Whacky New World Order News-And Other Items of Note

The Anglo-Zionist are relentless but the ZGR is indefatigable at exposing this hate filled British-Israel death cult’s every subversion of the American Republic and their wanton daily attacks upon our Constitution and freedom and people. They maybe driven by the demonic, but the ZGR is wielding the sword of truth. This beast England, this dragon Satan, will be slain with the help of the Lord.

Anglo-Zionist Lawyers /Judges Wrist Slap BP in Only 7.8 Billion Dollar Settlement. BP says  Bring it on in Court to little guys

Hopefully we will see many  large settlements in the future. Lawyers always sell their clients out when the Crown’s money is involved, after all that is their close of kin!! Very disappointing.


Iranians , Tired of War Mongering Voting out Crypto Hebrew Ahmadinejad’s Party


Russian Hebrews Bide Their Time-Endorse Putin for President 


Europeans Mock Zionist Leadership and Ugly English Royal Family as Demented  Fools



Beady , Crooked, Narrow -eyed Engbrew the Man who saved the Anglo-Zionist Banks In Greek Default 

Lawyers think because they find loopholes in the law they can make fraud into a legal  virtue. This man will be in hell with most of his tribe. CDS are fraudulent insurance contracts.This man is frauding CDS holders of Greek debt. An Engbrew behind it all, and London as usual.


The BBC(MI6)-Filled with Rapists, Homosexualists,Lesbians, Satanist and the other best filth the English have to offer 


The BBC- The Hated Filled Anglo-Zionist  MI6 Spy Operation and The World’s  Media (Propaganda outlet)-You can’t fool the Slavs!


The Talmudic Rabbis and Followers Reasons for Wanting to Destroy Japan

(the author is a Hebrew)


Fukushima- an Attack Upon Japan and the USA by British-Israel…. Oh the Horror. Plume Dispersal model


Breitbart Murder By Heart Attack ? / The Cost Of Exposing Our Corrupt Government / Real NSA-CIA-MOSSAD Covert Murder Techniques

Thanks to the reader who sent me  this. The Mechanics of how the spooks probably  murdered Andrew Breitbart.


Obama Administration Going Down over Breitbart Footage of him with Paling around with Communists and Terrorists?


 Did Obama Murder Andrew Breitbart Under NDAA?


Tour of ‘fragile’ Fukushima nuclear plant shows shocking state of disrepair


9/11 Victims’ Remains Dumped in Landfill


The mortuary at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware disposed of body parts of some victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by burning them and dumping the ashes in a landfill.


President Obama and His Key Advisors are a Gang of War Criminals

By Dave Lindorff

If a bunch of street toughs decided to gang up and beat the crap out of some guy in the neighborhood because they feared he might be planning to buy a gun to protect his family, I think we’d all agree that the police would be right to bust that crew and charge them with conspiracy to commit the crime of assault and battery.



Christian Action Alert. Take Action Christians on this Please and other Good people of the USA


By Rev. Ted Pike
2 Mar 12


A sweep of websites of the largest traditional Christian “watchdog” groups reveals a total absence of warning or protest of Disney/ABC’s comedy “Good Christian Bitches” (GCB). It portrays Christian women as petty and immoral, vindictive hypocrites.

Some of these organizations receive from evangelicals many millions of dollars annually. They claim they can be depended upon to guard freedom. They include: Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Traditional Values Coalition, Coral Ridge Ministries, and WorldNetDaily.(All wicked  By Anglo-Zionists or Hebrew Zionists organizations)

Is the fact that Disney/ABC is so conspicuously owned and controlled by Jews and that criticism of Jews might be considered “anti-Semitic” an important reason why these Christian Zionist groups are silent? I don’t know. I hope not.

But that certainly was the case when I had to marshal opposition, largely single-handedly, against passage of the federal hate crimes bill.  Because I had identified the Anti-Defamation League as architect of all hate laws (of which ADL boasts), some evangelical leadership groups were extremely reluctant to either oppose such Jewish legislation or be aligned with me. After all, I had opposed Jewish hate laws. The ADL considered me “anti-Semitic.”

This leaves the topic “Good Christian Bitches” on Google wide open for me to write a number of very educational articles. I will be commenting on episodes of GCB (if it is aired) and documenting the Jews behind this outrage.

More than ever, it is vital to focus public attention on Jewish supremacist control in government, finance, hate laws, education, and big media as well as involving America in wars in the Mid-East. Such Jewish mega-control is the fountain from which springs most of what’s wrong with America.

Jewish supremacist audacity in ramming another desecration of Christianity down our throats is no reason to lie down and let such Jews trample us and our Savior.  Instead, God, the Jews, and the devil have again delivered to lovers of freedom a golden opportunity to trumpet across the internet and alternative airways this all-important fact: Jewish supremacism controls America and is determined to destroy freedom so its own Judaic one-world order may be established.

It’s vital now that you call Disney/ABC at (818) 460-7477 or email at http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us.

Tell them: “Your “GCB” is an insult to Christian America. I demand that you cancel it. Otherwise, I and my friends will boycott any Disney movies and (insert the name of the Disney theme park in your region).”

Here are the Disney parks in America:
Theme parks:

Water parks:

Other parks:

Shopping, dining and entertainment complex:

GCB doesn’t air until Sunday night. Let’s dump an avalanche of protest on Disney/ABC today! Let’s let them know that, if they don’t pull back, we’re not pulling back either until every Christian in America knows big media is Jewish and is out to destroy America.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.


Vile War Criminal David Cameron’s Aide To be Sheltered By Anglo-Zionist War Criminal Donald Rumsfeld’s home base of  Stanford University

Zionist Run Google hands out riches to curry favor with the Anglo-Hebrew Crown of England!! Shame on Stanford a blood-sucker of California and Federal tax dollars for hosting yet another enemy of the moral and free world. Hopefully his VISA will be rejected on national security grouds! Can America take another Hilton without imploding? Stanford University, from the family that gave you Herbert Hoover, Sir Allen Stanford, Connie Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George the Hebrew Schultz, Chelsea Clinton, Charles, Chukee Cheese Schwab,  and other demons of the British-Israel Imperium. Since the Anglo-Zionist of Stanford are beyond Shame I commend these evil people to the Lord for his judgement. Shaming a criminal from Stanford is like asking Lucifer to say he is sorry or Abe Foxman.


Evil Nestles Removes Toxic Chemicals from Products in England but Not USA

Die, Amerika Die, say the Anglo-Zionist Crown!! The Rothschilds-French Swiss-Anglo-Rothschilds connection.


 The Anglo-Zionist Controllers at PIMCO- Balls/Greenspan

PIMCO being destroyed by Anglo-Zionist moles? The American people’s pensions trusted to Bill Gross , gone senile in his dotage,now the plaything of the City of London and the Rothschilds? It would seem so dear readers, it would seem so. Maybe readers should investigate the non Profit Vanguard funds and ETFs, given how lavish Mr. Balls is living on American Pension funds!!! Egads, Gross have you gone mad or sold out? It is not exactly since hiring this evil Balls and Greenspan your fund has done anything but lost money to Goldman Sachs and JPM!!



Americans validate relativity of Time in Novel Way and Einstein the Zionist Terrorist and Plagiarist

Read This brainwashing piece by the English


Now Read this book.


 Vile Israelis Demand $300k from Poor Bedouin Shepards for Destroying their Mud Huts

Probably  descended from the Shepherds who attended the birth of our Lord. The Hebrews have long memories and 2000 years for revenge for them is a short time.


London/English Girls so STD Ridden, English Vacation Town to begin Mandatory Testing and to Hand Out Condoms To Prevent Harming Local Lads

This what my French employers told me about the English women 40 years ago. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose


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