Zephyr Global Report, 1/18/13


-U Michigan Worker Confidence Collapses

-Intel pounded for -6 pc on Earnings and FY2013 Outlook

-Boeing Narrows in on a specific  lot of Batteries

-Algeria hostage crisis worsen as Algerian Military/SAS(?)/Mossad(?) blow up Hostages, Americans and Japanese MIA, in botched raid. BP flees Algeria in panic.

-FED finally gooses markets with QE4 and expands balance sheet 35 billion w/w

-Japanese Stocks rally 2.9 pc on Easing Expectation and Y/D 90 mark. Japanese government /(FED/UST) greenlight 110 Y/D. Gold under pressure

-Cameron Delays EU Speech due to Algeria Crisis he created with Hollande

-China GDP 7.9 % y/y in Dec.. Retail Sales up 15.2 % y/y. Industrial Ouput 10.3 % y/y in December

-Thunder God plant crushes Pancreatic Cancer




In the gold department the significant development was the BOJ/MOF and Japanese government green lighting a move to 110 Y/D. In reality they will not take it that far ex to punish the Y bulls, mainly their own people, and force them to buy dollars  or gold. This is not all verbal intervention as we finally saw the BOJ uncork the QE last month, whereas they had tried play the FED came of talking QE while sterilizing. The FED also looks like it finally hit the panic button after the Philly and Empire state and uncorked 35 billion in free loot to the banksters this week, finally starting to expand its balance sheet. Stocks and bonds were the main beneficiary of that, and oil longs and gold shorts. You wont see the gold do much until the Y/D move is over with. I happen to know some retired BOJ /MOF types and they told me once 100 y/d is considered the ‘perfect’ level by TM (Toyota motors to new readers). Unlike the Communist Chinese and South Korean Japan does not run massive structural trade deficits through continual massive devaluation of its currency. 100 y/d is a ‘fair’ price if you go by purchasing power price parity currency valuation theory. If we had a government that was not evil and controlled by London we would slap 100 pc tariffs on Korean and Communist Chinese goods. Japan will step up to the plate and buy USTs. Japan in reality is just our most Western State in the USA. Americans are found of the Japanese, especially their women and the Japanese like our fat blondes. So fair dinkum as the Aussies say. Abe is a crony of David Rockefeller so he is a threat as tool to provoke the Communist Chinese. The Chinese people are very, very difficult to provoke but if anyone can do it is the USA and the Anglo-Zionist war mongers. China has a natural sphere of influence and the USA should stay out of that, as they should stay out of ours, like Canada. The three most dangerous nations to the security of the USA are England, Israel and Communist China, in that order, and China largely as the USA pentagon is always being told by England to poke a stick in her eye. Prince Phillips hatred of the Chinese and Asians is well known.

This Lance Armstrong drug confessions shows you how the Anglosaxon-masons rehabilitate their favorite criminal sons like Henry Blodgett the Worldcom/Telcom analyst banned for life for all the lies he told and now Lance. Armstrong had two cardinal sins that brought him down both stemmed from the fact that the Armstrongs in English history have always been foot soldiers and blades for the English crown but never made it to the higher ranks of the Royals. Lance turned down several Jewesses as his next wife and that was a big , big mistake. The Jews made him and wanted his 100 million back in the tribe. He wanted to run for USA Senate and President, then finally as the ZGR documented he was trying to compete with the Rothschilds family and partners in owning the Tour De France. I think that last move caused him to be put in place by London. Armstrong was so criminally insane he thought he would own the Tour and destroy his old blood samples. When you meet an Armstrong that is an illuminati family and have nothing to do with them as nothing will come of any good from any Armstrong. The one I knew personally was arrested as  child molester despite having a high level position in the community. Showing you how racist the United States is and how powerful the Anglosaxons, are 3 time Tour De France Winner, Greg Lemond who is French-American,  who rode clean was treated as non-entity and made hardly any money from his epic career, unlike the 100 million Armstrong took in. Armstrong’s apology had sincerity of the English Crown sending its regrets to the Emperor of Japan after Japan tried to defect from England’s control and they sent Gillard and the Digital Phase Array system and the Mossad to bring Fukushima down. But Armstrong has use for them, won’t see any jail time and will get to hang on to his 100 million likely as he made so, so much money for the illuminati with his 7 wins. Oprah is how they rehabilitate scoundrels in the masses eyes. He was all the talk in London on the twitter traffic. More talked about in London and NYC than in the rest of the world. The Anglosaxon love their own, that is for sure, no matter how evil.

In the political theater, Kantor, the house Majority whip, announced Congress would go a 3 month stop gap funding bill and Boehner tossed the ball back to the Senate and said pass a long term budget deal and he would raise the debt limit.

Hard to believe Obama has not been inaugurated yet for his 2nd term he is so fast out of the shoot with his evil and false flags, from weather engineering Superstorm Sandy to the Sandy Hook false flag. Hagal is in political trouble as the London Jews want him taken down. Only the nutty Anglosaxons like Graham, McCain, give cover to where that all comes from. How pathetic and evil is NYC, well in NYC someone tossed a .22 cal hand gun in six years backpack and flare gun and a taser. Ha, ha. They pulled that story quick as probably someone saw the Rabbi do it. New Yorkers don’t want Americans to have guns least their precious gated communities get invaded by starving masses, ditto with Connecticut, a suburb of NYC. If you’re familiar with the Crowns retired money manager Barton Biggs he moved into far upstate NYC, layed in fertilizer, farm land, a security team and lot and lots of guns. NYC people are really bad. The people from Update NY or the Eastern part of the state are just like the rest of us, but the NYC people are the welfare kings and queens of America. Even Jesse Jackson complained how the poor blacks were being driven out of Harlem by Bill Clintons crowd and called NYC, ‘Hymie town’. That cost him the Jews outing his love child and the tribe targeting his son with drugs. Every day of Bush seemed like Torture. Ever day with Obama is like a day in Hell. The man’s evil is palpable.

Despite INTC pounding, markets managed to eke out out of few points into the close in the USA. Intel needs to get a true Engineers like Dr. Andy Grove or Dr. Robert Noyce who knows how to innovate and lead back in charge. INTC has had too many bean counters in charge, much like GM. Ford did well by bringing a talented Boeing Engineer into to run he show.

B787 should be back in the air in 2 weeks maximum and Boeing said they are not slowing down their production lines. The Eurotrash at Airbus, ‘layed’ back then poached Boeing engineering work of the 787 in Europe just like RR poached American Jet Engines advances and is fighting it out in biased European courts. That wont happen again. Europeans don’t innovate much. Other than the Austrian firm of Glock hard to think of a European firm I admire. Even European clothes are getting trashy as Chinamart gets a hold. Compare a buck knife to a Swiss Army knife or a Kbar, America product are cheaper and far higher in quality. The problem is MI6 has a lift of every high quality USA firm and plan for destroying it and they go down to even medium sized companies. Send in a Jewish banker with the Rothschilds/CB bank line, lay off R&D, sell the patents and outsource the labor to China and send the profits to the English treasury. The English people are an even greater enemy than the Zionist Jews as the English are able to disguise their intents so well no one would expect Prince Charles of directing the destruction of Boeing anymore than the suspect him of masterminding the Arab Spring and Iraq and Afghanistan war. Granted the English royals probably meet in person with Lucifer weekly for their directions.

Shame on you and repent if you’re English is all I will say.

4:06 p.m. EST 01/18/13Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA* 13649.70 53.68 0.39
Nasdaq* 3134.71 -1.30 -0.04
S&P 500* 1485.97 5.03 0.34
DJ Total Stock Market* 15491.24 49.57 0.32
Russell 2000 892.22 1.86 0.21
Global Dow 2087.73 8.71 0.42
Japan: Nikkei Average* 10913.30 303.66 2.86
Stoxx Europe 600* 287.03 -0.32 -0.11
UK: FTSE 100* 6154.41 22.05 0.36
4:05 p.m. EST 01/18/13Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 0/32 0.267
10-Year Note 10/32 1.849
* at close
3:56 p.m. EST 01/18/13Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 95.46 -0.03 95.49
Gold 1683.7 -7.1 1687.0
E-mini Dow 13576 34 13542
E-mini S&P 500 1480.25 4.50 1475.75
4:06 p.m. EST 01/18/13Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 90.07 89.87
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3321 1.3377
† Late New York trading.

-I will be back to close it up. I need to get some IT work done. Computers are a blessing, software is a blessing and a curse. For sure, ‘security’ issues mean the cost of computing rises significantly, especially with the Israeli government having the largest golbal cyber terrorism arm of 2 million computer scientists and IT professionals and engineers. Well one gentile against 2 million fanatical Jews, sounds like a fair fight to me. Enjoy working so hard to make the drug running Windsor/Rothschilds/Bush so filthy stinking rich Jews? Getting yours from the big money Jews of London? The only people more stupid than Jewish-Zionist foot soldiers are the Anglosaxon-Mason lead christian Zionist foot soldiers, mainly from the Deep South loyal to Prince Charles.  Getting yours Texans? Feed the beast of Zion or he will devour you!!!

-Boeing /FAA Wrap up Initial Investigation. Bad batch of batteries

I have some experience working with the battery manufacturer. They are very good. Schedules were just pushed too hard or the Mossad was in charge of plant security like at Fukushima. Someone is literally going to fall on their sword in Japan, although these day the modern equivalent is to jump in front of the train you commute to work on. Dont worry in Japan the insurance firms pay off for the family and corporation for suicides. The kids will be okay. Tough luck Eurotrash!!



-IMF Greece Recovering still needs more cash

Well this explains the ‘sell a couple of islands’ show going on in Greece. At least the IMF waited until after the Germans left for skiing for the weekend to announce things were not going very well in their most Southern state. Greece is so wealthy this entire freak show is a complete City of London controlled rape and pillage job. The Germans have done a poor job managing Greece. Needless suffering. Of course given the number of suicides, the London Goldman Sachs Gang and Mario Draghi, aka Dracula literally got away with murder in Greece.

The IMF said that despite the improvements, it still expects Greece to face a financing shortfall of between €5.5 billion and €9.5 billion ($7.3 billion and 12.7 billion) in the years 2015-16…

Using unusually blunt wording, it said growing public support for Syriza, the leftist main opposition party, and other parties that want to reject the bailout program kept the country at risk of “complete political failure” and a potential eurozone exit.




-What British Israelite firm Forbes does not want you to read..pass it on..



-Filthy, Treacherous English Crown launches Attack through Hollywood Arm on USA Constitution

Prince Charles idea most likely. The man is a SOB, and SOW (son of a witch)!


Down with the English, Spanish and Dutch Crowns!!

-Lying Illuminati  Eurotrash!!!

Boeing (BA) re-captured the crown as the world’s largest maker of passenger jets last year, overtaking Airbus (EAD.PA) for the first time in a decade as it recovered from delays on its new Dreamliner 787, only to face new problems on Thursday with the grounding of 787s over battery safety concerns.”I honestly wish all the best to my colleagues at Boeing to get this aircraft back into service, because an aircraft is designed to fly,” Airbus’s chief executive Fabrice Bregier told a news conference on the EADS (EAD.PA) subsidiary’s sales. Reuters


This problem will be quickly resolved but will Boeing be able to with so many European suppliers prevent further sabotage. Stay tuned.

-1342 Prince Charles Cousin and American Traitor

Former U.S. vice president Al Gore recently netted a huge payday by selling his cable station. Now, it appears he’s making another big profit buying Apple’s (AAPL) stock on the cheap.

Al GoreAccording to a filing with the Securities and Exchanges Commission, Gore — a director on Apple’s board — exercised an option to purchase nearly 60,000 shares of the tech giant at the bargain basement price of $7.48, costing him a total of about $445,000.But with Apple’s current market price at about $500 a share, Gore’s holdings are worth $29.75 million, giving him a huge windfall-on paper at least.Gore, however, could easily afford to buy Apple’s stock at the prevailing market price.In early January, the environmental crusader sold his Current TV venture to Qatar-based news organization Al Jazeera for $500 million. Published reports say the sale of Gore’s 20 percent stake in the network – worth an estimated $100 million – would bring his net worth to about $300 million.The vice president’s purchase comes at a time when the tech giant’s shares have been under massive selling pressure, as investors doubt its ability to ward off competitive pressures and maintain its reputation for innovative products.This week, the stock hit its lowest level since Feburary 2012, just ahead of what analysts say will be a pivotal earnings report next week. Yahoo finance

AAPL 499.78

-The Federal Reserve Bank of New York temporarily added $610 million of reserves to the banking system with repurchase agreements as part of a program to test the central bank’s operational readiness.The transaction, part of a series of open-market operations began in 2009, doesn’t represent any change in monetary policy, according to a statement on the New York Fed’s website. Treasuries were the only collateral in the agreement.In repos, the Fed buys U.S. Treasury, mortgage-backed and so-called agency debt from dealers for a set period, temporarily raising the amount of money available in the banking system. At maturity, the securities are returned to the dealers, and the cash to the Fed.The Fed has historically used repos and reverse repos to help maintain the proper level of money in the banking system to keep overnight interest rates close to the central bank’s target. The Fed has held its target rate for overnight loans between banks in a range of zero to 0.25 percent since December 2008. BBN

Someone need free money, probably to knock gold down with.

-Intel INTC -6.89%  slumped more than 6% to $21.31. The chip giant reported a sharp drop in fourth-quarter earnings the previous afternoon, and issued a forecast that was slightly below already downbeat estimates. The main culprit is the slowing PC market.“This deterioration in Intel’s core business is likely to leave revenue relatively stagnant for the foreseeable future, while Intel is forced to spend heavily in capex (up $2b in 2013) and opex if it is to have any reasonable chance to reaccelerate growth in the out years,” wrote Cody Acree of Williams Financial, who rates the stock as a hold.Main Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices AMD -7.30%  fell 4% to $2.63. The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index SOX -0.66%  was down 0.6%.Research In Motion RIMM +6.24%   CA:RIM +6.74%  got a boost of 4.2% to $15.54 after Jefferies & Co. upgraded the stock to a buy rating. In a note to clients, analyst Peter Misek cited optimism around the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system expected next month. He also believes the company will be able to extend its corporate e-mail technology onto rival platforms.

In the future we think RIM will add BYOD [bring your own device] sandboxing and BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS,” he wrote. “So investors can win in the following ways: RIM creates a successful software business on top of Android/ iOS; expectations that are too low and a very high short interest, which could start a squeeze.”

Netflix NFLX +2.54% rose 3% to $100.60 after Janney Capital upgraded the online movie firm to a buy rating. Analyst Tony Wible cited several factors heading into the company’s fourth-quarter report next week.“Expectations for sub growth have come down, and sell side sentiment is generally pessimistic, setting the stage for upside driven by new subs, content cost control (for existing content), and a potential price increase,” he wrote.Amazon.com AMZN +0.03%   was upgraded to an outperform, or buy, rating at Pacific Crest. In a note to clients, analyst Chad Bartley called the company “the biggest beneficiary of the shift of retail online, which is being accelerated by mobile commerce, where the company is a leader.” He set a $346 price target on the stock — about 28% above its current level.



1:30 p.m. EST 01/18/13Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13601.20 5.18 0.04
Nasdaq 3127.24 -8.76 -0.28
S&P 500 1480.77 -0.17 -0.01
DJ Total Stock Market 15439.48 -2.19 -0.01
Russell 2000 890.63 0.27 0.03
Global Dow 2085.30 6.28 0.30
Japan: Nikkei Average* 10913.30 303.66 2.86
Stoxx Europe 600* 287.03 -0.32 -0.11
UK: FTSE 100* 6154.41 22.05 0.36
1:29 p.m. EST 01/18/13Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 0/32 0.275
10-Year Note 11/32 1.846
* at close
1:20 p.m. EST 01/18/13Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 95.52 0.03 95.49
Gold 1688.5 -2.3 1690.8
E-mini Dow 13547 5 13542
E-mini S&P 500 1476.50 0.75 1475.75
1:30 p.m. EST 01/18/13Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 90.02 89.87
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3324 1.3377
† Late New York trading.

-The House of Representatives will vote next week to authorize a three-month increase in the debt ceiling, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Friday. “Next week, we will authorize a three month temporary debt limit increase to give the Senate and House time to pass a budget,” Cantor said. Earlier Friday, House Speaker John Boehner said a budget should be passed before there is a long-term increase in the debt limit. MW

-Zionists looking to heist German Gold?

Jacob Rothschild.



-USA Session, Economic Data Release Summary

(RO) Romania Nov YTD Current Account: -€4.3B v -€4.3B

(PT) Portugal Dec Producer Prices M/M: -0.4% v -0.6% prior; Y/Y: 3.6% v 3.8% prior

(IN) India Forex Reserves w/e Jan 10th: $296.3B v $295.0B prior

(BE) Belgium Dec YTD Budget Balance: -€8.0B v -€12.3B prior

(PL) Poland Dec Avg Gross Wages M/M: 8.8% v 8.2%e; Y/Y: 2.4% v 2.1%e

(PL) Poland Dec Employment M/M: -0.4% v -0.3%e; Y/Y: -0.5% v -0.4%e

(PL) Poland Dec Sold Industrial Output M/M: -14.2% v -10.9%e; Y/Y: -10.6% v -6.5%e

(PL) Poland Dec Producer Prices M/M: -0.6% v -0.2%e; Y/Y: -1.1% v -0.6%e

(PL) Poland Nov Current Account: -€1.5B v -€0.8Be; Trade Balance: -€394M v +€104Me; Exports: €13.0B v €13.1Be; Imports: €13.4B v €13.1Be

(CA) Canada Nov Manufacturing Sales M/M: 1.7% v 1.0%e

(BE) Belgium Jan Consumer Confidence: -23 v -25 prior

(US) Jan Preliminary University of Michigan Confidence: 71.3 v 75.0e (lowest since Nov 2011)

(MX) Mexico Central Bank left Overnight Rate unchanged at 4.50%, as expected

-A new Gold Standard is being born-AEP/MI6

The ZGR is adamantly opposed to a gold standard, as the Windsors-Rothschilds-Rockefellers have a corner on that market. We need a trimetal standard, copper and silver and gold. Items would be price in so many grams of copper, so many grams of silver or so many grams of gold with digital gold, digital copper, and digital silver and redemption to physical at anytime, basically returning to the silver dollar, quarter, and dime and gold pieces for larger transactions.



-Europe Close


European stocks while they started the night on an ebullient up tick on the China data and Japanese reflation thrust, they soon tanked as the USA markets opened and earnings were less than stellar, more importantly guidance. Lame duck Geithner even thought it necessary to emerge from his rat hole and talk the economy up in light of INTC revenue getting ready for a 3 month of decline in the present quarter.I did take advantage of ESM/ECB and sold the DAX short some more near the top after the opening. Thank you Herr Regling and Dracula Draghi!

Cameron was supposed to tell the boys in Brussels the way it it is, but cancelled due to the England/France Mali mess. So we were spared having to listen to an arrogant English war criminal, drug runner, and effeminate blowhard.

England will eventually be folded fully into the EU and only if  you’re a English crown loyalist like Sarkozy or Lagarde will you get the top jobs. Tony Blair is on the record of wanting to be the first EU President when full federalism is in force. Germans votes won’t be counted.

Software is so sophisticated, I would not be surprised if there was facial recognition software and if you were German -American or French American your vote was just automatically trashed in the USA and if your  German you vote will only count 1/100 of a full vote for EU President. Putting computers in charge of voting was an enormous mistake. England of course wants Web voting. That will really be Prince Charles Dream. Then he can vote himself savior and POTOW (President of the world).

In the economic news of Europa, we saw Bank of Spain’S bad loan ratios rise to a new record, and some truly horrid numbers out of Italy for industrial orders and sales. The UK Retail sales figures were a big flop. England is in another big freeze. We just emerged from our ‘big freeze’. Thank goodness our 2 billion winter citrus crop was not damaged. This is enormously funny,  a reader sent me it.


Ollie Rehn commented in the press that it was essential for Italy to continue reforms. He expressed confidence in Italy’s economy but more work needed to be done to complete reforms and saw Italy economy recovery in late 2013/early 2014.

ECB Governor Coeure said he did not expect LTRO reimbursements to have big impact on money markets, which took the boil off the Euro dollar.

Austria Central Bank stated Austria has reached the bottom of the economic downturn and forecasted Q1 GDP +0.2%.

Greece’s Fin Min Stournaras noted that its holdings of property were vast and should be exploited. Greece is currently exploring some property sales. No doubt to Zionist bankster or royals.

Fitch commented on Hungary and noted that an: Investment grade rating was not likely in near future.

Swiss Trade union demanded the  SNB  raise the cross floor to 1.2500 and defend it at all costs. The SNB has done a great job sterilizing their peg but there will be hell to pay when they have to unwind it and that unwinding will likely be used to push the Swiss into the EMU and to adopt the Euro. The Swiss don’t have any jobs for their youth and they have to go to Germany to find jobs. The SWT would like 1.30 chf /euro if they could get it.

Poland Central Banker Zielinska-Glebocka stated that Q4 GDP growth could be above 1.0% but she would not support an easing pause and that it was  too soon to end rate-cut cycle.

Speaking in the German Parliament, Mr Schauble  said he was worried by the policies pledged by the recently elected government in Japan and the UK and USA debt levels: “Britain has a higher state debt than the eurozone average and I don’t even want to mention the United States of America..and I will add: I am quite concerned by the new policies of the newly elected government in Japan.” He said there was an “excess of liquidity” on the global financial markets, which is being fueled by a “false understanding of central bank policy”.  This was from an AFP article in French I read yesterday but did not have time to translate due to IT problems. I also so this in the German press yesterday.

The Germans have a big election this weekend in Lower Saxony and the ‘hard’ money party is in trouble.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1726.73 -8.37 -0.48
Stoxx Europe 50 2633.96 -5.04 -0.19
Stoxx Europe 600 287.03 -0.32 -0.11
Euro Stoxx 50 2709.59 -9.34 -0.34
Euro Stoxx 269.32 -0.53 -0.20
Austria: ATX Index* 2458.54 -11.84 -0.48
Belgium: Bel-20* 2539.51 7.08 0.28
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20* 530.26 -1.18 -0.22
Estonia: OMX Tallinn* 769.81 4.83 0.63
Finland: OMX Helsinki* 6090.39 -25.75 -0.42
France: CAC 40* 3741.58 -2.53 -0.07
Germany: DAX* 7702.23 -33.23 -0.43
Greece: Athens General* 973.95 20.24 2.12
Greece: DJ Greece TSM* 738.76 11.25 1.55
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20* 328.34 4.20 1.30
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share* 734.89 -5.93 -0.80
Ireland: ISEQ Overall * 3481.21 -6.30 -0.18
Italy: FTSE MIB* 17554.13 -33.22 -0.19
Latvia: OMX Riga* 407.29 1.48 0.36
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius* 369.37 -1.29 -0.35
Netherlands: AEX* 350.89 -0.30 -0.09
Norway: OSE All-Share* 516.10 1.61 0.31
Portugal: PSI 20 6254.82 36.75 0.59
Russia: DJ Russia Titans* 6572.51 58.04 0.89
Spain: IBEX 35* 8604.00 -24.90 -0.29
Sweden: OMX Stockholm* 354.44 0.02 0.01
Switzerland: Swiss Market* 7368.80 -61.09 -0.82
UK: FTSE 100* 6154.41 22.05 0.36
UK: FTSE 250* 12946.12 98.51 0.77
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share* 738.10 0.57 0.0

German 10y 1.50-0.05, 2.93%

Italy 10yr 4.12-0.01, 0.30%

Spain 10yr 5.06-0.04, 0.75%

U.K. 10y r2.01-0.03,1.56%

- Caterpillar Inc. CAT +0.79% shares rose 1% Friday after analysts at Piper Jaffray upgraded the heavy equipment maker to overweight from neutral and lifted their price target to $113 a share from $85. Piper Jaffray said concerns over weak demand and too much inventory in China are fading. Meanwhile, China’s economy is again growing at a brisk pace and U.S. housing starts are at a five-year high, signalling stronger demand in two of Caterpillar’s biggest markets. “Though we are confident that demand for mining equipment will rebound, we think a 12% contraction in 2013 will be followed by very modest (2%) growth in 2014. Despite these changes, we believe that investors are gaining confidence that 2013 will represent a trough,” the analysts said. Caterpillar shares were last up 1% at $96.62. The stock is down 7% over the past 12 months. Caterpillar is scheduled to release its fourth-quarter results on Jan. 28. MW

-With reports of at least a dozen foreign hostages killed and the fate of an estimated 40 U.S., French, Japanese, and U.K. citizens uncertain, hundreds of people are being evacuated from Algeria as a precaution, according to BP’s latest statement on the attack of the In Amenas natural gas facility in the Sahara Desert.BP said there continues to be “a small number” of employees at In Amenas whose current location and situation remain uncertain. The oil major declined to provide any further information as it works with the Algerian government. ”BP is in direct contact with the families of all of those staff affected, offering support and providing confirmed information as we can,” the company said.It began bringing non-essential workers out of Algeria as a precautionary measure.“Three flights left Algeria yesterday, carrying a total of eleven BP employees alongside several hundred staff from other companies,” BP said. “The first flight arrived in London yesterday afternoon. The second two flights landed in Palma in Majorca overnight and staff on these planes are expected to transfer on to final destinations during the course of the day. A fourth plane is expected to transport further staff out of the country today and we will arrange further flights as necessary.” The people include workers from BP, Statoil STO -0.54% and Sonatrach, as well as contractors to the joint venture that runs the complex. Friday marks the second day after the attack on the In Amenas energy complex has left in doubt the facility’s energy output of 213,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day. MW

-Schlumberger Ltd. SLB +2.40% chief executive Paal Kibsgaard told analysts on a conference call that he expects the North American rig count to recover somewhat in 2013 but remain lower than it was in 2012.Mr. Kibsgaard he said he expects 100 to 150 rigs to be added during the first quarter, but that will not be enough to boost the overall rig count above the 2012 average.However, he added the company expects the number of wells drilled to be “slightly up” from 2012.Schlumberger expects to cut its capital expenditures overall in 2013, driven by reductions in spending in North America.Mr. Kibsgaard said the market for hydraulic fracturing services is still oversupplied, and he is “not ready to predict” when margins will turn around for services companies there.And while onshore oil drilling is expected to pick up, “we do not see a significant recovery in dry gas-related drilling activity,” in the U.S., he said.In China, however, Mr. Kibsgaard said onshore shale gas drilling is growing, with Schlumberger positioned to benefit. He said the shale-gas resource in China has opened the onshore market to foreign services companies that before had mostly worked offshore. MW

-Treasury Sec Geithner: People are being too pessimistic about the US economy right now, economy is very resilient.

ha, ha Tiny Tim what is resilient is Obama deficit spending and forever wars for the British-Israel empire.

- Fed’s Lockhart: unclear whether there is any evidence to support the idea that QE has impacted the USD as there are many influences.

- UN Nuclear Agency (IAEA) has not reached agreement with Iran to receive access to Parchin military site. The next schedule round of talks scheduled for Feb 12th

- IEA Monthly Oil Report: Raises 2013 global oil demand forecast by 240K bpd to 90.8M bpd. Oil markets look tighter than previously thought as China demand rebounded and Saudi supply dipped. Might be entering a new kind of oil market post financial crisis.

-1100 Major Stock Indexes

Last Chg %Chg
Global Dow 2083.30 4.28 0.21
DJ Global Total Stock Market 2758.68 0.81 0.03
DJ Global exUS TSM 2179.38 4.32 0.20
DJ Asia-Pacific TSM 1350.96 15.10 1.13
 Australia: S&P/ASX* 4771.20 14.60 0.31
 China: Shanghai Composite* 2317.07 32.16 1.41
 Hong Kong: Hang Seng* 23601.78 262.02 1.12
 India: BSE Sensex* 20039.04 75.01 0.38
 Japan: Nikkei Average* 10913.30 303.66 2.86
 Taiwan: TAIEX* 7732.87 116.23 1.53
Stoxx Europe 600 287.18 -0.17 -0.06
 Belgium: Bel-20 2538.51 6.08 0.24
 France: CAC 40 3742.41 -1.70 -0.05
 Germany: DAX 7712.99 -22.47 -0.29
 Italy: FTSE MIB 17533.14 -54.21 -0.31
 Sweden: OMX Stockholm 354.71 0.29 0.08
 UK: FTSE 100 6157.00 24.64 0.40
DJ Americas TSM 3851.66 -7.85 -0.20
 Argentina: MerVal 3184.95 16.41 0.52
 Brazil: Bovespa 62015.36 -178.70 -0.29
 Canada: S&P/TSX 12738.83 64.10 0.51


-Europe Session Economic Release Summary

(RU) Russia Narrow Money Supply w/e Jan 14th (RUB): 7.64T v 7.96T prior

(ES) Spain Nov NSA Industrial Orders Y/Y: -4.0% v +5.3% prior

(EU) ECB: €900M borrowed in overnight loan facility vs. €0.0M prior; €179.1B parked in deposit facility vs. €173.3B prior

(IT) Italy Nov Industrial Orders M/M: 0.5% v 0.1% prior; Y/Y: -6.7% v -0.1% prior

(IT) Italy Nov Industrial Sales M/M: -0.2% v -0.2% prior; Y/Y: -5.4% v -4.7%

(CZ) Czech Nov Current Account Monthly (CZK): -2.0B v -8.0Be

(ES) Bank of Spain Nov Bad Loan Ratio 11.4% v 11.2% prior (record)

(UK) Dec Retail Sales Ex Auto Fuel M/M: -0.3% v +0.1%e; Y/Y: 1.1% v 2.0%e

(UK) Dec Retail Sales w/Auto Fuel M/M: -0.1% v +0.2%e; Y/Y: 0.3% v 1.0%e

- Japan Gov adviser Hamada: Would only worry with USD/JPY above the 110 level. The Japanese government and its surrogates in the political establishment has been waving the red flag in front of the Yen shorts to take it down to 110 to 100 levels since it finally hit 90 y/d. I used to work in Japan and saw the hard profit figures at Y/D levels from 80 to 140. 80 or below is bankruptcy level and all the Jobs have to leave Japan.  100 y/d is the most favored level where Jobs stay in Japan. At 120 the Japanese factories are minting money all the way to the bank and importing Korean Labor to do the menial jobs. Gold can typically be held in check until the Y/D intervention is over with by the BOJ/FED who work to rig it. Japan is buying USTs again , big time to take China’s place. We don’t have much a trade deficit with Japan even at 110 Y/D, it is not like Communist China. Japan buys a lot from the USA, unlike the Communist Chinese. Without Japan’s financing there would be no B787. Recently the WTO has  been trying to rejigger the trade figures between  the USA and Canada, since they expose the evils of Communist China and its job gutting currency rigging and are actually trying to claim we don’t have much of a trade imbalance with China. Utter perverse lies by the Globalist/Zionist at the WTO as you cant walk in Home Depot, Target, Walmart without finding made in China products. They are even starting to dump their poisonous food again in the USA thwarting ‘China’ labels. The WTO is one of the most pernicious , evil and pro Communist China organizations in the world. Free trade in a Fiat , central bank , market based economy was actually Karl Marx’s prescription for destruction of market based economies through currency debasement and hyper inflation.

-The FED’s asset holdings in the week ended Jan. 16 increased to $2.965 trillion from $2.930 trillion a week earlier, it said in a weekly report released late Thursday for a net increases of $35 billion and  the largest NET weekly increases we have seen since they announced QE4 .In December of 2012, FED officials committed to buying $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities and $45 billion of long-term  USA Treasurys each month, until the labor market improves significantly. If the FED buys bonds at the stated rate through the end of 2013, it will be expanding its portfolio by another $1.02 trillion. Recently FED officials have sounded differing opinions on how long it should continue buying bonds, with some leaning toward ending the purchases before the end of the year. And in general, the FED, since announcing QE4, while it has increased its UST buying and MBS buying each week, has also been selling other assets effectively sterilizing the QE4 by keeping its balance sheet at the same level to hold commodity assets in check . The FED’s holdings of U.S. Treasury securities grew to $1.689 trillion on Wednesday, from $1.676 trillion a week earlier. The central bank’s holdings of mortgage-backed securities rose to $947.61 billion, from $926.71 billion a week ago.Thursday’s report showed total borrowing from the Fed’s discount lending window was $573 million Wednesday, up from $ 559 million a week earlier.Commercial bank borrowing was $15 million Wednesday, up from a negligible amount a week earlier.U.S. government securities held in custody on behalf of foreign official accounts rose to $3.259 trillion, from $3.251 trillion in the previous week.U.S. Treasurys held in custody on behalf of foreign official accounts increased to $2.917 trillion, up from $2.905 trillion in the previous week.Holdings of agency securities fell to $306.74 billion, down from the prior week’s $309.95 billion.



-Morgan Stanley reported a profit of $507 million, compared with a year-earlier loss of $250 million. The per-share profit, which reflects the payment of preferred dividends, was 25 cents compared with a loss of 15 cents a year earlier. The most recent period included a net tax benefit of about $155 million. The year-earlier period included a pretax loss of about $1.7 billion related to a settlement with MBIA Insurance Corp. Banks have to take an accounting charge when their earnings improve and the price of their own bonds rises. Stripping out the impact of debt valuation changes, the per-share profit was 28 cents versus a year-earlier loss of 13 cents.Revenue rose 23% to $6.97 billion, or to $7.48 billion stripping out debt valuation impacts.Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected earnings of 27 cents, excluding debt valuation adjustments, on revenue of $7 billion.Compensation expense of $3.6 billion declined from $3.8 billion a year earlier.Earlier this week, Morgan Stanley reached a deal with the Federal Reserve to settle allegations of foreclosure abuses. The Wall Street Journal reported that the bank will pay $227 million, with $130 million in cash and the remainder in foreclosure assistance.Fixed income and commodities sales and trading net revenue was $811 million versus losses of $493 million a year earlier.Equity sales and trading net revenue was virtually flat at $1.3 billion. WSJ/Reuters

-The University of Michigan-Thomson Reuters consumer sentiment gauge declined to 71.3 in a preliminary January reading from a final December level of 72.9, reports said Friday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had expected a preliminary January reading of 74.2, with concern lingering over remaining major fiscal issues, such as the debt ceiling. January’s decline follows a plunge in December, when consumers were worried about the fiscal cliff. The sentiment gauge, which covers how consumers view their personal finances as well as business and buying conditions, averaged about 87 in the year before the most recent recession. Economists watch sentiment data to get a feel for the direction of consumer spending. MW


10:23 a.m. EST 01/18/13Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13601.31 5.29 0.04
Nasdaq 3129.02 -6.98 -0.22
S&P 500 1479.72 -1.22 -0.08
DJ Total Stock Market 15429.00 -12.67 -0.08
Russell 2000 888.65 -1.71 -0.19
Global Dow 2086.47 7.45 0.36
Japan: Nikkei Average* 10913.30 303.66 2.86
Stoxx Europe 600 287.73 0.38 0.13
UK: FTSE 100 6167.05 34.69 0.57
10:22 a.m. EST 01/18/13Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 1/32 0.262
10-Year Note 8/32 1.854
* at close
10:13 a.m. EST 01/18/13Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 95.51 0.02 95.49
Gold 1689.0 -1.8 1690.8
E-mini Dow 13548 6 13542
E-mini S&P 500 1475.00 -0.75 1475.75
10:23 a.m. EST 01/18/13Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 89.83 89.87
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3305 1.3377

- Japan Vice Econ Min Nishimura: Govt, BoJ largely agreed on joint statement to be issued on Tuesday, likely to mention inflation target of 2%; There is no mention yet regarding time-frame of inflation target. Japan Press

- IMF head Lagarde: Japan needs to step up its efforts toward fiscal consolidation; BOJ’s 2% inflation target would be an “interesting project” – Japanese press

-  Fitch: Japan’s stimulus package not large enough to change sovereign rating; Credible debt stabilization strategy continues to be the main key for Japan

-Browsers from Google and Microsoft are a major evil. So many wide open back doors, even a whore would be embarrassed.

I noticed the boys at Java have been hard, hard at work. You were naive if you were running version 10.

Firefox is marginally more secure. There is another browser that is very secure, but I don’t want to mention it. So much fun to change servers, be under these multimillion dollar DDOS and other hack attacks, fix the flaws in various browsers, deal with a bunch of guys who only speak Danish and port the massive databases I have around the web and still try and keep the market commentary up.

Goodness knows I’m in a slow retreat to Russia and Iran cyberspace for protection. I suppose if I was not doing this blog, I would be on the offensive at Anonymous or some place like that, and score some big take downs. Maybe my next truther career move. Still until more blogs spring up exposing this foul Bush-Windsors-Rothschilds-Rockefeller alliance and the ‘greater’ hebraic tribes mad goal to rule the world, the ZGR will persist.

If you’re relying on MSFT or google for security, you might as well hand everything over to the Mossad or Prince Charles. I estimate they have spent 10 million dollars of the taxpayers money trying to take a certain truth site down.

There is a way to defeat DDOS but it costs an enormous amount of money to implement and time, which I don’t have. Mostly you have to pull the server offline as no but a large enterprise can truly defeat a DDOS. Only a government would be allowed by any network to spam flood for so long and so many days. Any pirate would have been shut down by the ISP a long, long time ago.

The real cyber terrorists are these 2 million or so Zionist Jews Israel has pulled together to try and ‘control’ the internet and their firms with these massive server farms and back bone internet connections. That is code for trying to stop anyone from telling the sheeple what is really going on, the word ‘control’.

David had it pretty easy taking on just one Goliath. If he had to fight the leviathan of the British-Israel cyber- state, he would have been dead a long, long time ago.

Personally seeing how insecure these browser are, I’m going to write my own at some point.

Google and MSFT browsers should not even be kept on a machine, just downloading them even from a Sandbox poses enormous risks.

I used to talk to one computer professional I knew well that operated a truther site and was put of business through being naive about what he was up against, and he certainly was not kidding when he said the real cost to keep a site like this up is around $250k a year if you had to hire IT help.

Unfortunately the server provider in Iceland is learning some very hard lessons. I think they were naive that they could have their own free speech zone in Iceland and the attacks would not  be relentless.

The Zionists murdered Jesus for speaking the truth, so I was never naive about the enemy. The Roman legions had plenty of conscripts, I would not be surprised if it was Englishmen serving in the Roman Legions that nailed Christ to the cross. The Jews in their hidden scholarship claim their relations with the English goes back that far. A perverse relationship, England and Israel and it is time for their satanic empire to dissolve in the fire of truth and prayer.

Down with the English Crown!!

-350 Europe

European stocks inched up on the better than expected China econometric data. Given the cold water that BAC, C, XLNX, and INTC splashed it will be hard for stocks to move higher given their proximity to pre bubble bursting highs and such poor economic fundamental for the EU and declining revenue and EPS in with USA global stocks. European stock prices have been a function of the ESM/ECB /GS and piggy backer EU bond mania in Spain and Italy. The Spanish have defaulted on their bonds plenty of times in History. I would want 10-15 pc for a 10 year loan to them. 7 pc for the Italians where I was a buyer. Things are so expensive in Germany the poor Poles and Turks who work as their slaves have had to sneak into the forests to provide heat.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1738.06 2.96 0.17
Stoxx Europe 50 2639.43 0.43 0.02
Stoxx Europe 600 287.68 0.33 0.11
Euro Stoxx 50 2727.36 8.43 0.31
Euro Stoxx 270.63 0.78 0.29
Austria: ATX Index 2476.25 5.87 0.24
Belgium: Bel-20 2539.59 7.16 0.28
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20 534.24 2.81 0.53
Estonia: OMX Tallinn 767.74 2.75 0.36
Finland: OMX Helsinki 6122.76 6.62 0.11
France: CAC 40 3755.39 11.28 0.30
Germany: DAX 7743.02 7.56 0.10
Greece: Athens General 959.08 5.37 0.56
Greece: DJ Greece TSM 739.26 11.75 1.62
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20 327.16 3.02 0.93
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share* 740.82 -0.46 -0.06
Ireland: ISEQ Overall 3499.99 12.48 0.36
Italy: FTSE MIB 17654.08 66.73 0.38
Latvia: OMX Riga 404.29 -1.52 -0.37
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius 369.75 -0.91 -0.25
Netherlands: AEX 352.40 1.21 0.34
Norway: OSE All-Share 516.15 1.66 0.32
Portugal: PSI 20* 6218.07 106.79 1.75
Russia: DJ Russia Titans 6571.79 57.32 0.88
Spain: IBEX 35 8665.80 36.90 0.43
Sweden: OMX Stockholm 355.13 0.71 0.20
Switzerland: Swiss Market 7431.32 1.43 0.02
UK: FTSE 100 6148.32 15.96 0.26
UK: FTSE 250 12885.62 38.01 0.30
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share 738.51 0.98 0.13

-300 Europe Opens

French CAC 40 index up 0.3% to 3,754.18

German DAX 30 index up 0.2% to 7,747.38

FTSE 100 index up 0.2% to 6,143.55

Stoxx Europe 600 index flat at 287.50

German 10y 1.55+0.000.31%

Italy 10yr 4.17+0.040.91%

 Spain 10yr 5.12+0.020.43%

-Asia Session Econometric Release Summary

(CN) CHINA Q4 REAL GDP Q/Q: 2.0% V 2.2%E; Y/Y: 7.9% V 7.8%E; 2012 GDP YTD: 7.8% (lowest since 1999) V 7.7%E V 9.3% PRIOR IN 2011


(CN) CHINA DEC INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION Y/Y: 10.3% V 10.2%E (fourth straight increase; nine-month high); YTD: 10.0% V 10.0%E

(CN) CHINA DEC RETAIL SALES Y/Y: 15.2% V 15.1%E (9-month high)

(CN) CHINA DEC URBAN FIXED ASSETS YTD Y/Y: 20.6% V 20.7%E (first decline in 4 months)

(NZ) NEW ZEALAND Q4 CONSUMER PRICES (CPI) Q/Q: -0.2% V +0.1%E (1-year low); Y/Y: 0.9% V 1.2%E (below RBNZ’s 1-3% target range for 2nd consecutive quarter)


-120 Asia

Asian stock markets were up broadly on the back of China’s econometric data: China GDP 7.9 % y/y in Dec.. Retail Sales up 15.2 % y/y. Industrial Ouput 10.3 % y/y in December and the Y/D hitting 90 on the backs of Finance Minister Aso comments in the Japanese press. Japan’s Nikkei Average finished up 2.9% at 10,913.30, with Sony Shares up over 12 pc. USA futures are flat, and European future point to a more modest .2 pc rise. The Shanghai composite was up 1.26 pc and the Hong Kong HS index was up .88 pc. Various rumors were floated in the Japanese press about the BOJ easing plan but nothing is definite. Nikkei suggested  BOJ will likely target 2% inflation and expand asset buying program by ¥10T in its policy decision early next week.

Japan’s finance minister Aso said Friday that a new agreement between the government and the Bank of Japan will make sure that they tackle the challenges of defeating inflation together.”The most important thing is to tighten cooperation between the government and the BOJ, and prevent mutual recriminations if we fail to achieve 2% inflation,” Finance Minister Taro Aso said at a press conference. The comment was made after a meeting with BOJ Gov. Masaaki Shirakawa and economy minister Akira Amari earlier in the day.Mr. Aso said the new agreement will be spelled out in a joint document to be released after the Jan. 21-22 BOJ policy meeting.He added that “significant progress has been made” in thrashing out the details of the new document.Mr. Aso also said that monetary policy alone won’t resolve Japan’s economic stagnation unless it is accompanied by fiscal policy and an economic growth strategy. Japan reported 75 pc of its recent college graduates had secured jobs, compared to less than 50 pc in the USA. The Bank of Japan is preparing to announce additional monetary easing next week, which would mark the first time in more than nine years that the central bank has moved in an expansionary direction in two straight policy board meetings. Export stocks in Japan from Sony to TM were the big winners.

China’s Stats Bureau said annual growth of 7-8% would be a good balance to end the period of “super rapid growth.” China’s NBS estimated 2012 property sales rising 10% and investment up 16%, but  warned over projected decline in working age population requiring improvements in productivity. NBS also pointed to higher food prices as the reason behind strong Dec CPI data (released earlier), suggesting inflation may not be an issue in the short-term, but also remaining mindful of continued expectation for higher wage costs and land prices. China’s government also announced it will shift to daily liquidity operations from twice-weekly, solidifying the current PBOC policy stance on both interest rates and RRR. Earlier in the day, China Dec property price gains did showcase continued rebound in the real estate sector, as prices rose in 54 out of 70 cities vs 53 in prior month – a 3rd consecutive increase in the total.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Asia Dow 3007.20 38.75 1.31
DJ Asia-Pacific TSM 1350.33 14.47 1.08
Australia: All Ordinaries* 4794.70 15.00 0.31
Australia: S&P/ASX* 4771.20 14.60 0.31
China: DJ CBN China 600 21464.03 309.87 1.46
China: DJ Shanghai 293.06 4.03 1.39
China: Shanghai Composite 2313.68 28.77 1.26
China: Shenzhen Composite 933.16 11.46 1.24
China: Shanghai 50 1884.67 29.74 1.60
Hong Kong: Hang Seng 23545.31 205.55 0.88
India: BSE Sensex 20074.25 110.22 0.55
India: S&P CNX Nifty 6071.95 32.75 0.54
Indonesia: JSX Index 4440.71 42.33 0.96
Indonesia: JSX BISNIS 27 382.43 4.47 1.18
Indonesia: JSX Islamic 610.37 7.56 1.25
Indonesia: JSX LQ-45 760.99 8.69 1.16
Indonesia: PEFINDO-25 482.53 2.06 0.43
Indonesia: SRI-KEHATI 240.21 2.97 1.25
Japan: DJ Japan TSM* 567.88 13.16 2.37
Japan: Nikkei Average 10893.27 283.63 2.67
Japan: TOPIX Index 911.44 20.98 2.36
Malaysia: DJ Malaysia TSM 3116.98 -3.35 -0.11
Malaysia: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 1677.91 -3.18 -0.19
New Zealand: NZX 50* 4164.18 -32.63 -0.78
S. Korea: KOSPI 1983.73 9.46 0.48
S. Korea: KOSPI 50 1708.35 5.14 0.30
S. Korea: KOSPI 100 1980.23 7.10 0.36
S. Korea: KOSPI 200 Composite 261.48 1.38 0.53
Singapore: FTSE Straits Times 3202.57 7.47 0.23
Taiwan: TAIEX* 7732.87 116.23 1.53
Thailand: SET 1432.72 11.77 0.83


Japan 10yr 0.76+0.01, -1.37%

U.S. 10yr 1.89+0.01. -0.37%

FX and Commodity

EUR/USD 1.3384 +0.0009 +0.06%
GBP/USD 1.5983 -0.0013 -0.08%
USD/JPY 90.05 +0.17 +0.19%
USD/CHF 0.9368 +0.0042 +0.45%
AUD/USD 1.0527 -0.0021 -0.19%
USD/CAD 0.9869 +0.0012 +0.12%
EUR/GBP 0.8374 +0.0010 +0.13%
Gold 1690.65 -0.15 -0.01%
Silver 31.862 +0.052 +0.16%
Copper 3.669 +0.008 +0.22%
Crude Oil 96.00 +0.06 +0.06%
Natural Gas 3.504 +0.018 +0.50%
US Cotton No.2 77.81 0.00 0.00%
US Coffee C 154.97 +2.35 +1.54%


Price Change %Change
ATCD5 44.335 -0.495 -1.10%
BECD5 75.00 -0.08 -0.11%
CNCD5 173.57 19.34 12.54%
DKCD5 30.605 0.105 0.34%
DUCD5 207.47 UNCH 0%
EGCD5 443.155 0.815 0.18%
FICD5 28.50 0.67 2.41%
FRCD5 85.00 UNCH 0%
DECD5 40.00 UNCH 0%
GRCD5 4666.8999 164.40 3.65%
HUCD5 279.70 -1.89 -0.67%
INOCD5 143.995 -0.85 -0.59%
IECD5 178.59 -2.28 -1.26%
ITCD5 226.54 1.375 0.61%
JPCD5 88.345 -0.175 -0.20%
KRCD5 68.155 -1.175 -1.69%
NLCD5 48.675 0.005 0.01%
PNCD5 91.41 -1.43 -1.54%
PTCD5 384.83 -0.90 -0.23%
SKCD5 90.54 -0.80 -0.88%
ESCD5 255.315 0.815 0.32%
SECD5 18.75 1.25 7.14%
CHCD5 40.00 -2.50 -5.88%
GBCD5 46.00 -0.53 -1.14%
USCD5 44.00 -1.01 -2.24%

-Crowdfunding Efforts Draw Suspicion

I looked through 50 crowd funded deals. I used to perform due technical and financial diligence for VC investment. All of the crowd funded deals were ripoffs, the likes of which I had not seen since the Alberta stock exchanged opened. Just an absolute rape of a naive investing public. Congress was literally criminal in passing these laws at FB’s insistence. Americans need to put most all of Congress in Jail for financial fraud in which they were knowing or complicit.



-Germany’s Mali Predicament , Trapped between France and War


Germany's Mali Predicament: Trapped Between France and War

Germany is eager to prove it is a reliable ally, particularly after it snubbed France and stayed out of Libya. Wary of getting pulled into the violence in Mali, it has instead offered two planes to transport troops….http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/french-mission-in-mali-puts-germany-in-a-tight-spot-a-878187.html

-Americans MIA In Botched Algeria Rescue where Algerian Military/French Blow up Hostages , Japanese also MIA.


Their blood is upon Hollande’s, Prince Charles’ and Servant Obama’s heads. The BBC loves to whip up anti-American hatred abroad, something that filthy outfit hides. Dead Americans are a great victory as Islam is whipped into Frenzy over Israel and the USA by the English crown. BP is the Goldman Sachs of Big Oil. No one is in even in their league for criminality. Sad. ‘Friendly’ fire for false flagged by SAS troops or Mossad who were ordered to blow the Americans to bits to get the USA into war with the Muslim world.


-House Republicans appeared to be coalescing around a proposal to approve a short-term debt-limit increase to give them time to use two other budget deadlines to win spending cuts they are demanding. WSJ

-The FAA approved Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner for service in 2011 partly based on data generated by Boeing that indicated the aircraft’s novel battery systems had safeguards that rendered them nearly foolproof. WSJ

One of the reason I expect sabotage. That is a very, very experienced Li battery firm. Boeing will get to the bottom of this ASAP, especially if it was sabotage. You can trust Boeing data, you can’t trust the FAA. UAL has indicated there may be a bad ‘batch’ of batteries that were not tested and manufactured properly. You wonder if some beak-nose swapped them in or a disgruntled employee.

-Anglo-Zionist Hit Squads forming to target Hagel


This fairy William Kristol is satan’s own personal sodomite. Pray he is brought down and can’t influence American politics anymore. I will bet he has one than one gentile under age love child in his closet.

-Geopolitical Headliners

News www.antiwar.com
Updated January 18, 2013 – 12:07 AM EST
30 Hostages Reported Killed in Algeria Assault
Hollande: Algeria Hostage Blowback Shows Mali Invasion Justified
Many US Officials Doubt Mali Militants Are Threat
France Adds Troops to Mali War Amid Fear of More Rebel Offensives
Syrian Rebels: 106 Killed in New Homs Massacre
US Fronts Jordan, Turkey to Handle Syrian Chemical Ams Emergency
US Envoy: Taliban Peace Process Stalled
Kandahar Local Police Commander Killed in Insider Attack
Afghans, Stuck Between a Rock and Perpetual Abuse
US Escalates Its Battle Against Mexican Cartels
New US Special Ops HQ to Help Mexican Forces Fight Drug Gangs
Pakistan Gives in to Protesters, Agrees Early Vote
Iraq: Shi’ites Targeted as 47 Killed and 145 Wounded
Sen. Paul Visits Abbas, Threatens Sanctions on Palestinians
AU Troops Kill Five Children in Southern Somalia
FBI: We Won’t Tell You How, When, or Why We Track You
Seeing the Reality of the Vietnam War, 50 Years Late  by Jonathan Schell & Tom Engelhardt
Rubin & Cohen: No Soldiers Need Apply  by Philip Giraldi
Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?  by Vicki Divoll
Al-Qaeda in the Heart of Africa by Patrick Buchanan
Stay Out of Mali  by Dan Simpson
An Invalid Reason to Rescue Mali by Paul Pillar

-Algeria’s military launched a raid Thursday to free about 40 foreigners held by militants at a remote natural-gas complex—leaving some hostages dead. WSJ

-How can the USA economy (USE) by getting better when AMEX bad loan provisions just went from 409 mln to 638 ml on a paltry 33 bln a year of revenue? So far it looks like inflationary price increases are all technology is going to see in 2013 if we go by XLNX and INTC, plus a few pc of real growth globally, mainly from China.

-China’s gross domestic product rose more-than-expected last month, official data showed on Friday.National Bureau of Statistics of China said that Chinese GDP rose to an annual rate of 7.9%, from 7.4% in the preceding month. Analysts had expected Chinese GDP to rise to 7.8% last month. China December retail sales up 15.2% on y/y. China December industrial output up 10.3%. No ‘hard’ landing in China. Sorry London!!

-After Hours Notables

INTC; Q4 Rev  $13.5 Bn vs 13.5 Bne, EOS 48 c versus 45 c e, 2nd quarter declining revenue. Single digit Revenue growth for 2013. -5.1 pc afterhours

XLNX: Q3 EPS 38 c e versus 37 ce, Rev $ 510 mln, vs 538 mln e, GP up .8 pc. Share up .6 pc after hours. Earning down 10 c /share y/y. Forecast 2-6 % revenue growth for current Q.

UAL :Announced $439 million Q4 Charge for Integration costs. Worlds largest airline

AXP(Amex): Loan Loss Provision increases to 638 million from 409 million a year ago.  EPS 56c share vs 56 c e,  Rev 8.1 bn vs 8.1 bn e (preannounced last week)

-Economic Calendar

Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
03:30   EUR     Spanish industrial New Orders (YoY) 2.5% 5.5%
04:00   EUR     Italian Industrial New Orders (MoM) 2.0% 0.0%
04:00   EUR     Italian Industrial Sales (MoM) -0.20%
04:30   GBP     Retail Sales (YoY) 1.1% 0.9%
04:30   GBP     Retail Sales (MoM) 0.2% 0.0%
Tentative   EUR     Spanish House Price Index (YoY) -10.00% -9.30%
06:30   INR     Indian FX Reserves, USD 294.99B
08:30   CAD     Manufacturing Sales (MoM) 1.00% -1.40%
09:55   USD     Michigan Consumer Sentiment 75.0 72.9
09:55   USD     Michigan Inflation Expectations 3.2%
10:00   MXN     Mexican Interest Rate Decision 4.50% 4.50%
10:30   USD     ECRI Weekly Annualized (WoW) 5.10%


-Boeing 787 Plane of Future Struggles to Overcome Past



-Japan Learned to Love Deflation in Wage Malaise Facing BOJ



-German/Poles Stealing Wood/Timber to Survive Inflation

Soon you Germans will be carting Euro notes to burn, just like in the Weimar if Smirkel gets a 2nd term.



-Jobless Claims in U.S. Fell to Lowest Level in Five Years


-Britain to drift out of European Union without reforms: PM


-Abe Currency Policy Stokes Gaffe Risk as Amari Roils Yen


-Euro Area Seen Stalling as Draghi’s Pessimism Shared: Economy


-European Banks to Shrink as U.S. Peers Set Pace: Euro Credit


-China Exits Slowdown as Quarterly Growth Tops Forecasts: Economy


-Default Alarm Rings as Trust Loans Jump Sevenfold: China Credit


-Foreign Hostages Die in Algeria’s Battle With Terrorists


-Fed Concerned About Overheated Markets Amid Record Bond Buys


-Lance Armstrong Says He Cheated With Drugs in All Tour Wins


-Thunder God Plant Crushes Pancreatic Cancer in Mice!!


-Intel Girds for Third Quarterly Sales Decline on PCs Slump: Tech



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