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-Chemtrails and Gardening…

Chemtrails finally makes ‘GrowingYourGreens’, youtube channel. All my leafy greens are grown in a green house now. Thanks Prince Charles. Thanks Al Gore. Thanks David Rockefeller. Thanks Tony Blair. Thanks Bush family. Thanks Bill, @sshole Clinton. Thanks Crown Bootlicker, Obummer. Thanks Pentagon! Thanks MI6. Thanks CIA. Thanks Mossad.


-Rachmaninov- Praise the Lord


-Why the English Crown and English People Despise Americans

Christ’s people versus the English Antichrist Crown’s people, England and Israel

It is a good think the satanic Witch Elizabeth has come into the open that the moral people of the world may begin to see the enemy of Freedom, Peace, and the Gospel.  Down with Elizabeth and Charles. Down with the Crown. .Down with England and Israel if they won’t repent.


-He Hears me when I call


-Russian Pianist Olga Kern (stage name) , Rachmaninov, #3

Something special.


-Look at the graph to see the evidence of global warming


-Satanic Anglo-Hebraic Queen of England  Demands Homosexual (Pederast) Rights and LGBT Equality

What an evil witch. Pray this foul thing of satan is removed from power and the lives she destroyed with her damnable heroin trade are avenged by the Lord. May her seed be cut off from the face of the earth. May the English people who have succored this corruption and perversity be judge accordingly by the Lord and recompensed for their wickedness. A foul satanic Anglo-Hebraic queen, for a foul satanic Anglo-Hebraic tribe. Scorn to the English. Eternal shame and scorn for making a mockery of everything that is decent and good and righteous and just and for rejecting the Gospel. Foul England. Foul Elizabeth. These are a people not even fit for carrion, whose rotting flesh no vulture would deign to touch. Burn England, Burn if you monstrous people won’t repent of your perversity.

The Commonwealth Charter is the first time the Queen has signalled her support for gay rights in her 61-year reign



-Germany needs wage inflation , from the private sector, to pull the EU economy out of its slump

Some 765,000 employees of Germany’s state governments have won an above-inflation, 5.6 percent pay increase over two years. It is the first major wage deal made in Germany this year.

The agreement came after marathon talks between employers and the Verdi trade union. The announcement was made on Saturday by Verdi leader Frank Bsirske, Sachsen-Anhalts state finance minister Jens Bullerjahn and Ilse Schaad, for union GEW in Potsdam, Brandenburg.

The pay deal came for employees, including police officers, firefighters and workers at ministries in all but one of Germany’s 16 states. The state of Hesse did not take part in the negotiations because is not part of the collective agreement.

Chief negotiator Jens Bullerjahn said the deal was a good compromise. Germany’s major service sector trade union, Verdi, had initially demanded a 6.5 percent raise over one year.

The agreement involves a 2.65 percent pay rise backdated to January 1, 2013. It will be followed next January by a further 2.95 percent increase. Germany’s inflation rate is 1.5 percent.

Germany’s recent economic growth has fueled calls for big pay rises after years of relative restraint. In March 2012, federal and municipal employees won a 6.3 percent raise over two years.


-CA school board member to serve time for pimping

My ‘weird’ article of the day, pulled at Random. Rios is a Sephardi’s name. Looks a bit like Hugo Chavez, eh.




-Feinstein demonstrates she is crazy


-Whole Foods to Label GMO maybe, eventually

Five years what a cruel hoax, like ‘organic’ food from communist china he imports rather than paying USA and Canadian organic growers. 

Grocery chain Whole Foods Market said Friday that it would require all foods sold in its stores that contain genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such within five years.The company is the first retailer in the country to require the labeling, and its executives received a standing ovation when they made the announcement during the Natural Products Expo West, a trade conference, in Anaheim.A.C. Gallo, president of Whole Foods, said the move came in response to consumer demand.Labels now used on Whole Foods products disclose when a product has been verified as free of genetically engineered ingredients by the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit certification organization.


-Thug Obama terrorizes American people by furloughing 60,000 Border/Custom agents

A punk extortionist. Let him cut the F35, its a dog anyways. Let him cut some foreign military bases. Let him cut the massive payoffs to the blacks who voted for him and the $7k a month Jews who immigrate from Russia get from the rest of us.


-Fitch Downgrades Italy after Election Impasse


-Geopolitical Update

News www.anitwar.com
Updated March 9, 2013 – 11:21 AM EST
China Warns North Korea Over ‘Nuke Threat’
UN Sanctions Plays Into NK Leaders’ Us-Versus-Them Propaganda
Ignore Threat of N. Korean Nukes. Obsess Over Imaginary Iranian Nukes
North Korea’s Geriatric Air Force Is a Harmless Joke
Afghan Soldiers Storm US Base, Kill Contractor
Explosions in Kabul, Eastern Province Kill at Least 18
Rep. Grayson: Replace Sequester Cuts With Ending Afghanistan War
Hagel: US Goals in Afghanistan ‘Clear and Achievable’
Syria Rebels Release 21 Captured UN Troops
Israeli Military Prepares for UN Pullout on Syria Frontier
Syrian Rebels Bomb Top Damascus Official’s Car, Killing Him
31 Killed in Iraq; Police Fire on Protesters
70-Seat Israeli Coalition Close to Finalized
Brennan Sworn in on Constitution Without a Bill of Rights
Military Takes Over Egypt’s Port Said as Protests Continue
Rand Paul’s Filibuster Divides the Left and Right  by Anthony Gregory
Who Was Right About Invading Iraq?  by Stephen M. Walt
Senators Can Know When Obama Can Kill Americans – but You Won’t by Adam Serwer
Blowing the Whistle on War Crimes by Nathan Fuller
A Blank Check for Israel? Bad Idea. by Matthew Duss
Rumsfeld Must Be Indicted Over Iraq Militias  by Richard Norton-Taylor
More Viewpoints

-Special Report: Downfall of the world’s oldest bank


-Baby Kenyatta Wins as Expected

Obama’s kin was soundly defeated. By African standard’s he’s a pretty good choice and is popular in his Tribe, the largest in Kenya. His father was enormously popular for taking on the corrupt English. London I don’t think is happy with this, so look for them to try and foment civil war through the Mossad. Even 30 years ago, if you ran into a trouble maker in the horn of Africa if he was not English he was a Jew from Israel. No mention of the vast, vast land holdings of the Israelis and English in Kenya along the coast.  Big Oil offshore, some day that is really going to cause London to slit throats and put in some black Jew like Obama. Greedy English want to control the world with insanely evil Israel. I’m sick of it. Too bad Prince Charles and Obama, no bootlicker in Kenya.



-Is Citi safer than JPMorgan? And other stress-test questions

Tier 1 capital should be AAA bills (not bonds), cash, gold. End of story. And until that is at 15 pc and the OTC derivative writing and buying ended at these banks none will be safe. Their 2 trillion dollar size is simply too big. They must be broken up, they must be nationalized and run as utilities until such time as they can be broken up. Glass-Stegal must be brought back and Jamie Dimon, Gulliver at HSBC, and Blankfein need to go to jail for 10 years for the LIBOR/Gold rigs to set an example. High level FED officials like Mervyn King, Greenspans, Dudley, Bernanke must also go to jail after the FED/BOE audit. Then we make the reach for the King pins, Rockefeller, Prince Charles, and Rothschilds and confiscated their 200 trillion+ dollar ill gotten wealth. Think Big, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles and Jacob Rothschilds all at work at hard labor until their dying days, and brought out on weekends to be put in stocks where you can through tomatoes and the likes at them.


-Obama dials down budget blame in new tack on deficit fight


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