Whacky New World Order News, and Other Items of Note

Talk About A Ungrateful Scion of Hades!!

Al Quaddafi gives Sarkozy $75 million for his Presidential campaign!


Human Urine Contains Unsafe Levels Of Monsanto  Roundup


The Cowardly Zionist/War Criminal In Action

Dick Cheney Views Canadians As Too Dangerous-Cancels Speech

Sarkozy’s Son Assaults French Police Woman

You can always tell chosen people. They start young wit the sense of entitlement and  privilege. Where is his evil mother?


Crypto  Hebrew Gary Trudeau Going Down in Flames

Too bad his Mom did not abort him. French-Hebrew married into Anglo-royal bloodline. Draft Dodger.


Alex Jones Calls for Arrest of Crypto Zionist/Satanist/UN Spokes-slut, Angelina Jolie

Arrest the baby snatcher and racist.


Ron Paul Finally Admits Republicans Fraud GOP Caucus Votes


Monsanto Threatens Global food Supply


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