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-Another Anglosaxon-Jewish luciferian couple

Spiderman is a product of the Jewish mind and emblematic of the Talmudic Jew’s desire for ‘super powers’ via genetic engineering over the gentile. How do such physically ugly people make it in Hollywood?  Easy, it is all controlled by the Windsors-Rothschilds. Hollywood is a suburb of London these days sadly as well as one of their favorite drug laundries. The visage of the slaver is always reviled and despised. Control of your thoughts, then physical control and subjugation , and ultimately even death by the hands of the Anglosaxons and Jews. It would not surprise me at all given how the Romans used conscripts if the Roman soldiers who nailed Jesus to the cross were not Italians but the forefathers of the people who call themselves ‘English’ to this day.


-Texas Anglosmasonic Police State

Cops killing and tasering kids at school. Texas is like California, virtually every governor has been a hate filled Anglomason. Whereever Anglosaxon govt goes, be it the British Empire in India, China, or Canada or Ireland or Texas schools they create misery and death and cruelty. I suppose the infamous homosexual and war criminal and mass murderer of women and children Lord Kirchner of England who invented the concentration camp in its modern form would be proud. Frankly as a person of European American heritage, I think you nasty Anglosaxons and your Masonic death cult might be more than 1/2 the problem in the USA. A tiny minority the Anglosaxons, their oppression will not go on forever. The ZGR is waking people up. Scorn to the Anglomasons and their allies. Notice the English crown is right on top of this new , ‘Texas’ model of the school as a modern concentration camp Lord Kirchner would be proud of.

The reason Ca and Texas dominated by Anglomason is that both had ‘gold rushes’, in Texas, ‘black gold’ and in CA, ‘black gold and gold-gold’. The crown sent its hellions in both Jewish and Anglosaxon to dominate the politics of those states to make sure the Royal Anglo-Jew clans was at the head of the table, indeed at all the chairs at the rich table of California and Texas.

The problem really is letting women teach boys. Most women are unfit intellectually, morally, spiritually or physically for work outside of the home as the wife and none are suited to teaching your son, even at a young age. Letting women take over the schools has been the death knell for the USA educational and moral system.

American women as an aggregate seem to be fit only for Communist Chinese sex slaves when they come. The Chinacoms better have them tested for STDs and put the Anglosaxons women in camps as most are nuts I have encountered in the USA.

Used to be the principals and vice principals were big strong men, along with the math and science and PE teachers. Not anymore, schools are LGBT now, and filled interestingly enough with mainly Anglosaxon women without real university degrees but fake degrees in ‘education’ .

Jews can fill in when the Anglomason is not available to the NWO at the schools but most often they are involved in ‘real’ public schools, aka Hebrew schools making sure their children are treated with love and taught real subjects.

Look it up all CA has every had has been Anglosaxon governors, and 2 jews. Texas is about the same but I think they had an Irishman or two sneak in early in the state’s History. Nothing but Anglosaxons for the last fifty years that is for sure in Texas.

I find it quite extraordinary that only the ZGR can seem to observe Anglosaxons are only 8 % of the USA and the Anglosaxon with the Royal surname is only 2 % , yet with the Jew, they have the cruelest of whips upon the backs of the American people. If you look at the number of websites ,although they are few that are anti-Zionist or just racist Anti-Jew reactionary sites due Jewish racism, or Mossad directed Anti-Jew operatives, it staggers the ZGR’s mind that I have found no one complaining about the brutality of the Cruel Anglosaxon-WASP in America and their very small numbers brutalizing the Gentiles. Be my guest please help start some more website discussing the English-Jewish-Satanic -nexus.

Alex Jones will sometimes attack the Jews for their criminality, although it’s rare, but he will never go near the deep , deep complicity of the Anglosaxon with world Jewry. Perhaps being an Anglosaxon married to a Jew, the ZGR it hits too close to home. His readers deserve the liberating truth of the ZGR, please help send them here, where I can break the thought control of world Anglo-Zionism over their minds, with your help of course.


-Why ?


Societies with weak homosexual men are easy to rule and enslave. Girls don’t like to fight or men like Brad Pitt who likes to wear his Jewish wife’s skirt in typical Anglo-Zionist cross dressing fashion!!


-Why has the Global press turned on their LGBT /Rainbow POTUS?

Nixon was for sure taken down by the Anglo-Zionists Woodward and Bernstein as he turned on the Big Jew Rockefeller and his cabal and stopped cooperating with the NWO agenda. He also was beginning to think a Jewish Cabal was running the world and made the mistake of telling the royal WASP Billy Graham  whom he thought he could trust but who was working for the CIA/David Rockefeller. Likely Bill Graham more than anyone provided the impetus for taking Nixon down. Billy is a 33 degree Free Mason and Nixon was never a member of the Masons , nor were the Nixons English bluebloods like Billy Graham.


Now Obama’s homosexual contingent in Washington DC is turning on the great blow job ..er blow-hard in chief in the White House and we know the hate filled, extraordinary evil Anglomason Chris Matthews is a completely demonically animated jackal that will do anything for fame, money and power and his real Jewish girlfriends…er boyfriends..er friends.

Interesting, every single person listed in the article below is Anglosaxon or a Jew or Crypto Jew with only one possible exception, the man from Poland Zbigniew Brzezinski . The CFR like the Trilateral commission is primarily Anglo-Zionists. Brzezinski has all the features of someone who is half ashkenazi and half polish but for now lets pretend he is just a sold out gentile. In any event Brother Kapner, sort of the world’s  leading web expert on the satanic Jews as  Christian Jew says Brzezinsk is a member of the tribe. What is extraordinary really is the preponderance of Anglosaxons in the NWO and Anglosaxon with royal surnames, pretty much indicating, fealty is to the big Jew, Baron Jacob Rothschilds and the really Big Anglo-Jew Prince Charles of England.

Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were Knighted in Secret by the English crown a few years after 911, something  the ZGR  proved,   but unfortunately our database was electronically wasted for revealing that. These people don’t want you to see the deep spiritual and tribal relationship between the Jews and English, and the NWO is in reality just the English or rather British-Israel empire in its new Corporate-Central Bank-Bank and puppet politician form. The ‘one’ connection you must not ‘make’ is that the English Crown is ‘the’ satanic power that rules the globe or is trying to, and for sure you must never be told to pray against that Satanic power in the name of Jesus.


One thing will get you outed, ASAP, is if you stop cooperating with World Jewry and their desire to rule the world form the English Crown which is certifiably Satanic and Kosher like the Spanish Crown and Dutch Crown. All these satanist bow to Queen Elizabeth, from the Satanic Popes, to Baron Rothschilds, to the G7 Leaders to European so called Royals. You might say the English crown is the seed of all evil in the world, the Rothschilds banking/Central bank empire is the root of all evil, and branches of evil are GS/JPM/DB/HSBC/Barclays/RBS/Citi/UBS/BAC, etc. The ‘fruit’ of the tree is the demonic pentagon and USA military industrial complex and SP500, and Global Dow, Wall Street and the City of London.


-Time for Holder to go

The American people have lost faith in U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., and he must be replaced, a top GOP senator said Sunday.“I lost confidence in the attorney general a long time ago over his cover-up of the Fast and Furious investigation,” said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, referencing Mr. Holder’s role in the infamous gunrunning scheme that went awry and cost the life of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.Calls for Mr. Holder’s ouster have grown louder since it was revealed the Justice Department gathered telephone records for at least 20 Associated Press editors and reporters in an attempt to find the source of a supposed national security leak.Those two scandals, Mr. Cornyn said, make clear that Mr. Holder must be dismissed.“I think it’s past time for him to go and for the president to appoint somebody who the public can have confidence in,” he said.


-Medical Firm Sues IRS

A healthcare provider has sued the Internal Revenue Service and 15 of its agents, charging they wrongfully seized 60 million medical records from 10 million Americans.The name of the provider is not yet known, United Press International said. But Courthouse News Service said the suit claims the agency violated the Fourth Amendment in 2011, when agents executed a search warrant for financial data on one employee – and that led to the seizure of information on 10 million, including state judges.The search warrant did not specify that the IRS could take medical information, UPI said. And information technology officials warned the IRS about the potential to violate medical privacy laws before agents executed the warrant, the complaint said, as reported by UPI.“Despite knowing that these medical records were not within the scope of the warrant, defendants threatened to ‘rip’ the servers containing the medical data out of the building if IT personnel would not voluntarily hand them over,” the complaint states, UPI reported.The suit also says IRS agents seized workers’ phones and telephone data – more violations of the warrant, UPI reported. The complaint alleges the IRS was “invasive and unlawful” and stole access to intimate medical records that included patients’ treatment plans and therapies, UPI said. The suit seeks $25,000 in compensatory damages, per violation. The records’ seizure could impact up to one in 25 Americans, UPI said.


-Satanic Jews Thwart Nationalist Ambitions and Natavist hopes in whatever country they are in

Dragged in: It has been claimed that the Prime Minister used the 'swivel-eyed' insult himself to deride Euro rebelsDenied: Lord Feldman said he is considering legal action over 'untrue' claims he used the insult

David Cameron has been dragged deeper into the ‘swivel-eyed loon’ row engulfing his party –  after it was claimed that he used the insult himself to deride Euro rebels.

Tory Chairman Lord Feldman, a key member of the Prime Minister’s inner circle, was yesterday forced to deny he had used the term against Conservative grassroots supporters, saying the claims were ‘completely untrue’.

Mr Cameron put his reputation on the line by backing his Oxford University pal and tennis partner. But The Mail on Sunday can disclose that the Prime Minister was accused of using the same ‘swivel-eyed’ jibe last year.


-How England functions

Bribes, threats, gags and blackballs.


-ECB to become chief euro bank supervisor

One world govt continues its rampage. Rule by Jewish bankers and their kin and satanic associates.


-Brit Whistler Blower Emerges on GOOG tax evasion

The problem is there is nothing ‘illegal’ about it. Thank the USA Congress for that. The Brit was likely working for MI6 and is getting paid big money for his stolen data base, which is technically a crime.


-The Jewish taxman comes for everything you own ,then piles on debt on top of that..

More than 8,000 French households’ tax bills topped 100 percent of their income last year, thebusiness newspaper Les Echos reported on Saturday, citing Finance Ministry data.The newspaper said that the exceptionally high level of taxation was due to a one-off levy last year on 2011 incomes for households with assets of more than 1.3 million euros ($1.67 million).President Francois Hollande’s Socialist government imposed the tax surcharge last year, shortly after taking office, to offset the impact of a rebate scheme created by its conservative predecessor to cap an individual’s overall taxation at 50 percent of income.The government has been forced to redraft a proposed bill to levy a temporary 75 percent tax on earnings over 1 million euros, which had been one of Hollande’s campaign pledges.The Constitutional Council has judged such a high rate of taxation to be unfair, leaving the government to rehash it to hit companies rather than individuals.Since then, a top administrative court has determined that a marginal tax rate higher than 66.66 percent on a single household risked being considered as confiscatory by the council.Les Echos reported that nearly 12,000 households paid taxes last year worth more than 75 percent of their 2011 revenues due to the exceptional levy. ($1 = 0.7798 euros)


-Syrian soldiers have completed their training on the S300 surface to air missile systems (anti-aircraft) on Russian soil, according to a report on Israel Channel 1. The Syrian soldiers have spent the past two months training on the platform.Russia is expected to deliver the first missiles to Syria within two months.There is concern in Israel that the S300 systems will actually be manned by Russian troops in Syria.

Lights out for the cowardly Jews if Syria gets the S300. They will have to take heavy losses to bomb children again in Syria. Dead cowardly IDF scum hurtling to earth, the time has come. Looks like Putin really told Bibi to shove off.


Russia outs CIA chief in Moscow, Promises s-300 to syria


-Marine who dumped toxins felt cancer was payback


-Bernanke Speech just standard grad fare


-IDF Commando Filmed Crapping on Friend’s Head


Bizarrely enough there is a Jewish religious tradition for this. In the Talmud the stool of a Jew is considered to be sacred. As the ZGR documented many of these Jews that were caught in financial crimes after the 2008 melt down,  had toilets literally made out of gold. The Jewish evangelist, Morris Cerrullo has his own private jet airline plane with a golden John on it. You might say the Talmudic Jew is literally a worshiper of crap. Satan is not known as the Lord of the flies for no reason. See Michael Hoffman’s book, Judaism Revealed if you want to study the Jews obsession with their own feces.

-9/11 Widow & Lawyer sanctioned by Corrupt Zionist Judge

Zionist Jews in a panic as their role in 911 become more obvious to all.


-Eurovision Winner

Denmark’s “Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest wins Eurovision http://bit.ly/12Dc0IC 

Song in ‘English’ wins, big surprise there. These contests are so rigged. Is English the new language of Europe? People speak their own language or the language of their conquerors.

-Too Rich To Pay: UK giants slash tax bills amid tense austerity


-Satanic Zionist filth

Hollande signs gay marriage into law

France becomes ninth European country to allow full marriage

-Anglo-Zionist controlled IRS targets Christian groups


-Military Says No Presidential Authorization Needed To Quell “Civil Disturbances”

Rockefeller, Prince Charles, and Rothschilds are going to turn the dogs of hell, aka the Pentagon on the American people it looks like and maybe soon.


-Finally Airforce Whistle Blower comes forward on Toxic USAF Chemtrail sprying.

The USA military is going to rue the day it sold out to the devil and tried to take the country over. Eventually the NWO will murder the traitors in our own military simply as they know traitors cant be trusted to keep secrets. Who else is spraying this toxic brew all over the planet who else has over airbases in well over 100 countries of the world? A pox upon all the USA military leaders and their families who are doing this to all of the world. The USA military is so, so evil and foul. Pure Satanism at the top.


-FT Spy has Lunch with Confederate Jewess, Nancy P. Lousy

Kind of typical FT, BS, as he probably handed herorders from the big London Anglo-Zionists under the table. Rothschilds and Prince Charles checking up on Global warming agenda, and probably other things we are not told about. Plenty of Scots have sold out to the English Crown and the Rothschilds that is for sure. The English claim to have ‘absorbed’ 50 % of the Scots into the Anglo-Jewish bloodline. Annoying haughty English swine. Same patterns repeat, Jew-Jew, Anglo-Jew, Jew-Anglo, Anglo-Anglo. Pelosi is a sephardic Jew with the typical queer Son, daughters married to Jews and she speaks Hebrew with her grand kids.



She’s speaking to fellow Anglo-Zionist lawyers at their graduation from UC Davis which is not far from her weekend country home this weekend. I think the taxpayers pick up her private jet and body guard as she flies back and forth each weekend at our expense like a Queen. These Jews are something else at spending OPM on the Anglo-Zionist empire.


Plastic Surgery Freak to hide her Jew background. These are not photoshops!

-Jew at WSJ interviews Jewess Lagarde /IMF

Nothing new in the interview, FWIW. Typical NWO gabfest between two corrupt Jews. What is really said is ‘edited’ out to make sure know one knows what is going on but Justus Jews. Tight little network thieves have.


-Starbucks TV- Free Porn but no Iran Press TV!!

It is a Jewish world and you’re in it. Boycott this filthy place. Tell a friend. Ask them to tell a friend and tell that friend to tell and friend and start the chain of bringing this Zionist pig Howard Schultz down.


-Enron NG Market Rigger, collects his Billions  and goes to work on  one world agenda charity

Another Crown servant like Bill Gates. Another strange looking Anglosaxon.


Looks like he is advancing UN Agenda 21.  The Crown has demanded the nouveau riche cooperate with them and donate their billions to the NWO cause. It is like the Mafia, once you’re a ‘made’ man you then owe the Mafia for making you your services for life.


-Crazy American Cop

Hero police officer who met Michelle Obama after being shot in the face arrested for ‘holding two women at gunpoint, druggging and raping them’

Richard DeCoatsworth

Retired Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth, 27, who was seated next to the First Lady during a presidential address in 2009 (left), was charged with rape, sexual assault and terroristic threats for allegedly forcing two 20-year-old women to use drugs and perform sexual acts. DeCoatsworth was hailed as a hero after he was shot in the face (right) during a traffic stop in September 2007 but still managed to chase after his attacker, who was later sentenced to 36 to 72 years in prison.

-Zionist Wall Street Journal Jamming ‘Eurovision’ , Eurotrash down America’s Throat

You tend to win, only if you’re a committed Satanist/LBGT/Zionist or amoral filth. I think the votes are rigged. Europeans literally goes nuts for this. I have never understood it. One world, one King, one religion. Most of the traders on Friday I monitor were talking more about Eurovision than the market , squandering their employers money and time. Trust me it wont be long before the USA and Canada send someone to ‘Eurovision’. Prince Charles will demand it. That cat probably picks the most evil person to be the winner. These low level celebrities , some gentiles , tend to all be satanists and very committed to the NWO.



-North Korea fired three short-range guided missiles into the sea off the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula on Saturday, South Korea’s defense ministry said.

-Another British-Israel Marriage Goes Sour

Kendra Platt-Lee

Why is it Jews only marry Jew or Anglosaxons?  If this was England and everyone was more or less Jewish and Anglosaxons it might make sense but the USA has few of these Anglosaxons , especially with Royal surnames like this.  The British Press really concentrates on Anglosaxon-Jewish relationships in the USA, indeed if you read the Mail you would think the USA was nothing but Anglosaxons and Jews. Same surname as the Anglosaxon firm, Platts at the center of the London Oil rigging scandal. I wonder if he is any realationship to Lucky Larry Silverstein. Jews are not allowed to Marry Christians and Christians, at least per the Bible are not supposed to marry Jews who have not converted to Christianity.


-More Americans committing suicide under Obummer than the Great Depression

The evil Darth Vader of our times.


-Chris Evert the Crazy slutty Anglomason

The more evil you do, the uglier you become. Granted most WASPs don’t have much to begin with and when that latent Ashkenazi gene comes out after 50, well even the best plastic surgeons have trouble right Mrs whatever your last name is now. Still crazy after all these years. Kind of the WASP equivalent of Goldie Hawn of Hollywood the Jewish slut that looks like hell as well after a hard life of debauchery. How was this ‘thing’ ever considered a great beauty? I always thought she looked like a donkey. I never saw more than 15 minutes of any films starring goldie hawn as her spirit was so profane I had to leave the theater. Chris Evert is actually your basic Church of England married and divorced more times than anyone can remember skank. No man was good enough for her yet she is as ugly as sin. She’s long overdue for being exposed for what she is. Repent.


-Crackhead Rob Ford with his good Queer Pal and #2 Mossad Agent in the USA  Rahm Emmanuel

One a dirty filthy traitorous Zionist Jew who works for the Mossad, who wants to turn Chicago into Las Vegas and who is a  big queer, the other a big fat Anglomason piece of crack smoking garbage who works for Prince Charles, also wants to turn Toronto into a zionist gambling and prostitution den. This is who runs the USA and Canada. The problem is they represent the Crown’s satanic view point and we are not Crown subjects in the USA, although Canadians are still in theory,  and few of us are satanic Anglosaxons and Jews who want to turn our cities into Las Vegas. Even in Canada  these fat pig Anglomasons are a small minority. It is time to put both these evil clowns back on the Mayflower and let them row their queer/fat bottoms back to England or Israel, their choice. These two would probably enjoy buggering each other and smoking crack on the row back across the pond while singing “god  Save the Queens. ”


-Energy Dept. backs Texas LNG export plan



American women are so fat, lazy and such trashy slobs these days a lot might as well  change their names to Windsor or Rothschilds. Can you believe this fat slob of a father and this fat slob of a mother. Thoughtless people go to Ziobucks coffee, and just think you might drink off a table at Starbucks where some Amerotrash fat slob of mom dumped baby poop all over the table for you and the starbucks idiot gave her the same rag he wipes the expresso machine down with to clean it up. What  wimp of a father, fat slob. I dont know my generation was different, no one was fat as you could not get a job even as computer scientist or geek if you were and no one this stupid or thoughtless could  father a child as they could not hold a job and welfare was non existent. What is wrong with using their car or an outside chair at least. egads. Amerotrash, the time has come for Prince Charles to cull you thoughtless loons I guess. Maybe he can start putting more poison into that lousy coffee Zionist bucks his loyal servant Howard Schultz the Jew serves . Same thing with you moms who think you can whip your tits out in public and breast feed  your brat rather than carry a bottle or go some place discrete where we don’t have to watch the over- fed kid barf all over your saggy breast. I’m sick of that as well. This is not the middle east or africa you slobby american women. Shape up or ship out to england where you will fit right in regardless of your last name. Yech!! Well Zionists drink coffee at starbucks and zionists are the scum of of the earth and this proves it. Pity Howard Schultz’s poor slaves with graduate degrees who literally have to put up with  crap for minimum wages.


-USA week ahead

Market participants will hear from many Fed policy makers this week with the key event being on Wednesday morning when Mr Bernanke is set to testify before the Joint Economic Committee on the economic outlook, followed by the release of the 1 May FOMC meeting minutes. Press reports concerning the Fed’s strategy for eventually winding down its current bondbuying programme have garnered market attention and discussion at the Fed’s May meeting could clarify current thinking, although we believe the timing of any tapering move remains undecided.

Existing home sales likely edged up 0.2% to a 4.93 million unit annual rate in April. Pending home sales, which typically help indicate upcoming final sales activity, were mixed over the past two months, with a 1.5% increase in March offsetting a 1.1% decline in February. The National Association of Realtors noted in last months release that, while the inventory of previously owned homes for sales increased slightly from last month from a seasonal gain, it remains 16.8% below it’s level last year, and represents only 4.7 months supply at the current sales pace. A housing supply of 6+ months is considered generally indicative of a balanced market between buyers and sellers. As buyers are eager to take advantage of low mortgage rates, the limited inventory may be holding back sales gains. We will continue to monitor the details of the report to see how buyers and sellers respond to the positive trends in the overall housing market.

We forecast a 1.9% gain to a 425K unit rate in new home sales in April. The April NAHB had reported a slight slowdown in sales activity, but that seems to have reversed in the May report, where homebuilders noted that buyers had a sense of urgency to purchase given the low inventories in the previously-owned home sales market. The NAHB survey indicated that expectations remain strong for growth in sales activity in the next six months, in line with our view that the pace of sales will improve moving into the second half of the year. New residential building permits also increased by a substantial 14.3% in April, with the number of homes permitted but not yet started rising 11.8%, suggesting that builders are preparing to increase activity to meet demand in the coming month

Durable goods orders likely rose 1.1% in April, as aircraft orders at Boeing rebounded slightly after last months sharp drop. Boeing received orders for 51 new planes in March, after receiving orders for only 39 planes last month, indicating that the change in transportation orders should add to the top-line orders figure, after subtracting significantly last month. Apart from that, the new orders index in the April ISM manufacturing survey picked up a bit, but remained at a level consistent with only modest expansion, while other regional surveys reported mixed orders activity for April. Our forecast for new durable goods orders excluding transportation is for a modest 0.4% increase.


-Head of Italian team Luna Rossa says he wants lower wind speed caps for the America’s Cup yacht races

This is  ludicrous they are sailing in a sheltered bay not through the potato patch into a northwestern swell out of the gulf of alaska like they should to test their skill,and the boat and their resolve to win under adverse conditions. Too much is being made over one englishman whom for all we know may have been loaded and could not swim who died, and who was clearly fat and out of shape. Who cares? . The English are notoriously bad sailors, drunks and swimmers. The only reason to sail a cat, as ugly of a  ship as they are, is to sail close hauled to the wind with the windward hull 10 degrees out of the water with as much sail and speed as you can carry without tipping, that is the name of the game. If they are going to cave to these eurotrash wimps, they should go back to traditional mono-hulled ships and sail outside of the Bay. Let this crybaby Italian skipper go home like the Eurotrash he is. This is inside the SF bay for heavens sake. I have never seen a day where it blew so hard you would hesitate to take a cat out on the Bay and keel it right in attempting to win a race if you had to. It is a gas. Of course you cant be a fat slob, have to be good shape and able to swim in addition to being a adventurous person. Cats are very forgiving if you know what you’re doing, unlike this English fellow whose team clearly did not know what they were doing in moderate winds. . The courses are already wimpy enough, for heavens sake. Is this an old timers event for 70 year old sailors or young men? Probably the 70 years would do better than todays generation of eurowimps. Go home eurotrash, this is the ‘America’s cup’. Not the Eurotrash or Englishtrash cup.


-Who is running Germany these days? Fat Dykes and Jews and Cross burners..aka Angela Rothschilds, nee Merkel, nee Kasner

A Barbie doll is burned on a cross during the opening of the Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin on May 16

Photograph by Jens Kalaene/EPA

A Barbie doll is burned on a cross during the opening of the Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin on May 16

Germans have no fear of mocking God, their culture is doomed to be ruled by the antiGod Jews and LGBTs and communists

-How Prince Charles Spies use facerook  and sh-tter.


-US Slams Russia’s Missile Sales to Syria

Christian President Putin Inflames, hate filled Anglo-Zionists satanists at the Pentagram.

Go Putin. Go Syria. Christian Syrians overwhelming support Assad. Down with the hate filled General Dempsey. Put him on trial for war crimes. Time for a regime change alright Dempsey but Syria is not the one Americans are thinking about pb.

Russia Notes Arms Are Defensive in Nature

by Jason Ditz, May 17, 2013

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey has angrily condemned Russia for following through on agreed-to arms sales to Syria, insisting the decision to deliveranti-ship missiles to the war-torn nation risked prolonging the civil war.

The US and Israel have been petitioning Russia to back out of its arms contracts with the Assad government, though Russia has refused to do so, and today defended continuing its deliveries, saying the arms they are shippingare purely defensive in nature.

Indeed, it isn’t clear how today’s deliveries of anti-ship missiles would in any way impact rebels, and as with Syria’s acquisition of anti-aircraft missiles seems to be primarily aimed at discouraging foreign invasions.

Which is in no small part exactly why the US and Israel are objecting so loudly, as Israel has been attacking Syria outright in recent weeks, and the US has been talking up its own “military options,” and while none of Russia’s sales are likely to change that, they would make an offensive war against Syria much less convenient than it otherwise would be.



-Lol, those wild, wild WASPs!!

Only 60% of Rob Ford’s actions can be explained by crack cocaine

-CFTC indicators

Same trend as last week. OI is relatively high at 800k+ contracts (options plus futures), hedgies are shorting, bullion banks are reducing exposure and going long. Same pattern in silver. Bullion banks are probably close to a net flat position this week. Still a bit on the short side as of Tuesday. This is not a particularly bullish report and the Bullion banks are doing their job to keep physical gold down. Nothing to get excited about as far as a quick reversal in this report. Could be we will have another month or so of grinding the bottom out as the Bullion banks dupe the hedgies again. And who believes the CFTC anyways? These reports could be completely fraudulent like the FED/ECB balance sheet. Enough ‘dirt’ has emerged that the FED has two sets of books. One CIA/MI6/Mossad run and one for public consumption. CFTC are all demonic Anglosaxon royals and their Satanic Jew banker first cousins and all East coast Wall Street trash..er Washington DC trash. At some point gold will sharply reverse, if only on all the CB agreeing to reflate or someone big bolting from the dollar /euro camp like China or the BOJ buying big in gold and the word leaking out to London or London simply not able to drain the GLD ETF anymore. Heres to all you great English thieves at the LBMA taking a flying leap out of some high tower in London hand in hand with your Jewish cousins you rig the markets with. Go ahead and jump you crooks. Clearly Iran and India and China gold demand are giving the LBMA a heart stopper. Letta the GS stooge is not at the helm of Italy for nothing. Regling probably buys down Italiian and Spanish debt the more gold the BOI and BOS sends to London for ‘safe keeping’, we know he does for Cyprus for sure. In England the bankers are tend to be anglomasonic pederasts and satanists versus the more prominent Jewish stanist banksters of Amerika like Bub Rubin and Tiny Tim and Lew the Jew. Janus had nothing on the NWO gods let me tell you dear readers. Enjoy your sodomy you Anglosaxon LBMA riggers your day is coming soon, you just don’t know it yet. Foul England, hellish England the seed, of all evil in the world.


-Europe the week ahead

EU leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss a wide range of topics with a particular focus on the efficiency of the tax policy in order to tackle tax evasion and fiscal fraud. Intense negotiations will likely take place after European finance ministers failed to find a deal on this matter during the last ECOFIN meeting. France and Germany have called for an exchange of information among member states on all type of income, including savings income, but Luxembourg and Austria have blocked negotiations, arguing that such an agreement should be extended to third countries (Switzerland, Monaco, San Marin, Andorre and Liechtenstein in particular). Another topic on the agenda will be energy, in the context of the EU’s efforts to promote growth, employment and competitiveness.

After a poor start to the current quarter flash Eurozone PMI indices likely rebounded in May (to 47.0 for the PMI manufacturing and to 47.4 for the PMI services), partially supported by the ECB’s decision to cut rates. Despite that expected improvement in May, and if our estimates are correct, at those levels Eurozone PMI indices would remain below their Q1 average, thereby suggesting a higher contraction of activity than in Q1. In order for our scenario for a stabilisation of activity in Q2 to materialise, a more sustained improvement in business confidence would be needed going forward, hopefully triggered by better financial conditions and higher external demand. In Germany, the deterioration in the forward-looking components of the PMI manufacturing last month would suggest a further decline in the index in May. Nevertheless we expect some improvement in business confidence to have occurred in May on the back of better weather conditions, falling commodity prices and a rebound in car registrations. French PMI indices likely continued to recover in May, albeit from low levels and below the Eurozone average, still suggesting a continued contraction of activity. Witnessing the deteriorated outlook in the French industry, the Insee quarterly survey, which measures investment plans from businesses in the manufacturing sector, showed that in April firms expected to reduce investment over the course of the year by 4% versus a stable expectation back in January. All in all, the Eurozone flash composite index is forecast at 47.3 in May, its highest since February.

The German IFO index of business climate is expected to increase marginally to around 104.7 after two months of contraction. We expect both the expectations and current conditions indices to improve in May.

With the growth outlook revised upwards and inflation projections seen as a little weaker in this month’s BoE quarterly inflation report relative to three months ago,the UK MPC minutes may reveal a more optimistic stance. In our opinion it suggests a lower appetite for asset purchases for the time being. The balance of votes likely shifted in favour of the status-quo camp as Governor King probably abandoned his preference for more asset purchases, judging from the upbeat tone of his quarterly press conference.

UK CPI inflation is expected to fall temporarily in April, from 2.8% YoY to 2.5% YoY, while printing a 0.3% MoM increase on the month. Favourable base effects in the energy component of the index (energy prices fell this year and increased significantly over the same period last year) were likely accompanied by a decline in core inflation (from 2.4% YoY to 2.2% YoY). We continue to expect a rebound in inflation in the near-term to a peak at above 3% in June and persistent above-target inflation thereafter.

UK GDP second estimate will likely confirm the 0.3% QoQ increase in GDP in Q113 (0.6% YoY). Of particular interest will be the expenditure breakdown, which we expect to show decent growth in household consumption and a positive contribution from inventories. Some recovery in business investment after an extremely weak Q412 also seems likely. By contrast, given the continued recession in the Eurozone, net trade likely continued to be a drag on growth.

UK retail sales likely rebounded in April after weather negatively affected sales in the non-food sector in the previous month (March was the second coldest month on record). Car registrations rose by a strong 9.4% MoM sadj. in April. Household consumption, which experienced a positive growth over the past year, will likely strengthen in the coming months, supported by rising asset prices and improving credit conditions.

Quote of the day:

“I think the central bank backstop from the ECB and recently from global central banks, notably the Bank of Japan, have helped to remove the tail risks. This time last year, the vast majority of investors I was talking to really thought that there was a genuine risk that the EUR would even last a year. So, a lot of this optimism in the financial markets were on the view that this tail risk has diminished; it’s not really on the idea that Europe would have any kind of strong growth any time soon…I don’t think we are even half the way through this crisis yet. There is a lot that needs to be happen in Europe. We still need to see more fiscal consolidation and the pace is slowing down. We still need to see more structural reforms… A weaker EUR is helpful but it is not enough; it’s not the most important factor. Global demand is much more important than the exchange rate. It doesn’t make that much difference if you have the most competitive currency in the world if there is no global growth.”

Janet Henry, London-based chief European economist at HSBC (Source: Bloomberg TV)


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