Rad Report

This current storm has no measureable radiation in it, although I can detect some. The amount is below 1 bq/liter.

In general this week the radiation has varied from below pre-Fukushima levels to as high as 3x pre-Fukushima levels (30 urads/hr) with peaks as high as 60 urads/hr. There is no current short to medium term health effects from present total dose rates.

SONGS remains shut down with the basic plant not even able to pass key pressure tests for piping carrying radioactive steam and water. An indefinite, and let us hope permanent shut  down.



Fukushima Plant Status CBS News On 3/11 Anniversery

Spectacular nuclear bomb like explosion starts the melt down.



Regarding the Fukushima plant, they have struggled to maintain control of the plants and water decontamination system.  Nevertheless they were able to maintain a sufficient level of control to keep the reactors far from starting a fission process. What is certain is there is no real progress reported in terms of really dealing with the short-intermediate plant stabilization problems, nor is there any long term decommissioning work going on. The plant reported no damage from the 6.0+ earthquake in Northern Japan. The Japanese managed to enter Reactor building 2. Certainly from the video supplied to the Japanese media you could see the team who entered building 2 were ready to jump out of their skin. TEPCO would not inform of the radiation  levels the team encountered.

Here is a good read on the lack of radiation data and health monitoring in Japan.


Radioactive Plankton 375 miles from Japan. They found some very significant levels of up to 57 bq/kg. Anything over 10 bq/kg should not be eaten so you know the fish are probably highly radioactive given they cumulatively eat this.



Fukushima the End of the Nuclear Power ERA


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