The hellish Englishman  and  lead Jew that writes for the FT Gideon Ratman (aka Rachmann), outlined England’s ‘get Putin’ strategy. Reportedly meeting with the English at their G8 spy feast to discuss Syria Putin refused all English food and water. Obama would be wise to as well to refuse all English food and drink if he is truly going to keep the USA out of England’s war in Syria. This ‘get Putin’ article comes on the heels of Putin revealing Russia’s 650 billion BOE equivalent to facilitate investment. This Syria thing has petered out for the time being as neither Congress wants to do as the English demand, nor Obama and hand vast sums of money over to people the USA does not really know, and the polls are staggering opposing military involvement in Syria in the USA despite the homosexual Jew Bill Kristols demands American blood be shed. This evil Kike(antichrist) and traitor Bill Kristol has far, far too much influence and power in the USA and of course the traitor Rand Paul in his back pocket if not his bending over for this queer as well. Rand Paul is one weird guy and probably part of the East Coast” Queen” Anglosaxon mafia. Pray Bill Kristol down and that his hidden sins be exposed like Abe Foxmans lust for young flesh.

Recall we posted the DT article demanding America must fight in Syria as the cowards and sodomite filth of England wont. Syria and Syrian Muslims have always been very big and cooperative Heroin growers and hash producers, so perhaps the Syrians are getting some of what they sowed with all these death. Per Russian requests Assad had cut back on the Heroin and focused his people on pot/hash so perhaps this is what really upset the English crown.

It is no secret the English crown is trying to destroy the Russian people by having Muslims and the Jewish mob run heroin into it, and duplicating the strategy in Iran but I suspect in Iran it is mainly Mossad/Sephardic Agents that bring the dope over from Afghanistan. The Crown is also at war with America as drug use goes to unprecedented levels that the Crown would never allow in the UK.

How about if we Americans demand  a ‘get Israel and get England’ strategy and to bring  Tony Blair and Cameron and Bibi and Barack to justice along with their American kin over 911 and the global drug trade. ‘Get England, Get Israel’ an idea whose time has come to impinge on the thoughts of all right thinking Americans that oppose the soft war the Jewish and English establishment are waging on the USA for the last 100 years.

Putin could probably beat anyone in Congress if he ran for POTUS as he at least has a nationalist strategy and appears to be a sincere nominal Christian. In any event 160k Russian troops are rolling on the backs of another small Nuclear hit on Syria by Israel. Jews will eventually get theirs as I suspect the English will. Russians are jew and anglo wise, I’m not sure the current Communist China leadership is given the number of traitorous Jews high up in that party like the Number 2, Li. Egads English brutality and slaughter and enslavement  of the common Han Chinese is the stuff of 100s of history books yet the Chinacoms are in bed with Israel and England. Very bizarre. The Chinese on the mainland need to replace the current govt with true nationalist and ban Chinese Jews or Anglophiles from high office. I have identified the surnames of all the traitors to the Han people and how to round them up. Start by rounding up the Hong Kong Li banking family and all their Triad Kin.

Chairman Bernanke is slated to speak before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday in his semi-annual monetary policy report. After reiterating last week that rates would stay low for a long time, analysts suspect Bernanke may address some of the more hawkish language heard in the FOMC statement that preceded his speech, and the Republicans pretending to not be the banksters men they are , are expected to provide some TV coverage by grilling Bernanke as they position themselves for 2014.

USA stocks are off their opening highs which I shorted and took some profits along with profit from my DAX short pile on although the ESM propped up Spains bond auctions today after another disaster day econometric wise and politically wise for the EU. Normally the FED/UST likes to jam stocks up and slam gold. USA stocks have bounced for two weeks, and are back near all time highs on what so far is at best inflationary earnings.

Shares of Coca-Cola fell nearly 4% after both North America and European case volumes declined on a y/y basis and the firm missed revenue targets. Johnson and Johnson said net income was $3.8 billion, or $1.33 a share, compared with $1.4 billion, or 50 cents a share, a year ago. Sales were $17.9 billion against 2012′s $16.5 billion, more or less in line with global reflation. Adjusted earnings were $1.48 a share, ahead of the $1.39 forecast from analysts polled by FactSet, and sales had been projected at $17.7 billion. The street sold the results in both JNJ and KO.Shares of Tesla were down nearly 7% after Goldman Sachs warned the firm is wildly overvalued. In a best scenario, Goldman says Tesla is worth $120. In the worst scenario, it could be only worth $58. London has been in a ‘get boeing ‘, ‘get apple’ and get Tesla mode’ and the five greasy Jews at Zero Hedge are all too happy to help. Tesla is one good battery design away from having a real car company. The technology is out there. TSLA is very opposed to the Anglo-Zionist oil monopoly. APPL is in talk with PrimeSense per various blogs,  an Israeli company that created the 3D sensor used in Microsoft’s Kinect. The acquisition price is said to be around $280 million. Shuffle Master agreed to be acquired by Bally Technologies for $23.25/shr in cash, in a total deal valued at $1.3B. Shares of BYI are up 6.5% on the news.

In Europe, the evil Clown Rojoy said he will not allow political scandal to affect reform plans; Political stability is Spain’s greatest asset, will continue to fulfill mandate and serve out the full term as PM, this even as  Former Spain PP party treasurer Barcenas officially admits to authoring secret double ledgers that tracked illegal payments to top party officials including PM Rajoy. Clearly Rajoy will have to resign if only to avoid Jail. The ESM was really stuffing the Spanish bond shorts during their auction today as the IMF did London’s bidding and attacked Spanish banks in a report today.Bank of Spain (BOS) chief Economist Molina commented that ECB needed countries to ensure budget stability. He noted that ECB could not control inflation without public finance stability and could only assume risks that derive from monetary policy. ECB had done preparation in case negative rates are needed. He cautioned that negative rates have some side effects and they were not a success in Denmark.

The Eurotrash, Anglophile and Crypto Jew serving English Crown intrests sitting on the American treasury at the IMF, Christine Lagarde said commented that new risks to global outlook were on the horizon related to unconventional monetary policies but the IMF was working on plan to strengthen the monetary systems to alleviate fears. No doubt more Gold sales or loans are part of the plan. The IMF is basically an American paid slush fund for the Europeans. Their rape and abuse of the American taxpayers is shameless. I think Paul Oneills suggestion to abolish the IMF/WB are the right thing to do. Write to your congress person  and demand our gold back from the IMF, and its funds be cut to nothing. Let the Eurotrash pay for their own slush fund. Move it to Brussels, London or Switzerland. The IMF is an antiAmerican organization most often run by Crypto Jews and their Eurotrash cousins.

The evil Greek govt employees and thug unions are throwing another national strike today to protest ‘austerity’. Yeah punish the private sector that has to get to work. Im in favor of unions ex govt unions, which need to be carefully limited as they have a monopoly on transportation etc. German ZEW Economists maintain optimistic outlook on German economy and saw robustness in German economy despite weak industrial production and trade data. I have never seen these guys not ‘high’ on the German economic outlook. They blamed the weakness in the EU data on China and the USA not their own lack of economic /labor and corruption reforms in Europe. Germans are out to lunch , especially about what the English have planned for them.

Sweden Central Bank (Riksbank) Minutes noted that the Board was unanimous that monetary policy needed to continue to be expansionary, given the low rate of inflation. A majority of four members thus assessed that it was appropriate to hold the repo rate at 1 per cent until the second half of 2014, to support the economy and contribute to inflation rising towards the target. Two members considered that there was scope to cut the repo rate to 0.75 per cent and to let it remain at this level until the second quarter of 2014. After that the two members advocated slightly different rates of increase. The future development of the repo rate was also discussed at the meeting. There were different opinions regarding the probability of increases or cuts in the near term, even within the majority.

The Chinacoms sent out  Senior Chinese Lawmaker He Keng to fine tune Lis message,  who stated that China should cut GDP target to 7.0% from 7.5% official target and abandon obsession with money-losing infrastructure projects and focus on addressing a brewing debt crisis.

South Korea Fin Min Hyun commented that too much focus on fx rates might lead to currency war . He warned that US must reduce negative spillover effect of QE exit. FED must decide carefully on when and how to taper QE and reduce uncertainty through clear communication with markets. Emerging countries troubles might affect US economy through trade and financial channels.

India FinMin Chidambaram commented that latest RBI measures were intended to ease excessive speculation and volatility in fx. He said he cannot fully ban gold imports but is appealing (strong arming) the people to moderate gold demand. The India Gold ETFs are a big fractional reserve scam like the GLD ETF. Gold managed to accelerate once the markets got past his surprise move and attack on gold.

Winding up on Lucifers own at GS which reported  highly massaged earnings today and refused to report their leverage ratio on the conference call- analysts grilled the CFO on meeting the new proposed US capital ratios, although he avoided qualifying where the firm is in relation to the proposed levels.Net revenues in Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities Client Execution were $2.46 billion, 12%higher than the second quarter of 2012, reflecting significantly higher net revenues in currencies,credit products and commodities. Trading and trading services remain the primary revenue generator at GS, not investment banking or client banking. It is a thinly veiled highly speculative hedge fund that never loses in trading and won’t report that it has no losing day in trading anymore as it so rigs the markets for the ESM/ESF in both London, Frankfurt and NYC. Its 10q reports are completely opaque. The SEC needs to mandate detailed line item accounting of all positions in bonds, currencies, and commodities and loans and all derivative products each quarter. Readers should complain about the lack of transparency of bank balance sheets and off book items which should not be foot noted.

Readers should contrast what we tell you every day which you  can easily verify if you read a few languages versus what CIA/Mossad/MI6/illuminait clowns like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage or Zero Hedge tell you. This blog should have much, much higher readership. The 2k people who read it form London every day are the problem and we don’t have enough non london people. You have an obligation to spread the Gospel as well as the truth when it is shared with you. Bench sitters won’t like their rewards. Interestingly enough the Indy Media Clown gang reads this blog most every day but won’t link to it will they? It is much like how Lyndon Larouche has a virtual gag order on him as well. The gag is electronic for now. Jeff Rense lies when he says there is nothing new in the world or the web. Technology alone changes by leaps and bounds weekly. Rense would lose all of his money if he linked here much like Alan Bronfman Jones and of course the ZGR mocks his satanic ‘ET Saves’ message. Rense is a satanist if only by default. Jesus saves Rense, not ET you . Jones delivered all of his readers over to the Ratpublicans yesterday in 2014. Something which I am sure he will be highly paid for one way or another by the Rat money machine. Kapner said he works for Bronfman and Bronfman is carefully controlled by the Anglosaxon and Jewish royals of London. The Bronfmans don’t have much functional control over their money, England does though. The Bronfmans have far, far too much literal bloodshed and murder on their hands that is the public domain to be admitted to the Royal family of England like they aspire to. Sure they are marrying some 3r stringer Royals but the marriages have ended in in failures. No one likes anyone who directly runs drugs and murders people in England’s inner circles, not even the old wealth Jew and English drug dealers and slave traders. Too bad Edgar.

As the English well know a small pebble of truth thrown upon their pond of corruption ripples through eternity no matter how many Gary Norths, Bernankes, or Naill Ferguson of Bonos or Alex Jones they have out there. Jesus started a revolution of peace with Just 11 true followers and the Crown made a mistake of Sending Livingston to Africa and he converted most all of the Continent to Christ.  It is time to start another revolution of peace in the world. You can do it. Down with England. Down with the Crown and the corrupt English people and their corrupt Gypsy cousins. Down with any American who sides with these filthy Royals and Banksters in London or their kin on Wall Street.

Eternally Indebted


My name is Mike Eastwood, I’m just a 20-year-old kid from a small town in Oklahoma, but let me tell you my story.  I come from a stable and mostly happy family life.  I have two sisters (I’m a middle child) who graduated valedictorians of their high schools.  I graduated with a 3.7 GPA from my 3A high school in 2009.

My older sister graduated in 2003 from a state college.  She worked for the next five years but has been inconsistently employed and predominantly unemployed since 2008, when she moved to San Diego to join her husband who was stationed there by the Marines.  All the while, she’s been trying to pay off the $90,000 in student loans she racked up while trying to get a degree in pharmaceuticals that she is not able to use.

I am still going through college, attempting a degree in history.  I decided to go to a community college after high school to avoid debt.  I’ve been attending classes that do not challenge me intellectually in any way because, frankly, I was and am too scared of the debt that comes from a decent school.  I do this in hopes that I can someday be a teacher, though I know that is a career that will leave me in debt for the rest of my life, regardless of how hard I work.  My younger sister just graduated (again, a valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA) and she chose not to go to college after seeing the debt involved in getting a degree, as well as numerous examples of people racking up debt for a degree that doesn’t help them move forward in life.  Each of us attempted and qualified for many scholarships but none of us qualified for PELL Grants or FAFSA Student Aid.  Our parents combined (my mother is a teacher, my father runs a collating machine) make about $65,000 a year, putting us just out of reach of any federal assistance.

Why do I mention this to you?  Goldman Sachs doesn’t have anything to do with school directly and I can’t place the blame for our debts on the shoulders of your corporation, nor would I try to.  I tell you this because I want to show the state and cost of education, even at a local level, and far more importantly, I want to bring to your awareness the lives of those people who seem to have slipped beyond the vision of you and your fellow executives.  My sister, with $90,000 in total student loans and paying a bit above the minimum payment (minimum payment is $345 a month; she pays $400) and paying against an 8.9% annual interest rate, cannot successfully pay off that student loan during her lifetime, assuming she is forced to continue working for K-Mart.  And to perhaps offer a bit more perspective on her situation, she works forty hours a week at the minimum wage of $7.25, which earns her roughly $780 a month.  Just repaying her student loans costs her more than half of her total income and it’s a payment that will never end.

Again, this isn’t your fault.  She didn’t make the job market for those entering the field of pharmaceuticals plummet.  And again, I do not blame Goldman Sachs for these problems.  Allow me to give another example.  As I said before, I’m only 20 years old.  I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in April of this year.  Type-1 diabetes means I’ll have to take insulin shots for the rest of my life, avoid some foods, and remove other foods from my diet completely.  I was diagnosed after attending a local soccer game where I fell unconscious while sitting and watching.  My blood sugar had gotten so high that the fact I hadn’t had a stroke was a true miracle (1,115, in case you’re curious.)  This serious medical problem and diagnosis cost me $2,470.  I will also have to pay nearly $160 a month for all of my insulin and diabetes supplies.  I don’t have health care myself, but fortunately, because I’m under 24 and thanks to the new laws passed in 2010, I can remain listed on my mother’s health insurance.  Unfortunately, my mother is a teacher and her coverage is not all that great.  On top of my now $15,000 in school debt and the $1,045 loan I took out last January to cover the cost of my and my fiancé’s bills for a month when she was out of work, I’m in a lot of debt for a kid who was only in high school two years ago, and it is especially high considering that I live in a one-bedroom apartment with my fiancé, I drive a beat-up Pontiac Sunbird, and try desperately not to exceed my means.

I want to stress that I don’t blame Goldman Sachs for these problems; I’m not trying to insinuate in any way that you are at fault for this debt or these problems in my life or my family’s lives.  What I do want to show you is the gap between the lives of everyday Americans and the lives you all lead as the executives of such a prestigious operation.  Between your lives and the lives of those of us who have had to struggle and fight for every bit of happiness we have.

You’ve influenced our government elections using more than $11,200,000 for the sake of your own interests, leaving the American people with no other alternative but to watch and pray it all gets better.  Your profits in 2010 were about $21,700,000,000.  My siblings and I made a combined $31,859 and, with my parents’ income, that’s $96,859.  This is barely enough to pay back my older sister’s student loans.  My family, with the possible exception of my father, is well-educated, hardworking, and politically involved, and yet there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  “Work hard and you’ll have a good life” is a cruel axiom.

The reason I sent you this message is so that you might read it and understand that we are frustrated by our lives, by the fact that a huge portion or our incomes are taken away for the sake of supporting federal and state governments that ignore the people they are supposed to represent, and that ignore them because global business juggernauts have the ability to simply buy a vote.  Your corporate tax breaks are ridiculous.  Your unlimited access to involvement in the affairs of the politics that are supposed to allow the people to improve the quality of their own lives is cruel and unfair.  Most of all, your ignorance of the trials and hardships of the average American is unforgivable.

Please understand why we stand in the streets with signs.  It is not for handouts, it’s not to taunt or torment the rich, and it’s most certainly not because a bunch of lazy, uneducated hippies want to lay blame on the shoulders of giant corporations.  It’s because our lives are in shambles and because you have taken from us our only outlet for change.  So we forge a new outlet and we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.  Let us change, begin to change yourselves, so that we will again have the American Dream.

Michael Eastwood
Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003

* Abby Joseph Cohen (born 1952 in Queens, New York) is an American economist and financial analyst on Wall Street. She is a partner and—as of March 2008—Senior U.S. investment strategist at Goldman Sachs responsible for leadership of the firm’s Global Markets Institute. Prior to that date, she was Chief Investment Strategist.[1] In 2001 she was named one of the 30 most powerful women in America by Ladies Home Journal.  (from Wikipedia)
1445 EDT

DJIA15452.93-31.33, -0.20%
Nasdaq3595.91-11.58, -0.32%
FTSE 1006556.35-29.76, -0.45%
Nikkei 22514599.12+92.87, 0.64%
Crude Oil105.95-0.37, -0.35%

-Despite what you might read from the RBA or hear from Kevin Rudd ABX and Glencore are pulling out of Oz. Both are Windsor/Rothschilds controlled/owned firms. That is pretty significant. Australian miners are notoriously foul and corrupt, earning $250k a year and taking more vacation in one year than Americans get in  five. I suspect the Crown has granted the Communist Chinese the right to loot the place with Chinese slave labor after its housing market is crashed. Rudd showed us what a Crown agent he was with the carbon trading proposal,  and he like Abbott  always been very pro Communist China. The Lesbian English Witch Gillard was simply not cooperative enough in turning Australia over to the Chinacoms and doing the Crown’s bidding so she is gone and she was not friendly at all towards the Witch Elizabeth and her warlock sons. Likely the RBA will collapse the housing market and economy and China will be posited as the ‘savior’ to take over Oz. Once a POM always a POM. Australians overwhelming want their bloody Crown and Kate and Wills and they will deliver hell on earth to them through the Crowns banking arm the RBA soon enough. The Bible enjoined the Jews at great lengths to not have Kings as they would plunge their nation into war and loot the place. There is no ‘divine right of Kings’. The Windsors are no more royals than Lucifer. Australians are a thick skulled lot and ineffably corrupt so it does little good to talk to them. Australia is like one big Las Vegas, the people are so immoral you can hardly describe them ex as prisoners of her majesties. With ABX and Glencore pulling out, good things are not ahead for the Aussies. If I was an Aussie, I would sell my house now and rent for a five years, ditto in New Zealand. At the End of the Day the English crown and its bankers wants your home equity like they stole so much from Americans with the highly engineered housing bubble and Crash. China has cash buyers in the wings waiting for the Crash and the Chinacoms brought plenty of CA and Florida real estate during the crash. Cant say I never warned you evil  POMs down in Oz you’re about to be taken over the falls be it by Rudd or Abbott. The RBA holds the power and they do exactly what the Crown’s banking arm the BOE/Rothschilds tell them what to do. Just like we saw Mark Carney pump the housing bubble up in Canada. Central bank bubble are created by design from the first Anglo Center banker John Law to today’s Anglo-Zionist banker and designed to transfer middle class wealth to the Royals and their bankers. It is the job of Central bankers to create market distortions. Aussie’s big 4 banks are  good long term short target.

-Oxford /Univ of Chicago  Royal WASP Richard Cordrey  gets sham head of CFPB position…

Another English royal. Go figure. Senate finally approved him by over 70 votes. He will do little to protect the little people, hes just another greasy country club WASP like Elizabeth Warren the fake Native American and Royal WASP/Corporate lawyer from Harvard who was deemed ‘too radical’ to get the job by the Ratpublicans who never saw a big bank they did not love more than even the bloodiest wars.

This is political sham with no enforcement powers or budgets. Anglosaxons in the USA are 50 % of the political corruption. The FED has always been a power sharing agreement between the Jews and Anglosaxons, a small , small minority of the USA population to control the large European American population that has no affinity for the English Crown or the hellish state of Israel and its bloody genocides and wars. Probably another cousin of Prince Charles or a distant relative of the Rothschilds.

No one from a private University from abroad should be allowed to hold any public office and no Rhodes scholar should for sure, I declined something similar and the ‘opportunity’ to be a stooge for the English empire as a young man, knowing full well what the English were all about. Bill Clinton, Frank Raines, Jim Rogers, knew full well you have to sell your soul and people out to be a Rhodes scholar. Rogers call the BBC and FT among his favorite things. Ban that traitor and liar from coming back to the USA.

We should prohibit Harvard, Yale and other private schools from dominating govt jobs. By law no more than 10 % of our judges or govt employees can have gone to a private University.

We need to break the Anglo-Jewish power cartels back in this country as they have so destroyed the country. Anglosaxon like Ron Paul are just Masonic excrement for the most part and crypto Zionists and crypto Hebraics. He stinks only slightly less than the Country Club WASP from Harvard/Yale/Oxford and Cambridge like Cordrey. This guy has never done an honest days work in his life.

It should be called the ‘workers’ protection division and headed by someone who came from the working classes with severe enforcement powers over the banksters including the ability to put them into criminal and federal trials.

WASPS in this country are seldom Christians. Look at what the Westmoreland/McNamara/Nixon/Johnson WASP(Johnson was a Crypto Jew) contingent did in Vietnam. WASP leaders from David Duke ( a deep Crypto Jew and English blueblood), to Ron Paul to General Westmoreland to Oliver North to Gary North are pure Masonic garbage and Crown loyalists. The Hyper evil Gary North of the American WASP establishment is trying to rewrite the Rothschilds into a great bunch of guys like Naill Ferguson. Jim Grant, of the Grants interest rate observer well the Grants are married into the Rothschilds bloodline which is why he looks so Jewish. Jim Grant and his fine financial histories are little more than fictions without the real actors, the Royals of England and their Jew banksters.

Any European-American intellectual is going to have extreme scorn when the WASP or Jew opens his mouth given their war against us for the last 100 years or more. The WASP is only 8 % of the USA and it is time for them go back to England or take the back seat in the bus next to their Jewish cousins.

Never vote for a WASP, and never vote for a Jew and never vote for a Black American as they typically are Jew puppets /Communists or corrupt. Probably never vote for a Chinese American unless their family are from Taiwan due to the extreme loyalty to communism many have. We need some practical go- bye rules to break the power of the Anglo-Zionists in the USA and their war-banker NWO state. With Scottish Americans your chance that they are not Anglosaxon or Anglo-Jews in only 50 %. Although at the end  Patton and MacArthur after being such brutal and effective crown blades turned on the ‘throne’ and would probably have made good POTUS. The Crown seems to have this ‘thing’ that Scots are only cannon fodder but not political leaders. After all the Scots-Irish (and part Jew), Kennedys were all murdered by the English Crown as was POTUS McKinley. Scots have too often done all the murdering for the English crown which is why so few are left but not shared in the power and nobility much.

-Why Fabulous Fab should walk

Fry the little fish, let the Tunas of London and WS go. Or fry the crooked goyim and let the ‘bluebloods’ or ‘our crowd’ go. Still Fab needs to go jail. This is what happens when you have two hyper evil black-faced Jews, one an agent of the English crown running the govt. Really  at this point the USA needs to elect a non Jew or non Anglosaxon nationalist and to declare war on England, and turn the Thames red with the banksters blood like we did in Vietnam.

Historically the only thing the English have ever understood is brutality and in war they should be given no quarter, they are a satanic people with an extreme allegiance to money and their satanic crown that has been making war upon the American people and our liberty since 1913.  Then strip the English Crown and people of all their wealth and homes as there are virtually none innocent there and none who have not profited from the centuries of banking corruption, war and opium profit.

The ZGR has long said if American knew what a foul rip off of American wealth Europe was, and England in particular there would be rioting in the streets. We can then liberate Europe from the Jewish agents of the English crown, and demand they pay us real tribute, like all their gold and some new  states like making Ireland our 51 st state and France and Canada our 52 and 53 to block English butchery in Europe and stop their intrigue in North America. We can then force Russia and Germany into marriage and contain the antichrists of Communist China and force the communist out and to justice for their murder, and slavery and imprison their Jewish banking cabal (the Li family) that brought the Communist to power.

Sadly with the corruption of the money power of London the chances of another JFK are slim. Therefore we must increase awareness at the local level and break the crown owned firms like GS, HSBC, JPM, by getting our people to withdraw their money and to bank with non profits and establish state banking systems that are non profit and bringing back glass steagal and outlawing OTC derivatives and most derivative products.


-Europe Econometric Summary

(EU) Euro Zone Jun CPI M/M: 0.1% v 0.1%e; Y/Y: 1.6% v 1.6%e; CPI Core Y/Y: 1.2% v 1.2%e
(EU) Euro Zone May Trade Balance Seasonally Adj: €14.6B v €16.2Be; Euro-Zone Trade Balance Unadj: €15.2B v €12.0Be

(EU) Euro Zone July ZEW Economic Sentiment: 32.8 v 30.6 prior

 (EU) EU27 Jun New Car Registrations: -5.6% v -5.9% prior; 17-year low

(DE) Germany July ZEW Economic Sentiment:36.3 v 40.0e; Current Situation: 10.6 v 9.0e

(IT) Bank of Italy Releases May Public Finance Supplement: General Government Debt: €2.075T v €2.0413T prior

(IT) Italy May Total Trade Balance: €3.9B v €2.5Me; Trade Balance EU: €890M v €559M prior

(PL) Poland Jun Avg Gross Wages M/M: 2.9% v +3.4%e; Y/Y: 1.4% v 2.1%e
(PL) Poland Jun Employment M/M: 0.2% v 0.0%e; Y/Y: -0.8% v -0.9%e
(PL) Poland Jun Core Inflation M/M: 0.0% v 0.0%e; Y/Y: 0.9% v 0.9%e
(RU) Russia Jun Producer Prices M/M: 0.4% v 0.3%e; Y/Y: 3.7% v 4.0%e

(UK) May ONS House Price Y/Y: 2.9% v 2.8%e

Key Bond Auction

 (ES) Spain Debt Agency (Tesoro) sold total €4.05B vs. €3.0-4.0B indicated range in 6-Month and 12-Month Bills
Sold €1.63B in 6-month Bills; Avg Yield: 0.958% v 0.821% prior; Bid-to-cover: 3.51x v 3.82x prior; Max Yield: 0.968% v 0.850%; Tail: 1.0bps v 2.9bps prior
Sold €2.42B in 12-month Bills; Avg Yield: 1.503% v 1.395% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.61x v 2.1x prior; Max Yield 1.520% v 1.423% prior; Tail: 1.7bps v 2.8bps prior

-USA econometric Data
(US) Jun Industrial Production: 0.3% v 0.3%e; Capacity Utilization: 77.8% v 77.7%e; Manufacturing Production: 0.3% v 0.3%e
(US) July NAHB Housing Market Index: 57 v 51

(US) ICSC Chain Store Sales w/e July 12th: w/w -1.1%; Y/Y: +1.7%

(US) Jun CPI M/M: 0.5% v 0.3%e; Y/Y: 1.8% v 1.6%e
(US) Jun CPI Ex Food & Energy M/M: 0.2% v 0.2%e; Y/Y: 1.6% v 1.6%e
(US) Jun CPI NSA: 233.504 v 233.431e; CPI Core Index: 233.643 v 233.597e
(US) Redbook Retail Sales w/e July 12th: +3.0% y/y, July MTD: 0.8% m/m
(US) May Total Net TIC Flows: $56.4B v $12.7B prior; Net Long-term TIC Flows: -$27.2B v -$25.0Be

(BR) Brazil July FGV Inflation IGP-10 M/M: 0.4% v 0.6%e

(CA) Canada May Manufacturing Sales M/M: 0.7% v +0.8%e

-You assignment today, if you should decide to accept it, is to watch this video on the Vietnam war and send it to a fellow American or Canadian.


While it does not expose the hidden hand of London that guided that brutal war it is a damning indictment of the USA military and why we must not only be anti-war as Christians and moralists, but opposed to the power of the USA military and the USA political elite based upon their past records, and the never ending impunity of the Generals and the suit-commanders like Rumsfeld, Cheney, McNamara, Bush, Clinton, and Obama and of course the Kosher Chickenhawk crowd which Cheney is the leading member helping to create the debacle in Vietnam (Nixon doctrine) and in Iraq/Afghanistan and now Syria/Iran for his Kosher Chickenhawk banking relatives in Europe.

Vietnam our ‘gift’ from our allies the English and French. The French were actual more brutal to the locals during their near 70 year occupation, but obviously did not have the fire power the USA had. JFK hardly escalated the war as he was going to pull out after a small troop commitment of 16k men and after he saw what the London establishment had gotten the USA into.

Heroin, England’s stock and trade of their empire, after their guns and banks is really only grown in great quantity in two places in the world, the Golden Crescent, of Iran/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq, and the Golden Triangle of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia although for a short time when England held India they managed to export a fair amount of Opium from there as well.

In French Indochina we were more or less protecting the dope trade of the English Crown and the Rothschilds banking empire which had deep control including marrying into what was left of the French nobility after the English Crown and its Jewish/ Anglo agents in France brought about the destruction of the French Crown over a period of 100 years or so which created the Republic of France. Really from the time of John Law until the French revolution, the English Crown was working to have its competitors in France murdered through the ruin of their economy which Louis the XIV and his Jew merchants and advisers brought about along with Mr. Law. This despite the wealth flowing in from the new world colonies to the French Crown. No one astute ever accused the English crown of not having a plan to rule the world which is in effect today, enabled in part from the same dope trade. The English crown by its own admittance has slaved France to fight its mercantile wars for it very effectively since the Rothschilds took over the French national bank at about the same time it  formed the FED.

(french nobility which includes the derothschilds which refuses to die, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903703604576588671505152108.html)

You really cant find a war the USA fought that the English establishment was not deeply involved in getting the USA involved into our detriment and their benefit. Sure England uses its vast network of Jewish agents, but they have plenty of traitorous Anglosaxon agents, many of whom are fellow homosexuals involved in all of this as well. From the homosexual Anglophile Clay Shaw who set up the murder of JFK for the English Crown, to the homosexual Montgu Norman of the BOE,  a self confessed ‘warlock’  who got his special pal Ben Strong at the NY FED to double the USA money supply to help the British float WW1 and maintain their gold standard, which eventually lead to the great depression after Norman talked the FED into contracting it. So yes England started, indeed engineered WW1 in great detail, and gave us the great depression along with WW2, the Vietnam War and the Iraq/Afghanistan war with the kin, homosexual lovers and friends of the English Crown establishment.

-0230 Asia

Asian markets are mixed tonight with a downward bias, and there is little econometric news tonight and no major econometric releases in Asia.

Asia Development Bank (ADB) cut China 2013 GDP to 7.7% from 8.2% prior and 2014 GDP to 7.5% from 8.0% prior. ADB also lowered 2013 developing Asia to 6.3% from 6.6% prior and 2014 to 6.4% from 6.7% prior, citing the softer outlook for China economy will subdue economic activity elsewhere in the region. The PBOC based on repo operations and the govt said the Yu’san was near the end of its very tiny appreciation. The Press was selling China Finmin ‘garbled’ and “mistranslated”3X message, and tonight the message was simply ‘China can tolerate lower gdp growth”. The finmin has emerged recently after Li-onomics arose as the term the west and Hong Kong Chinese were using for his Draconian tightening spree at the PBOC and within the Chinese Central govt. To the astute Chinese this would be akin to the Jew Joe Biden, constantly speaking for Bernanke and Jack Lew and Obama, which he probably does after talking to Rockefeller every day, but at least not in public like the bumbling Li. China State Council said they may study H1 economic situation and lay out H2 plan tomorrow, which you know is a lie as Li will tell them what to do and say and it was decided over one month ago. Chinese property developers and real estate firms slid on fresh concerns policymakers there will take steps to curb speculative real estate investments and China’s markets were weak on this.

The China press as much as admitted one girl, apparently killed by her iphone exploding was caused by a faulty china made battery charger. They do use rechargeable Lithium ion batteries which can certainly explode if over- voltage and over-charged. I never put a cell phone directly next to my head for that reason as well as the radiation. You do have a potential lethal device in the making with a Lithium Ion battery, especially if it has an rf charger. It would be child’S play to overcharge remotely these Honeywell emergency transponders and burn them up in no time and to do it remotely. That is what makes me think the latest B787 fire in London was MI6 sabotage.

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) minutes from the July meeting were slightly less dovish than expected, most notably stating with AUD decline, policy now seems appropriate. More vocal acknowledgement of lower exchange rate was interpreted as a sign that RBA’s policy easing bias is diminishing, particularly as it remains unperturbed by the slowdown in China. Moreover, RBA said the exports in the resource sector are still solid and will remain so. This despite the fact Glencore said it would halt iron mining in Australia due to the poor outlook it had for shipment to China. Australian Clown, and 33 degree Masonic queer Kevin Rudd said, Australians feeling rising cost of living pressures; confirms Australia to abolish carbon tax in favor of emissions trading scheme- largely as the Windsors/Gores/Rockefellers/Rothschilds would benefit greatly from the carbon trading scheme by owning the principal exchange, whereas the Tax was going to the Australian state. The colonies must share with the Crown.

The India Central Bank followed Indonesia with an unexpected policy tightening, protecting the economy from the risk of more investment outflows. RBI increased Marginal Standing Facility and bank rate by 200 bps to 10.25%. India equity markets sold off.

Abe’s govt is getting greedy, not happy with the price and wage rises, and higher sales taxes his govt is looking to increase the national sales tax. Summer bonuses in Japan are set to rise 1.6 %, really the first increases in 2 years as profits roll in from the weakened Y.

In the after-hours market in the USA, (US) Treasury’s Brainard said there is a risk for protracted stagnation in Europe; the US is meeting its goals on deficits. PIMCO’s Gross Raised Jun Treasury holdings to 38% from 37% m/m.

Gold was roughed up in Asia for a few $, although the strengthening of the Rupee should bolster demand eventually.

Asia Dow 2967.17 +9.62. 0.33%
Nikkei 225 14599.12 +92.87. 0.64%
Hang Seng 21344.08 +40.77. 0.19%
Shanghai 2058.26 -1.13, – 0.05%
Sensex 19784.71 -249.77 , -1.25%
Singapore 3228.45 -8.37 , -0.26%

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