Overnight Markets -Leading News-Update 1

Euro-Credit- Spain’s Rajoy Tests Draghi


Petro Dollar Is Alive As Fat Greedy OPEC Pigs Recycle $120 Oil into USTs

A cartel exists to keep oil prices high. And no doubt the Zionist Pigs and close friends and distant relatives of Prince Charles want the USA to hit Iran here. So this recycling is very political. And in gold a cartel exists to keep the price of gold low.  Pray for an end to these cartels.  These Arab Oil Sheiks are little more than thieves.


Greek Bonds Get 21.75 pc Value at Auction


Hot-Cameron Table Tennis Gift to Obumer-Made in China!!

If Obummer where and American he would burn it on the white house lawn. But we know he is an English citizen. I wonder if there is any connection between Cameron’s unprecedented 3 day visit and the new Executive Order making himself King of America for life.


Illuminist PIMCO CEO El Erian Says Portugal is Next Greece-AEP

He must have loaded up on cheap CDS seeing how he’s a voting member of the ISDA!!


Battle For Rare Earth Metal


WHO-Resistance to Antibiotics Could End World as We Know it

Sounds like more alarmist NWO drama to further Prince Charles and Sir Al Gores desires to murder 5 billion or so of us. To that end I should not Sir Bob Geldof, told the Arabs to quit breeding like rats or nature would take care of them. No doubt Sir Bob, ” nature” as in virus that targets Arabs and engineered by the Israelis.


 Asian Stock Rise/European Futures Up

Asian stocks rose for a fifth day, European equity futures gained and Australia’s dollar climbed on speculation the global economy is strengthening. Oil increased on signs demand is rising after Saudi Arabian crude output approached the highest level in at least 31 years.

The MSCI Asia Pacific Index (MXAP) added 0.2 percent as of 4:14 p.m. in Tokyo. Euro Stoxx 50 Index futures advanced 0.2 percent and Standard & Poor’s 500 Index futures rose 0.1 percent. Ten- year Treasury yields fell 1 basis point to 2.28 percent after rising for eight days. The Australian dollar climbed against 14 of its 16 major peers. Oil gained 0.1 percent to $107.20 a barrel. Bond risk in Asia fell….


Lukoil To Spend 1 billion on New Diamond Mine

“Diamond mining in Russia  is now more profitable than oil,” said Denis Gabrielik, an analyst at Otkritie Capital in Moscow. Alrosa had a 54 percent margin on earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for the first nine months of 2011, while Lukoil (LKOH)reported an Ebitda margin of about 14 percent for the full year.


Gauk Elected New German President 


Germany’s Housing Boom Is Unwelcome 


Greek Auction to Settle 3.2 Billion in CDS


Chinese Home Prices fall in more than 1/2 Cities tracked


Zionists Face Rising Nationalist Party In Hungary


Chinese Corporate Espionage on the Rise 


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3 Responses to Overnight Markets -Leading News-Update 1

  1. vino says:

    it is very unusual for even these quasi analysts to do a major hit on a stock… Out right dogs aren’t even condemned in polite circles for the most part… ergo the odds are a negative hit piece is done to gain advantage…. naked shorting is so criminal activity that is not prosecuted by our government.. Whether in the stock market or the silver market its all a crime that is tolerated and defended by those who are supposed to enforce the laws…

  2. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    Looks like their fund is imploding and they are desperate to make gains. their fund was down 17 pc in 4q and assets declined from around 400 million to 325 million. Certainly all their claims have been refuted. I hope the lawsuit against them goes forward as the claims were so egregious plus there are several firms joining forces to take Anthion on . Hedge funds only understand one thing, they are losing. While a hedge fund of 325 million a lot sounds like a lot, that means they only have 6 million a year in ‘profit’ to fight the suit and have t pay their salaries and operating costs out of the 6 million. David Moradi is the founder. His photo is below. Evil looking guy. Whatever he deserves I hope he gets it in court. I looked through his stock picks, quite a few dogs.


  3. arb says:

    The drama, obfuscation and legal bills continue.

    2012-03-14 11:28 ET – Street Wire

    by Mike Caswell

    Silvercorp Metals Inc. has received an answer to the defamation lawsuit it filed in the Supreme Court of New York against Alfred Little, Chinastockwatch.com and others. New York hedge fund manager Anthion Management LLC has identified itself as the operator of the website Chinastockwatch.com and the author of an anonymous letter to the B.C. Securities Commission that touched off Silvercorp’s battle with short-sellers. Anthion denies that it defamed Silvercorp, and says its report was based many suspicious items in the company’s public filings.

    The identity of Anthion was a mystery in August, 2011, when it sent a 14-page letter to the B.C. Securities Commission and others claiming there was an accounting fraud at Silvercorp. According to the letter, the company had reported 2010 earnings of $66-million (U.S.) in North America, when government filings in China showed a $500,000 (U.S.) loss. The document touched off a series of news releases from Silvercorp, which denied any problems with its earnings and contended that the anonymous letter was part of a “short-and-distort” scheme. The company then sued several parties in New York, including the website Chinastockwatch.com, for defamation.

    Anthion’s answer and counterclaim

    Anthion responded to the suit on Monday, March 12, filing both an answer and a counterclaim. It says that it is incorrectly identified in the suit as Chinastockwatch.com, which is not a legal entity and cannot be sued. In the answer Anthion generally denies any wrongdoing and contends that Silvercorp’s suit is part of a campaign the company is running to silence critics. Anthion says its writings about Silvercorp, which are “good-faith criticisms,” have been mislabelled as a short-and-distort conspiracy. Moreover, it says it had little to do with the company’s depressed stock price, which had fallen to $8.13 from $15.99 in the months preceding the letter.

    The letter on Silvercorp, as described in the counterclaim, came about in mid-2011 as a number of companies operating in China were exposed as frauds by bloggers and other market commentators. Several such companies had become the subjects of regulatory probes. Authorities in both Canada and the United States had also issued warnings to the public about the dangers of Chinese stocks.

    Around the same time, Anthion began researching Silvercorp, the counterclaim states. During this research it discovered substantial inconsistencies between the company’s financial results filed in North America and information it reported to China’s State Administration for Industry & Commerce. Such discrepancies are a red flag for accounting fraud, according to the counterclaim. Based on its findings, Anthion believed that the stock was overvalued, so it took a short position.

    Anthion also prepared a 14-page summary of its research, which it says it sent anonymously to regulators in Canada and the U.S. as well as to select journalists. A covering letter informed readers that the sender had a short position in Silvercorp, and set out the sender’s reasons for taking that position. The reasons included the problems with Silvercorp’s earnings that Anthion had identified.

    As Anthion sees it, nothing in the letter resembled a short-and-distort scheme. Those looking to run such a scheme do not typically disclose their short position or provide a detailed analysis to support their position. They usually send out false rumours through mass communication to unsuspecting investors.

    Anthion also points out that it never directly publicized its preliminary report (a finalized version later appeared on Chinastockwatch.com), and Silvercorp’s price actually rose in the days following its issuance. The stock did not decline until Sept. 2, 2011, when Silvercorp issued a news release responding to the report. After the release, Silvercorp fell by 10 per cent, to close at $7.53 that day.

    The countersuit contends that Silvercorp intended from the start to use litigation to silence its critics. The company warned in press releases that it would hold the author of the letter accountable. Silvercorp also announced that it had filed criminal complaints and that the RCMP was working with regulators to find the author.

    That was followed by a series of lawsuits. In addition to the New York case, Silvercorp sued a blogger who publicly expressed doubts about the company. Silvercorp also sued an Australian hedge fund whose manager had referred to the stock as “ludicrously cheap.”

    As Anthion sees it, Silvercorp is misusing the courts to identify and intimidate its critics. Since launching the case, the company has issued multiple subpoenas to banks, investors, investment funds and lawyers seeking confidential information. “Silvercorp’s lawsuit was filed for the purpose of harassing, intimidating, punishing or otherwise maliciously inhibiting the free exercise of speech by Anthion,” the counterclaim states.

    Anthion asks that the case be dismissed, and for damages that the judge will determine.

    Silvercorp has not yet responded to the counterclaim.

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