-None of Egypt’s Religious Leaders Support Corrupt Anglo-Zionist bootlicker Mursi.

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II praised mass protests against the Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, in a statement published Tuesday on his Twitter account.“It is wonderful to see the Egyptian people taking back their stolen revolution in a peaceful way,” he said.Meanwhile, Ahmed al-Tayeb – grand mufti of Sunni Islam’s top religious authority, al-Azhar – said in a statement issued Tuesday that the “unity of the Egyptian people is above all.”Tayeb warned that “division will lead the country to a catastrophe, and it must end.”He said “everyone was responsible” for ending the division between protesters, who are urging Mursi to resign, and his supporters.However, the grand mufti – whose moderate religious authority had previously accused the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Mursi hails, of humiliating it – called for “effective steps” to be taken to show “appreciation to the people’s voice.”He said the “people have surprised and inspired the world through its elegant expression of their peaceful demands.”Meanwhile, the country’s ultra-conservative Salafists have urged Mursi to respond to the protesters’ main demand – early presidential elections.



-US light crude  has risen above $100 a barrel for the first time since Sept 2012 as london wants to rig it to that price using Egypt as an excuse. Hopefully tomorrow Mursi the Ango-Zionist-BP  puppet will be deposed, one way or another. $100 Oil Americans happy  4 of July from that SOB that Runs England and that owns Arco/BP.

Updated July 3, 2013 – 12:13 AM EDT
Spy Chief ‘Apologizes’ for Lying to Congress
Secret Documents: NSA Targeted Germany and EU Buildings
In ‘Golden Age’ of Surveillance, US Has Big Edge
Reddit, Mozilla to Stage Fourth of July Protest Against NSA Spying
Snowden Options Shrink After Asylum Rejections
Bolivian President’s Plane Forced to Land: Snowden Not Aboard
Snowden Given Possible Lifeline as Bolivia Hints at Asylum
Glenn Greenwald: New Bombshell Coming
Egypt Deadline Looms: Military May Seize Power
US Chides Egypt’s President as Coup Looms
As Morsi’s Power Slips, Muslim Brotherhood Prepares a Defense Force
Israel Authorized Egypt’s Tank Movements Along Gaza Border
12 Killed in Attack on NATO Supplier in Kabul
US Military Study: Drones Kill More Civilians Than Manned Aircraft
Another Violent Month in Iraq Begins as One Ends
Tuesday Terror: 86 Iraqis Killed, 234 Wounded
Obama Moves to Militarize and Exploit Africa
US Drone Strike Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Turkish Deputy PM: Foreigners, Jews Behind Protests
US Riled as Iran Buys Bauxite Ore From Germany, France
After 80 Witnesses, Prosecution Rests in Manning Case
The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)  by Tom Engelhardt
What if the People Running Our Secret Programs Are Idiots?  by Digby
On Syria: ‘Congress Must Accept Its Responsibility, Not Abdicate It’  by John Nichols
We Need More Like Snowden. Please.  by J.D. Tuccille
Helping Libya, Helping Syria  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Scandals at NSA and IRS Are Equally Alarming  by Gene Healy

- Obama Administration: to delay Obamacare employer mandate component implementation until 2015, due to losing democrat seats in house in 2014

-10-yr yields in Portugal up over 20bps as Portugal PM Coelho acknowledges political tension following resignation of his finance and foreign minster over austerity politics. His govt is close to breaking up. And just think the same clown that took portugal under took the EU under and now wants to head NATO or the UN. Fine by me if he took NATO or the UN under but likely he will turn them on the USA people and EU people and start killing gentiles, that is what Jews tend to do when their madness runs unchecked.

-All of Prince Charles..Thugs…

Egypt PM Mursi demands that military withdraws 48-hr resolution ultimatum, said plans to defend his democratically-elected rule with blood in a national address; 16 killed and 200 wounded after statement in clashes with Mursi supporters after statement.

- CHINA JUN NON-MANUFACTURING PMI: 53.9 V 54.3 PRIOR (16th straight month of expansion)

(CN) China four big banks June new loans CNY230B v CNY208B in May

Japanese service PMI drops to 52.1 (May: 54.8)

-The Whigger and the …well you know…

Whoops! The model also inadvertently exposed her derrière after being caught out by a rogue gust of wind

Definitely an english arse there, eh English? Strangely looks like the arse of the Hebrews women as well..


-AEPs Kin?

The Pritchards have been extraordinarily wicked people and Crown Loyalists in the history of England. Indeed the two seem to go hand in hand. It is a scornful family name like the name Mason or Windsor.


-Why Globalism?

Winners Satanic Jews and English (trading nation/finance) .

Losers American middle class and Chinese working classes.

While Chinese jump from buildings working for their Jew sweatshop employers who hide behind the facade of outsourcing mfg to china, while selling into the USA and using the Gentile, USA ‘brand’, the Jew lives like the plantation slave master and the shylock of old, and like a king. That Americans are not smart enough to pull together to expose the wicked jew, and reject spending their money on his or her shoddy goods made with slave labor, says Americans shall one day to be the slave of the rich and satanic Jew and his kin. It is not like Mr. Horowitz  would sell his clothes under his own name is it? Boycott all made in China communist clothes and all rag merchants who are Jews or Royal Anglosaxons like the homosexual WASP at Abercrombie and Fitch. Let the WASP and Jew buy from their own satanic slaver kin, but let no gentile or Christian buy from these modern day slavers.

Shame on the Jew that runs Tommy Hilfiger, same on the homosexual Anglosaxon that runs Abercrombie and Fitch. Once beyond the ‘great’ Anglosaxon and the shylock Jew there are not many people with the ethos to strip the middle and working classes of everything they own. The Anglosaxon King and Jew Banker/Merchant are a terrible sight to behold and are ancient kin.



-LME continues to hoard metals knowing hyperinflation is coming , 100 day wait

The English rig everYthing, it is in their religion,Masonry to lie, and cheat.


-Hyper Evil English breeding like Rats-English openly gloat over demise of German and Japanese people.

German and Japanese women are clearly failing their people. The English woman is by design a slut and a whore and likely to have many possible fathers for her many bastards. Materialistic German women and Japanese women are a victim of Anglo-Zionism and its feminist construct. The English are a nation of rats and antichrists, no different than Israel ex perhaps the Israelis are slightly less wicked as a people. No nation I can recall of has embraced witchcraft and the occult and rejected the Gospel as many times as the English. Given their satanic ethos the last thing the world needs is more Jews and more English rats..er brats. For the Anglosaxon-mormon they are to have five children. For the Jew the Rabbis demand every Jewish woman have at least 3. The Muslims and Chinacoms are outbreeding them all. Natavist American birth rates are on par with the Germans of 1.5 children per household. USA nativist birthrates are plummeting on the jobless, forever war depression the English and Jewish elites  have engineered. Putin better get birth rates up in the Ukraine and Russia and Poland among the slavs. The Chinese love their families and put them number 1 and it shows. The Chinaman measures his wealth in the number of Children he has, and it is ‘emotional’ wealth not financial wealth the Chinese care about. As the Anglosaxon and Jews kill the modern family, China and Russia are protecting them. Queers don’t march in China or Russia as the families will beat them up, they know they are rapists of their children.


-In gold the bullion banks are back to running the Y/D up and shorting gold. Dennis Gartman pumped the marks up into the take down, and called for 1600 gold  by Y/E. Pray the Lord deals with that hyper evil Jew. Pat Robertson the hate filled Anglomason has him on his christian broadcasting network to pump the marks into the Anglo-Jew blood letting and to steal their money from them. Again that spite filled, and hate filled combination we always see of the Jew and Anglosaxon working to destroy Christians and gentiles. Anglosaxons must think we are idiots to not spot their terrorism and destruction. The Jews know their ancient reputation as liars and thieves precedes their 2000 year history of usury, deceit and as the murderers of Jesus Christ. The Roman army had plenty of conscripts and it would not surprise me if  English conscripts nailed Christ to the cross at Calvary. They are a cruel, cruel and satanic/masonic and deceitful  people are they not Pat Robertson, Rick Warren and Billy Graham.?

- The FED Board met this morning and unanimously adopted additional rules that will be required of US banks on top of the new Basel III capital regime, effective January 2014. The FED’s Tarullo commented that the 7% Basel III capital ratio seemed too low, and that the SIFIs would face a stricter leverage ratio. In addition, the board is discussing a proposal to force banks to hold a minimum amount of debt to be converted to equity during a crisis and measures to wean banks dependent on short-term wholesale funding.


Continued, and probably willful mistakes by the FEDs will allow the TBTF banks to terrorize the American people. These are entirely inadequate capital ratios, and making banks hold longer term debt is the kiss of death. Banks need ‘cash’ ,not long term debt. If you going count long term debt as ‘cash’ and part of Tier one capital you might as well allow them to hold equity. Long term debt declined 50 pc in value a Volcker raised rates. Cash maintained its value and increased its purchasing power against stocks, bonds and commodities as interest rates rise. This is all by design.

-China’s 7 day rate went below 5 pc last night. Little emerged out of China or Europe in a light economic day. The Troika gave 3 days to come up with the goods (more cuts) or lose its next tranche. Nothing will happen in an election year. Moody’s called the Cyprus debt exchange a default.

-Abnormal Sexual Deviants, LGBTs flood USA with immigration requests


Taxpayers will end up supporting them on welfare when the ‘marriages’ break up.

-The European Union has ordered a worldwide security sweep of all its premises following reports US intelligence has bugged its offices in Washington, Brussels and the United Nations.Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the EU’s Executive Commission, “has instructed the competent commission services to proceed to a comprehensive ad hoc security sweep and check” in light of the most recent spying allegations leveled at the US, spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen told reporters. RT

-Edward Snowden has withdrawn his request for political asylum from Russia, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, further adding to the uncertainty over the US whistleblower’s future.A spokesman for Russian president Vladimir Putin said Snowden withdrew the request after Putin’s statement making clear that he would be welcome only if he stopped “his work aimed at bringing harm” to the United States.

-English gloat over what they have done to Europe and USA with their financial engineering and POTUS stooges,  and how they will align with Chinacoms

Of course if the dollar is destroyed overnight it will be China who is as in debt as the USA. Plenty of Scots sold out to do the Crown’s dirty work eh. They don’t call their cult ‘British-Israel’ for no reason.


-China and Russia line up to utterly destroy and defeat arrogant queers and satanists in Washington DC And Pentagon

China will join Russia later this week for its largest-ever naval drills with a foreign partner, underlining deepening ties between the former cold war rivals along with Beijing’s desire for closer links with regional militaries.China has long been a key customer for Russian military hardware, but only in the last decade have their militaries begun taking part in joint exercises.China’s defence ministry said on Tuesday that its navy would send four destroyers, two guided missile frigates and a support ship for the exercises, which start on Friday in the Sea of Japan and run until 12 July.


Lets pray they hit London first. The English are setting the USA up for an attack and have Chinese Jews in place in China, plus the political system of world Jewry, communism  to rule the place and will probably install someone after Putin is forced into hitting the USA by continued aggression the FT and London and the Windsors and Rothschilds demand. The only thing I think delaying WW3 is they are not sure if this new royal brat will live to 700 years or not. The gene modifications in human beings to extend life that long are not as simple as the English and American life scientists believe. I suspect the upcoming test tube baby of the Will’s will be a GMO dud. Be nice if it was born with horns to warn the world what these Windsors are.

-EMP War on Russia continues…

MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian booster rocket carrying three navigation satellites burst into flames and crashed on live TV moments after its launch Tuesday, dealing another painful blow to the nation’s space prestige.The failure follows a long string of launch mishaps that could tarnish Russia’s reputation and eventually cost it a share in the lucrative satellite launch market. It also hurt one of the Kremlin’s pet projects, the GLONASS satellite navigation system intended to serve as a Russian equivalent of the U.S. GPS system.

-Obama’s Drone war upon Innocent Muslim Children and Shepards

This is why security for his Africa trip was over $100 million. Once word gets out in Africa he is no christian but a black faced Jew and a satanist, the Muslims will declared a fatwah against him, which is why he bends over to try and appease them to their face while he drops drones on their children behind his back. Both the English and Jews have this down to an art to be nice to your face as they stab you in the back and rob your wallet. The Arabs tribes did not name the Jews , ‘the robbers’ by chance and the English navy did not fly the Skull and Bones by Chance.


-Rothschilds Jew Mouthpiece in London gives Obama’s terrorism the same two thumbs up as Henry Kissinger.

Gideon Rachmann, a well known antichrist and mouthpiece for the Rothschilds who writes headline editorials for the FT gave Obama’s spying and wars two thumbs up. He told liberals to shove off about the wars and spying. This means as long as Obama does what London tells him to do, which is destroy the USA and the world he has immunity, at least in the eyes of England. The Rothchilds are not gods but merely insane Anglo-Jews. They are so intermarried with the Anglosaxons and European royalty it is bit unfair to call them Jews although Rachmann is a dirty war mongering, filthy Talmudic Jew. Jacob Rothshchilds is on the record in the FT with his marriage to an Anglosaxon blueblood it is England first, foremost and forever and he has sworn allegiance to his close cousin, Queen Elizabeth, Queen of the Anglosaxons and Queen of the Kikes.

News www.antiwar.com
Updated July 2, 2013 – 10:50 AM EDT
Obama: Spying on Europeans ‘Standard Practice’
New NSA Leaks Show How US Is Bugging Its European Allies
Diplomatic Fallout Widens Over NSA Snooping
‘No Longer in the Cold War’: Merkel Infuriated by US Spying
NSA Backlash Complicates Efforts to Enhance Surveillance Powers
Snowden Asylum: Options Rapidly Shrinking
Kremlin: Snowden Has Given Up on Plan to Stay in Russia
Correa Not Considering Snowden Asylum: Helping Him Was ‘Mistake’
Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden’s Leak ‘Is Basically Done’
Syria Rebels Threaten to Crush Shi’ite Villages
Golan Heights Islamist Rebels Praise Israel
China Blames Syrian Rebels for Last Week’s Violence in Xinjiang
McCain: Arm Syria’s Rebels to End Iran’s Nuclear Program
Egypt Army Ultimatum: 48 Hours to Resolve Crisis
Egypt Masses Tanks Along Gaza Border as Coup Fears Grow
Morsi Aide: Army Can’t Oust President Without ‘American Approval’
55 Iraqis Killed in Funeral, Cafe, Other Attacks
Manning Prosecution Details al-Qaeda Interest in WikiLeaks
It’s Time to Bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Home  by Jason Ditz
The Unexpected Results of Presidential Elections in Iran  by Akbar Torbat
FBI’s Data Mining Needs Scrutiny, Too  by Rachel Levinson-Waldman
Failed States Are a Western Myth  by Elliot Ross
Against Foreign Entanglements  by Jon Tate
Will Rice Wreck Obama’s Presidency?  by Doug Bandow
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