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- Fed Chairman Bernanke reiterated that policy to remain highly accommodative for foreseeable future, and ‘way too soon’ for Sept Taper
- Fed Beige Book: Growth modest to moderate across US; Consumer spending gained in most districts
- Greece parliament passes Public Sector Reforms Bill to secure further bailout aid (Includes 15k public sector layoffs)
- ECB’s Asmussen: reiterates talk of a possible additional debt haircut for Greece is not useful
- Portugal political parties resume talks; Social Democratic Party say coalition talks are “demanding”


Market Commentary

-America’s WASP Trash

Is that a Jews face or what? Anglo-American beauty and ‘ho’ Julia Roberts and her bratty cousin. What evil has Julia not promoted on the silver screen. I see these evil Anglo royals and I want to hold up my silver cross in hopes they will melt.

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“don’t hurt me emma, no , no that was not me under edgars desk’

Looks like this crazy little wasp Witch, Emma punched out her crybaby Anglosaxon boyfriend. But the Jew Bronfman runs Montreal with an Iron fist and his coppers were told to back off slamming this violent thing in jail where she belongs for beating up her man if the first report was true. One law for you, one law for the Royal WASP and Royal Jew.

Read some Nancy Drew Novels from the 30s, 50s, 60s, 80s, and 2000s, it is the evolution of WASP supremacist and racist , feminist thought. These novels are programming for American women and thought control. Even the Jew must aspire to be Anglo in the USA. The Jewish women on the Supreme court all cite Nancy Drew as formative to their desires for power. Jewess Hillary Rodham Clinton even cites these novels for the evil she does.

When will it be revealed  Nancy Drew prefers munching carpets to cleaning them, and likes to beat her gay man toy up on the side? Stay tuned eh, WASPs. Those versions are probably already on the shelf of the Crowns library like the next five Rowling novels.

The sheer hypocrisy of the WASP as our natural leader in the USA is enough to make me want to vomit. The Roberts of the USA must be pretty close relatives of the Windsors, you meet few of them and everyone I have met has been arrogant, and evil and a Mason who was not the scion of black slave owned by the Roberts of the USA.  Robertsons, are not far behind. Can anyone name one single thing Julia Roberts has ever done that has been moral and good and Christian and virtuous and did not degrade our daughters? I can’t.

Here is how I feel about Sarah  Heath (Palin), and Maggie Thatcher, Nancy Drew and Emma and Julia Roberts, and all the ‘gals’ on the Supreme court including Justus Roberts influenced by Nancy Drew and WASP programming.

Even the Jews have to grovel before the Anglosaxon Royals in the USA, what does that tell you about who runs this clip joint? We can say Jews run the USA, when Anglosaxons have to change their name to Goldman or Weiss to get a job.


London puppet Bernanke made it an interesting day in the markets, especially his stooge act in gold. As Jews go, Bernanke is telegenic and a good enough actor to give Dustin Hoffman a run for his money on Hollywood as his next career move. Certainly it was a day where algos ran wild and pushed the Dow up to 15600 to try force algorithmic shorts to cover. I had automated short sell order below 15600, so thanks GS/JPM algos!! It risible the SEC reforms being considered on high speed algo tape manipulators. The tape needs a speed limit on it just like the Autobahn finally had to, do to  the Crazy English who would drive it and murder Germans while drunk and themselves.

Bernanke largely took back the last vestiges of his tough talk on the Senate today. The FED alternates, one time speaking to the Senate first the next time to the House first. His ‘too soon’ to taper and his lack appreciation for people selling the  UST market allowed the controllers to control gold below 1300 as he dunned it as weird, and the equity and bond markets got a boost. PIMCO was positioned well for the trade.

We have the East Coast and London Jews and their allies out trying to Sabotage Obama’s choice of Yellen on WS and in Congress. The WSJ sort of inferred she has the Senate votes for confirmation. The Windsors prefer women in Charge of the USA or men who want to be women. It appears that Elizbeth calls the shots still and the royal baby is an engineered ginger girl at least that is what the bookies say London. Goodness knows outside of lucifers DNA whose elses DNA is in that GMO dud they are about to pop out of the oven in the UK. Probably Queen Elizabeth over ruled ‘the boys’ of London on Yellen. This blog does not ‘amuse or please’ her and one of the Royal stooges read it every day. Darn few of you are ‘free thinkers’ and out of the Anglo-Zionist thought control corral. Americans would be outraged if they knew how much Prince Charles and his Mum and Dad were involved in ruining the USA and running it week to week. There was an insanity behind that Vietnam war, giving all that ground back that was not American, that is for sure.

In the earnings and revenue game we had a lot of very weak results. Rail shipments were down in the USA even though EPS were up with inflation, although not in real terms. IBM had Y/Y revenue declines as the sales woman that runs that misses the technology train. Head count slashing to beat the declining revenue is not exactly jobs positive. INTC outlook was not great, although as I surmised they will have some big, probably mobile announcements in the fall and revenue is about in line with real global inflation going forward. TMSC and Sandisk had great quarters but TSMCs outlook was flat. Given the housing numbers China may pull y/y GDP growth down to as low as 6.5 pc. Li-onomics is not DOA. He works with London, count on it.

Morgan Stanley’s quarterly numbers narrowly topped expectations, but gains in bond, commodity and trading revenue for themselves and their clients driving revenue so shares were bid . Shares of MS were  4.4% after the opening. Asset managers Blackstone and BlackRock reported excellent Q2 results, widely outperforming expectations in a quarter of very strong market gains. BlackRock’s CEO said his firm is seeing the early stages of a rotation within fixed income as investors increasingly focus on the duration of their fixed income portfolios.

Verizon’s Q2 profits rose by 23% y/y, driven by solid gains in wireless customers and FiOS subscribers. On the conference call, executives said 7.5M smartphones were activated in Q2, 51% of which were iPhones, implying 3.8M activations versus 4M in Q1. Investors are disappointed with the firm’s weak revenue growth, however, and shares of VZ were down more than 2%. ADRs of Nokia are trading down 3% after reporting another flat quarter plus substantial declines in device shipments.

Dell said that no vote was taken today on the $24.4 billion offer from founder Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake at the special shareholders meeting, which has been adjourned to provide more time to solicit proxies from shareholders. The special meeting will reconvene on July 24-  overnight, big institutional investors Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street switched their votes to support Michael Dell’s offer.

The highly finance influenced LEIs did not reflect well on the Philly FED report as the LEIs showed little non financial growth and even the financial metrics were poor due to bond rout. The Empire and Philly reports are highly influenced WS money and the 60 billion in QE we sent Mayor Mikes way. Weekly jobless reports are notoriously inaccurate this month as Factories retool for their fall roll out of New Car models in July(. Even the WSJ was forced admit the Ford Fusion is kicking VW, and Toyota  in CA. CA is the most trendy place in the country. That really has to irritate the Eurotrash especially Hollande.) And least you not believe me, or Shadowstats a much slower qaunt, an Anglosaxon piece of garbage a high level one emerged to tell insiders in NY only the USA jobs reports are hoaxes. The WSJ and FT won’t be wanting you to read this nor your evil Congress beast from England or Israel.

Asian markets are like USA markets used to be are very straight forward and much less rigged and Asians remain charmingly honest compared to the Anglo-Zionist leadership. With Asians you can pretty much assume they are telling you at least some truth, and not lying out right like every Englishman and Jew does in the markets. If I want I can can call any Japanese guy I know and find out what the head of the BOJ had for dinner last  night. I can call any of the China Whales, at least before this NSA scandal, and find out what Xi had for dinner or at least who he dined with. Asians will tell you there are no secrets in Asia. The Jews are not having any luck destroying Asian family values especially among the Han. Thus this desire by London to have the USA and China square off. How about if we Unite and Crush England  and split the $300 tln there and the Crown lands between us. If your going to have Red Dawn make  it in England China coms that is where all the gold really is.

Japan public pension fund GPIF President Mitani commented that it could not ignore Europe for investment but risks did remain. He believed that Japanese equities had already priced in LDP election win this coming weekend in upper house. He also believed 2% inflation target was difficult to achieve. In Japan’s best interest to go through with a planned sales-tax hike next year, but the government might be forced to pass a stimulus package to buoy the economy. Fed tapering would favor a weakening of JPY currency (true as they intend to outprint the FED).  China State Researcher Ren Zeping commented that the country’s property market faced a bubble in first-tier cities, Difficult to improve China trade situation in short term. After the close a couple of Li talking heads emerged to ratched down growth expectations to the 7 to 6.5 y/y gdp levels.

In Europe LaGarde and Ass-mussen were the designated talking Jackals as Schauble promised the Greeks more help after the German election then lied about it. Ass-mussen looks too much like a Jew for me to ever trust anything he says. LaGarde is a Jew. I have that from a high level French elite I know who is no fan of these evil Jews that run France. Too bad the Germans that read this blog contribute nothing in the way of information to it, at least Italians and French tell me a few things. ECB’s Asmussen reiterated that the current crisis was not being caused by euro but manufactured by business practice. Needed to build sustainable growth to exit EMU crisis. Confidence in Euro Area banking system remained a problem. Banking Union was a key priority and the EU proposal for SRM was a step in the right direction. SRM must make timely and independent decisions. Spain lending was hurt by its banking sector balance sheets and not by monetary policy. After being asked if the ECB was considering new non-traditional measures, he stated that the central bank had done quite a lot and reiterated that monetary policy expansion would continue as long as needed. He also reiterated that ECB was not substituting for fiscal policy (lots of lies there). IMF’s Lagarde reiterated view of new growth risks to growth from emerging States. Overburdened non-standard monetary policy had to fill the gap. Central banks must unwind policies as and when necessary and timing needs to be determined by them. Some countries were doing enough on fiscal policies, but a few were doing too much austerity. Monetary policy could not be a substitute for reforms but added that ECB had room to ease if necessary. Lastly she noted that  fear break-up of EMU would  pass, and she was personally upbeat on Europe. (lots of lies there).

What should be completely transparent from Lagarde and the Bundesbanks  is where all their personal funds are. No ‘hedge fund’ or large mutual fund should be allowed to manage high level finance peoples money, and every oz of gold and silver and real estate they own should be transparent and if caught with offshore accounts they should face the death penalty. Personally as Eurotrash are squeamish outside of Russia or Austria, I would have no problems pulling the rope on the guillotine for these bankers with the offshore accounts pretending to be ‘public servants’ at the Central banks, if you Eurotrash should require my humble abilities. I will bet LaGarde is like the USA congress and beats the SP by 20 % a year or more. Probably Rothschilds manage her own personal accounts. Notice the sexual fascination between LaGarde and Ambrose Evans Pritchard? That is weird but cousins are known to attract. Lagarde does not make me want to do anything but vomit. She belongs in Jail or under the rope of French justice.

In some late breaking news Detroit as expected filed for Bankruptcy. And Moodys upgraded the USA outlook to stable.

Major Indexes

Last Change % Chg
DJIA* 15548.54 78.02 0.50
Nasdaq* 3611.28 1.28 0.04
S&P 500* 1689.37 8.46 0.50
DJ Total Stock Market* 17686.08 96.55 0.55
Russell 2000* 1049.93 7.40 0.71
4:24 p.m. EDT 07/18/13Markets Diary
Issues NYSE Nasdaq NYSE MKT
Advances 2,070 1,539 211
Declines 979 929 177
Unchanged 106 108 27
Issues at
New Highs 331 342 14
New Lows 15 8 4
Share Volume
Total 3,430,479,351 1,702,539,634 79,937,890
Advancing 2,389,521,970 919,343,469 45,488,372
Declining 1,023,278,263 725,418,227 29,358,303


-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Thursday said falling gold prices may reflect less concern among investors about “extreme outcomes” for the economy.“Gold is an unusual asset. It’s an asset that people hold as a sort of disaster insurance,” Mr. Bernanke said in response to a question at a Senate Banking Committee hearing.Gold prices have dropped near three-year lows in recent weeks as the economy shows signs of improving and the Fed has clarified its plans to eventually roll back its bond-buying program.Mr. Bernanke said those lower prices may reflect greater confidence about the economy and less concern that Fed programs will cause inflation to spike.Still, the Fed chairman said gold isn’t such a great hedge against inflation. “Movements of gold prices don’t predict inflation very well,” he said.Mr. Bernanke also offered a major caveat to his assertions about gold: “Nobody really understands gold prices and I don’t pretend to understand them either,” he said. WSJ


Bernanke has written extensively about Gold and the FED has model for it and rigs it every day with the gold cartel algorithmically and resets their programs on the only day the gold futures market is closed. Stunning lie. He’s not under oath by design of the Anglomasonic crap like Sir Rand Sen Rand Paul.

One royal wasp and a Jew wrote the algorithm at the SF FED or rather spear-headed it. A lot of people try and portray the professor as a ‘dupe’ but he is much more mathematically literate and closer to quant like Jew Larry Summers who implemented the SF FED algorithm under the Jew Bob Rubin and the Anglo-Zionist William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton .

The word is in on WS, Yellen’s got the job and this is his last speech. Yellens Husband is actually the guy who helped write the gold price management algorithm at the SF FED which she heads ,with the Royal WASP Robert  Perry , Yellens predecessor, although a lot of guys at UC Berkeley developed it for them, mainly Yellen’s husbands grad students from what I could garner before Bush censored all research.

WASPs and Jews conspiring against us always. The FED merely reflects the ethnic bloodline composition of English royal family. Whom do I blame Yellens Jew Husband or the WASP Bob Perry at the SF FED? I’m a fair man, both seem to share the blame in this massive fraud of ‘managing’ currency regimes and rigging gold markets.

London is the center of all evil the gold market not the CME like the GATA stooges would have you believe. Sources tell me gold price fixers socgen was essentially busted which is why we have this take down. The BIS appears to be coordinating whose gold is loaned to those dirt bags to cover the short from the EU gold hoard. Clearly these Germans are not going to get their gold back from the FED as its being completely resmelted to remove the SN and sent to the Chinacoms as Gold bars are sent from London to Hong Kong. The Russians are probably trying to grab their fair share.

Socgen is another DeRothschilds controlled outfit. Still plenty of corrupt French as the ‘Fab’ is showing us have thrown in their hands with the Jews as the French are materialists at heart, at least the Parisians are. It is morally wrong to simply blame the Jews.

I think this Fab/GS show trial is mainly to ‘get John Paulson’ and ‘get him’ to dump his physical gold. Gold is only for the Royal families.

The big Jew in London is under a lot of pressure here with their fractional reserves gold system of the LBMA, and the peoples gold is being mobilized to keep the big Jew naked shorts alive and float their garbage Eurodollar and USA dollar. The Yuan is another garbage currency. The Hong Kong and Singapore Chinese sure know this. The IMF is worried if the Chinese float their currency there is so little confidence it and the govt, they will sell and cause a rush into the Euro dollar and USA dollar. Jim Rogers is either and idiot or a liar to pump the Yuan as a reserve currency. I’m not a racist so I dislike his evil even more than Soros as Soros does not  hide he is a crazy , power made, greedy, satanic Jew.

The dollar is being destroyed by our ‘special’ friends from England and Israel, the same crowd that is going to destroy the Euro dollar.

-CIA anglo-royal type finds out he does not have impunity

A former CIA base chief in Italy who was convicted in the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect from a street in Milan has been detained in Panama, the Italian justice ministry said Thursday.Robert Seldon Lady, the former Milan CIA station chief, was sentenced by an Italian appeals court in Milan earlier this year in the extraordinary rendition case to nine years in prison after being tried in absentia in Italy for the kidnapping of the Muslim cleric.The trials of Lady, who has since retired from the CIA, and two other Americans in the case brought the first convictions anywhere in the world against agents involved in the agency’s extraordinary rendition program, a practice alleged to have led to torture. AP

With two Jews running Italy, Letta/Berlusconi he will never be extradited as Prince Charles is dialing for Letta who may still be in England as I type at least I expect that given how Royal this guy is. Our CIA is a bunch of rats. Evil, dirty rats, just like the Mossad and MI6. Queer evil and pederast rats for the most part. Blueblood and Anglosaxon for the most part as well. That small, small minority that torments the American and Arab people. Plus Jack Lew is in Europe ‘fixing’ things ahead of the meeting of the G20 or will be there shortly. The guys that should be chipped and voice recorded 24/7 are our spooks and govt employees from Lew to the head of the NSA to all the FED heads and Bernanke. We need citizen watchers to watch the watchers. And guys to watch them and so on, or to break the NSA/CIA and FED up. Kennedy said he would shatter the CIA into 1000 pieces. He had the right idea. Anglos with these royal surnames are only 2 % of the USA. Anglo, Anglo, Jew, Jew what you going to do when the cops come for you?

-Andy Dick, yet another ‘English Royal’

This guy even puts foul mouthed Jewish comics like Lenny Bruce and Andrew Clay Dice to shame. Interesting, I never new how ‘english’ he was until today. Man these Royal Anglosaxons all look like Jews once they get over 50 truly amazing. There is not one whit of difference between how the Jews of Wall Street party in the Hampton and the Anglosaxons, ex the Jews don’t behave this badly as a rule or their wives would deal with them. I disliked this guy from the first five minutes I saw of him on TV on business trip. Anglosaxons in the USA are not Christians at all are they. Kind of these phony war mongering country club imbibers although most are not closet queers like Andy from my observation of them.  We can’t just blame Jewish leadership for all the problems in the USA can we WASPs?

-Boy I write something London does not like, here comes the bandwidth Jam. I see Alex the Jew Jones, or CIA Jones is touting more phony and rigged polls that Americans are ready to give up their first amendment rights as I took a quick peak at his site as my bandwidth was metered. What a psyop that guy is. He certainly wont tell the truth, and nothing but the whole truth. Who believes Congress can have a 10 % approval and Obama 50 %. They had to give up real POTUS polling when Cheney fell to 9 % approval and Bush fell through the war criminals Truman and Nixons all time lows. I talked to a black Christian  I met at a gas station recently, who voted for Obama not once but twice and he’s tossed in the Towel and called him a Wall Street puppet. When you lose the core, you know Obama’s polls must be like Hollande’s in the 30 %. Lots of stupid and mislead Christians tossed in the Towel on W in his fifth year which dropped his polls to 20 %. The NSA probably has an algorithm to figure what numbers will be called and agent there to answer the calls or reroutes them to their call Plus you have the fear factor. No matter how much an Iraqi hated Saddam Hussein if ‘asked’ they would say he was the greatest leader since Nimrod. The courts gave Obama the right to ‘disappear’ anyone upholding the NDAA yesterday. I will bet that keeps his polls up with the metrosexuals and women.

- “The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War. These bankers were afraid that the United States…would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed.”

German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck

-EU econometric data

I stayed up to watch the Spanish bond auction and trading results. Very rigged auction, as the boys  at the ESM stepped up to defend their turf. Lower coverage and very lousy economic results earlier in the week and the yields decline? Bond markets that are unrigged don’t work that way.

The French are reduced to selling short term paper which is highly inflationary and are up to some strange tricks to force the French into that paper. Hollande is even more dirty and evil than Sarkozy and more desperate which makes him a very, very dangerous Jew. The French must learn they can never trust a Jew again to hold power or someone married to a Jew or English person.

The English to float their debt have cleverly moved their duration from around 10 years to 15 years as they pile on the debt. Jacob Lew knows to do the same thing but as he is a foreign agent working for the Crown he is shortening the USA duration such that USA debt is beginning to look like French debt, like Cash and making the UST  market unstable when Bernanke stops buying. Ask yourself why every auctions is not 30 year 3 % paper in USTs? Why not float 100 year TIPs?

European markets are very opaque and much more rigged than the USA markets, especially the UK market which is a complete and utter fraud. The UK economy is punked, and retail sales are about 6 pc below the inflation rate y/y, despite one of the worlds biggest and for sure the worlds longest housing bubble. They can make the numbers look good in the UK as when equity and bond markets are up, the UK makes a lot more dough than they do when naked shorting markets and no one needs $100 brent like that war criminal David Cameron. It is very hard to tank the UK economy with $100 Brent.

The German banksters are painting the tape for Hitler’s daughter, Merkel who will, like Hitler ultimately betray the German working class and try and deliver the EU federal superstate with Jews and English in Charge.

Jews are fatally flawed as a people as they have 1500 years more of pure  satanic ethos behind them than the English and their 1400 years and until they give up their antichrist and antimorality, their tribal ethos should be challenged by all right thinking Americans as should European and European Americans challenge Anglosaxon ‘ethos’ which is no different than the Ethos of the Jews. Sadly those few good Jews, will have to take the blame for failing to reform their Rabbis and money lending and predatory tribal instincts when the backlash begins against them in Germany and Europe and the USA begins. Your Leaders cant keep tormenting the working classes and picking their pockets in an age of free information flow.

One only had to read Morty Zuckerman’s descent into madness yesterday and call for unlimited immigration to solve our woes when the problem is illegal immigration, and outsourcing of jobs and too high of taxes on labor(social security and obama care) and these damnable ‘free trade’ agreements that Zuckerman always touts. Why should a Jew get praise if he tells some partial truths like Zuckerman that there is no recovery put pushes more death by Jewish economic insanity and lies upon the American people. You American Jews in finance would do well to shut up from Warren Buffett to Corzine, to Blankfein to Bernanke to Zuckerman to Zuckerberg to Rockefeller. People see right through your lies and the lies of your puppets like Bill Oreilly, etc. The satanic Jew sure delights in tormenting working class people and oppressing them for the royals. They are certainly insolent in the prosperity they have achieved from their American slaves.

”You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.”

“The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.


And this was before their Shoah narrative which is only exceeded in lies  by the English narrative of WW1 and WW2.


(EU )Euro Zone May Current Account Unadj: €19.6B v €23.8B prior; Current Account Net Seasonally Adj: €9.5B v €16.6B prior

(CH) Swiss Jun Trade Balance (CHF): 2.2Be; Real Exports M/M: 2.3% v 0.4% prior; Real Imports M/M: -3.2% v 2.6% prior

(NL) Netherlands July Consumer Confidence Index: -38 v -36 prior
(NL) Netherlands Jun Unemployment Rate: 8.5% v 8.3% prior

(UK) Jun Retail Sales Ex Auto Fuel M/M: 0.2% v 0.2%e; Y/Y: 2.1% v 1.6%e
(UK) Jun Retail Sales w/Auto Fuel M/M: 0.2% v 0.3%e; Y/Y: 2.2% v 1.7%e

(RU) Russia Gold & Forex Reserve w/e July 12th: $506.0B v $505.B prior
 (PT) Portugal May Current Account: -€72.3M v €178.6M prior

Key Credit Events

(EU )Euro Zone May Current Account Unadj: €19.6B v €23.8B prior; Current Account Net Seasonally Adj: €9.5B v €16.6B prior

 (ES) Spain Debt Agency (Tesoro) sold total €3.06B vs.€2.0-3.0B indicated range in 2016, 2018 and 2023 bonds
Sold €1.12B in 3.3% April 2016 Bono; Avg Yield 2.768% v 2.875% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.57x v 3.46x prior; Max Yield 2.794% v 2.897% prior ; Tail: 2.6bps v 2.2bps prior
Sold €926M in 3.75% 2018 Bono; Avg yield 3.735% v 3.792% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.1x v 1.71x prior; Maximum Yield 3.768% v 3.859% prior; Tail: 3.3bps v 6.7bps prior
Sold €1.02B in 4.40% 2023 bond; Avg Yield: 4.723% v 4.765% prior syndicate; Bid-to-cover: 2.26x v 1.84x prior; Max Yield: 4.758% v 4.818% prior; Tail: 3.5bps v 5.3bps
 (FR) France Debt Agency (AFT) sold total €7.99B vs. €7.0-8.0B indicated range in 2015, 2017 and 2018 Bonds
Sold €2.094B in 0.25% Nov 2015 Oats; Avg Yield 0.31% v 0.50% prior; Bid-to-cover: 3.24x v 1.93x prior
Sold €1.774B in 3.75% Apr 2017 Oats; Avg Yield 0.66% v 0.49% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.89x v 3.64x prior
Sold €4.12B in 1.0% 2018 Oat; Avg Yield 1.09% v 1.24% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.39x v 1.43x prior
(HU) Hungary Debt Agency (AKK) sold HUF75B vs. HUF50B indicated 12-Month Bills; Avg Yield: 4.08% v 4.28% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.29x v 1.64x prior
(IE) Ireland Debt Agency (NTMA) sold €500M vs. €500M indicated in 3-month Bills; Avg Yield: 0.200% v 0.200% prior; Bid-to-cover: 3.6x v 2.9x prior

-USA Econometric Data

(US) Initial Jobless Claims: 334K v 345Ke; Continuing Claims: 3.114M v 2.959Me

(US) July Philadelphia Fed: 19.8 v 8.0e
(US) Jun Leading Indicators: 0.0% v 0.3%e
(US) Weekly EIA Natural Gas Inventories: +58 bcf v +62-67 bcf expected range

(CA) Canada May Wholesale Sales M/M: 2.3% v 0.3%e

(MX) Mexico Jun Unemployment Rate: 5.0% v 5.0%e

-Europe Asia/Close

I bumped my DAX short on the big bounce. Greece relief rally. Still Schauble had 4000 cops guarding him when he visited. The Greeks wine growers finally decided they could sell their lousy wine to the Chinacoms, problem is they squandered the money the Germans gave them to expand growing and distilling capacity and now want more money from the Germans and are 7 years late in planting enough acreage. After the election there will have to be another big haircut for the Greeks despite the ECB’s denials today. The Greeks are the  1 million dollar a year butlers, cooks, and gardeners the Germans can’t really afford. The reforms are very minor they passed. Govt is too big, restrictions on firing and hiring make it impossible for all but small businesses to hire, and slave labor from Egypt working off the books is killing the other Greeks who have to pay the high taxes. Ex the German pay masters who have been very generous, the situation is the same as it was 30 years ago when I lived in Athens, a real clip joint and dive. Greek Jews, like Sarkozy, have really screwed that place over. They all live in London and pay no taxes on their shipping empires, using various Jew-Google like tax dodge schemes. Hey Prince Phillip is a Greek Jew like Sarkozy’S Mom, what did you expect, him not to welcome his Kin and to serve him for a big tax break. The English never left Greece/Cyprus after WW2. An English skank is the Crown Princess to be in Greece, and the Greek Royals are still controlling things behind the scenes there. They have not given up their throne although the Public thinks they have. Think of them as Spies for England and Israel and you have their MO.


Major Stock Indexes

8:12 PM EDT 7/18/2013

Last Change % CHG
UK: FTSE 100 6634.36 62.43 0.95%
Germany: DAX 8337.09 82.37 1.00%
France: CAC 40 3927.79 55.77 1.44%
Stoxx Europe 600 299.76 2.72 0.92%
Hang Seng 21345.22 -26.65 -0.12%
Japan: Nikkei 225 14808.50 193.46 1.32%


8:13 PM EDT 7/18/2013

last(mid) change
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3067 -0.0058
Pound (GBP/USD) 1.5187 -0.0026
Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) 0.9478 0.0067
Yen (USD/JPY) 100.63 1.05
Australia $ (AUD/USD) 0.9145 -0.0094
WSJ Dollar Index 75.13 0.44

Government Bonds

8:13 PM EDT 7/18/2013

price chg yield
German 10 Year 6/32 1.525
France 10 Year 7/32 2.171
Italy 10 Year 20/32 4.413
Spain 10 Year 21/32 4.636
U.K. 10 Year 9/32 2.259
U.S. 10 Year -9/32 2.528

-Take the Philly Survey with a grain of salt..

60 billion of the West Coasts money is flowing through the Eastern Seaboard. The Rail firms that have reported so far, CSX, UNP are reporting lower volumes. Revenue and EPS are up as they are quasi monopoly business and they price according to what truck freight costs are. I was forced to buy the opening but just sold and bumped my DIA/SPY short.

-Bernanke:” way too early” to make Sept taper call.

-MI6 Op, ‘get boeing’ continues

The U.K.’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch recommended Thursday that a beacon made by Honeywell International Inc. HON +0.83% be deactivated on Boeing Co. BA +2.82% 787 Dreamliners for now. The AAIB said the lithium battery in Honeywell’s fixed Emergency Locator Transmitter, or ELT, may have played a role in an Ethiopian Airlines 787 fire at London’s Heathrow Airport last Friday. The AAIB also recommended that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration conduct a safety review of installations of the beacon in other types of aircraft. The U.K. regulator said “large transport aircraft do not typically carry the means of fire detection or suppression in the space above the cabin ceilings and had this event occurred in flight it could pose a significant safety concern and raise challenges for the cabin crew in tackling the resulting fire.” Shares of Boeing rose 2.2% to $107.11 and shares of Honeywell rose 0.7% to $83.02.


Different type of Li battery technology is used on these transponders than the APU startup batteries. These types are very hard to ignite, and quite easy to fail-safe and charge safe compared to those and quite small. Very small compared to the APU batteries. Yeah, like those good old boys at the NSA in England don’t know what is going on, if they did no design this black op for the Crown. NSA people are demons and traitors. The Stasi thought its torture would last forever. Now they are driving cabs in Germany. Looks like Honeywell will have to come up with a ‘fail safe’ design or probably switch the battery type out. I don’t call these people Eurotrash for no reason. Scum Cameron and Hollande. Put a Jew in charge of your govt, and no good every comes from these people and every where you look in Europe it is a Jew or Crypto Jew or someone married to one that is running that clip joint.. Never vote for a Jew or their first cousin the WASP, which is hard not to do in England as that is all there is really but in the USA demographically these people are very scarce, like on the EU continent.

-ECB’s Asmussen denies that the euro is causing the crisis

Eurotrash is stinking up the tape  tonight. Even our Sordid Anglo-Zionist rulers look good compared to these clowns.

-US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will visit Greece on Sunday to discuss the eurozone country’s economic reforms and Europe’s policies to support recovery, the Treasury said on Wednesday.Lew will visit Athens after attending the Group of 20 gathering of finance ministers and central bankers in Moscow this weekend. Greece’s debt crisis has roiled the euro zone and raised doubts about the currency bloc’s future.


China’s housing markets defeats Li-onomics as prices rise 6.8 % y/y for the 6 th month. According to Hong Kong Property, home prices could decline as much as 45% in the next 3-5 years amid higher tax, interest rates and weaker outlook. The PBOC is said to inject CYN 160 Billion  this week to weaken Yuan and support exporters, no repo operations today. China backs off national property tax move for now. PBOC economist affirms moderate 7-7.5 % growth. Mainland markets are down 1 % as the USA earnings season went into full swing today. According to China FDI data, Japan investment in China rose 14% y/y in H1 to $4.69B. The INTC earnings reports was a big disappointment in Asia. IBM reported declining y/y revenue growth but ‘managed’ its EPS well and raised.

Japan Dep Econ Min Nishimura: Upper house election will support govt policies; expresses confidence that Japan will defeat deflation. Japan cabinet expected to raise Economic Assessment for third consecutive month in July. Vapor seeing coming from shut down Fukushima plant. Nippon Steel to move seamless pipe production abroad to brazil, first time ever. Toshiba/Elipida to expand fab capacity for wireless chips, first expansion in 2 years. The Nikkei closed up 1.3 %.

Citi cuts Indonesia 2013 GDP forecast to 6.0% from 6.1% prior, Cuts 2014 GDP forecast to 6.1% from 6.3% prior.

SP Affirms Oz AAA. Australia’s treasurer Bowen acknowledging the end of China resources boom; Expects investment to peak in current FY. Domestic economy is strong, resilient; growth will not ‘fall off a cliff’


(AU) AUSTRALIA Q2 NAB BUSINESS CONFIDENCE: -1 V +2 PRIOR; Conditions: -4 v -3 prior

Japan: Nikkei 225 14808.50 193.46 1.32%
Hang Seng 21337.80 -34.07 -0.16%
Shanghai Composite 2024.05 -20.88 -1.02%
India: BSE Sensex 19980.56 31.83 0.16%
Australia: S&P/ASX 4993.40 11.70 0.23%



last(mid) change
Australia $ (AUD/USD) 0.9148 -0.0090
Yen (USD/JPY) 100.31 0.74
S. Korean Won (USD/KRW) 1125.70 6.35
Chinese Yuan (USD/CNY) 6.1398 0.0053
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3097 -0.0028
WSJ Dollar Index 75.00 0.31

Government Bonds

EDT 7/18/2013

price chg yield
Australia 10 Year 23/32 3.677
China 10 Year 0/32 3.760
India 10 Year 9/32 8.060
Japan 10 Year 3/32 0.810
German 10 Year 3/32 1.535
U.S. 10 Year 3/32 2.484


-After Hours

US Senate reaches deal to lower student loan rates. Rip off deal for students still. Good deal for banks/WS.
US House of Representatives votes to delay US Health Care law employer requirement
Greece parliament passes Public Sector Reforms Bill to secure further bailout aid (cuts 15k jobs at last)

IBM: Reports Q2 $3.91 v $3.70e, R$24.9B v $25.3Be; raises FY13 forecast; +2.6% afterhours
INTC: Reports Q2 $0.39 v $0.40e, R$12.8B v $12.9Be; Cuts FY13 guidance; -3.5% afterhours
EBAY: Reports Q2 $0.63 v $0.63e, R$3.88B v $3.89Be; -5.9% afterhours
AXP: Reports Q2 $1.27 v $1.21e, R$8.24B v $8.24Be; -1.0% afterhours
STLD: Reports Q2 $0.13 v $0.13e, R$1.80B v $1.79Be; -0.4% afterhours
SNDK: Reports Q2 $1.21 v $0.93e, R$1.48B v $1.40Be; +6.7% afterhours
DLZ: Pepsico said not planning to acquire company at Peltz’s suggestions; +3.1% afterhours

DELL: Activist investor Icahn: feel pretty good about the Dell vote tomorrow; need to let the shareholders speak (CNBCs Delivering Alpha); +0.2% afterhours

Updated July 18, 2013 – 1:51 AM EDT
Appeals Court Affirms NDAA Indefinite Detentions
Obama May Snub Putin Over Snowden
US Sends Extradition Requests for Snowden, WikiLeaks Says
Snowden Could Leave Airport Transit Zone Soon, Lawyer Says
NSA Reveals Even Greater Surveillance Scope
Driving Somewhere? There’s a Government Record of That
Itching to Ask: What Does Merkel Know About NSA Surveillance?
2nd PRISM Program Emerges as German Minister Faces Committee
Obama’s UN Envoy to ‘Work Tirelessly’ – for Israel
Netanyahu Demands EU Postpone New Anti-Settlement Guidelines
Kerry: Egypt Military Coup Prevented Civil War
Insiders: Egypt Coup in the Works for Months
Turkish Teen Killed Amid Syrian Border Fighting
The Real Lesson of Iraq: The US Can’t Shape Post Assad Syria
Prominent Assad Backer Assassinated in Southern Lebanon
US Government-Funded News Comes Home
Michael Hastings Body Cremated Against Family’s Wishes
WHO’s Iraq Birth Defect Study Omits Causation
UK Police Supply Target Information for NATO ‘Kill List’
Scapegoat Snowden: Outrage Over Surveillance Predates Leaks  by Jason Ditz
It’s Not Always Right to Keep Your Word  by Charles Davis
NSA Spying Leaves Washington Lonelier Than Ever  by Emma Lo
Iran Is No Threat: Our Middle East ‘Allies’ Are  by John Glaser
Meet a Moderate Syrian Insurgent  by Pepe Escobar
Mr. Netanyahu’s Ultimate Sin  by César Chelala


-English Gloating over China’s ascendency over the USA

They have 3x the number of people, they should have a larger economy after all the USA and Japan technology transfers. We should be friends with the Chinese people but not their filthy  antichrist govt in Red China. Americans would just like a level playing field with Asia and to stop blowing their pollution over the pacific and quit rigging their currency and quit stealing our IP. Our friends the English are planning on uniting the English Red Dragon and the Communist Red Dragon so this type of poll is designed to polarize us into enemies, when it should not be that way. No wars with China and no ‘red dawn’.

-Madonna’s second child, Rocco, became a man this weekend, getting called to the Torah for the very first time. He was bar mitzvahed at Manhattan’s Kabbalah Center, where her Madgesty is a regular, Us Weekly reports:

The actual bar mitzvah ceremony took place on Saturday at the Kabbalah Centre in New York City, but the entire family gathered one night earlier at the Centre for a little pre-party. Madonna and Ritchie were very cordial and looked “so proud” of Rocco, the onlooker says of the singer and her director ex, who welcomed their only biological child together in August 2000.



-Asians Kids recognize Hitler as Equivalent of other Jewish Created super heroes…

Ironic. Smart Asians. Cant fool them. All Jewish created superheroes. And the Jews object? Well the Nazis did manage to drive the Rothschilds out of Austria and France and sent them scurrying to England. Hitler did a lot for Germany, some good, some very  bad. Certainly if your measure it by civilian and military deaths that were unwarranted, the English crown and Churchill were not only bigger satanist and fomenters of the war, indeed the very engineers of the war, they were bigger war criminals and murderers of innocent men, women and Children.

We must contextualize Hitler for what he was, a reactionary who feasted off genuine resentment of Jewish and English brutality of the German people in WW1 and prior to that due to their predominance as usury agents. Hitler certainly had the communist Jews number in Russia. Don’t forget England and its vassal slave state of France declared war on Germany. The Germans had their hands full with the Jewish communists in the Soviet Union and the English encouraged him to roll over various countries not exactly part of their empire but that they lusted to control.

Jewish deaths in WW2 are highly exaggerated like their roles as combat heroes. From Red Cross records, an agency of the English Crown no less, only 270k people died in German labor camps. The Germans kept meticulous records and the Red Cross visited the camps on a regular basis.

-Jewess Pervert actress in Glee in hiding in shame after Royal Boyfriend Monteiths death of a heroin Overdose.

No one in the world can hide an addiction to heroin. I wonder if she helped him shoot up? Of course this is a real bummer for Prince Charles given how many Monteiths are in the royal family and that it is Charles family that heads Dope, Inc up. I guess he never got the word about Heroin being for Mexicans, Chinamen, Irishmen, and Africanmen and not for Anglosaxons or Jews. All of Jewry is sure mourning Mr. Monteith like he was a Jew. Glee and Lea Michele have promoted every evil thing to children. Now she reaps what she has sown into others life. They should bring her in for questioning to find out who his dope dealer was and what Jew supplied the dope if it was not her. Okay, ok, O.J. Simpson’s  wife squealed on her Jew-lawyer dope dealers in Hollywood and look what happened to her. Every heroin addict is a lifetime annuity for the English Crown and the Rothschilds. Count on it.

-English Sluts don’t want to hear it from their Polish Doctors and Chemists about Abortion…

Anything goes with the WASP. They invented murdering your wife and cheating on her for a Divorce. That is how the Church of England was founded. Abortion, war, murder, financial theft, rigging markets, cheating, drinking and sodomy, its all okay with the Jew what runs the Church of England. Okay the last guy who ran it was an Anglosaxon-queer. At least the Jew running the Church of England is not a queer like the WASP was.

Catholic chemist working at Boots ‘accused young woman of plotting chemical abortion when she picked up morning after pill’

The woman was said to be nervous when picking up the morning after pill at Boots in Blyth, Northumberland. (Posed by a model) Piotr Majchrowicz allegedly accused the woman of plotting a ‘chemical abortion’ and offered her his hard-line views on birth control.

UK ‘ready to act’ on Syria chemical weapons, says outgoing head of British Armed Forces

General Sir David Richards warned that the Government has to be prepared to go to war if it wants to limit the powers of the Assad regime One of these actions could be to implement a no-fly zone, but General Sir David Richards warned that the Government has to be prepared to go to war if it wants to limit the powers of the Assad regime.————–The Brits won’t do a thing. They will stick the USA with the bill and body bags. Looks like Prince Charles over ruled ‘his’ govt again.

-The pagan…

-ADL Seeking to Exploit Martin/Zimmerman Tragedy to grab guns

The ADL has released a statement in the wake of the non-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman that accepts the legality of the verdict while questioning the wisdom of the stand-your-ground laws that allowed Zimmerman to use deadly force in self-defense. The statement also raises the need to explore many unresolved issues of race in the country:

We have great faith in America’s jury system and do not question the verdict in the Zimmerman case.

However, this case raises serious questions about the wisdom of stand-your-ground laws and the easy access to concealed weapons permits in states like Florida, where more than one million permits have been issued since 1987 when the state’s concealed weapons law went into effect.  Had neither been in place, this tragedy may never have occurred.

There are serious, unresolved issues of race in our country, and this trial underscored the need to explore these issues more fully.  Hopefully, the debate concerning the justice of the verdict in the Zimmerman case will inspire a continued much-needed discussion about the lingering impact of racism in society.

-Another Anglosaxon married to a Jewess with the 3 kids and billion dollar swagger.

Extraordinary profane man. Can any European American imagine penning something to his daughter, even as a Joke like this. Typical bludeblood, from England eh. Probably another relative of Prince Charles. The Anglosaxons in this country are certainly not Christians from what I have seen but Masons, Zionists and lovers of money rather than lovers of God and the truth and their fellow man. The power elite of the USA are these Royal Anglosaxons and their Jewish first cousins, none of the rest of us have a voice or count. We are goyim or human slaves to them.  A cruel racist minority, all relatives the English crown, rules us like we are beasts with their satanic bag of tricks.

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