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-Pigs on Jihad against the American People

Shocking, to say the least.


-Mulsims know how to handle sluts,  feminists and Lesbians

Probably a Jew or Anglosaxon. Obviously for Paris it is the wrong language. Whore.





Activists with the feminist movement Femen declared April 4 to be international “topless jihad day.” In a number of European cities, a small number of women engaged in topless protests against conservative Islamism and in support of a Tunisian activist named Amina Tyler, who posted topless photos of herself on Facebook last week and claims her family has not allowed her to leave home since. Here, a woman is pictured in front of Paris’ Grand Mosque as she is kicked by an elderly man.

-Hate Filled Zionist Jew, Joe Biden Demands Communist Chinese New World Order

How the elite Jews hate America, and are madder than a hatter. Get out you Bum Biden move to Shanghai, London or Tel Evil. Viper.Evil, traitor, antichrist. Anglo-Jewish illuminati scum!



-By Design, Prince Charles is technically a Rothschilds.

-Schumer sees deal this week on immigration


-Berlin’s non-airport of shame

At least unlike DIA, they did not take the money and build and underground city for the English crown, with their over run money. Recall DIA under the Sephardic Jew Mayor Pena over ran costs from $1 billion to $5 billion and the airport started construction in 1989 and finished in 1994. Then an unheard of sum for an airport.


-SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chilean port workers are returning to work after reaching a deal to end three weeks of strikes that blocked exports of copper, fruit and wood pulp.

The stoppage in the world’s No.1 copper producing nation began in the northern port of Angamos when workers demanded a 30-minute lunch break. Dockers in 10 other ports joined in solidarity.

The Ultraport company managing the Angamos port agreed late Friday to compensate workers with a bonus following negotiations mediated by Chile’s work minister.

The strike caused worries because Chile produces a third of the world’s copper and its stable economy is built around exports of minerals.

Chile is also a major global exporter of wine, salmon and fruit.


-Portugese government crisis to endanger eurozone


-Taliban blow up some Drug Runners /Spies

A useful idiot for the empire gets her recompense. People don’t like outsiders meddling with their society, culture and religion.


-CFR /Oxford Analytica Member, fake Christian, Anglosaxon supremacist Rick Warren Son Killed by Rick Warren who had him drugged

If the problem is not demonic animation, recall the insane man Jesus cast the demons out of, then often it is biochemical. Dr. Abram Hoffer a PHD in Biochemistry and an MD , Psychiatrist, showed 90 % of the cases of schizophrenia were related to poor diet and chemical imbalances and further more, cured 90 % of these people with megadoses of vitamins and minerals. Rick is a shill for the Anglosaxon elite of London and pushes their pill loving NWO order, and now reaps in his own life. Pray he repents of his wickedness. Suicide is a well known side effect of these modern drugs. Certainly Rick is a poor example of a Christian, and could not get his own son delivered as his NWO religion is powerless to help people. His kid is better off than being with his Oxford Analytica/CFR/Masonic/Satanic dad.



-ECB’s Weidmann: Lesson from Cyprus is banks can be wound down


-EU’s Rehn: Big depositors could suffer in future bank bailouts under new law


-Obama instructed to squeeze the poor and widows by that Cheap Jew Prince Charles

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s plan to change the way the government measures inflation would lead to significantly lower Social Security benefits while increasing taxes, mainly on low-income families.

If it’s adopted across the government, the Congressional Budget Office says, the proposed new inflation index would reduce the federal budget deficit by a total of $340 billion over the next decade.

The change would have far-reaching effects because so many programs in addition to Social Security are adjusted annually based on year-to-year differences in consumer prices. Taxes would go up because of smaller adjustments to income tax brackets, the standard deduction and the personal exemption amount.

Obama is proposing the new measure of inflation as part of his 2014 budget plan, which is scheduled for release on Wednesday.

-Boeing Fix Looks good say Lahood

What a soulless, evil looking thug. And yet no root cause is found.


-China wars trouble makers on Korean Peninsula

Prince Charles Butler has done his share of poking a stick in the fat little nutters eye in North Korea.


-Big Brother Jew and his LGBT ally at the DHS

Per Solzhenitsyn all the Gulag Commizars were Jews and 90 pc of the secret police officers. Still let us not lose fact that is was English crown who coordinated its Jewish agents in Russia to murder the Czar.


-This week Market Recap

Major Global markets took a turn for the worse this  past week, the notable exception being Japan .

In the US, the March employment report was shocking, at 88k NFP jobs,  especially as Birth-Death Jobs, that is jobs that were not counted but are ‘assumed’ to exist accounted for all the job growth in March, and the USA work force continued its dramatic down sizing by the direction of the City of London, the March ISM Manufacturing index hit its lowest level since December, and the weekly initial jobless claims pushed out to a four-month high. The patch of weak economic data inspired talk of a “Spring swoon” by the financial media,  similar to scenarios seen in 2011 and 2012. Worries abound that the fabled 2h recovery in jobs WS has been predicting since Obama took office won’t materialize. These rumors are used to pump the market into May, whereby WS sells and goes on its extended summer at the Hamptons  lifestyle. Meanwhile Obama continued to push free trade agreement and singled out tiny Singapore and ‘free trade’ as key to his strategy in Asia. Singapore managed to attract enormous amounts of USA manufacturing  jobs through continual dollar pegging which continues to this day and is the other financial power house in Asia that competes with Hong Kong as the premier financial center of Asia. Jim Rogers lives in Singapore. You can’t have ‘free trade’ much less fair  and balanced trade when Singapore and all the other Asian nation purse defacto currency pegs to attract USA jobs and technology.The March US jobs report saw non-farm payrolls of only +88K versus expectations of +190K, and private payrolls were +95K versus expectations of +200K. The non-farm payrolls number was the lowest since July 2012. The unemployment rate fell to lows last seen in December 2008, although most of the decline was due to labor force shrinkage. The labor force participation rate fell to 63.3%, the lowest level since 1979. After the data, Goldman Sachs Chief Economist Jan Hatzius said markets should not expect to hear much about QE tapering for a while.

On Thursday the S&P500 took out its all-time closing high but this week the index was unable to take out its intraday high of 1,576.09 from back in October 2007. Most of the market action on bad news was dominated by the USTs, ESF, AKA the plunge protection team buying futures contracts and black boxes following them higher. Even noted gold commentator Jim Sinclair went ‘public’ with how rigged and artificial all the markets are.

Overseas central bank decisions and geopolitical events dominated.

Japan was the only market bright and hot spot after the BOJ rolled out an aggressive new monetary policy strategy aimed at driving a stake through deflation and ending the two-decade long slump, the Nikkei closed out the week not far off recent five-year highs. Bond and currency market action were surreal.. The total new monthly size of asset purchases was increased to Y7T (70 billion) from y3.8T. The ZGR managed to get on board at 89 Y/D ride that to 96 , sell, get back on board at 92.8 this week and sell at 97. Given the easing we could easily see the Y/D race to 120 to 140. The Japanese economy is about 1/3 the size of the USA economy, yet the monthly QE is very close to Bernanke’s state 85 billion a month. TM (Toyota) BOJ /MOF have called for a 100 Y/d target but given amount of easing relative to their GDP the Yen /Dollar is bound to run higher than that. The BOJ/MOF tend to intervene heavily when you see to much appreciation to quickly like we saw on Friday, providing opportunities to sell into big moves and buy big pull backs. Soros and the London gang are all aboard the Y/D 120-140 train I expect. The Japanese said their were ‘studying’ the epic 100 pc swing in the 10 Year JGB this week. The BOJ also reaffirmed its goals of getting to 2 pc inflation in 2 years. They may get more than the bargained for if the JGB bond action is any predictor. Japan does not really have ‘deflation’ the inflation is just stored up in their massive 250 pc of GDP national debt, most owned by institutions. Should  they sense the ‘forever’ bull market in JGBs are over with, Japan could easily see hyperinflation nearly overnight.

The ECB, BOE and the RBA left rates on hold and took no special actions although they did and enormous amount of talking their economies/CB  up.  Draghi was forced to finally admit the EU was not getting better, and punt his 2H ‘recovery’ into 2014, effectively. The WTO head, Pacal Lamy, a European called a lost economic decade for Europe, with exports as their only hope. Look for a much lower Euro dollar , perhaps as low as 120. The ECB clearly left the door open to a rate cut or even negative real interest rates, which has been discussed in policy circles. It is not clear if the Bundesbank is ready to toss in the towel with election year pressure on Merkel mounting. I suspect the PMI data this week including the  manufacturing recession moving into Germany means they will soon if they have not already.

North Korea got the media  attention its strange leader craved, for “authorizing” nuclear strikes on the US and making other provocative moves, and the Anglo-Zionist controlled press amplified this to hide the economic carnage Obama has left in his wake. There are some signs that China is beginning to abandon or disclaim any control of North Korea, possibly green lighting a regime change by the NWO. Practically nothing can really come of the North Korean threats, although years ago they did manage to get a rocket over to Alaska. North Korea is restarting the reactor GE(English crown owned) built for them that Bill Clinton approved and said they are beginning enrichment. The Chinese don’t want to be nuclear black mailed by North Korea for food anymore than anyone else I expect.

In China, a new strain of bird flu (H7N9) emerged in Hong Kong and Shanghai, proving fatal for about half of the dozen people who were infected and major poultry markets were shuttered.  But don’t worry, the originator if not the designer of these flu strains is working on a ‘vaccine’ the USA CDC (center for disease control) and working with Chinese authorities. These vaccines have been shown to not be effective statistically in to give a certain percentage of people the flu. The death rate is very ominous, so far near 50 % of the people flagged with it, have died from it. Prince Phillip of England once expressed the desire to be a virus in his next life and wipe out most of the human population. A policy Lord Bertrand Russell actually introduced his friend Prince Phillip to. This virus certainly appears to have that capability.

Natural gas futures pushed out to one-year highs on Friday, closing out the week around $4.10+.  EIA weekly stockpiles data showed inventory below the five-year average level for the first time in 19 months, a major shift for a market that has been burdened with oversupply for years. Goldman Sachs said demand is growing at the same time that US production is holding steady and forecasts prices of around $4.50 in the second half of 2013.

Leading US refining names fell 10-15% early this week after the EPA proposed new rules to reduce sulfur emissions from cars and trucks. The EPA’s so-called Tier 3 standards would demand lower pollutant emissions and higher automobile fuel mileage. The proposed regulations will not take effect until 2017.

The USA Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reversed course and stated that there will not be benefit cuts or premium hikes next year and that the fee for service percentage would climb more than 3%. Back in mid-February, CMS published preliminary 2014 reimbursement rates suggesting that the amount it pays per person for the popular coverage could fall more than 2% in 2014. Health care stocks rallied.

EUR/USD remained stuck below its 200-day moving average of 1.2880 until Thursday morning. The pair tested 4-month lows during the ECB press conference as Draghi struck a verbally dovish slant and once again pledged to maintain accommodative policy for as long as needed. As the conference drew to a close around  the USA market open traders sent EUR/USD up from weekly lows around 1.2750 to test as high as 1.2948.

USD/CNY tested below the 6.20 level for fresh 19-year high this week, although it is a glacially slow new high. The move followed the PBOC’s guidance for its daily central parity rate. Dealers said that the PBOC’s recent moves implied that China’s new leadership might favor a faster pace of yuan appreciation to boost flexibility under the capital account.

Gold after being pounded on by the Media and various bullion banks calling for a bear market and a dramatic decline in the POG next year, rallied strongly on Friday. It rose $23.50, or 1.5%, to settle at $1,575.90 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange for the June contract. Still the media/gold cartel was sucessfull in providing a big short covering opportunity ahead of the USA jobs report as gold was down 1.2 % on the week.


-Geopolitical Update

Overblown: North Korea Tensions More of the Same

South Korea, Guam Shrug Off Reports of Imminent Annihilation

by Jason Ditz, April 05, 2013

Two solid weeks of reports that a nuclear war is imminent on the Korean Peninsula haven’t led to much of anything, and experts seem to agree that other than having another week or two of threats and maybe a missile test, it’s not really going to lead to anything.

Indeed, this is a yearly thing, with the US-South Korea joint drills setting the stage for North Korean threats, retaliatory threats and escalating tensions until either the drill ends or China gets sick of the nonsense and calms everybody down.

South Koreans are used to this, as are the people of the US territory of Guam, both of which are taking the threat of nuclear annihilation in stride, noting that they’ve heard all of this before, and people in Guam welcoming the international attention as an opportunity to upgrade its profile on the global stage.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons, of course, are entirely speculative, as they have the conducted some underground tests but there is zero evidence they have any deliverable warheads. Likewise, their missiles are of dubious quality beyond the shortest of ranges, and all the talk of attacking the US mainland, experts agree, issimply nonsense.

All the two weeks of back and forth threats has to show for itself, realistically, is that the US has moved military hardware to the region at great expense and committed to a dramatic increase in missile defense spending against missiles that just aren’t coming.

News www.antiwar.com
Updated April 6, 2013 – 10:55 AM EDT
Overblown: N. Korea Tensions More of the Same
North Korea Missile Test Seen Likely
North Korea Warns: We Can’t Protect Embassies if Attacked
Syrian Rebel Seize Jordan Border Garrison, Dozens Killed
P5+1 Irked as Iran Proposes Far-Reaching Peace Plan
UN: Gitmo Detention ‘Clear Breach of International Law’
Price Hikes for US Military Gear Dwarf Most Defense Budgets
Obama Recycles 2002 Plan for New Israel-Palestinian Talks
US General: Post-2014 Afghan Troops Decision Can Wait
France to Keep Troops in Mali ‘Permanently’
AFRICOM to Focus on Combat, Downplay Civilian Activity
WikiLeaks Cable: US Embassy Planned to Destabilize Chavez
Libya Intervention More Questionable in Rear View Mirror
North Korea ‘Rattles Sabres’ as US Pretends to Nuke Them  by Peter Hart
No More Fuzzy Math: How Many Died in Iraq?  by Muhammad Ahmad
The Soft, Weak Chinese Cite Concerns for International Law and Due Process  by Glenn Greenwald
North Korea Is Someone Else’s Problem  by Doug Bandow
The Criminal Iraq War  by Tim Kelly
Chuck Hagel’s Speech: Nice, but No Cigar  by Robert Dreyfuss

-Amazon, squeezing  their suppliers just like Walmart

The English sure don’t like it when an American Jew like Jeff Bezo’s burns them do they?


-Barak the Magik  Butler blows another $.5  billion of your money on his PC /Prince Charles World View

The government-backed electric car company Fisker Automotive laid off about 160 workers Friday, or roughly 75 percent of the automaker’s staff, as it has struggled to find financial backing that would allow it to continue building its high concept clean cars.The layoff announcement came as the innovative start up faces a looming repayment on a loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, and as reports have swirled that it could be preparing to file for bankruptcy. As with the failed solar firm Solyndra, the green car company was once an early pick by the Obama Administration to be part of America’s clean energy future. The Obama Energy Department had approved Fisker for a government loan up to $529 million.Stunned workers filed out of Fisker’s Anaheim headquarters Friday morning with their belongings in boxes. One told ABC News that the employees had no advance notice the layoffs were coming, and they were told they would received no severance.


That is one expensive Butler Prince Charles employs, too bad he does not pay his bills!!

-This is a pretty cutely done video on cosmology.


-UAL has some seriously mentally sick flight attendants and Pilots.


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