Zephyr Global Report, 2/14/2013


-Worst U.S. drought since 1930s is shrinking a cattle herd that’s already smallest since 1952

-USA Deals, American Airlines, Heinz bull market, along with PPT Despite EU Econometric dump and slump

- ECB member Constancio (Portugal)- Negative rates always possible but no decision has been made

-WGC -CB buy most gold in 50 years

-Berkshire Hathaway /3G Capital to buy Heinz for $28 billion

-EU17 GDP falls -.6 % q/q in 4Q v -.4 %e, Greece Unemployment rises to 27 %

-David Cameron denies European Christians right to immigrate to work to UK, defying EU law and invites Hindu/Satanist for ‘unlimited’ immigration to UK to go to work and take University slots.

-Indian Inflation at 3 year low. Room for Rate Cuts seen.

-BOK holds rates, but decision is split

-France Q4 GDP falls to -.3 % from .1 % prior. German Q4 GDP falls to -.6 % from .2 % in prior quarter. Italian GDP falls -.9 % m/m.  Other EU GDPs continue to fall below negative expectations.

-AA/USA Airways agree to merge forming world’s largest airline

-BOJ maintains ZIRP, Leaves QE unchanged at Y101Tln.

-Japan Economy Shrinks in Q4, Remains mired in recession

- Hagel Nomination will take 60 votes as he won’t disclose finances

- France PM Ayrault: France will miss 2013 deficit goals because of weak growth



-Market Closer

The ESM/ECB did it best to hold the Stoxx and DAX up as lousy GDP report after lousy GDP report, and poor jobs and production data waved across the European landscape. As the ESM/ECB/DB  jammed me up I sold the DAX harder. When the German econominister had the nerve to try and say Q4 was in the past and the future was rosy, I sold harder, even as the talking heads of Europe tried to point to Nestle and ABB (which ) did have a strong quarter. Finally the DAX cracked and the ZGR had a pay day due to being patient and having . I still short the DAX but had a very nice profit day..

We got an interesting insight, thanks to Lyndon Larouche on the ‘secret’ meeting Draghi had going on with Spain the day before where Draghi was trying to get them to hold the ECB/ESM line. Still the censorship is effective as the MSM did not have the meeting in any depth in El Pais, and only 50k or so people have watched the video that was leaked. So ZGR readers are in a small global minority of knowing what really went on.

While the situation is Germany is getting better thanks to VWs world class auto-platform and no minimum wage for Turks working at their plants, clearly in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece there are major problems if you study the econometric reports last night. The ECB and the devil Draghi can spin all they want in their monthly report but the EU is getting worse not better.

I was probably robbed of an additional  1 pc by that German at the ESM and the ECB coming in to try and stabilize markets. Bond markets in Greece,Spain, Italy, and France should have come unglued but someone was there to cap and buy those junk bonds. European bond markets ex, the UK don’t have well developed derivative markets, so you have to quote stuff in Europe in the peripheral regions, or preload the results by rigging the prior auctions with buys you then slowly sell back into the market. The German GDP was far worse than these blowhard Germans had predicted. So their own predilection to eschew debt is coming home a bit. If not for Draghi and the extreme gearing of the German banks and French Banks and other banks, Europe would be doing the right thing to get the debt down, although they should be using a lot of other restructuring techniques, including putting the Euro where it belongs at 1.20 to ease the suffering. Germans are very dogmatic and even when you refute them with impeccable math it can take them a year to admit they were wrong. Germans should intermarry with more Austrians, Slavs, Dutch and Italians  to get more flexibility in their national character. Bringing the Turks, the ‘sons’ of Ashkenaz will be the death of the German people, culturally and economically. Turks have no morals at all, but hey, look at BILD right Germans?

You can tell this ESM/ECB is simply not as sophisticated as the UST/BOE/ESF team, these guys leave their computer program marks all over the tape and the quote boards. It is really gross and disgusting to see this. To that end BBN, had an article praising ‘the modern central banker’ Draghi, and Carney but stopped far short of telling any truths how linked computer trading is used to rig the bottom line of the ESM/ESF(aka PPT, in the USA), and the Banking cartels profit. We have Central bank, Federal Treasury and SWF markets now, and they are not ‘free’ , not ‘fair’ and not ‘transparent’.  Quants rule in the CB world know, it all about rigging markets for the supposed ‘good’ of the economy. Computer programmers with PHDS think they know more than the collective judgement of markets and they have the computer power and financial backing to shove the tape this way and that way at least on a short to mid term basis. There is really no difference between Goldmans Sachs and JPM and HSBC and DB  the FED/ECB they are you might say the same computer trading platform largely.

You can’t really day trade the markets like you used to, you have to react to price and other changes with a computer and have your computer do your buying and selling. You program on a weekly, daily and sometimes intra-day or inter-day overnight basis. There are longer term trending following boxes, but a lot of this is HFT intra-day trading and quote stuffing. You’re kind of out of luck as a trader unless you took some math courses  in Fuzzy Logic, random processes and estimation theory, or non-linear predictive systems and know a programming language or two. Even your mutual fund outsources their buy or sell to a brokerage with computer programs so other computers , the HFT crowd,  don’t front run them.  I summarized the EUs closing already and the econmetric data.

Something weird has to be going on in Europe as no traders were really at their desks during this major economic release I stayed up all night to watch and most showed up after the economic release wave started. We know AEP is missing in action as more wars for oil are planned and we highlighted the DT journalist looking to cover up the Crowns crimes and sifting through rubble in Timbuktu. These journalist and many of these traders are MI6/Mossad/CIA at least at the big banks. BBC , FT,DT, DM are all MI6 operations. Plenty of war fronts for Prince Charles and his puppet Obama to pick from to hide the mess he’s made of Europe and England with his Opium and oil wars despite outsourcing the body bags and bills to the dupes of Amerika through his Anglomasonic and Zionist Jew network. Pick a war. S. Korea vs N. Korea. China vs the USA. USA-Israel versus Iran. USA-Israel versus Lebanon-Syria. Prince Charles loves death and destruction and the UK and the globe has gotten a lot worse since Prince Phillip turned the world over to him. MI6 works triple time to con you people as too who that guy is. I happened to have Benny Hinn, the strange Jew or Palestinian or Greek (know who really knows what he is, ex the spooks), the TV preacher on. He had his blueblood English father in law on, who proceeded to opine the antichrist was a Muslim and an Iranian, which is a lie as the Jews own scripture says he will be a Jew. So we know something big is brewing in London. Combine the USA retail figures where a child can determine the USE real economy is contracting by about 4 pc a year and the EU data and Charles Western empire has real problems. War has always been the Anglo-Zionist solution. Sadly as Crypto Jew, and a Talmudist like his close in-law Rothschilds destroying Christians and Christian nations is paramount to MI6 to achieve the Darwin-Huxley-Keynes-Rothschilds-Karl Marx world they all so love at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale.

Recall that GS London and BP squeezed a USA legitimate hedger  to get the price move from $100 to $150 during 20007. Apparently London/BP is now targeting Rosneft claiming they are short 500 million barrels. This after Rosneft signed a big deal with the USA to jointly explore Alaska/Artic together and after Rosneft signed a big deal sending more oil to China we covered yesterday. Europe is mad and especially England and France with no oil. Look for Rosneft stock to come under attack if only through some Jew working for England in Russia sabotaging their operations. The squeeze is on. That said there are no better traders in the world than the Slav/Russians so good luck to the slimy English/GS/BP , rosneft  is not like the babe in the woods you slaughtered in 2007.

In gold the commentary was lies as usual. The talking heads tried to blame a G20 story for gold’s demise as the line was concocted they would all agree to not using competitive currency devaluations. The problem with that is that story emerged at 10 but gold only went down right after Bullard’s speech, not that Bullard had anything to do with as even to that the tape was delayed. More like the ESF/FED programmed their computer last night to hit gold on St. Valentines day. These guy are a riot. They use the FED chairmens birth day, Pearl Harbor day or other important days in English and Jewish history and occult days to slam gold and set the price often to occult numbers precisely. China is away and the mice will play. We have been subjected to other worldly write down in the gold miners as you simply can’t develop megamines at the current price of gold and copper. It is called incipient hyperinflation. Look at Boeings COLA, 5 pc a year. That just keeping up with real inflation.

Boeing alerted airlines late Tuesday that 737 Next Generation aircraft flying on the West Coast have experienced intermittent and relatively rare instances of engine instability while climbing after takeoff to add to their woes. There is supposed to be a NTSB update today and Boeing has proposed butting the batteries in a Sabotage proof titanium cage that won’t melt.

AMR and US Airways  announced their long-anticipated merger. The $11 billion all-stock deal gives US Air’s team operational control over the bankrupt airline, while AMR’s creditors will wind up owning 72% of the combined carrier, which will retain the American Airlines name.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital announced a deal to acquire processed food giant H.J. Heinz Co for $23.2B in cash. Including debt, Heinz valued the transaction at $28 billion. Berkshire and 3G will pay $72.50 per share, a 19% premium to the stock’s all-time high. Buffett told CNBC he is putting $12-13B into the deal and still has “ample” amounts of cash left over for another big acquisition. Warren is not buying USTs, despite his pump. If you study the Ketchup business, it is truly a near monopoly business so it fits his model. I buy a local organic kethup with no sugar or corn syrup or artificial cancer causing dies. Most people don’t know the dye they use in Ketchup that gives it that pretty red color is derived from coal.

Constellation Brands was up  37% this morning after InBev reached a deal to divest Grupo Modelo’s US business in order to satisfy DOJ objections to its plans to acquire Modelo. InBev is selling Constellation Modelo’s Piedras Negras brewery and grant it perpetual rights for Corona and other Modelo brands in the US to satisfy DOJ demands. The NWO plan is to only have 3 megabrands globally and for the Rothschilds-Windsor cartel to control them all. The good news is you can brew your own beer and make your own wine and quit drinking chemical beers and wines designed to give you cancer like Diet Coke.

You were very naive if you did not cover on mornings drop as a short with Jacob Jew, in the hot seat as the banking cartel tries to stuff their corrupt Jew into the UST Secretary slot. I can just about guarantee you this market won’t correct until he has his nomination secured. The talking heads of BBN were very upset the markets did not rally, but were chipper after the computer program algo came to stuff the shorts by buying futures contracts to keep the black box mo in the upward trend. The SP could go to 1530-1550 before it ‘corrects’ or is allowed to. It should have corrected on that punk retail report yesterday.

In the currency round robin, the ECB talking head from Portugal who carries no weight tried to scare the Euro longs out of their positions by implying the ECB would go to negative real interest rates. The Germans will never allow that. I programmed traded that well knowing these clowns from Europe would be out trying to talk down the euro on the weak economic reports. Only a Germans word carries any weight. Schauble and Weidmann have not said ‘uncle’ yet and the WSJ highlighted the Germans were sitting high clover with their very sophisticated currency rig until the 1.72$/$E.

In oil no one needs a high Brent price more than Cameron and his kin is running BP, sir Dudley although he is ‘technically’ and ‘American’ like Sir Al Gore Prince Charles kin.

I must point out to the German readers it is an Austrian at VW who is bailing your economy out. As VW and China  goes so goes the German economy. Americans lose a lot by this constant stream of illuminati Jews and Anglosaxons who simply are not very bright who get the top corporate jobs. And I’m not talking about Jews form Austria like Arnold Schwarzenegger either.

The Koreans may be expendable to the Eurotrash that run the globe from London, they have a formidable car and semiconductor and ship and rig building industry based upon an increasingly Christian Culture, hard work and being able to out reverse engineer the Chinese and knock off American designs. The Koreans are Japanese Asians anyways and have high IQ, and Prince Phillip an Charles hate Asians unless they are Asian Jews or Royals who grovel to them to keep their throne like the Emperor of Japan. Korea’s trade imbalance through currency rigging is as bad as Germanys on a per capita basis. I think fundamentally the royal viewpoint is the Royals don’t own many korean stocks and they are a threat to GOOG, Rolls Royce, VW, Dailmer, Facebook, and the other big European firms the Windsor-Rothschild cartel controls. Prince Charles loves to take care of ‘Christians’. In the USA we need a fair and balanced trade agreement with Korea as they knock off too much of our University research. Korea and Japan should merge and encourage women to stay at home and buy N. Korea from China to survive. The Japanese were very cruel to their kin in WW2, and Japan needs to make a lasting peace with Korea.

4:24 p.m. EST 02/14/13Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA* 13973.39 -9.52 -0.07
Nasdaq* 3198.66 1.78 0.06
S&P 500* 1521.38 1.05 0.07
DJ Total Stock Market* 15896.03 16.04 0.10
Russell 2000* 923.76 3.18 0.35
Global Dow 2107.53 -6.55 -0.31
Japan: Nikkei Average* 11307.28 55.87 0.50
Stoxx Europe 600* 287.79 -0.48 -0.17
UK: FTSE 100* 6327.36 -31.75 -0.50
4:22 p.m. EST 02/14/13Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 1/32 0.266
10-Year Note 2 1/32 2.004
* at close
4:14 p.m. EST 02/14/13Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 97.35 0.34 97.01
Gold 1635.3 -9.8 1635.5
E-mini Dow 13950 -8 13958
E-mini S&P 500 1518.25 1.00 1517.25
4:24 p.m. EST 02/14/13Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 92.86 93.42
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3358 1.3453
† Late New York trading.

-More on Jacob Lew(inksy) the Lying Jew

Hatch, Grassley Nail Lew and Obama on Financial Scams
February 14, 2013 • 12:05AM

Senators Orin Hatch (R-UT) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) burned both Jacob Lew, Obama’s choice as Treasury Secretary to replace Tim Geithner, and Obama, himself, on their hypocracy regarding speculators and tax dodgers. Hatch asked Lew, regarding his period as Citigroup’s Chief Operating Officer for Growth Management and Alternative Investments from 2006-08 (i.e., running the proprietary trading at Citigroup before and during the crash), whether he knew that the investments he was making were about to bankrupt the bank and require a bailout from taxpayers. Lew incredibly argued that he only ran the business side and didn’t have anything to do with making the investments, or even “opining” about them! Hatch also asked if he felt justified in taking a nearly $1 billion bonus just as the taxpayers were handing over $45 billion in bailout money:

HATCH: On January 29, 2009, President Obama remarked on Wall Street bonuses at the time and said, quote, “that is the height of irresponsibility. It is shameful,” unquote. He went on to say that, quote, “there will be a time for them to get bonuses, now is not the time,” unquote. Elsewhere he referred to Wall Street bonuses as quote, “obscene,” unquote.

Now Mr. Lew, you wrote in a 2010 letter to Senator Grassley that, quote, “my compensation was in line with other management executives at the firm and in similarly complex operations,” unquote. Now that seems a little bit to me like saying, gee dad, everyone was doing it. Unfortunately, that type of reasoning is exactly what I think led to this financial crisis.”

Sen. Grassley then went after Lew’s personal investments in the Cayman Islands during his stint at Citigrooup.

GRASSLEY: Now to something that President Obama has made a big deal. On May 4, 2009, President Obama said about Ugland House, which is where you invested your money overseas, “On the campaign, I used to talk about the outrage of a building in Cayman Islands that had over 12,000 business. And I’ve said before, either this is the largest building in the world or the largest tax scam in the world.” You invested more money there than the average American makes in an entire year. Do you believe the president was accurate in referring to the building which housed your investment as, “The largest tax scam in the world?”

Lew dodged by saying he paid all his taxes. Grassley responded that “there’s a certain hypocrisy in what the president says about other taxpayers and, then, your appointment.”

Grassley then moved on:

GRASSLEY: A case filed in the New York State Supreme Court in which NYU, New York University, is the plaintiff, states that at the same time you were executive vice president, New York University invested in the Ariel Fund, a Cayman Islands, open-ended investment company, “created to be used for United States tax-exempt investors and foreign investors.”… So, question, while you were the executive vice president, did NYU have investments in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes on unrelated business expense and if so, how many millions of dollars did NYU have invested in the Caymans?

Lew incredilbly answered that he didn’t know anything about that, despite being “involved in discussions about making sure that the endowment was invested to have as good as a return as impossible.”

Perhaps most revealing of all at the confirmation hearing, Committee Chairman Max Baucus opened the meeting by noting that the statue in front of the Treasury building in D.C., which one might have expected would be of Alexander Hamilton, was in fact of Albert Gallatin, the Swiss aristocrat and slaveowner chosen by Thomas Jefferson as his Treasury Secretary. Baucus and others went on to praise Gallatin for his fiscal discipline, as the true source of America’s greatness.


Hamilton was not born in the USA, was a crypto Jew and agent of the Rothschilds and a scammer for his own personal ends, who met his end at the hands of a nasty Anglomason, Aaron Burr shooting him in duel, else the FED might not have been delayed until 1913. Hamilton was the first FEDeralist you might say. Jefferson must have known who he was working for, as he was no ones fool. I wonder if Jack Lew got the message or not.

-Sr. Draghi, in a Normal Country You Would Be Facing Charges

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi deigned to appear before the Spanish parliament to discuss policy on Feb. 12, solely if under the conditions he had imposed for an earlier appearance before the German Bundestag: behind closed-doors and only with a “select” group of Parliamentarians, with no public record permitted.

Such perverse conditions set off a political firestorm among resistance forces in Spain, and parliamentarians of the Izquierda Plural group (Unified Left and Greens) promised they would “tweet” what Draghi said publicly. To not offend Mr. Draghi’s sensitivity, the governing Popular Party (PP) responded by blocking all cell phone communication from the Congressional auditorium while Draghi was present! Not willing to play by Mr. Draghi’s rules, two members of the left group filmed Draghi’s appearance, and posted it to a special website they created especially for the occasion.

Draghi began and ended his lecture to the parliamentarians by reminding them that Spain, like the rest of Europe, no longer can claim a right to sovereignty. You are democratically elected representatives of the Spanish people, said Draghi, but do not forget that the economic policies you adopt affect the entire Eurozone, and therefore, as President Rompey has said, all national parliaments are European parliaments now. [CHECK] He otherwise detailed the ECB mantra of bank bailouts, lowering labor costs, adjusting living conditions and government structures.

IU Deputy Alberto Garzon, one of the two who filmed the appearance, stood to challenge Draghi. You come in secrecy as the representative of a power which blackmails countries and impose your will without legitimacy. We know what your career has been, Mr. Draghi. In four years, for all your talk of financial stablization, the ECB has done nothing to stop the crisis, Garzon charged. Your policy has failed. In any normal country, under normal institutions, you, Mr. Draghi, would have been tried! For four years, speculation has only increased on the public debt, governments have been extorted by the speculators, and the ECB, actively and passively have done nothing, making the ECB responsible for the cuts in social services, education, health, while bailing out the banks. You should accompany Mr. Trichet in facing charges before the courts!

This caused a great stir in the hall, with the PP member chairing the hearing first trying to silence Garzon, and then resorting to instructing him to “behave yourself!”

Within 24 hours of the appearance, 48,500-plus people had watched the video of Draghi’s “clandestine” appearance in Spain’s parliament.

-Former Obama Spokesman: Alleged Democrat Pedophile Robert Menendez Scandal Now a ‘Whithered Boob’

Bad speller and poor choice of a phrase.

-ExxonMobil and Rosneft signed an agreement that will give the U.S. company exploration access to an additional 606,000 square kilometers in the Russian Arctic.A separate agreement will giveRosneftthe opportunity to acquire a 25 percent interest in the Point Thompson unit on Alaska’s North Slope.The companies also said late Wednesday that they would study a potential liquid natural gas project in the Russian Far East.The agreements were announced on the website of Irving, Texas-based ExxonMobil. Rosneft presidentIgor Sechinand ExxonMobil Exploration president Stephen Greenlee  signed the agreements in Moscow in the presence of PresidentVladimir Putin.The agreements will give Exxon exploration access to seven new blocks in the Chukchi Sea, Laptev Sea and Kara Sea.”The agreements signed today bring the already unprecedented scale of the Rosneft and ExxonMobil partnership up to a completely new level,” Sechin said in the announcement. “The acreage in the Russian Arctic subject to geological exploration and subsequent development increased nearly sixfold.”Participation in Point Thomson, Sechin said, would increase Rosneft’s access to the latest gas and condensate field development technologies used in harsh conditions.Point Thomson contains about 25 percent of the known gas resource base in Alaska’s North Slope, the companies said.The Point Thomson unit is 100 kilometers east of Prudhoe Bay and 35 kilometers east of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Alaska officials have said Point Thompson’s importance transcends field development because it’s the first project that will connect the trans-Alaska pipeline to eastern North Slope development.Point Thomson is considered primarily a natural gas field and is estimated to contain 8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, about 300 million barrels of gas condensate liquids, and traditional crude oil. Its development is considered critical to development of an Alaska natural gas pipeline.The state of Alaska moved to terminate leases at Point Thomson after concluding that Exxon and other companies were not taking adequate steps to develop them. However, after litigation, the state last year reached a settlement that called for development of the field.The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in October issued a permit allowing ExxonMobil and PTE Pipeline to fill 108 hectares of North Slope waters and tundra wetlands to construct a drilling project.The ExxonMobil agreement with Rosneft on LNG development includes possible construction of a facility in the Russian Far East. The companies said they would form a working group that will study the viability of an LNG project.
The Moscow Times

-Goldman Sachs Simulating EU Breakup for London?

-Examining Rockefeller drug laws that paved the way to mass incarceration:


-New York Times Caught in a Massive Sabotage Job of Tesla Motors Just like the BBC

Stupid idiot does not know about on board flash memory on the computer controller for the  motor. Unfortunately Cars will be recording a lot more about your driving and are currently. Prince Charles and Baron Rothschilds must want this firm on the cheap, or it is impairing some investment  of theirs. There is no one as nasty and a personal and as full of pettiness, greed, and hate as the English crown. The BBC and NYT are they not the same publication?


-Dictator of the Day Quote

Obama: Congress needs a ‘time out’

-Global boom in shale-oil  production could bring down the price of crude as much as 40 percent, study says



-Gold for delivery in April  fell $9.60, or 0.6%, to settle at $1,635.50 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. That was the lowest settlement for a most-active futures contract since Aug. 20, according to FactSet data.Prices have lost 2.5% year to date. They traded between $1,632.80 and $1,650 Thursday.March silver dropped 52 cents, or 1.7%, to end at $30.35 an ounce, its lowest close since Jan. 9.

-Finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 nations will repeat a vow to refrain from competitive devaluation and to monitor possible “monetary-policy spillover,” Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing a draft statement. Policy makers will meet in Moscow Friday and Saturday amid concerns over the sharp decline of the Japanese yen since last fall and talk of a potential global currency war as countries seek to weaken their own currencies in a battle to gain competitiveness. A cheaper currency makes a country’s exports more attractive. MW

-The Obama gravy Train:  LGBTs, feminists Satanist, Blacks, Jews, and illegal immigrants and WASPs only need apply.

Jews are the biggest welfare bums of all as the very powerful Jewish Senate contingent got all kinds of special programs put in place for them through social security, especially if they immigrate from Europe and Russia. They can get some $7000 a month in freebies as a Jew who comes here from Europe or Russia, even if they  immigrate from Israel. Blacks don’t get it unless they are registered voters and Democrats. Lots and lots of European Americans are getting tired of seeing all these illegal immigrants and blacks, not even with government jobs, flashing their EBT cards (they are red), ahead of us in the grocery line buying the best of everything and driving new $50k cars. You have to feed people when you’re in the outsource the jobs mode to Asia  like David Rockefeller/Rothschilds /Prince Charles are. But were are near the point of collapse. My one Grandfather came here as the English took him as slave on a press gang as a sailor, the other fled Hitler ahead of his invasion in Austria. None of them took one cent from the American people. Both build businesses through saving or labor and savings. All these people are here for a ‘free ride’or an American’s high paying job, what few are left. WASPs, by the way if you’re brain dead get all the cop jobs, school teacher jobs. They are only 8 pc of the USA but completely dominate the government jobs.


From Murdoch’s rags in the UK… getting off welfare can be tragic for some people.

” The 19-year-old man, from the Ivory Coast, doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire in front of dozens of travellers and workers at Fiumicino airport, 10 miles west of the Italian capital. Police said he arrived at the departures area of the airport’s terminal three with a deportation order, and had been due to leave Italy. But as he spoke to police he suddenly pulled out a plastic bottle of petrol, tipped it over himself and ran off through the terminal. Officers gave chase, but he then used a lighter to ignite the fuel in front of stunned passengers…. A spokesman for the Italian Refugee Council confirmed that the man had arrived in Italy from Holland earlier this week and had tried to claim asylum but had been denied and was ordered out of the country. He had been due to board a flight to Amsterdam when he set fire to himself. The spokesman added: “One can only imagine the desperation and frustration he must have faced to carry out such an act.” He had been due to board a flight to Amsterdam when he set fire to himself. The spokesman added: “One can only imagine the desperation and frustration he must have faced to carry out such an act.”



CEO says industry’s better discipline will push shares higher relative to metal

CEO Sean Boyd says company open to acquisitions, sees “building year” in 2013

Gold miner shares are likely to outperform prices of the metal in the years ahead as the industry’s efforts to better spend cash start to bear fruit, the chief executive of Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. (AEM, AEM.T) said in an interview.”I think the investor base is trying to determine how they should play gold at this point,” Sean Boyd said in an interview late Wednesday. “Should they buy the bullion or the [exchange-traded fund], or should they buy the equities?”Gold mining companies “have a really good chance to outperform gold” in the coming years, said Mr. Boyd, Agnico-Eagle’s CEO since 1998. “The businesses are better. Management is more focused on return rather than size.”Many gold miners have seen their share prices lag gains in the price of the metal in recent years. Amid record-high gold prices, mining projects grew in scale and complexity, leading to cost overruns and large writedowns. Some companies overpaid in acquiring mines from peers, and several executives have been shown the door in response.This week, top gold miner by production Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX) took a $4.2 billion writedown, mainly because of its flagging copper unit. Kinross Gold Corp. (KGC) on Wednesday recorded a $3.2 billion charge on lower estimates for the value of a mine in Mauritania.Agnico-Eagle hasn’t been immune to the industry’s challenges.In 2011, the mid-tier Canadian miner recorded a combined $1.2 billion writedown on a pair of mines. One, located in Quebec, was shuttered after a flood made operations there unsafe. The other, located in the Canadian Arctic, fell victim to rising costs and a smaller-than-expected gold pile.Agnico-Eagle shares hit a three-year low in April but have since rebounded as the company met or exceeded its production and cost guidance during the first three quarters of the year, in the process beating Wall Street profit expectations.In the most recent quarter, Agnico-Eagle earned $82.8 million, or 48 cents a share. However, excluding one-time items, the company reported a profit of $69.9 million, or 41 cents a share, for the three months ended Dec. 31, compared with a loss of $601.4 million, or $3.53 a share, in the fourth quarter of 2011.Analysts had forecast earnings of 44 cents a share.Lifting Agnico-Eagle’s results was a gain on the sale of the company’s small stake in Queenston Mining Inc. Agnico-Eagle sold to peer Osisko Mining Corp. , paving the way for it’s $550 million acquisition of the company.”We basically had a different view on the value” of Queenston, Mr. Boyd said. “We had studied that project for a while.”Shares are up about 33% in the past 12 months, compared with a 25% decline in the Dow Jones Precious Metals Index, and were up 2% at $44.98 recently. Benchmark gold futures are down about 5% in the same span.2013 “is a building year” for the company, Mr. Boyd said, ahead of the restart of the idled Goldex mine in Quebec and startup of a Mexican mine, both expected for 2014. In the interim, Agnico-Eagle’s costs, like those in much of the rest of the industry, are pointing higher.The company forecasts its cash costs, a measure of the cost to dig metal out of the ground and process it through to a sale, will rise 9%-17% this year to $700-$750 an ounce. Costs should hold near $700 in 2014 and 2015, the company estimates.Mr. Boyd attributed the higher cash costs to rising prices for labor and materials, as well as a drop in the amount of gold per ton of dirt in some areas the company plans to mine this year.Production is projected to decline by about 3% from 2012′s record full-year output of 1,043,811 ounces of gold.Mr. Boyd said the company was satisfied with its current slate of expansion projects but would be open to acquisitions.”Over the last five or six years, we’ve been fairly active” in buying smaller competitors, Mr. Boyd said. “That’s an approach that will continue as we look forward.”

-Harvard WASP, Fake Indy Senator Warren on the Banksters

Elizabeth Warren (WASP who faked being a native American to get University Job-zgr), in her first hearing as a U.S. senator, on Thursday, raised concerns that federal regulators typically do not take large financial institutions to trial.“I want to note that there are district attorneys and U.S. attorneys who are out there everyday squeezing ordinary citizens on sometimes very thin grounds and taking them to trial to ‘make an example,’ as they put it,” she told bank regulators testifying at a Senate Banking Committee hearing. “I am really concerned that too-big-to-fail has become too-big-for-trial.”Warren acknowledged that trials are expensive but she insisted that if an agency is unwilling to go to trial it is because they are “too timid” or lack resources. She said that the consequence is that if large financial institutions can break the law and “drag in billions” in profits and settle, then they don’t have much incentive to follow the law.“Every time there is a settlement and not a trial, it means we didn’t have the days and days and days of testimony about what those financial institutions were up to,” Warren said.She asked bank regulators how tough they are and raised the question about when was the last time any regulator took a Wall Street bank to trial.“Anybody?” she asked. Warren’s comments received a smattering of applause.Thomas Curry (evil WASP-zgr) , the Comptroller of the Currency, which regulates national banks and thrifts, said the agency has not had to bring big banks to trial “as a practical matter” to achieve the regulator’s supervisory goals.Curry added that the agency has had a fair number of consent orders “so we don’t have to bring people to a trial.” He said the primary motive of the agency’s enforcement actions is to identify the problem and demand a solution to it on an “on-going”basis.“We have not had to do it as a practical matter to achieve our supervisory goals. MW

This is BS, Reagan hired a prosecutor that put over 1000 of these guys in jail and all with trials after the savings and loan scandal in the late 80s, early 90s. Ashcroft spent over 100 million to frame Martha Stewart. These people are card carrying Anglosaxon-Zionists/Masons/Satanist and bankers whores. The elite sort of put someone like Warren in charge, from the Establishment to give it credibility. WASP, can’t live with them in the USA, and they won’t let you live here without them as the blueblooded relatives of Prince Charles screwing us all, including the dumb working class WASP who is some low level  Mason at the local lodge with the taxpayer funded job like the Town Police cheif. The ZGR is highly critical of the WASP leadership of this country and the silence of the WASP and their in-your-face complicity and intermarriage with Satanic Jews. To say nothing of hiding your history as a Hebraic tribe. Why is our Congress and Government virtually all WASPs with Jewish confederates. Sure, you WASPs have a few magik negros like Jesse Jackson who go to the Black Masonic lodge, but they don’t run anything. Prince Phillip won’t even allow a Black in his service in England despite the Negro slave wage he offers, it is English or Irish working class only at his joint.

-Bullard Launches St. Valentines Day Attack by lying about real inflation in the USA

Ask the Boeing engineers who are only getting 5 pc a year pay raises and not happy with them as it is just a COLA (cost of living allowance). 

Current “rather low” readings on inflation may give the Federal Reserve leeway to continue buying bonds and mortgage-related assets longer than otherwise would be the case, said James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, on Thursday. The Fed’s $85 billion per-month asset-purchase plan has no end date. The Fed has said only that it wants to see a substantial improvement in the labor-market outlook. Being more specific about what “substantial improvement” means may be a “bridge too far” for the Fed, Bullard said in a speech at Mississippi University. Bullard favors tapering purchases rather than bringing them to a sudden stop. Some Fed officials have said they think the purchases could end well before the end of the year.  MW

-Filthy Nuclear Power is only possible with Taxpayer Subsidies

Some low tech state like Georgia with only one competent University in the Entire state, is not qualified to operate a Gen4 reactor. 

Nuclear Energy Institute President Marvin Fertel said Thursday that the U.S. government is close to closing a loan guarantee deal with Southern Co. SO -0.83% that would back two new nuclear power reactors under construction in Georgia.The Department of Energy and Southern reached a preliminary agreement on an $8.33 billion loan guarantee about three years ago, but talks have languished since then.”I’ve been told recently that they are close to getting resolution and the government wants to do this,” said Mr. Fertel, head of the industry’s main trade group, in a briefing with Wall Street analysts.Mr. Fertel stressed that he isn’t involved directly in the negotiations. He said his understanding is that Southern believes the issues holding up the loan guarantee aren’t “insurmountable.” MW

-USA Session Economic Release Summary

(RU) Russia Gold & Forex Reserve w/e Feb 8th: $532.5B v $533.5B prior
(PL) Poland Jan M3 Money Supply M/M: -0.8% v -1.0%e; M3 Money Supply Level: 912.6BB v 912.8Be
(US) Initial Jobless Claims: 341K v 360Ke v 366K prior; Continuing Claims: 3.114M v 3.205Me
(US) Weekly EIA Natural Gas Inventories

-Europe Close

The credit markets are more important than the equity markets, so I will post them on top.


German 10y 1.64-0.04, 2.35%

Italy 10yr 4.35+0.01, -0.24%

 Spain 10yr 5.18-0.00, 0.06%

 U.K. 10yr 2.20-0.01, 0.59%


EFSF to sell €1.0B in 3.375% 2037 bond in near future

Sweden sold SEK750M vs. SEK750M indicated in 0.5% I/L 2017 Bonds; Yield 0.060%

DMO sold £4.0B in new 1.25% 2018 Gilt; Avg Yield 1.277% v 0.958% prior; Bid-to-cover:1.83 x v 2.11% prior; 

 Hungary Debt Agency (AKK) sold HUF75B vs. HUF50B indicated 12-Months Bills; Avg Yield 5.23% v 5.23% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.44x v 2.21x. (AKK) sold HUF10B in 2019 floating rate note; Avg Price 95.19 v 94.43 prior


Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1730.29 -14.74 -0.84
Stoxx Europe 50* 2628.81 -4.20 -0.16
Stoxx Europe 600* 287.79 -0.48 -0.17
Euro Stoxx 50* 2635.35 -21.51 -0.81
Euro Stoxx* 265.13 -1.56 -0.58
Austria: ATX Index* 2416.96 -20.78 -0.85
Belgium: Bel-20* 2547.38 13.13 0.52
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20* 531.54 4.19 0.79
Estonia: OMX Tallinn* 748.83 -2.41 -0.32
Finland: OMX Helsinki* 6281.36 -6.32 -0.10
France: CAC 40* 3669.60 -28.93 -0.78
Germany: DAX* 7631.19 -80.70 -1.05
Greece: Athens General* 1011.85 16.55 1.66
Greece: DJ Greece TSM* 778.53 2.17 0.28
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20* 345.46 -0.45 -0.13
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share* 785.02 4.54 0.58
Ireland: ISEQ Overall * 3680.64 -1.92 -0.05
Italy: FTSE MIB* 16544.95 -167.20 -1.00
Latvia: OMX Riga* 397.52 -1.96 -0.49
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius* 372.79 -0.11 -0.03
Netherlands: AEX* 345.84 0.01 0.00
Norway: OSE All-Share* 517.69 -3.04 -0.58
Portugal: PSI 20* 6169.80 -48.23 -0.78
Russia: DJ Russia Titans* 6506.19 -68.31 -1.04
Spain: IBEX 35* 8247.40 -58.80 -0.71
Sweden: OMX Stockholm* 369.14 -0.94 -0.25
Switzerland: Swiss Market* 7482.20 -0.02 0.00
UK: FTSE 100* 6327.36 -31.75 -0.50
UK: FTSE 250* 13500.47 -102.52 -0.75
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share* 749.51 0.24 0.03

-I took my profit out of the DAX short before the USA opened, then took some profit of the  SPY and DIA short after the opening drop, and Just reshorted the DIA and SPY at 1521, and 13,971. Kind of dollar cost average my shorts on the way up before the big fall. Short selling is for professional investors only.

1:09 p.m. EST 02/14/13Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13971.91 -11.00 -0.08
Nasdaq 3200.31 3.43 0.11
S&P 500 1521.25 0.92 0.06
DJ Total Stock Market 15894.53 14.54 0.09
Russell 2000 923.41 2.83 0.31
Global Dow 2106.06 -8.02 -0.38
Japan: Nikkei Average* 11307.28 55.87 0.50
Stoxx Europe 600* 287.79 -0.48 -0.17
UK: FTSE 100* 6327.36 -31.75 -0.50
1:09 p.m. EST 02/14/13Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 0/32 0.278
10-Year Note 1 27/32 2.025
* at close
12:59 p.m. EST 02/14/13Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 97.34 0.33 97.01
Gold 1634.7 -10.4 1645.1
E-mini Dow 13950 -8 13958
E-mini S&P 500 1518.75 1.50 1517.25
1:08 p.m. EST 02/14/13Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 93.08 93.42
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3340 1.3453
† Late New York trading.

-April gold down $5.40, or 0.3%, at $1,639.70/oz

There were a load of stops at 1640 and right below. St. Valentines day massacre by the Anglo-Zionists at CB as their economies implode across Europe today.

-A Chinese Hacker’s Identity Unmasked

A great read.


The unholy trinity, committed to destruction of the USA, Prince Charles/Rothschilds, England Israel, the ultimate anti-christ nation, and Communist China, in their sheer greed for material wealth. In the USA corner, no one. Congress are all whores. Obama is in regular direct contact with Prince Charles. Charles has not been this excited the potential for destroying America and having himself anointed, as he calls himself, Savior of the world after the Christians are dead.

-Canada’s Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX)(TSX:ABX) announced a  huge loss for the fourth quarter, triggered by soaring costs at its Lumwana copper mine in Zambia, which it acquired two years ago when prices for the red metal were sky-high.Copper prices have tumbled around 25% since the purchase and gold giant’s shares are trading at their lowest point since the global financial crisis.Barrick lost over $3 billion in the last quarter of 2012, or $3.06 a share, unveiling a hefty $4.2 billion impairment charge which reflected, said the company, that operating and sustaining capital costs were higher than anticipated at Lumwana.

-1009 Newslinks are updated.

-G-20 Pledges to Refrain From Competitive Devaluation, Draft Says-BBN

-Market Watch

9:39 a.m. EST 02/14/13Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13944.48 -38.43 -0.27
Nasdaq 3187.35 -9.52 -0.30
S&P 500 1516.36 -3.97 -0.26
DJ Total Stock Market 15840.77 -39.22 -0.25
Russell 2000* 920.58 3.06 0.33
Global Dow 2102.79 -11.29 -0.53
Japan: Nikkei Average* 11307.28 55.87 0.50
Stoxx Europe 600 287.24 -1.03 -0.36
UK: FTSE 100 6315.42 -43.69 -0.69
9:38 a.m. EST 02/14/13Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 0/32 0.278
10-Year Note 1 25/32 2.031
* at close
9:29 a.m. EST 02/14/13Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 97.38 0.37 97.01
Gold 1646.7 1.6 1645.1
E-mini Dow 13907 -51 13958
E-mini S&P 500 1512.50 -4.75 1517.25
9:39 a.m. EST 02/14/13Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 93.22 93.42
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3342 1.3453

-Sweden’s Fin Min Borg : Sweden has room to stimulate economy

-931 USA Open

Major Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13933.32 -49.59 -0.35
Nasdaq 3183.24 -13.64 -0.43
S&P 500 1515.08 -5.25 -0.35
DJ Total Stock Market 15828.58 -51.41 -0.32

-BBN Top 10, Blackberry, down, Angies upgrade, Wholefoods down, Rio Tinto  down, Nvida down, on forecast, Pepsi, up, Cisco down on forecast, GM up on report, US Airways up on merger, 1 HJ Heinz on buyout

-India remained last year’s biggest gold buyer, with the gap between second-largest consumer China narrowing to the smallest ever, the World Gold Council said.Indian usage jumped 41 percent in the fourth quarter, leaving the full-year total down 12 percent at 864.2 metric tons, the London-based industry group said today in a report. China’s consumption fell 0.5 percent to 776.1 tons, lagging India by 88.1 tons. The gap was 206.5 tons in 2011.The council said in November that China would probably overtake India as the biggest buyer on an annual basis. China’s economic growth slowed to a three-year low of 7.4 percent in the third quarter, before accelerating for the first time in two years in the three months through December. The two nations together account for about 52 percent of global consumer bullion demand, according to the council.“China did go into a quite a sharp economic slowdown in the third quarter, and that was greater than we anticipated,” Marcus Grubb, managing director of investment research at the council, said yesterday by phone from London. “You’ve basically now got two markets that are very close together, both driving the global demand for gold. For this year, it’s going to be very close. We probably think that India will remain the larger market.”Indian consumption may climb about 11 percent to 965 tons this year, as Chinese buying increases about 13 percent to 880 tons, Grubb said.“China could become bigger than India if it comes in at the top of its range,” Grubb said. “On a per capita basis, Chinese demand for gold is still significantly lower than India. In the long run, that leads you on that measure to potentially favor China, because there’s a catch-up effect. BBN

-John Major Speech on UK/EU

He is President of Chathamhouse and gives the USA CFR its instructions. Sources  say Prince Charles is bypassing him and in direct contact with Obama on a regular basis.


-915 Futures

S&P 500 Futures 1512.65 -4.60 -0.30%
NQ 100 Futures 2759.40 -10.85 -0.39%
US 30 13982.91 -35.79 -0.26%
DAX 7633.30 -78.59 -1.02%
FTSE 100 6312.30 -46.81 -0.74%
Japan 225 11307.28 +55.87 +0.5%
US Dollar Index 80.62 +0.45 +0.56%

-EU, it’s getting ugly out there kids. Where your rain coat, it will be raining Euro$ soon from the ECB.

-View image on TwitPic website

- Deutsche Bank: Germany competitive with € @ $1.79, France $1.24, Italy $1.17-WSJ

-General Motors Co., announcing its third-straight profitable year, said fourth-quarter earnings rose 65 percent to $1.19 billion while Europe weighed down the results.The automaker’s net income totaled $6.19 billion last year, a 33 percent decrease from its full-year record profit of $9.19 billion in 2011. Fourth-quarter profit excluding one-time items was 48 cents a share, trailing the 51-cent average estimate of 16 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.The results come as Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson, 64, tries to boost GM’s profitability, regain lost market share in the U.S., end European losses and increase China sales by 75 percent by 2015. The Detroit-based company faces a resurgent Toyota Motor Corp., which regained the title of world’s best- selling automaker from GM last year.“We recorded another solid year in 2012 as we grew the business, delivered a third-straight year of profitability and took significant actions to put the company on a solid path for future growth,” Akerson said in a statement.GM gained 0.1 percent to $28.70 at 8:40 a.m. New York time before regular trading. The shares slid 0.6 percent this year through yesterday. BBN

Fourth-quarter adjusted earnings before interest and taxes rose to $1.25 billion from $1.1 billion a year earlier on revenues of $39.3 billion, giving the company an operating margin of 3.2 percent. The average estimate of eight analysts was for revenue of $39.2 billion.

-Webster Tarpley : Beware papal candidacy of Schoenborn of Vienna, rep of Europe oligarchy, favorite of WallStreet & CityofLondon -conclave must reject him

- ECB Nowotny : No need to act now on exchange rates; may need to discuss the issue if the currency situation becomes more accentuated

-  ECB’s Praet : Non standard measures should only be temporary

- S&P ( Kraemer): Still a challenging outlook for euro zone peripheral nations; Do not believe LTRO repayments are a game changer for euro zone.Spain, France, Italy and Portugal could be downgraded in 2013. UK downgrade not foregone.

-  EU’s Ollie  Rehn: Ongoing economic weakness in Europe is related to the continuing deleveraging process; must continue fiscal consolidation; Countries may be awarded longer periods to fix deficit problems if growth unexpectedly declines

-  France PM Ayrault: Unlikely France will meet its deficit target of 3% in 2013

- ECB Publishes Monthly Report noted that early LTRO repayments might contribute to further reduction of excess liquidity expectations; but currently too low to affect short term money market rates. It added that the pace of further early LTRO repayments “should be limited”. Weaker than expected economic activity in 4Q was behind downward 2013 GDP revision while the outlook for price developments was broadly balanced.

-Dijsselbloem: Netherlands has a “diverse bank landscape”

Yeah, all 4 banks appear to be headed for recapitalization.

-Russia Fin Min Siluanov commented ahead of G20 that Russia sought specific language against Fx intervention. He noted that major economies must have a predictable fiscal policy. On Cyprus he noted that bail-in risked social tensions and stressed that Europe must lead Cyprus rescue. Russia was not considering buying debt of new countries.

-France FinMin Moscovici : GDP figures were worrisome

-German Econ Min Roesler:  weakness is German economy was only temporary

- 0830 USA Weekly 341k , prior week revised up.Four-week claims average rises 1,500 to 352,500

The number of Americans who applied last week for new jobless benefits fell sharply, though it’s unclear whether part of the drop stemmed from the huge snowstorm that battered the Northeast. Applications for initial unemployment benefits sank 27,000 to a seasonally adjusted 341,000 in the week ended Feb. 9, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected a much smaller drop to 360,000 from a revised 368,000 in the prior week. Claims are now just slightly above a five-year low. The government had to use estimates last week for two states, Illinois and Connecticut. State employment offices in Connecticut were closed after several feet of snow fell. The average of new claims over the past month, meanwhile, edged up by 1,500 to 352,500. The four-week average reduces seasonal volatility in the weekly data and is seen as a more accurate barometer of labor-market trends. Also, Labor said continuing claims decreased by 130,000 to a seasonally adjusted 3.1million in the week ended Feb. 2. Continuing claims reflect the number of people already receiving benefits. Labor revised initial claims from two weeks ago up to 368,000 from an original reading of 366,000, based on more complete data collected at the state level. MW

-EU Economic Session Release Summary

(FR) France Q4 Preliminary Gross Domestic Product Q/Q: -0.3% v -0.2%; Y/Y: -0.3% v -0.2%e
(IN) India Jan Monthly Wholesale Prices (WPI): 6.6% v 7.0%e
(DE) Germany Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.6% v -0.5%e; Y/Y: 0.1% v 0.2%e; GDP wda Y/Y: 0.4% v 0.5%e
(FI) Finland Dec GDP Indicator WD: -2.3% v -0.9% prior
(FR) France Q4 Preliminary Wages Q/Q: 0.2% v 0.5%e; Non-Farm Payrolls Q/Q: -0.2% v -0.2%e
(HU) Hungary Jan Consumer Prices M/M: 0.8% v 1.1%e; Y/Y: 3.7% v 3.9%e
(HU) Hungary Dec Final Industrial Production M/M: -2.5% v -2.5% prelim; Y/Y: -3.4% v -3.4% prelim
(HU) Hungary Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.9% v -0.3%e; Y/Y: -2.7% v -1.9%e
(CZ) Czech Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.2% v -0.3%e; Y/Y: -1.7% v -1.7%e
(AT) Austria Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.2% v +0.1% prior; Y/Y: 0.4% v 0.6% prior
(RO) Romania Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: +0.2% v -0.1%e; Y/Y: 0.3% v 0.2%e
(ES) Spain Dec Industrial Orders Y/Y: -4.8% v -4.0% prior
(EU) ECB: €23M borrowed in overnight loan facility vs. €27.0M prior; €125.6B parked in deposit facility vs. €156.9B prior
(NL) Netherlands Dec Trade Balance: €3.5B v €4.3B prior
(NL) Netherlands Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.2% v -0.3%e; Y/Y: -0.9% v -0.9%e
(IT) Italy Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -0.9% v -0.6%e (6th straight contraction); Y/Y: -2.7% v -2.2%e
(ES) Jan Spain banks net ECB borrowings €299B v €313B prior (5th straight monthly drop)
(ZA) South Africa Dec Gold Production Y/Y: -21.2% v -32.2% prior; Mining Production Y/Y: -7.5% v -3.2%e
(UK) Q4 Property repossessions at 7,700 v 8,200 q/q, lowest in 5 years – CML
-(EU) Euro Zone Q4 Advanced GDP Q/Q: -0.6% v -0.4%e (worst quarterly reading since 2009); Y/Y: -0.9% v -0.7%e
(PT) Portugal Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -1.8% v -1.0%e; Y/Y: -3.8% v -3.0%e
(GR) Greece Q4 Advanced GDP Y/Y: -6.0% v -6.7% prior
(CY) Cyprus Q4 Preliminary GDP Q/Q: -1.0% v -0.4% prior; Y/Y: 3.1% v -2.0% prior
(GR) Greece Nov Unemployment Rate: 27.0% v 26.6% prior (fresh record high)

-Buffett’s Berkshire and 3G to buy H.J. Heinz for $28B

-Oscar Pistorius to appear in court charged with murder.

-0823 Europe

Stoxx Europe 600 287.45 -0.82 -0.28
 Belgium: Bel-20 2549.02 14.77 0.58
 France: CAC 40 3676.92 -21.61 -0.58
 Germany: DAX 7644.77 -67.12 -0.87
 Italy: FTSE MIB 16559.87 -152.28 -0.91
 Sweden: OMX Stockholm 368.31 -1.77 -0.48
 UK: FTSE 100 6323.10 -36.01 -0.57

- Bank of Japan (BoJ) Gov Shirakawa post rate decision press conference noted that monetary easing was not aimed at manipulating yen but steered towards stabilizing the domestic economy. Monetary policy did affect exchange rates but not targeting the JPY currency. The weak JPY currency (yen) could gradually start to help Japan’s exports. He will explain BOJ’s recent aggressive easing at upcoming G20 but that the recent G7 statement on FX spoke for itself. He had no comment on US Treasury Sec strong USD comment nor whether BOJ could start buying foreign bonds. He reiterated that there was no difference in view between BOJ and Japanese Govt on how to end deflation and that the Japanese economy would likely to pick up by mid-2013.  Japan Vice Fin Min Yamaguchi commented that its domestic economy was looking up and the BOJ economic assessment was in line with Govt views. He noted that the JPY currency weakness, rise in equities and Govt stimulus would all help support its domestic economy

- The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): Talks with Iran have yet to reach any agreement  Iran President Ahmandinejad: Will not react to pressure on nuclear program.

-Okay DAX down 1.2 pc, I will take profit on the short trade here. Regling is a whimp!

- The world’s central banks last year bought 534.6 tons of gold in 2012, the most since 1964, as global gold demand hit a record value level, the World Gold Council said Thursday in a quarterly report. Purchases by central banks for the full year rose 17% compared with 2011, while fourth-quarter purchases of 145 tons marked a 29% rise from the same period a year earlier. “Central banks’ move from net sellers of gold to net buyers that we have seen in recent years has continued apace,” with official sector purchases across the world now at their highest level for almost half a century, said Marcus Grubb, managing director for investment at the World Gold Council. In value terms, total gold demand in 2012 was $236.4 billion, an all-time high, the council said. MW

-0525, finally some downside in the EU markets. Too bad Regling/Draghi, you lose, I win!! DAX crash!!

-The European Central Bank said in its monthly bulletin that the recent Euro strength is a downside risk to inflation, but inflation risks are broadly balanced. The ECB now forecasts that inflation will fall below the current 2% level in the coming months. The ECB also said medium and longer term expectations are in line with the just below 2% ECB target.The ECB further explained in its bulletin that its inflation expectations allow the central bank to remain accommodative. The bulletin forecasted that economic weakness will continue in the first part of 2013, and reiterated that a recovery should gradually begin later in the year.The comments in the bulletin reflected ECB President Draghi’s slightly more dovish sentiments in his February press conference that followed the ECB rate decision announcement. The Euro saw a major decline against the US Dollar during that press conference because of the dovish sentiment and the concerns Draghi expressed over Euro strength affecting prices. FX wire

ECB’s Constancio says there’s too much talk of currency wars, nations should “behave” so markets can set forex rates. He then goes on to say, negative interest rates are always possible. Yeah, rob people with negative interest rates.

What a clown and market rigger. Central banks should ‘behave’ , not spewing their propaganda on the tape to try and explain away their mendacity.

-Greece unemployment: 27%. 1.4mln unemployed, 3.3mln inactive. 3.6mln employed. In 2008, 380K unemployed, 4.5mln employed, 3.4mln inactive.

-EU GDP -.6 % vs -.4 % e, in Q4..EU27 down -.5 %.

GDP fell by 0.6% in the euro area1 (EA17) and by 0.5% in the EU271 during the fourth quarter of 2012, compared with the previous quarter, according to flash estimates2 published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In the third quarter of 2012, growth rates were -0.1% and +0.1% respectively.Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, seasonally adjusted GDP fell by 0.9% in the euro area andby 0.6% in the EU27 in the fourth quarter of 2012, after -0.6% and -0.4% respectively in the previous quarter.During the fourth quarter of 2012, GDP in the United States was stable compared with the previous quarter (after+0.8% in the third quarter of 2012). Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, GDP rose by 1.5% in theUnited States (after +2.6% in the previous quarter).Over the whole year 20123, GDP fell by 0.5% in the euro area and by 0.3% in the EU27. Eurostat.

Still not too far off expectations. It could have been a lot worse.

- Statistics Portugal said that Portuguese GDP fell to -3.8%, from -3.5% in the preceding month.Analysts had expected Portuguese GDP to rise to -2.9% last month.Portugal GDP was down -1.8% q/q in Q4. Full year performance was a fall in GDP of -3.2%. 2011 recorded a -1.6% decline.

-Greece -6.0% y/y GDP in Q4. Unemployment rate rises to at 27% in November.

-0425 I don’t anticipate the EU GDP will vary by much from the -.4 % contraction expected. Its up in a half hour, but I will report it in the USA trading morning. Interesting how ever quarter when the data gets worse, the Germans emerge to say it is getting better. I’m not picking on the Germans, the USA talking heads to the same thing, like trying to talk up flat m/m and y/y retail sales with 4-5 pc retail level inflation yesterday morning.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1739.06 -5.97 -0.34
Stoxx Europe 50 2638.15 5.14 0.20
Stoxx Europe 600 288.87 0.60 0.21
Euro Stoxx 50 2662.60 5.74 0.22
Euro Stoxx 267.34 0.65 0.24
Austria: ATX Index 2433.49 -4.25 -0.17
Belgium: Bel-20 2561.60 27.35 1.08
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20 532.74 5.39 1.02
Estonia: OMX Tallinn 750.00 -1.24 -0.17
Finland: OMX Helsinki 6283.93 -3.75 -0.06
France: CAC 40 3707.20 8.67 0.23
Germany: DAX 7716.48 4.59 0.06
Greece: Athens General 1011.85 16.55 1.66
Greece: DJ Greece TSM 783.33 6.97 0.90
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20 347.38 1.47 0.42
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share* 780.48 12.53 1.63
Ireland: ISEQ Overall 3695.25 12.69 0.34
Italy: FTSE MIB 16778.91 66.76 0.40
Latvia: OMX Riga 400.11 0.63 0.16
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius 373.05 0.15 0.04
Netherlands: AEX 346.60 0.77 0.22
Norway: OSE All-Share 520.81 0.08 0.02
Portugal: PSI 20 6239.55 21.52 0.35
Russia: DJ Russia Titans 6597.98 23.48 0.36
Spain: IBEX 35 8301.70 -4.50 -0.05
Sweden: OMX Stockholm 369.61 -0.47 -0.13
Switzerland: Swiss Market 7479.59 -2.63 -0.04
UK: FTSE 100 6359.52 0.41 0.01
UK: FTSE 250 13594.16 -8.83 -0.06
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share 751.67 2.40 0.32

EUR/USD 1.3398 -0.0055 -0.41%
GBP/USD 1.5520 -0.0021 -0.13%
USD/JPY 93.49 +0.08 +0.09%
USD/CHF 0.9196 +0.0026 +0.28%
AUD/USD 1.0361 -0.0008 -0.08%
USD/CAD 1.0005 -0.0012 -0.12%
EUR/GBP 0.8632 -0.0024 -0.27%
Gold 1644.15 -0.95 -0.06%
Silver 30.828 -0.041 -0.13%
Copper 3.746 +0.003 +0.09%
Crude Oil 97.28 +0.27 +0.27%
Natural Gas 3.305 -0.001 -0.02%
US Cotton No.2 81.10 +0.28 +0.35%
US Coffee C 138.93 +0.45 +0.32%

-ABB Ltd., the world’s largest maker of power transformers, reported better-than-estimated earnings helped by rising orders in the U.S., the Middle East and Africa. The stock surged the most in more than 18 months.Fourth-quarter net income reached $604 million, beating the average estimate by analysts for $570 million in a survey by Bloomberg. Sales rose 4 percent to $11 billion and ABB will pay a 2012 dividend of 0.68 francs per share compared with 0.65 francs a year earlier, the Zurich-based company said today.ABB Chief Executive Officer Joe Hogan is betting on an upswing in U.S. orders after out-spending rivals Siemens AG and Schneider Electric SA in recent years with the acquisitions of American firms Baldor Electric Co. and Thomas & Betts Corp., worth more than $8 billion combined. The U.S.-born executive is also trying to bring the service culture of General Electric to ABB as he targets driving service revenues from 16 percent of total sales in 2011 to between 20 and 25 percent by 2015.“In the short term, there are still a lot of questions around the pace of growth in Europe and the U.S. and the timing of the rebound in China,” said Hogan, who joined the firm from General Electric Co. in 2008. “We’ll continue to be conservative on costs while making sure we are in position to outperform as the market environment improves.”“We have to make sure that we balance that cost and growth piece very carefully,” Hogan said in a video posted online, adding that ABB will cap capital expenditures “pretty much at inflation rate” after they grew about 70 percent in the last three years. ABB cut costs by $1.1 billion in 2012 to exceed a targeted savings plan.ABB said today that fourth-quarter orders increased 41 percent to $3.5 billion in the Americas region and 14 percent to $1 billion in the Middle East and Africa. In Europe, orders gained 1 percent to $3.5 billion while they dropped 25 percent to $2.5 billion in Asia. BBN

-Greece central bank chief: Risk of Grexit drastically reduced. EK


-English Women are Racists, pigs..bizarre

What a horrid country full of horrid, antichrists. Poor guy, I will bet he wished he had stayed in Poland. What a perverse nation.


- Italian  Police arrest  MPS forme financial director Baldassarri

-The European Union will propose a far-reaching tax on financial transactions which could be collected worldwide as soon as Jan. 1 next year by the 11 nations that have so far signed up to participate.The plan by the EU in Brussels, to be outlined today, invokes “residence” and “issuance” ties to firms in participating countries, in a bid to prevent traders from escaping the levy by trading outside the tax’s zone, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg News. The plan says that to escape the proposed tax entirely, firms in other nations would have to entirely cease financial-services business with the 11 EU nations involved.The proposal marks a new stage in the EU’s efforts to raise revenue from the financial sector and curb what it sees as a “patchwork” of local levies. Like a prior, failed proposal for all 27 EU nations, today’s plan would set a rate of 0.1% for stock and bond trades and 0.01% on derivatives trades.The EU estimates the arrangement could raise 30 billion euros ($40 billion) to 35 billion euros per year. It would need approval by the 11 participants to proceed. All EU nations can sit in on the talks and have the option to join. BBN

-Instituto Nacional de Estadistica said that Spanish Industrial New Orders fell to a seasonally adjusted -3.1%, from -1.5% in the preceding month.Analysts had expected Spanish Industrial New Orders to rise to -1.0% last month.

-ECB report

The recovery in global economic activity has shown some tentative signs of renewed momentum,although it remains muted, fragmented and fragile. Improvements in fi nancial market conditions and the more positive sentiment shown by survey indicators suggest activity will strengthen gradually. Inflation has been stabilising in advanced economies, while consumer prices continue to rise in a number of emerging markets…


- Istat said that Italian GDP fell to -0.9%, from -0.2% in the preceding month.Analysts had expected Italian GDP to fall -0.6% last month (6 th straight ). Q4 – 2.7 %  y/y v -.2.3 % e

-MI6 propaganda.

DT finds ‘secret’ Al Qaueda document in Timbuktu, Mali


-PC Hero falls from grace..on fear of black break-in.

-South African amputee champion runner, Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp 

South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius is in police custody after he allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend in the early hours of the morning, reportedly thinking she was an intruder. DT

-Dutch Economy shrunk -.9 pc in Q4 y/y.

-0325 Europe

European shares are relatively flat in early trading despite worse than expected GDPs out of everyone that has reported. Earnings at Nestle and revenue growth were weak, following weak forecasts from CSCO, NVDA, WFM in the USA. BNP Q4 net fell 33 % on write down of Italian assets. The Europeans remain bizarrely fixated on this horse meat scandal. Traders are largely absent from their desks at the opening. Who knows maybe they do the programming from home.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1739.80 -5.23 -0.30
Stoxx Europe 50 2632.97 -0.04 0.00
Stoxx Europe 600 288.32 0.05 0.02
Euro Stoxx 50 2653.23 -3.63 -0.14
Euro Stoxx 266.59 -0.10 -0.04
Austria: ATX Index* 2437.74 17.99 0.74
Belgium: Bel-20 2562.88 28.63 1.13
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20 529.23 1.88 0.36
Estonia: OMX Tallinn 751.70 0.46 0.06
Finland: OMX Helsinki 6277.91 -9.76 -0.16
France: CAC 40 3698.18 -0.35 -0.01
Germany: DAX 7700.36 -11.53 -0.15
Greece: Athens General* 1011.85 16.55 1.66
Greece: DJ Greece TSM* 776.37 2.15 0.28
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20* 345.91 1.35 0.39
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share* 780.48 12.53 1.63
Ireland: ISEQ Overall 3685.83 3.27 0.09
Italy: FTSE MIB 16665.55 -46.60 -0.28
Latvia: OMX Riga 399.73 0.26 0.07
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius 372.99 0.09 0.02
Netherlands: AEX 345.36 -0.47 -0.14
Norway: OSE All-Share 520.69 -0.04 -0.01
Portugal: PSI 20* 6218.03 16.31 0.26
Russia: DJ Russia Titans 6581.73 7.23 0.11
Spain: IBEX 35 8259.00 -47.20 -0.57
Sweden: OMX Stockholm 369.70 -0.38 -0.10
Switzerland: Swiss Market 7464.15 -18.07 -0.24
UK: FTSE 100 6356.26 -2.85 -0.04
UK: FTSE 250 13588.94 -14.05 -0.10
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share 751.00 1.73 0.23

- Hungarian Central Statistical Office said that Hungarian GDP fell to a seasonally adjusted -2.7%, from -1.5% in the preceding month. -2 % was expected

-WIFO said that Austrian GDP fell to an annual rate of -0.2% v-.1 %e, from 0.1% in the preceding month.

-USA trading Day Ahead

Weekly Bill Settlement

Jobless Claims [Star]8:30 AM ET

Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index[Bullet9:45 AM ET

EIA Natural Gas Report [Bullet10:30 AM ET 

Daniel Tarullo Speaks 10:30 AM ET

3-Month Bill Announcement [Bullet11:00 AM ET

6-Month Bill Announcement[Bullet11:00 AM ET

30-Yr TIPS Announcement[Bullet11:00 AM ET

James Bullard Speaks 12:50 PM ET

30-Yr Bond Auction[Bullet1:00 PM ET

Fed Balance Sheet[Bullet4:30 PM ET

Money Supply [Bullet4:30 PM ET

-Stournaras: minimum wage will not be reduced further, we are sorry if this spoils the plans and hopes of some people

Greek FinMin gives middle finger to Germans

-INSEE said that French non-farm payrolls fell to a seasonally adjusted -0.2%, from -0.3% in the preceding quarter.Analysts had expected French non-farm payrolls to fall -0.2% in the last quarter.

-301 Europe Opens

DAX, 7701, -.13 %

CAC 40 index down 0.2% to 3,688.95

FTSE 100 index flat at 6,356.52

Stoxx Europe 600 index flat at 288.20

Key Bonds

German 10y 1.68+0.00, -0.03%
Italy 10yr 4.35+0.01, -0.24%
Spain 10y 5.21+0.03, -.52 %


EUR/USD 1.3409 -0.0044 -0.33%
GBP/USD 1.5521 -0.0020 -0.13%
USD/JPY 93.61 +0.20 +0.22%
USD/CHF 0.9194 +0.0024 +0.26%
AUD/USD 1.0348 -0.0022 -0.21%
USD/CAD 1.0013 -0.0004 -0.03%
EUR/GBP 0.8639 -0.0017 -0.20%
Gold 1644.15 -0.95 -0.06%
Silver 30.813 -0.056 -0.18%
Copper 3.738 -0.005 -0.13%
Crude Oil 97.08 +0.07 +0.07%
Natural Gas 3.296 -0.010 -0.30%
US Cotton No.2 81.19 +0.37 +0.46%
US Coffee C 138.47 -1.73 -1.23%

- GLD: SPDR Gold Trust ETF daily holdings fall by 0.9 tons to 1,326.0 tons (lowest since 1,324.4 on Oct 4th)

-Pernod Ricard SA Thursday confirmed its full-year profit target despite a challenging environment in Europe, as the group reported a rise in profit and sales for the first six months of its financial year.The second-largest alcoholic-beverage company in the world said it still targets profit from recurring operations to grow “close to 6%” this year, helped by sales of high-end cognac in markets such as China, India, Russia and the U.S., which are likely to offset sluggish sales in Europe.Net profit for the first six months ended Dec. 31 rose 6% to 847 million euros (US$1.1 billion) on a 6% rise in revenue to EUR4.91 billion, partly also boosted by a stronger U.S. dollar and Chinese Yuan.Organic revenue — which strips out the effects of acquisitions, disposals and currency shifts — rose 3% in the period, dragged down by a sharp decline in sales in France linked to the increase in excise tax last year, as well as the Chinese New Year, traditionally a booster for alcohol sales, falling on a later date this year.Food and drinks companies have been struggling in Europe due to the morose economic climate as consumers tighten their belts on concerns over austerity plans, high unemployment and falling purchasing power.Pernod said organic sales growth in Western Europe dropped 4%, a slight improvement from the 6% drop posted in the first quarter. Emerging markets — the group’s key growth driver, which accounts for 60% of the business — rose 14%, also up from the first quarter.Last month, Diageo PLC , the world’s largest spirits group cited “deteriorating consumption trends” in markets hard hit by the crisis but also in relatively more stable countries like France.Smaller French rival Remy Cointreau SA’s chief financial officer Frederic Pflanz last month said there are “islands of growth” in Europe, mainly in the U.K. and Eastern Europe while the picture in France and Western Europe is “not good.” MW

Zionist owned business.

-Nvidia Corp.’s fiscal fourth-quarter profit jumped a bigger-than-expected 50% as the chip maker reported stronger sales and wider profit margins.But the company gave a weak revenue outlook for the fiscal first quarter. For the current quarter, the company projected revenue of around $940 million, below the recent $1.07 billion consensus estimate from analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.Nvidia is best known for making graphics chips and circuit boards that generate visual effects in video games on personal computers and consoles. Reacting to recent weakness in the PC market, the company has moved into mobile chips; both Google Inc and Microsoft Corp. use Nvidia chips in their tablets.The company had previously warned of weakness in the fourth quarter, due to softening sales of chips for desktop computers and notebooks.For the quarter ended Jan. 27, Nvidia reported a profit of $174 million, or 28 cents a share, up from $116 million, or 19 cents a share, a year earlier. Excluding items like stock-based compensation, per-share earnings rose to 35 cents from 26 cents. Analysts were expecting earnings of 24 cents a share.Revenue rose 16% to $1.11 billion. Nvidia in November had projected $1.03 billion to $1.18 billion.Operating expenses rose 9.3%.Gross margin widened to 52.9% from 51.4%. MW

-Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce  recorded pretax profit of GBP2.71 billion during the full year ended Dec. 31, 2012, compared with GBP1.11 billion a year earlier .Revenue GBP12.16 billion versus GBP11.12 billion; Adjusted revenue GBP12.21 billion versus GBP11.28 billion. Adjusted pretax profit GBP1.43 billion versus GBP1.16 billion.Operating profit GBP1.37 billion versus GBP1.19 billion. Net profit GBP2.28 billion versus GBP850 million. Diluted earnings per share or EPS 121.59 pence versus 45.33 pence; Basic EPS 123.23 pence versus 45.95 pence. Order book GBP60.15 billion versus GBP57.63 billion

-Miner Gold Fields Ltd.reported a drop in profit in the final months of 2012 and said production for the year ahead will be lower.It completed restructuring in the quarter and will now focus on growth outside of South Africa.The Johannesburg-based company said net profit attributable to shareholders in the fourth quarter was 545.7 million rand ($54.5 million) compared with ZAR2.6 billion the year before. Gold output in the fourth quarter was 754,000 troy ounces–down from 883,000 ounces.Total output in 2012 was 3.25 million ounces. For 2013, the company predicts output to be between 1.825 million ounces and 1.9 million ounces. This excludes the KDC and Beatrix mines which have been spun off.In November Gold Fields said it would “unbundle” its KDC and Beatrix mines into a company called Sibanye Gold. It was listed as an independent company this week. Gold Fields retains its other mines–including the South Deep Gold Mine in South Africa.The Sibanye Gold mines produced 1.4 million ounces in 2011. Gold Fields’ production, excluding the Sibanye Gold assets, totaled 2.2 million gold-equivalent ounces.Gold Fields lost 110,000 ounces of gold owing to a strike at its KDC and Beatrix mines.

Clearly gold mining , and GFI has relatively low cost per oz’s is barely sustainable at current prices. Miners need to cut back on production when they can’t provide EPS and reduce labor costs.

-French car maker Renault SA Thursday said its net profit fell 15% in 2012 despite a large one-off gain from an asset sale, and predicted its global vehicle sales will continue to grow this year despite a further contraction of the European market.The company said its net profit fell to 1.77 billion euros ($2.38 billion) last year from EUR2.09 billion in 2011, despite a EUR924 million capital gain from the sale of its remaining stake in Swedish truck maker Volvo.Renault raised EUR1.48 billion from the sale, allowing it to become debt-free by year-end with net cash of EUR1.49 billion, compared with net debt of EUR299 million a year earlier.Operating profit fell to EUR729 million last year from EUR1.09 million in 2011, with the core automotive division posting a small operating loss of EUR25 million compared with a profit of EUR330 million in 2011. Renault said a positive EUR520 million effect from cost reductions was more than offset by the weakness of sales, and the price war in Europe that has forced Renault and other car makers to shave their margins to maintain sales volumes. MW

-Cisco Systems Inc. forecast sales this quarter that missed analysts’ most optimistic projections, citing growth challenges in China and Europe and the prospect of lackluster government demand for networking equipment.Fiscal third-quarter sales will increase 4 percent to 6 percent from a year earlier, Cisco said on a conference call yesterday, indicating revenue of $12.1 billion to $12.3 billion. Analysts on average predicted sales of $12.2 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.A slowdown in spending by large corporations has limited Cisco’s growth, as has weakness in Europe and Asia, said Bill Kreher, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co. Tepid demand by government agencies “has the potential to trip us up,” Chief Executive Officer John Chamberssaid on the call with analysts.“Overall, the company is demonstrating stability in its gross margin, which is important for the long-term story, but in the near term, revenue growth is what will excite investors, and new growth areas are slowing,” Kreher said.Shares fell 1.7 percent to $20.78 in extended trading yesterday after closing up less than 1 percent to $21.14 in New York, for a gain of 7.6 percent this year. BBN ( I updated after hours action).

-Futures ahead of Europa Open

Futures Index Value % Change Open High Low Time
Americas Futures
DJIA INDEX FUTURE Mar13 13,947.00 -0.08% 13,954.00 13,965.00 13,946.00 02:21:52
S&P 500 FUTURE Mar13 1,515.90 -0.09% 1,516.20 1,518.20 1,515.50 02:21:50
NASDAQ 100 FUTURE Mar13 2,766.00 -0.15% 2,766.00 2,769.50 2,765.75 02:21:52
EURO STOXX 50 Mar13 2,650.00 -0.23% 2,651.00 2,653.00 2,649.00 02:18:57
FTSE 100 IDX FUT Mar13 6,329.00 -0.08% 6,332.00 6,343.50 6,329.00 02:19:28
DAX INDEX FUTURE Mar13 7,699.00 -0.13% 7,696.50 7,705.00 7,695.50 02:19:1

-Nestle SA, the world’s largest food company, reported the slowest sales growth in three years on decelerating revenue growth in emerging markets and weak consumption in Europe.Revenue advanced 5.9 percent excluding acquisitions, disposals and currency shifts, the Vevey, Switzerland-based company said today. That was less than the 6 percent average estimate of 11 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.Sales advanced 8.4 percent on a so-called organic basis in the Asia, Oceania and Africa region in the full year, slowing from the 9.4 percent pace in the first nine months. Analysts had expected a rebound after Nestle said in October the third quarter was weighed down by one-time factors and business disruptions that wouldn’t repeat.Nestle Chief Executive Officer Paul Bulcke said the company is confident about reaching its long-term target of 5 percent to 6 percent annual sales growth this year, despite the “many challenges 2013 will no doubt bring.” The Nespresso capsule maker beat the goal in 2010 and 2011.Net income rose 12 percent to 10.61 billion francs ($12 billion), more than the 10.4 billion-franc average estimate.The trading operating margin widened 0.2 percentage point to 15.2 percent in 2012. Analysts expected 15.3 percent, according to the survey.Revenue from Nestle’s Europe business increased 1.8 percent on an organic basis, boosted by demand for Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee and Maggi cooking products. Revenue from the emerging markets rose 11 percent and reached 43 percent of total sales. The company has a goal of that proportion reaching 45 percent in 2020. Nestle said it plans to raise its dividend 5.1 percent to 2.05 francs a share this year. BBN

Sales in line with global inflation rate of 5 pc.


-Rio Tinto Group, the world’s second- largest mining company, swung to its first full-year loss in at least 21 years after taking a $14 billion one-time charge on the value of its aluminum and coal businesses.The loss was $3 billion in the 12 months to Dec. 31, from $5.8 billion profit a year ago, London-based Rio said today in a statement. The result beat the average forecast loss of $4 billion of seven analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. BBN

-Watch Regling ramp the DAX and CAC. Bad news is always good news when your at the ESM/ECB or FED/ESF.

-Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland said that German GDP fell to a seasonally adjusted -0.6%, from 0.2% in the preceding quarter.Analysts had expected German GDP to fall -0.5% in the last quarter.

-French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies said that French GDP fell to a seasonally adjusted -0.3%, from 0.1% in the preceding quarter.Analysts had expected French GDP to fall -0.2% in the last quarter.

-1035 Asia

Mainland China and Taiwan , and Vietnam remain closed for the New Year.

The BOJ meet coincident with the Q4 data releases. They left their ZIRP in place, did not raise their QE from present 101 Tln Y level, and upgraded their assessment of the economy. The Japanese economy entered its 3 rd quarter of decline with Q4 GDP at -.4 % y/y and and -.1 % m/m.  The Nikkei Average finished  0.5% up at 11,307.28 and the Y/D at 93.5+.The figures Thursday were worse than expected by economists. Many economist had forecast the economy would emerge from recession in the final quarter of 2012 as the Japanese yen weakened against other major currencies, giving a boost to Japanese export manufacturers.

The Bank of Japan left monetary policy unchanged following a two-day meeting that ended today, noting  that “Japan’s economy appears to have stopped weakening.” Miyao still the lone BOJ dove voting for ZIRP until 2% CPI in sight

Japan’s economic minister, Mr. Amari  said”At this point, I cannot say for sure” whether the economy has hit a bottom, economy minister Akira Amari said at a press conference following the release of the gross domestic product data. In a statement released earlier, Mr. Amari stressed that the pace of economic contraction was slowing and that the economy is expected to enter a gradual recovery path.The government expects to achieve economic growth of 1.0% for the year ending March. Regarding the likelihood of the government achieving that level of growth, Mr. Amari said “we will make efforts toward the goal.”He noted that public sentiment has improved since the inauguration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government in December. The important thing is “whether the change in sentiment will translate into actual change in economic behavior,” he said.The new government has been trying to enact a Y10-trillion economic stimulus package this month to prop up the economy. Mr. Amari said he hopes the package will be enacted promptly and that some of the effects will be felt during the current January-March quarter.The main culprit for the latest economic slump is a slowdown in the global economy.”Whether the global economy will recover as hoped for” remains a risk factor, he pointed out.

JCER Pres / BOJ Gov candidate Iwata sees Y95 vs USD as equilibrium

Lexus still came out as number 1 in USA consumer surveys.

Japan and the USA agreed to seek tougher UN sanctions on North Korea. Japan’s Defense minister said Japan  could have pre-emptive strike ability in future

Nuke test gives US ‘excuse to boost its military’, said China Daily, the official state propaganda rag. The United States and its allies may boost their military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, citing Pyongyang’s nuclear test, Chinese defense analysts said. China further dissimulated by its Commerce department denying it was number 1 in world trade. China said North Korea’s nuclear test had no environmental impact as it rigs geiger meters like the USA does the masses can purchase. Smog smothered Beijing. Only 28 % of the Chinese people are in a true celebratory mood as the government called for a frugal New Year.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng jumped 0.93% after being closed for the first three days of this week.

Australia’s ASX finished up, .66 pc and extend its bull run,  following strong earnings and a favorable consumer sentiment report delivered on Wednesday. Bank New Zealand Ltd. and Roy Morgan Research said New Zealand’s consumer confidence reading for February rose 121, the best reading since June 2010. The NZ mfg. PMI surged to 55.2 in Jan from 50.4 prior. The NZX finished up .42.

Korea’s Kospi finished up .18. Korea’s leading automaker, Hyunadai and Kia announced they would introduce diesel sedans to compete with BMW/VW. BOK held rates, but the decision was split.

Economic Release Summary






Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Asia Dow 3025.68 5.73 0.19
DJ Asia-Pacific TSM 1357.80 2.86 0.21
Australia: All Ordinaries* 5057.20 32.70 0.65
Australia: S&P/ASX* 5036.90 33.20 0.66
China: DJ CBN China 600* 22861.92 138.19 0.61
China: DJ Shanghai* 311.84 1.54 0.50
China: Shanghai Composite* 2432.40 13.87 0.57
China: Shenzhen Composite* 969.52 12.80 1.34
China: Shanghai 50* 2042.42 -6.15 -0.30
Hong Kong: Hang Seng 23432.11 216.95 0.93
India: BSE Sensex 19630.75 22.67 0.12
India: S&P CNX Nifty 5933.70 0.75 0.01
Indonesia: JSX Index 4600.22 28.65 0.63
Indonesia: JSX BISNIS 27 399.09 2.18 0.55
Indonesia: JSX Islamic 625.33 0.98 0.16
Indonesia: JSX LQ-45 788.69 3.77 0.48
Indonesia: PEFINDO-25 483.38 4.84 1.01
Indonesia: SRI-KEHATI 250.09 1.08 0.43
Japan: DJ Japan TSM* 594.54 -1.16 -0.19
Japan: Nikkei Average* 11307.28 55.87 0.50
Japan: TOPIX Index* 954.88 -2.14 -0.22
Malaysia: DJ Malaysia TSM 3037.82 5.15 0.17
Malaysia: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 1633.85 2.69 0.16
New Zealand: NZX 50* 4239.20 17.80 0.42
S. Korea: KOSPI* 1979.61 3.54 0.18
S. Korea: KOSPI 50* 1721.38 3.41 0.20
S. Korea: KOSPI 100* 1984.09 3.33 0.17
S. Korea: KOSPI 200 Composite* 261.44 0.52 0.20
Singapore: FTSE Straits Times 3294.66 -6.38 -0.19
Taiwan: TAIEX* 7906.65 19.71 0.25
Thailand: SET 1523.17 9.06 0.60

FX And Commodities

Gold 1644.45 -0.65 -0.04%
Silver 30.828 -0.041 -0.13%
Copper 3.745 +0.004 +0.12%
Crude Oil 97.17 +0.17 +0.17%
Natural Gas 3.296 -0.004 -0.11%
US Cotton No.2 81.22 +0.10 +0.12%
US Coffee C 138.47 -1.73 -1.23%
EUR/USD 1.3434 -0.0019 -0.14%
GBP/USD 1.5514 -0.0028 -0.18%
USD/JPY 93.57 +0.16 +0.17%
USD/CHF 0.9180 +0.0010 +0.10%
AUD/USD 1.0348 -0.0023 -0.22%
USD/CAD 1.0020 +0.0003 +0.03%
EUR/GBP 0.8660 +0.0004 +0.05%


Japan 10yr 0.78+0.03, -3.50

U.S. 10yr 2.06-0.17. 7.64%


Price Change %Change
AUT CDS 5-YR 46.50 0.08 0.17%
BEL CDS 5-YR 76.00 UNCH 0%
CHN CDS 5-YR 173.57 19.34 12.54%
DEN CDS 5Y 30.455 0.29 0.96%
DUBAI CDS 5Y 220.00 UNCH 0%
EGY CDS 5Y 555.00 UNCH 0%
FIN CDS 5YR 29.50 0.335 1.15%
FRANCE CDS 5YR 86.735 -0.10 -0.12%
GER CDS 5YR 44.325 -0.005 -0.01%
GRE CDS 5YR 4139.2002 30.90 0.75%
HUN CDS 5YR 287.00 UNCH 0%
INA CDS 5-YR 142.265 0.235 0.17%
IRE CDS 5Y 165.26 -0.075 -0.05%
ITA CDS 5YR 238.86 -0.885 -0.37%
JPN CDS 5YR 72.38 -0.10 -0.14%
KOR CDS 5YR 67.085 -0.105 -0.16%
NED CDS 5YR 54.125 0.125 0.23%
PAN CDS 5-YR 95.00 -0.115 -0.12%
POR CDS 5-YR 378.06 -0.60 -0.16%
SVK CDS 5YR 90.66 UNCH 0%
ESP CDS 5YR 255.345 -0.895 -0.35%
SWE CDS 5-YR 20.50 0.335 1.66%
SUI CDS 5Y 40.00 UNCH 0%
UK CDS 5Y 52.675 -0.16 -0.30%
US CDS 5Y 39.285 -0.55 -1.3

-Soros making 1 bln shorting yen. Wire stories

-Terrorist Mursi, proves Muslim Brotherhood, Mossad controlled

Egypt floods Gaza tunnels to cut Palestinian lifeline. Reuters

-Get in bed with Satan, wake up in Hell.

An Israeli with an unspecified dual nationality had been secretly imprisoned “out of security considerations”, only to be found dead in his cell two years ago in what was eventually ruled a suicide.The district court did not confirm or deny ABC’s unsourced findings that the dead man was 34-year-old Ben Zygier, an Australian who moved to Israel and may have been jailed in isolation over suspected misconduct while spying for Mossad.Social media records showed that Zygier, who died in late 2010 and was buried in Melbourne, had been married with children. His relatives have declined all comment on the case.The Israeli district court said the unnamed detainee had been held under the supervision “of the most senior officials of the Justice Ministry” and that his family had been informed of his arrest immediately after it took place.After citing other legal monitoring mechanisms in the case, the district court said: “Beyond this no details can be published about the affair, for reasons of national security.” Reuters

-Liar of the day, another Jew, Jacob Lew(inksy), ak Jack Lew

Jack Lew: I had no idea my money was even in the Cayman Islands

And he wants to be UST Secretary?

-As the ZGR predicted, Boeing would make the case design sabotage proof. Titanium battery cases.

- Two test flights of Boeing Co’s (BA.N) 787 Dreamliner have not revealed the cause of the battery malfunctions that grounded the jets, leaving it to focus on low-tech interim fixes, the Wall Street Journal said, citing government and industry officials.More test flights are planned, including efforts to assess potential fixes, although no significant new clues emerged to help pinpoint the cause of the problem, the Journal said.Boeing is now considering putting the lithium ion batteries in a sturdier container to stop heat, flames and toxic chemicals from escaping if the power packs overheat, the newspaper said.People familiar with the design of the container told the Journal that titanium is a possible material for its construction.The 50 Dreamliners in commercial service were grounded worldwide on January 16 after a series of battery-related incidents including a fire on board a parked 787 at Boston’s Logan International Airport and an in-flight problem on another aircraft in Japan.The groundings have cost airlines tens of millions of dollars.A Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman contacted by the Wall Street Journal did not have any immediate comment. The FAA could not immediately be reached for comment by Reuters outside of regular U.S.business hours. WSJ/Reuters

-A union representing engineers and technical workers at Boeing Co (BA.N) filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board accusing the airplane maker’s security personnel of stopping union members from distributing leaflets on a labor contract ballot at the Everett factory.Boeing and the union that represents its 23,000 engineers are locked in a labor contract dispute. Boeing is currently beset by battery problems on its Dreamliner jets.The new contract proposed by Boeing is now being voted on by union members. The ballots mailed on February 5 recommend members reject the “best and final” contract that Boeing offered on January 17. The votes will be tallied on February 19.The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) said late on Wednesday that the complaint filed with the labor relations board include reports of managers holding mandatory meetings with employees to “interrogate and intimidate them regarding the current contract votes.”"We are extremely disappointed in the company’s misconduct,” Ray Goforth, SPEEA executive director, said in a statement.Boeing’s offer extends the terms of the previous contract for another four years and includes 5 percent annual pay raises for professional and technical workers. 


5 pc a year, the real inflation rate, imagine that.

-South Korea unveils missile it says can hit North’s leaders

SEOUL – South Korea unveiled a cruise missile on Thursday that it said can hit the office of North Korea’s leaders, trying to address concerns that it is technologically behind its unpredictable rival which this week conducted its third nuclear test.


-Dell said to plan shareholder meetings to gauge demands for LBO. BBN

-AMR, US Airways merger gets board approval: WSJ

-USA After hours

WTW: Reports Q4 $1.03 v $0.88e, R$408M v $402Me; -15.0% afterhours
WFM: Reports Q1 $0.78 v $0.77e, R$3.86B v $3.87Be; -6.2% afterhours
CSCO: Reports Q2 $0.51 v $0.48e, R$12.1B v $12.1Be; -1.9% afterhours
NTAP: Reports Q3 $0.67 v $0.56e, R$1.63B v $1.62Be; -1.7% afterhours
NVDA: Reports Q4 $0.35 v $0.23e, R$1.11B v $1.10Be; -1.4% afterhours
MET: Reports Q4 $1.25 v $1.18e, R$18.4B v $17.2Be; -1.1% afterhours
AMAT: Reports Q1 $0.06 adj v $0.03e, R$1.57B v $1.55Be; +2.8% afterhours
IM: Reports Q4 $0.66 v $0.58e, R$11.38B v $10.9Be; +2.9% afterhours

-Geopolitical Headliners

It did not take John  Kerry, a relative of Prince Charles long to get after Syria. He must be going for Knighthood. The 400 million in gold he got for taking a dive to put the Queen’s very close relative W . Bush in power, and the 1 billion his wife pilfered from the Heinz family was not enough.

Updated February 14, 2013 – 12:37 AM EST
Ten Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike
Afghan President Welcomes Withdrawal of US Troops
NATO Lowered Standards to Make Afghan Forces Look ‘Improved’
Kerry: Moves Against North Korea Will Scare Iran
Iran Confirms Installation of More Efficient Centrifuges
Iran Announces Conversion of Uranium Into Reactor Fuel
Rights Group: Israel Violated Laws of War in Gaza
Egypt Floods Gaza Tunnels to Cut Palestinian Lifeline
At Least 20 CIA Prisoners Still Missing
Pentagon Creates Medal to Honor Drone Operators
Hagel Will Need 60 Votes for Confirmation
Kerry: US Planning ‘New Options’ Against Syria’s Assad
Former US Envoy Blasts ‘Callousness’ Toward Pakistan
Escalation: Obama to Spend $50 Million on Mali War
Britain to Unveil Major Global Escalation of Terror War
Was Benghazi Attack Retaliation for Secret US Raids?
Obama to Restore Afghanistan Status Quo Ante  by Anthony Gregory
Obama Could Go it Alone: Bring All the Troops Home, Stop the Killing by Phyllis Bennis
The Shooting Gallery: Obama and the Vanishing Point of Democracy by Jason Leopold
Obama’s Secret Court for Killing by Andrew P. Napolitano
Drone Trust the Government by Sheldon Richman
Whether It’s North Korea or Iran, Sanctions Won’t Work by Simon Jenkins

-Criminal of the Day

Eric Holder: “We have to brainwash the American people so they think differently about guns.”

-Meditation for the Day

John 10:10

King James Version (KJV)

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

-Peace be to the Gentiles.

Shalom Jews, repent of your evil. Why get angry at the truth, just give up the madness.

-GDP Night in Europa, Weekly Jobs in USA


Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
01:30   EUR     French GDP (QoQ) -0.2% 0.1%
01:30   INR     Indian WPI (YoY) 7.00% 7.18%
Tentative   JPY     BoJ Press Conference
02:00   EUR     German GDP (YoY) 0.2% 0.4%
02:00   EUR     German GDP (QoQ) -0.5% 0.2%
02:45   EUR     French Non-Farm Payrolls (QoQ) -0.2% -0.3%
03:30   EUR     Spanish industrial New Orders (YoY) -1.0% -1.5%
04:00   EUR     ECB Monthly Report
04:00   EUR     Italian GDP (QoQ) -0.6% -0.2%
04:00   EUR     Italian GDP (YoY) -2.3% -2.4%
05:00   EUR     GDP (QoQ) -0.4% -0.1%
08:30   USD     Continuing Jobless Claims 3200K 3224K
08:30   USD     Initial Jobless Claims 360K 366K
09:45   USD     Bloomberg Consumer Confidence -36.3
Tentative   USD     MBA Delinquency Rates (QoQ) 7.40%
10:30   USD     Natural Gas Storage -162B -118B
13:00   USD     30-Year Bond Auction 3.070%
16:45   NZD     Core Retail Sales (QoQ) -0.3%
16:45   NZD     Retail Sales (QoQ) 1.1% -0.4%
Tentative   CNY     Chinese FDI -3.70%
23:30   JPY     Industrial Production (MoM) 2.5% 2.5%




-Wyoming state legislator introduced bill to criminalize whistleblowers investigating agribusinesses http://bit.ly/ViiY3A

- Mursi attempts to lure Mubarak-era tycoons back to Egypt


- Oligarchy at the core of Spain’s scandals


-Swiss Property Bubble Concern Seen Prompting Tightening


-Cattle Disappearing Amid Drought Signals Beef Rally: Commodities


-Analysis: Cyprus rescue may set unwelcome euro zone precedent


-Central Banks Bought Most Gold in Nearly 50 Years


-The World from Berlin: ‘It’s Worth Promoting Economic NATO


-Italian Economy Shrinks Most in Almost Four Years Before Vote


-Berkshire Joins 3G Capital to Buy Heinz in $23 Billion Deal


-GM Quarterly Profit Rises Despite European Loss


-Euro-Area Economy Shrinks Most Since Depths of Recession


-French GDP Shrinks as Hollande Faces Job Cuts, Recession Risk


-EU Seeks Broad Transaction Tax to Curb Rules ‘Patchwork’


-USA gewinnen einstige industrielle Macht zurück

-Swiss to force shareholder vote on CEO pay at the voting booth.


-Draghi to Carney show ascent of Rothschilds market manipulators


-India inflation rate dips to three-year low in January


-South Korea Scours Himalayas for Staff as Population Ages


-Japan GDP Decline Strengthens Abe’s Case for Stimulus: Economy


-German Economy Contracted More Than Forecast in 4Q


-Japan’s economy shrinks in 4Q, stays in recession

-So-called “Bible of Japanese equities” sells out as Nikkei rally wins converts


-Lew says Tax Reform top priority at UST

I thought it was bond sales and rigging gold and commodity and stock and bond markets. I’m confused Jacob.


-Beijing air turns hazardous as pollution builds up in eastern China |


-Bankrupt American Airlines Will Finally Merge With US Airways–Creating Biggest Airline In World


-In Ohio and beyond, Obama sees model for manufacturing revival

If so why is he seeking ‘free’ trade with communist nations in Asia like Vietnam, and with no minimum wage Germany. All lies for the naifs who does not know Prince Charles runs him and owns him body, spirit and soul and wants all of the USA mfg gutted and sent to Asia.


-Israel publishes some details in Australian spy mystery/death


-Obama speech does little to prod Congress toward bold action

The hot air, was eclipsed by the even hotter air.


-Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew says Chinese currency still undervalued  http://bloom.bg/Ys8mwg

-Atomic test leads incoming South Korean president to reconsider engagement with northern neighbor


-Wall Street’s PR scam revealed: Obama’s celebrated mortgage fraud “task force” doesn’t really exist


-South Korea scours Himalayas for staff as population ages


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