Weekly Rad Report

The current storm front has no measurable radiation, however I could detect some radiation. The levels would be << 1 bq/liter.

During this week the left coast of North America,  experienced below pre-Fukushima levels and one day of 3x pre-Fukushima level.

I checked with UC Berkeley. They too report radiation is below their detection threshold of .05 bq/liter in the rain window that opened at the end of Feb.

With respect to Fukushima /Tepco engineering work- all that was reported was basic duct tape maintenance to keep the Rube-Goldberg cooling and decontamination system. No progress is being reported on the decommissioning of the plant.

TEPCO Ward of the State- Japanese to break up Nuclear Power Monopoly


Japan- Nuclear Power now down to < 2 pc of Japans Power


Ango-Zionist Supremacist Bill Gates Pushes Gen4 Fission Reactors as Safe

This clown only has one year of college. How would he know?  What makes these Illuminati so, so morally, spiritually and physically ugly? Oh, yes, sin!! Evil devil Gates wants to kill us all so his grandkids can live 700 -800 years.


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