading of the Fed’s favorite inflation gauge, the personal consumption expenditure index, was up 1.3% over the past 12 months ended in June. Bullard is a voting member of the Fed’s policy-making committee this year. In June, Bullard dissented from the Fed’s policy statement, saying that the central bank need to signal that it would “defend its inflation goal” in light of low readings. In July, the Fed added that it was aware of the risks of low inflation and Bullard did not dissent.

-Anglosatanist/Hollywood promoting Mariticide

Watch  your wife carefully.

-Gmail users have no “reasonable expectation” that their emails are confidential, Google has said in a court filing.Consumer Watchdog, the advocacy group that uncovered the filing, called the revelation a “stunning admission.” It comes as Google and its peers are under pressure to explain their role in the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass surveillance of US citizens and foreign nationals.”Google has finally admitted they don’t respect privacy,” said John Simpson, Consumer Watchdog’s privacy project director. “People should take them at their word; if you care about your email correspondents’ privacy, don’t use Gmail.”Google set out its case last month in an attempt to dismiss a class action lawsuit that accuses the tech giant of breaking wire tap laws when it scans emails in order to target ads to Gmail users.That suit, filed in May, claims Google “unlawfully opens up, reads, and acquires the content of people’s private email messages.” It quotes Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman: “Google policy is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”"Unbeknown to millions of people, on a daily basis and for years, Google has systematically and intentionally crossed the ‘creepy line’ to read private email messages containing information you don’t want anyone to know, and to acquire, collect, or mine valuable information from that mail,” the suit claims.

-Communist Jew, and Drug Running Scion Ed Miliband was pelted by Eggs today…

His egg throwing constituent said this as he was hauled off..

“They should stop giving favoritism to the banks. They do nothing. The Government do nothing. The shadow government do nothing. I don’t believe him at all. If you are poor, you are considered a burden. All they care about is the banks.”

- EU Summary

The EZ officially moved out of its recession in Q2, just in time for Merkel’s election. She’s off campaigning in Ludwigshafen today. There was considerable scepticism of the GDP results of the EU/France/Germany even from Goldman Sachs. In any event ,fortunately for fist pumper Ollie Rhen Eurostat does not release a breakdown of the GDP report until the 2nd estimate, so there is not a lot you can pick at in the report.

In Germany we might argue they had a lot of pent up demand after being Frozen in Q1 and the Germans  are continuing to benefit from squeezing the peripheral and the USA and China economies not dropping to the next level down, but by their 2nd estimate this report will change substantially. Making a mockery of  Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschlandm Germany’s BDI Industrial Assoc cut its 2013 GDP forecast to +0.5% from +0.8% today, noting that it would be difficult to meet export growth of 3.5% this year.

In France, which has an extremely vested interest in having another Jew elected in Germany, at least  the Rothschilds controlled Banks do, their GDP report was completely inconsistent with prior reports, although no doubt France got a big  benefit from operation ‘Get Boeing’ in Q2. France too will be forced to revise this down by the 2nd estimate where more detail has to be provided.  Boeing, FYI,  has gone to a 27/7 real time command center staffed by engineers and pilots tracking every single B787 in real time during take off, landing and flight with the superb real time telemetry system they have. Hollande will have to have the Mossad use some plastics if he wants more sales from trying to destroy Boeing, or have the Chinacoms rip all their technology off.

Europe is a dirty, filthy place morally,  and they have effected no real reforms to their socialistic anti-Christ paradise, they have no energy and take enormous amounts of vacation, and their banks need $EU 3 trillion in recaps,  and they have the UK, Greece, Spain, Italy and France that will need bailouts, and the EU/Europe still rely heavily on the nearly $1 tln in drug profits that flow into London and Switzerland . On an abstract basis no one benefited from Obamacare more than the Eurotrash as it is making USA labor so unattractive. The Swiss and EU (Von Rompuy) are not passing all these laws while the Eurotrash are swimming in the Med, to even encumber accounts with less than $100k EU in it as the EU is coming out of its depression ,  now are they.

In any event as far as the EU markets, China cracking down on the rigged sales of German and European cars, and skewing policy towards made in China cars,  was more important than the faked GDP numbers so we did not get a big jump to short sell into.

There was nothing unexpected in the BOE minutes worth noting. The BOE is mainly focused on directing the FED to bailout the UK and EU economies at this point and they have enough QE to keep their Finance and housing bubbles inflating.

I’m a Eurosceptic in the sense, that I know their markets are even more rigged and their economic reports more faked than the USA which at least has the economic transparency where we can easily figure out what was rigged and how they did it.

Major Stock Indexes

1:21 PM EDT 8/14/2013

UK: FTSE 100 6587.43 -24.51 -0.37%
Germany: DAX 8438.12 22.36 0.27%
France: CAC 40 4114.20 21.70 0.53%
Stoxx Europe 600 308.62 0.83 0.27%
Hang Seng 22541.13 269.85 1.21%
Japan: Nikkei 225 14050.16 183.16 1.32%
DJIA 15360.41 -90.60 -0.59%
Europe Dow 1816.81 6.97 0.39%
Global Dow 2276.31 3.42 0.15%

Europe Econometrics

 (EU) Euro Zone Q2 Advance GDP Q/Q: 0.3% v 0.2%e; Y/Y: -0.7% v -0.8%e

(FR) France Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: 0.5% v 0.2%e; Y/Y: +0.3% v -0.1%e
(DE) Germany Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: 0.7% v 0.6%e; Y/Y: 0.9% v 0.7%e; GDP WDA Y/Y: 0.5% v 0.2%e

 (FR) France July CPI M/M: -0.3% v -0.3%e; Y/Y: 1.1% v 1.1%e; CPI Ex-Tobacco Index: 125.35 v 125.38e
(HU) Hungary Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: 0.1% v 0.3%e; Y/Y: 0.5% v 0.6%e
(CZ) Czech Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: 0.7% v 0.5%e; Y/Y:-1.2% v -1.4%e
(CH) Swiss July Producer & Import Prices M/M: 0.0% v 0.2%e; Y/Y: 0.5% v 0.5%e
(NL) Netherlands Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.2% v -0.1%e; Y/Y: -1.8% v -2.0%e
(SE) Sweden Jun Industrial Production M/M: 3.0% v 1.0%e; Y/Y: -4.0% v -6.4%e
(PL) Poland Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: 0.4% v 0.3%e; Y/Y: 0.8% v 0.7%e

(PL) Poland July M3 Money Supply M/M: -0.2% v +0.3%e
(PL) Poland July CPI M/M: +0.3% v -0.2%e; Y/Y: 1.1% v 0.5%e
(UK) BOE Minutes: Voted 9 to 0 (unanimous) to leave Interest Rates unchanged at 0.50%
(UK) BOE Minutes: Voted 9 to 0 (unanimous) to maintain Asset Purchase Target at £375B; (second straight unanimous vote under Gov Carney)
 (UK) BOE Minutes: Voted 8 to 1 on forward guidance; member Weale dissented
(UK) July Jobless Claims Change: -29.2K v -15.0Ke (9th straight decline); Claimant Count Rate: 4.3% v 4.4%e

(UK) Jun Average Weekly Earnings 3M/Y: 2.1% v 2.0%e; Weekly Earnings ex Bonus 3M/Y: 1.1% v 1.1%e
(UK) Jun ILO Unemployment Rate 3M/3M: 7.8% v 7.8%; Employment Change 3M/3M: +69K v +34Ke
(PT) Portugal Q2 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: +1.1% v +0.1%e; Y/Y: -2.0% v -2.9%e

(PL) Portugal Q2 YTD Labour Costs: +0.3% v -1.9% prior
(IE) Ireland Jun Trade Balance: €3.0B v €3.1B prior
(CH) Swiss Aug Credit Suisse ZEW Expectations Survey: 7.2 v 4.8 prior

Credit Markets

(EU) ECB allotted $0.0M in 7-Day USD Liquidity Tender at fixed 0.59% vs. $0.0M prior
(EU) ECB allotted $131M in 3-month USD Liquidity Tender at fixed 0.60% vs. $27M prior
(SE) Sweden sold SEK10B in 3-month bills; Yield: 0.8907% v 0.9404% prior
(DE) Germany sold €3.231B in 1.5% 2023 bunds; Avg Yield: 1.80% (highest since Feb 2012) v 1.57% prior; Bid-to-cover: 1.3x v 1.58x prior

Italy Treasury said to intend to maintain its 2013 debt issuance plans even in light of satisfying approx 80% of its borrowing needs for the year.) Italy President Napolitano: The court verdict in the Berlusconi case must be applied, including jail sentence; a govt crisis would be fatal; Have not received any request for a pardon for Berlusconi.

Government Bonds

12:56 PM EDT 8/14/2013

German 10 Year -5/32 1.826
France 10 Year 4/32 2.335
Italy 10 Year 13/32 4.177
Spain 10 Year 15/32 4.411
U.K. 10 Year -9/32 2.639
U.S. 10 Year 4/32 2.711

-England’s Trouble making becomes America’s bills.. and Arab deaths..

The Obama administration strongly opposes the declaration of a state of emergency by the interim government in Egypt, said Josh Earnest, the White House deputy press secretary, on Wednesday. In a briefing on Martha’s Vineyard, where President Barack Obama and his family are vacationing, Earnest said the violence sparked by Egyptian troops moving to clear supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi from two protest sites “is a step in the wrong direction.” “The world is watching what is happening in Cairo.” Earnest said. The White House will continue to hold the Egyptian interim government accountable “for the promise that they’ve made to speed the transition to a civilian, democratically elected government,” he said. The U.S. continues to review the aid that is provided to Egypt, Earnest added.


England and no one but England wanted stooge Mursi in power. The Jews certainly did not want him. A good Muslim Brotherhood member is like a good MI6 member, their ‘handlers’ btw, one pushing up daisies. The Muslim Brotherhood garnered its power in violence and intimidation and shed blood when it had power, now its blood is being shed. No one cares outside of England and their bitches of war, McCain, Prince Charles friend, and McCain’s lapdog, the queer Lindsey Graham from South Carolina.

-USA Econometric Data

(US) MBA Mortgage Applications w/e Aug 9th: -4.7% v +0.2% prior

(US) Weekly DOE Inventories: Crude: -2.8M v -1.5Me; Gasoline: -1.2M v -0.5Me; Distillate: +2M v +1Me

(US) July PPI M/M: 0.0% v 0.3%e; Y/Y: 2.1% v 2.4%e
(US) July PPI Ex Food and Energy M/M: 0.1% v 0.2%e; Y/Y: 1.2% v 1.3%e

(CA) July Teranet/National Bank HPI M/M: 0.7% v 0.5%e; Y/Y: 1.9% v 1.8% prior; House Price Index: 158.2 v 157.0 prior
(BR) Brazil Jun Retail Sales M/M: 0.5% v 0.6%e; Y/Y: 1.7% v 2.0%e; Retail Sales Broad Y/Y: -2.0% v -1.3%e

-Germany’s largest steelmaker by output said late Tuesday its continuing operations–excluding the overseas steel plants up for sale–swung to a net loss of 238 million euros ($316 million) in the three months through June 30, after a net profit of EUR390 million in the same period last year. The figure missed the EUR50 million net profit nine analysts had forecast on average in a Dow Jones Newswires poll.Like other European steelmakers, ThyssenKrupp is suffering from weak demand and low steel prices in a depressed European economy. The company said it expects fourth-quarter sales volumes and average revenue per ton of steel at its European steel business to decline quarter-on-quarter, reflecting the weak steel price level, which “troughed only in July.”

-BMW Drivers

-Central Bureau voor de Statistiek said that Dutch GDP remained unchanged at -1.8%, from -1.8% in the preceding month.Analysts had expected Dutch GDP to fall to -2.0% last month.

-These are statistical hoaxes being used ahead of the election, using greatly understated deflators and other gimmicks. The market reaction has been muted at the EU opening. Even some mainstream German bankers called the German GDP report, highly unusual, and unexpected in their press. Recall France’s national statistical agency, INSEE, said that industrial production shrank 1.4% from a month earlier. That followed a 0.3% monthly drop in May.Within manufacturing, steep declines were recorded in the food and car industries. Yet now INSEE says exports were booming in transportation and ag. Hollande knows if he gets fellow Jew Merkel elected he gets lots of bailouts afterwards. The German -French axis of economic statistical cheaters versus the English-American axis of economic statistical cheaters. Probably if we had a Nixon in Germany he would expect the statisticians were Jewish and needed to be looked into for falsifying the reports.

-French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies said that French GDP rose to a seasonally adjusted 0.5%, from -0.2% in the preceding quarter.Analysts had expected French GDP to rise 0.2% in the last quarter.

- Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland said that German GDP rose to a seasonally adjusted 0.7%, from 0.1% in the preceding quarter.Analysts had expected German GDP to rise 0.6% in the last quarter.


Tokyo stocks continued higher Wednesday, with the Nikkei Stock Average jumping 183.16 points, or 1.3%, to end at the day’s high of 14,050.16.It was the first time for the benchmark index to close above the important 14,000 mark since Aug. 6.Expectations of economic recoveries in the U.S. and Europe eased investor risk-aversion, prompting stock purchases. However, falling Nikkei average futures led to profit-taking, which resulted in the Nikkei average briefly trading in negative territory before the market closed.Major Japanese firms wrapped up the latest earnings season on a high note, more than doubling their net profit in the three months to June, a new report showed yesterday.SMBC Nikko Securities said its review of company financial results showed combined net profits surged about 112 percent from the April-June quarter a year earlier, while operating profit jumped 33 percent among some of Japan Inc’s biggest names.A pickup in consumer spending and a sharp fall in the yen, which makes exporters such as Toyota and Sony more competitive overseas, were behind the profits, the brokerage said.“The profit gains were mainly due to a positive effect of the weak yen,” its analyst Kayoko Ota said. “Recovering domestic demand and steady growth in North America were also major factors.”Ota said the good times were likely to last with many firms upping their profit and sales forecasts for the fiscal full year to March.“They’re expected to stay on course to recovery,” she added.The SMBC report, which studied nearly 500 firms on the broad-based Topix index, found that manufacturers saw the biggest rise in profit.

China shares tested fresh eight-week highs in relatively robust trade on Wednesday, before closing down slightly. Shares were lifted by a 4.2 per cent jump for SAIC Motor after its auto parts unit said it would increase its stake in a joint venture with Visteon. Shares of larger automakers also rose following a Reuters report that an industry body is helping the National Development and Reform Commission investigate whether foreign car makers are setting minimum retail prices in China. “If this is true, it’s definitely a positive for demand for local car makers. It also sounds consistent with what Beijing has been saying about supporting local brands for the last year or so,” said Guo Yanling, a Shanghai-based analyst with the brokerage Shanghai Securities.Weakness in the materials sector limited index gains. China’s largest gold miner Zijin Mining slid 1.6 per cent in Shanghai after reporting a 54 per cent slide in first half net profit from a year earlier.The recent rally in material counters was further stalled by comments from China’s industry minister, cited in the official Shanghai Securities News, that Beijing will push ahead with efforts to cull excess capacity a year earlier than planned.

Hong Kong markets were shut in the morning by Typhoon Utor and will stay closed all day, even though authorities downgraded it from a No 8 severe storm warning signal to a No 3 strong wind signal at 1:40pm.

(AU) AUSTRALIA Q2 WAGE COST INDEX Q/Q: 0.7% V 0.7%E; Y/Y: 2.9% V 3.0%E
(NZ) NEW ZEALAND Q2 RETAIL SALES EX-INFLATION Q/Q: 1.7% V 1.5%E (3rd consecutive increase)

- (IN) India July Wholesale Prices (WPI) Y/Y: 5.8% v 5.0%e; first rise above 5% in four months

Japan: Nikkei 225 14050.16 183.16 1.32%
Hang Seng 22541.13 269.85 1.21%
Shanghai Composite 2100.14 -6.02 -0.29%
S&P BSE Sensex 19271.30 41.46 0.22%
Australia: S&P/ASX 5157.40 -0.30 -0.01%
UK: FTSE 100 6600.84 -11.10 -0.17%
DJIA 15451.01 31.33 0.20%
Asia Dow 2959.15 13.29 0.45%
Global Dow 2274.13 1.24 0.05%

Asia Dow


4:08 AM EDT 8/14/2013

Australia $ (AUD/USD) 0.9105 -0.0007
Yen (USD/JPY) 98.19 -0.02
S. Korean Won (USD/KRW) 1118.90 0.78
Chinese Yuan (USD/CNY) 6.1223 -0.0006
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3265 0.0002
WSJ Dollar Index 74.04 0.02

Government Bonds

4:08 AM EDT 8/14/2013

Australia 10 Year -28/32 3.863
China 10 Year 0/32 3.980
India 10 Year -1 0/32 8.476
Japan 10 Year -5/32 0.753
German 10 Year -3/32 1.818
U.S. 10 Year 5/32 2.710


3:58 AM EDT 8/14/2013

Crude Oil 106.03 -0.37 -0.35%
Brent Crude 108.14 -0.34 -0.31%
Gold 1321.6 1.1 0.08%

-After Hours

Rio Tinto put out its update for the first half. Most notably, RIO is acknowledging deceleration in China economy and not expecting growth to recover in H2, even though its ruling out a hard landing.

 (US) API PETROLEUM INVENTORIES: CRUDE: -1.0M v -1.5Me (9th consecutive draw); GASOLINE: +1.7M v -0.5Me; DISTILLATE: +1.1M v +1Me

(US) CHINA is set to overtake the United States as the world’s largest net oil importer from October, according to US figures, due to a combination of rising Chinese demand and increased US production.Next year, China’s net oil imports will exceed those of the US on an annual basis and the gap between them will continue to widen, the US Energy Information Administration said.

(IN) India, the world’s biggest buyer of gold, raised duties Tuesday on bullion imports for the third time since January as it seeks to narrow the trade gap and defend the rupee. The government increased the customs duty to 10 percent from eight percent per 300 grams of the precious metal as it tries to break the country’s love affair with gold

(CH)CHINA will overtake India to become the biggest gold consumer this year as its bullion consumption jumped 54 percent in the first six months from a year earlier, according to the China Gold Association.Gold consumption, including jewelry, bars, coins and industrial use, totaled 706.4 tons in the first half, up 246.8 tons from a year ago.Jewelry consumption rose 43.6 percent to 383.9 tons while that for bullion bars soared 86.5 percent to 278.8 tons, the association said on its website yesterday.China surpassed India in the first quarter of this year when it consumed 306.4 tons, compared to the latter’s 256.5 tons, according to data from the World Gold Council, which however, excludes industrial consumption in its data categorized by countries.China’s surging demand for bullion was partially driven by a nationwide buying spree extended from February’s Spring Festival to April after world bullion prices plummeted.China’s gold supply rose 8.9 percent from a year earlier to 192.8 tons during the first six months, the association said.China is the biggest gold jewelry producer with about 60 percent of global production. Its gold consumption may more than double the output of bullion by 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology predicted earlier.

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Data-gate Shows We’re On the Cusp

… Between liberty and tyranny

by , August 14, 2013

It’s a small detail, in the general scheme of things, but one indicative of a troubling recent trend: when Congress voted on reauthorization of the Patriot Act, in 2011, the administration sent summaries [.pdf] to the House intelligence committee describing – without going into too much detail – the data dragnet conducted by the NSA under section 215. “We believe that making this document available to all members of Congress, as we did with a similar document in December 2009, is an effective way to inform the legislative debate about the reauthorization of Section 215,” read the cover letter accompanying the documents. Apparently Rep. Mike Rogers, the neocon toolwho heads up the committee, didn’t agree: the summaries were never seen outside the committee.

So the Obama administration lied when it said all members of Congress were fully informed about what was going on behind the backs of the American people – and Rep. Rogers was complicit in that lie, a fact that ought to put a new gloss on the alleged virtues of bipartisanship. No doubt the GOP leadership was particularly concerned to keep this knowledge away from those Tea Party freshmen (and freshwomen!), whose distrust of government marked them as potential troublemakers. While this wouldn’t be the first time legislation passed Congress under false pretenses, if we add this to the other ways official secrecy has insinuated itself into the political and legal process in this country, there is more than a little cause for concern.

Remember that our lawmakers are forbidden from explicitly describing the level of surveillance the law now allows: in warning against what is being done in the dark, Sen. Ron Wyden has had to use elliptical language – much as someone who lived in the former Soviet Union at the height of the Stalin terror was restrained from describing ordinary everyday horrors in a letter to relatives living overseas. Legislators can’t debate the law, they can’t challenge the law, because the government’s secret interpretation of the law is highly classified – we aren’t allowed to know about it.

When it comes to the Surveillance State, many of the traditional avenues of resistance are closed to us. For example, take Ladar Levison, head of Lavabit, a company that recently folded rather than cave in to the government’s demands. What were those demands? Well, Levison can’t say: if he does, the government can charge him, lock him up, and throw away the key. What he did say is that he was forced to make a choice between being “complicit in crimes against the American people” and Lavabit, an email service that allowed users to encrypt their communications (Snowden wasreportedly among their customers). He chose the honorable course – but is prevented from telling us exactly why.

We are told all this secrecy is necessary because, after all, we’re at war, and our enemies abroad are relentlessly pursuing any and all weaknesses in the system in order to destroy us. Yet there is reason to suspect that the nature of this “enemy” is far different from what we’ve been led to believe: it isn’t some terrorist hiding in a cave somewhere – because the “enemy” is usi.e. the American people.

Aside from the sheer number of individuals who have been effectively gagged by the government and prevented from telling the American people what is really being done to them under cover of “law,” another way to tell all is not quite right is the sort of language showing up in official documents. As Marcy Wheeler points out, citing the NSA “White Paper” [.pdf] issued in tandem with President Obama’s recent “Snowden-isn’t-a-patriot“ press conference, this document “doesn’t limit the terrorism in question to international terrorism (that which transcends national boundaries). And that’s not the only place in the White Paper where the government neglects such a modifier: by my rough count, about half the references to terrorism include no indication in the sentence that the discussion is limited exclusively to international terrorism. But there should be such a limitation. The Section 215 statute (which is broader in scope than the 215 metadata dragnet) makes quite clear that its use, when concerning a US person, is limited to international terrorism or clandestine activities.”

Given the government’s ability to scoop up all our communications, and store them away for later use, this kind of mission creep was inevitable. After all, why should they limit themselves to monitoring communications having to do with overseas terrorism, when their recent emphasis on the domestic variety places it on an equal footing with the alleged threat from abroad? With no real oversight, the NSA was and is free to go hog wild, spying on alleged “threats” no matter where they crop up: and while this may go far beyond the original intent of the law, isn’t that what governments do all the time – exceed the “legal” boundaries of their authority in the hope they’ll be allowed to get away with it?

The distinction between “foreign” and “domestic” is one easily elided by a zealous government investigator intent on targeting a US citizen who hasn’t broken any law: in the case of and this writer, the “foreign terrorist” link cooked up by the anonymous author of this FBI memo was the fact that a terrorist suspect had once visited this web site!

The “architecture of oppression,” as Snowden deemed it, has successfully built itself into our lives because it takes on the appearance of a defensive measure, a military tactic deployed against a foreign enemy. Yet this administration is rapidly dropping even that pretense, and their partisan hounds are baying “What have you got to hide?”

What we are faced with is the astonishing sight of an administration often hailed as among the most “liberal” in our history making the case for government secrecy and surveillance on an unprecedented scale. For the first time since the days of Woodrow Wilson – another know-it-all professorial “progressive” with an authoritarian streak a mile wide – the government is moving toward criminalizing journalism it finds objectionable. They aren’t just breaking into reporters’ email accounts and scooping up their phone calls – they’re taking active measures against them.

This New York Times Magazine profile of Laura Poitras, the documentary filmmaker who, together with Glenn Greenwald, has been instrumental in getting the Snowden revelations out there, documents the incredible harassment she’s had to endure from the US government every time she gets on, or off, a plane. Poitras is clearly afraid to travel back to the United States, and Greenwald, an American citizen currently living in Brazil, no doubt has some concerns about his physical safety should he return – having had one leading “journalist” and a leading Congressman loudly call for his arrest and imprisonment.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask aloud “Where am I?” No, it’s not a senior moment – I’m not that old! – it’s me wondering what kind of country we’re living in where a US citizen has to fear his government because of something he wrote, or an opinion he holds. The country I was born in doesn’t allow that kind of thing, while the country I live in now – well, it’s not so clear.

So you’ll pardon me for asking: where the heck am I – and how in the name of all that’s holy do I get out of here?

But wait: this isn’t the time to emigrate, at least not quite yet. The Bad Guys have been exposed, and the reaction has set in. We haven’t lost yet: we’re on the cusp between liberty and tyranny. It’s one of those elastic moments in history when things could go either way. The outcome, in short, depends on you, on me – on all of us Americans who remember what being an American is all about.

Which brings us to the subject of this web site, its role in the battle against the Surveillance State, and the US government’s campaign to shut us down. As many of our readers know by now, in 2004 the FBI launched a “preliminary investigation” of this writer, our webmaster, Eric Garris, and presumably everyone associated with, no doubt utilizing the intrusive surveillance tools recently exposed by Snowden. Really quite flattering, when you think about it, as well as yet another indication that the threat from the new authoritarians is very real – and for us here at, the threat is very personal.

We know they’ve been “investigating” us, but who knows what other shenanigans they’ve carried out under cover of “law”? Even given the way they released the 2004 memo that marked the launching of their investigation – in response to a very tangentially-related FOIA request – bears all the characteristics of a concerted campaign of defamation, meant to scare away supporters.

If you’re the kind of person who scares easily, and caves in immediately whenever you’re intimidated, then you probably aren’t reading this, and so let’s talk frankly. Do you really want to live in a society where these kinds of considerations determine what causes you support?

I didn’t think so.

You’re the kind who instinctively fights back, the kind who wants to make his or her voice heard – and one of the most important and immediate ways you can do that is by supporting the web site that’s been making the case for peace and civil liberties since well before 9/11. Our task and our message has been clear from the beginning: making the key link between America’s wars of aggression and the gradual dismantling of the Constitution to make way for the National Security State. Snowden proved our worst fears were well-founded – and that knowledge is the one thing our rulers fear.

The dissemination of knowledge the Powers That Be would rather we didn’t have access to – that has been’s mission from the start. Because before the American people can act to free themselves from the War Party and restore the Constitution they must be educated, and not just in a broad sense. Here at, you’ll find news and analysis you won’t find in one place anywhere else: news the “mainstream” media downplays or ignores outright, and analysis that doesn’t read like official talking points.

Education is the prelude to informed action, but we can’t continue this vital educational campaign without your financial assistance. We owe nothing to corporate sponsors and we don’t get money from big foundations, either liberal or conservative: our little operation is entirely funded by our readers, and we’ve been doing it this way for 17 years. Yet we don’t take your support for granted: far from it. We strive every day to fulfill our responsibilities to our readers, which boil down to this: giving you the truth and nothing but the truth about what our government is doing, in the name of “national security,” at home as well as abroad.

So please: in this age of propaganda, so much of it originating from governments, independent journalism is essential to the survival of a free society. Please make your tax-deductible donation to today.

Updated August 14, 2013 – 12:45 AM EDT
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-Rockefellers and Drugs inextricable in the USA

For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. David Rockefeller


-Swiss Poke Stick , rightfully so, in EU Eye

Israel can hardly object the man is a Jew. A few Jews are outside the Rothschilds-Windsor matrix and sick of the lies and terrorism. When a Jew is a righteous man they tend to be very ,very righteous. Unfortunately they don’t last long before the tribe destroys them like they did Jesus Christ. Find this man’s equal among the English. You can’t.

-Interesting how when the Eurotrash are on vacation the banksters and this man are robbing them blind.

But not unexpected of the Gollum eh.

-England’s Deep Stable of English Female Porn Writers

Note many claim to be christian. Well so much for David Duke’s theory the Jews control all the world’s porn. Looks like his kin are deep into it as well. All fat ugly English sows. MI6 ‘british’ invasion of the USA, count on it. America’s most famous Female Porn writer is Jackie Collins, the infamous sister of British Import, Joan Collins the vile TV actress, who is very close friends with the English Royal family. If you listen to David Duke you miss 1/2 the story.

-Prince Charles’ Feral Rats..

Not even  the ‘brother’ looters in the USA are this bad.

MI6 wanted to create feral animals for the Crown.

Burn baby burn.

Wait until the mob hits the palaces when England’s housing and financial  bubble collapse, then we will see how smart all the queers in MI6 look like then.

What a society of Yobs.

-Banking Wars?

Fanciful conjectures.The Rockefeller and Rothschilds family are so intermarried you can’t really distinguish between them anymore than there is any difference between the Windsors and Rothschilds. Public banks are ‘pawns’ the can used to direct money to the public banks designated as Bishops or Rooks who ‘take’ the pawns to gather their booty for Rothschilds /Rockefeller empire.  Lehman was a Pawn harvested by GS/JPM/HSBC who are Bishops or Rooks in the Crown banking diadem.

The King and Queen in the chess game,  are the private banks the Rothshcilds/Rockefellers jointly own who get all this public bank information and are able to exploit it.

Public banks are owned by the Rockefeller/Rothschilds simply so they can see all the ‘trades’ and who the traders are, and take their money, and stiff the taxpayers to bailout their winning hand if need be.

Both Old Man Rockefeller and old man Rothschilds admitted they were not taken by surprise during the collapse of 2007/2008.

In any event it is a Rothschilds that has the English Crown under the name Windsor and that is head of the NWO. The Rothschilds bankrolled the Rockefellers into prominence. Americans would not be fighting all these wars for England and Europes oil if the USA were winning and it was as described. Lots of disinfo out there.

-Multicultural Obama fail.

Fine if you want to marry outside of your ‘tribe’ just don’t have kids, if you survive. I guess a shortage of straight men in the England and the colonies will always be a problem for these plain looking, bawdy English women. Poor thing. Would have been far better off moving to Ireland to find a straight man, or entering a nunnery and dedicating her life to serving the Lord. Magik Negroes seldom are. TV/Hollywood are not realities. The weak female mind does not grasp this, and the age of the protective father and brother has come and gone in the USA.

-England where even the Mafia are  Queers..

The ZGR has not labeled English society ‘violent femmes’ by chance.

-BMW Drivers

I was cut off or nearly hit by 5 BMW drivers today. One whose brand new BMW had stalled or run out of gas in the middle lane of a freeway. Stupid evil female drivers gabbing on their cell phones in every single case, ex the stranded car, probably she ran out of gas while gabbing on the phone.

-BP Suing USA for Right to Murder More Americans and Pollute and destroy more of the environment

With friends like England and Israel, who needs enemies?

-Lazy Britain, $300 tln ripe for the looting

You could starve these guys out in no time. These people are even bigger moochers than their Gypsy kin. Contrast these parasites in England with the Jews of Israel whom are massive exporters of fruits and veggies to Europe and the middle east, and the Israelis grow all their own food. The English and the Gypsy are the Lazy cousin of the Jews, no wonder they don’t want to be associated with either. I never met an Englishman who was not a lazy dog. Heck if I had an Englishman in my family I would be ashamed as much as if I had a Gypsy brother-in-law, so I know how the Jews feel about having to admit these people are fellow Hebraics. The Jews have a bad enough reputation on their own due their Talmudic ethos, without the other criminal Hebraic tribes tarnishing their reputation further. One thing the Jews are not , and that is lazy.

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