Weekend News and Commentary


-Flu Epidemic Hysteria

I’m taking 6k Mg of Vitamin C, 2K Mg every six hours in liposomal format. No colds or flu this year or last. A few years before, I got caught with my guard down and contracted the flu the boys cooked up, the H1N1. Thank goodness for vitamin c or that might have crippled me. Take the flu vaccines and your odd of getting the flu, cancer or pneumonia go way up. I sort of don’t feel sorry for the people who are taking the vaccines, ex they will want me to support them or their brain dead child. In my generation you had to have an extraordinary back ground in science, go to the library and really research things. Today it is all at the sheeples finger tips, yet the believe their Anglo-Zionist masters. Even Voltaire called vaccinations a fraudulent English invention. Neem Leaf, and Vitamin C, Garlic oil are natures antiviral and antibiotic medications. Ha, ha I never took a flu shot in my life and the only flu strains I ever got where the ones the government of the USA cooked up and released into the population with vaccines.


-Lloyds admits trader sacked for irregularities

Bank says irregularities in trading positions led to ‘single-digit millions of pounds’ losses’


-Go Wyoming!!

Wyoming to Nullify Any New Federal Gun Laws, Charge Any Feds Attempting to Confiscate Citizens Guns With a Felon…


My old oil prospecting ground. Great state, no people, under 500k, nearly the same size as England if you leave out Scotland. Ain’t no FED or soldiers going to grab anyone gun in Wyoming, as they would all rather be dead than red. Tell that to Prince Charlie and Baron Jacob, English swine who read this.

-Hollande Murders Children in Mali. Says Obama is helping him.



-Dating Game Killer….hundreds more?

List of infamous Jewish Serial Killers

Jack The Ripper
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
Ed Gein
Joel Rifkin
Harold Shipman
Rodney Alcala
Herb Baumeister
Harvey Glatman
David Berkowitz
John Wayne Gacy
Albert DeSalvo
Charles Cohen
Jeffrey Dahmer
Peter Kudzinowski
Tillie Klimek
Henry Lee Lucas
Charles Schmid
Robert Shulman
Efren Saldivar
Leopold and Loeb
Randall Woodfield
Louis Fine
George Sack
Alfred Leonard Cline
Louis Neu
Ralph Jerome Selz
Edward Simon Wein
Harvey Murray Glatman
Robert Zarinsky
James Koedatich
Ralph Nuss
Gloria Tannenbaum
Milton Niport
Bertram Greenberg
Joseph Kallinger
William Rothstein
Joseph Fischer
Brian Kevin Rosenfeld
Robert Durst
Steven Oken
Nathan Trupp
Charles Mark Cohen
Jeffrey Feltner
Philip Carl Jablonski
Edward Isadore Savitz
Robert Shulman
Eyal Shachar
Salomon Rosenbloom
Norman Parker
James Eric Gottfried
Andrei Chikatilo
Albert Fish
Aileen Wuornos
Danilo Restivo
Dylan Klebold
Practice Satanism, Jews and don’t be mad if your people get a lot of bad press. Best repent. Your service and worship of money and revenge and power has not served your people well, nor the ‘goyim’ they murder. We gentiles are human beings and demand you Jews stop your hatred against our people and your murder of them. We are not animals here to serve you and do your bidding. Your religion and god are foul, repent!! Forsake your evil and murders. I nearly vomited when I read this, so it is not a suitable read for Children.



-Jackie Chan Calls America most corrupt nation in the world.

America is very corrupt, but Communist China, the Li-Chinese Jew controlled Hong Kong, Australia, England, Israel, Saudia Arabia, (pick an African country), and most Latin American countries are more corrupt. The financial crisis epicenter was London England and its suburbs of NYC and Washington DC were slaved by Anglosaxon financial demonic Blythe Masters from JPM London and Cambridge. Eric Holder is worse than lawless so I can understand how he feels but I don’t think Eric Holder or John Ashcroft bother him at all.

I happened to tap into the Chinese community during my business travels and the Chinese Billionaires I know tell me USA corruption is nothing compared to Chinese corruption. Which is why like Chan they lives in the USA/Canada as well as China these day.

Still the USA is extraordinarily foul and run by this Demonic British-Israel cult. Aka the illuminati. Chan is a communist, and the only good one is one pushing up daisies in the ZGR’s opinion. Chan is particularly dangerous as he wants to take freedom away from Taiwan and Hong Kong and believes in one world government. He is a useful idiot for the Chinese Jews who are trying to control Asia for the Rothschilds and Windsors.

Most people don’t know George Washington was well aware of the illuminati and that they were recruiting people through the Masonic lodges. While the Masons made him an ‘honorary’ member, and he went to few of their functions as he could not afford alienate them against the Republic, he was not active in the Masons at all. The Masons like the Chabad Rabbis love to rub elbows with the rich and powerful.

“It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.”
“The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation). That Individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a separation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned.”

George Washington










-BB10 better than Iphone5

I’ve always been a fan of blackberries, maybe it is an engineer/scientist thing. Hard to believe Motorola who invented it all, could not hang on. And where is Noikia or any of the Japanese for that matter? Samsung would be bankrupt without free Android software, from google, which should be outlawed. When the BB10 is fully ready, I plan on replacing my older iPhone, which I mainly use for weather monitoring and control functions.



-787 Another fuel Leak, this one in Japan

I caught the CEO of Boeing on the radio. He was enormously upset and could not explain any of this. These valves are microprocessor controlled, and normally operate flawlessly with an extraordinary reliability. I would be dead by now if valves did not operate flawlessly and failed safe. Maybe outsourcing so much airport security to Israeli firms globally was not such a good idea?



-Topless Vatican protesters: ‘In gay we trust’

This is why the Bible instructs women to listen to their husbands. There need to be severe penalties for interrupting a religious service. At least Islam would have the proper response to these whores, to arrest them and put them in jail for a long , long time.



-French Protest Anglo-Zionist LGBT Agenda, Rally Against Sodomite Marriage

“The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in
times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

 -Dante Alighieri

The French are a much greater and more moral people than the Anglo-Zionist controlled Amerikan people. How thrilling. It is time to drive the Sodomite and Lesbian back into their closets in the USA. Perversity has no place in civil society, whatever its form.

In this over-head view made from the Eiffel Tower, some thousands of people gather on the "Champs de Mars", in Paris, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013.  Protesters are mobilizing against the French president's plan to legalize gay marriage, streaming into Paris by bus, car and train. Photo: Michel Euler



-Jerry Springer: ‘I Am the Father of the Destruction of Western Civilization’

At least Jerry is an honest Jew. He promotes the ‘whigger’ culture as cool. Jerry you’re an ‘Eastener’ as an Ashkenazi, you’re shocking the Christian West, not the pagan East , so stop lying. Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, Armstrong and Getty, the British Israel gang of gonzo/shock journalism. Read Shahak, these people do pride themselves in being ‘destroyers’. From their own Prophet Isaiah

Isaiah 28

14 Wherefore hear the word of the Lord, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem.

15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:

16 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

19 From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report.


-Mark Lynas, another English/Oxbridge Phony Environmentalist now converts to GMO!

When I find a big , stinking pile of lies, and corruption, and moral filth, typically I look for a Jew to be at the bottom of it, largely as their religion foments it, but half the time, I find out it is not Jew, but his first cousin, the Englishman. What religion have you English? None that I can see but witchcraft and deception.



Roundup ready GMO is so, so  good for you!!


The English crown has many, many plants that work from their childhood for the Crown and whose families are generational satanists, like Mylie Cyrus, and her spook Grandfather and illuminati father. David Duke another illuminati plant and a good one. Likely this guy was a plant from the beginning. Some say Alex Jones will betray his followers like this. Follow after the truth and it will lead to Jesus Christ and you won’t put your faith in any man. Who cares, he’s English and from Oxbridge and has as much ‘credibility as Harvard man Kissinger or Bob Rubin. Do the English think we are this stupid? Pride comes before the fall Prince Charlie.

-Jewish Thought Controllers all around you..

A slav would spell it Fillipovic. A slavic Jew would spell that name Filipovic. Phillip’s son. Roughly. Stunning to me how the Ashkenazi are everywhere, and people don’t see what is going on. Kind of like the German Jews spell it Fisher, not Fischer, although the ones that want to go ‘crypto’ will change it to Fischer often. Notice the writers ‘lust’ for ‘revenge’ comes right through. She may not even know she is a Slavic Jew. Beating your wife, I’m opposed to that, but I have seen women, where I would not have convicted the man the woman’s mouth was so vile and full of hate had he slapped her. Read the last paragraph or so. No forgivness, but ‘revenge’ and ‘money’ , how, very, very Jewish!!  You Jews really have to embrace Christianity and give up your religion of revenge and money.



 -Jack Lew’s Budget Ineptitude Disqualifies Him From Top Treasury Post

I urge you to contact your Senator and complain about him and ask that Hagel be confirmed. Send this article to your Senator.



-Pimco Actively Buying Spanish And Italian Bonds Up To 5 Years Maturity 

Piggybacking and doing Regling and Dracula Draghi’s dirty work for him. It is one thing for me to take the english on when Italian debt was at 7 pc, and its another thing to be buying Spanish and Italian debt at these price levels despite no real reform for labor and with the deficit and gdp melt down in Spain and to a lesser extent in Italy. Of course with these types of things, PIMCO could be selling into the spike as well, which would be the right thing to do.

http://www.efxnews.com/story/16756/pimco-actively-buying-spanish-and-italian-bonds-5-years-maturity …

-Bilderberg-picked EU Leader Van Rompuy Calls for Global Governance With Russia

More like Ashkenazi-Sephardi-Anglosaxon world government.



-First Borei-Class Missile Cruiser Enters Into Service

10 January 2013 | Issue 5050
The Moscow Times

The first of the new generation submarines, which will be the country’s main nuclear deterrent in coming years, entered into service in the Navy on Thursday.The Borei-class missile cruiser raised the flag in a ceremony in the Arctic port of Severodvinsk.”This event … confirms the seriousness of our intentions to upgrade the Army and the Navy,” PresidentVladimir Putinsaid.Putin didn’t attend the ceremony, however, and made his statement in a video linkup with Defense MinisterSergei Shoigu.Putin spoke from a nearby naval base in Severomorsk, where he bestowed a medal on another warship.The Yury Dolgoruky submarine is also the first to have the latest Bulava intercontinental missile onboard. The missile suffered multiple failures in tests that dragged on for years.Sea trials began in June 2009, but the submarine experienced several technical defects that repeatedly delayed its commissioning, according to industry news portal Naval-technology.com.Putin said another seven Borei-class submarines will join the Navy by 2020, Interfax reported. The Navy will also receive eight Yasen-class submarines by then, he said.The Sevmash shipyard, based in Severodvinsk, will be the lead contractor for the warships, he said.Shoigu said in an Interfax report that there would be seven Yasen-class submarines for the Navy — one less than Putin stated.The Navy has already ordered three more Borei-class submarines: Alexander Nevsky, Vladimir Monomakh and Knyaz Vladimir.Built at an estimated cost of 23 billion rubles ($750 million), the Yury Dolgoruky is 170 meters long and 13.5 meters wide, with a diving depth of 450 meters.

The Moscow Times

-Aaron Swartz, murdered ?

Probably was stealing the data for Israel, but what the heck, I’m as sick as he was of the academic financial monopoly on research the taxpayers paid for as him. The Israeli were probably were too cheap to pay for it. All this research is kept away from the Public least they find out how to buy a gene splicer and engineer their grandchildren to have a 700 year life like Prince William’s ‘thing’ he is making with womb Middletrash. That data is all at the University of California, at San Francisco and probably by now , stolen and at Oxbridge. Great the Ashkenazi and English elite with 700 year lives, can’t wait!! I suspect with Aaron he did kill himself. Sad. Another guy tortured by Eric Holder to death.



-Panic over Germany Sweeps Anglosaxon-Zionist-Masonic Cult in the USA!!

The World Wide Church of God, founded by Anglosaxon-Mason/Zionist extremist, Herbert Armstrong is back in the saddle again despite his demise. I was on a long trip yesterday and caught a radio broadcast where the World Wide Church of God claimed Germany was no longer ‘listening’ to England (gasp), and the Germans would be God’s agent in destroying the USA and punishing us for our sins and would soon attack Israel as well . Ha, ha. These Anglosaxon-masons are nuts and have too long victimized America with their Zionist/Masonic religion and hatred of the Germans!! I’m tired of it!!!

If the Lord has a righteous man among the political leaders with the ‘muscle’ to punish America for its sins, it would be Mr. Putin, not the Jewess Angela Krasner, nee Merkel and we fight Europe and England’s oil wars for them.  The German military is pathetic and a good Brownie troop could not defeat them. German’s cant fight anymore and Austrians don’t want to fight for them anymore. Austrians are sort of like the Scots of  Germany and do all the blood letting for the Germans whom are a bit squeamish.

The World Wide Church of god (their god Prince Charles) tried to cheat Bobby Fischer out of his chess millions before he got ‘hip’ that the Jews really ran that religion from London, exactly like the Scientology cult that controls the non Jewish actors/actresses in Hollywood. Normally cults die when their leaders die, as no one is left to perpetuate the madness, ex when the English crown funds them.

Ha, ha you stupid Germans the English have you in their sights again even as you  Germans give your enemies a free education per your Zionsit leader, Merkel’s wishes. Invite these beasts from England in and they will destroy your country just like they did with WW1 and WW2. You might as well invite the Gypsy in to run your country Germans, they would do less harm.








 -I intercepted a missive that while the Royals of Europe’s bank is telling the public to buy industrial metals instead of gold, that the royal crowd is being told to double up on their gold holdings. 

-An introduction to my experience with the Jewish Community

Anglosaxon renounces Christ, converts to Judaism to help career, and finds out it is not the paradise he thought after selling his soul. The Anglosaxons as originally from the Tribe of Ashkenaz are readily allowed to convert to Judaism as Hebraics by the Rabbinate but for a Gentile it is much more difficult even if you want to sell your soul for $.


Actually the Jewish penalty is death for anyone revealing any Talmudic or Kaballah secrets. You can read this is Michael Hoffman’s fine expose of the Talmud or from Israel Shahak in his history and comments on Jewish religion. Shahak was murdered. Hoffman hopefully has a posse and lives in nearly Jew free Idaho one of the few states where the Jews have rely on their Anglosaxon/Mormon, Masonic cousins to carry out political assassinations and such as poor, ignorant Edgar Steele, the Celt found out.


-Englands, Anglomasonic, and Royal Pederast Network in every nook and cranny of English society, from the school master to the palaces.



-Ashkenazi Katie Couric Demands American Women stop wearing makeup!!

I wonder if she has come out of the closet? Not landed a husband eh, Katie so do that Oprah thing and ‘pretend’ you’re not a lesbian? Of course Katie has had a lot of plastic surgery. Who watches her anyways? Zionist fanatic.


-English Crown going to Order RFK  Jr Murdered like Jack Jr? 

Pray for his safety and that Prince Phillip and his whore are brought to justice for their part in the murder of JFK. I’m sick of the Crown always murdering Irish/Celt politicians in the USA who oppose them!


-I was at homosexual depot by chance yesterday looking for some ingredients to mix up my own frost protection with. China has destroyed that place, and the communist Chinese are literally working hand in glove with the Home Depot CEO to destroy EVERY American manufacturer. I did manage to find some Bosch drill bits made in Germany but even Bosch has gone to China.

Home Depot loves China!! Americans have sort of soiled and destroyed their own nests by using Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Walmart, and Homosexual depot and not insisting on high quality made in Canada, the USA or Germany products!!  Since Americans feel and perceive so little about the destruction of the Republic, I’m not sure I can feel much for them and their made in Korea Car and made in China rags, especially the silent and corrupt Christian Church and its ‘feel good’ gospel and refusal to fight evil, from the WTO to the LGBT to the Anglosaxon and Israeli lobbies. I refuse to buy anything made in Communist China or South Korea, England, Australia, Israel or New Zealand or the ‘colonies’ of England like Belize.

Fat, City of London thug (he has home there and in Australia) Henry Kissinger, denying he destroyed the USA and its people.



-Senate Democrats Urge Obama to Act on Debt If Needed

Since Bernanke is not really running the printing press, the Congress and White House want to.


-Warren Buffett going senile? 


-Jamie Dimon (Greek Ashkenazi) involved in London Whale Trades


-HSBC Attacks Goldbug at SAC

I’m so going to enjoy the bankruptcy of HSBC, the anglomasonic devil bank!!


-Ashkenazi Joan Rivers Mocks Evil Anglo-Royal Actress Anne Hathaway’s large Ugly Vagina. 

That was no ‘wardrobe’ malfunction. It was intentional. Hathway looks more Ashkenazi than Joan but then again Joan’s been under the knife plenty. I’m so sick of the Crown sending its nut jobs and satanistshere to corrupt our people. From Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, to Russell Brand to Piers Morgan. Go home English!! Go home!!! No, I did not look. The warning from my French employers 30+ years ago was enough to scare me to death of these disease infested English skanks. Personally Anne would do better moving to Israel where her ‘looks’ and large  vagina and large arse might get her further than in the USA, where the number of English bluebloods in only 2 pc. Even Jews tell me they think she is ugly and foul.


-Young American men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’


 -Zionist Actors and Anglomasonic Actors being used in Sandy Hook and Batman Shooting


I think we came under a lot of cyber attacks, as the first laugh at this entire Sandy Hook thing as just a big con job and question if it occurred at all. Although I have no doubt Adam Lanza and his mother were executed due to the fathers GE/Liborgate/Mortgage scandal and apparently talking too much to some state AGs, and that is no laughing matter.

As the ZGR previously demonstrated there were an extraordinary number of Anglosaxon-mason types involved in this and now a Jew emerges who may have been a key player. I know for sure, that is when serious firepower was directed at taking my little soap box down, firepower that only the state could marshal under most cases. I personally annoy  several of big Anglo-Zionists in London and they want my soap box down or me dead, either is fine by them. Amazing how petty and vindictive and evil these people from England are. Yet by the Lord’s Grace here we are again today, Princes of England and Israel. I remind you too much of your eternal fate in Hell, I suppose. Your servant the Ashkenazi, Dick Cheney sleeps with the lights on for a reason !! A man can get a new heart but not his soul back from the Devil once he has consigned it. There is no getting out from the Brotherhood of Darkness!!

-Canadians pin retirement dreams on not-so-safe houses

The Crown destroyed, Americans’ wealth and storing it in their homes with the JPM/GS lead mortgage-gate, ABS/RMBS/CDS frauds. They will do the same thing I expect in Canada and England and Australia  some day through banking collapses, despite being good loyal bw-tches of the Windsors-Rothschilds.

Amazing how popular this blog is in the castles and dungeons of England. I hear it goes all the way to the biggest castle in England. Trust me your servants are not as loyal as you imagine them to be Lords of England and Israel and the ZGR has friends among your crowd who don’t like you at all!!

Apparently a real dissident is extraordinarily rare, who is not in the thought control corral and who sees through this low 140 iq morons trying to run the world or who is not on their payroll .

Most internet dissidents appear to be on the Crown payroll. I suspect David Duke as a Southern Anglo-masonic type who poses with the Confederate flag is. His Kin were the first Jews openly admitted to the Royal Court of England under Lizard 1, were they not Prince C? Egads your such a sack of human excrement Prince C  do you think the entire world is actually going to lick your boots and your evil son and satanic grand child with a 700 year life? Looks like your boy Piers is flaming out. He ever taken it up the poop shoot for your royal pleasure?


-China’s Dirty Little Secret


-Crypto Jew, Zionist, LGBT Operative Ellen Degenerate Promoting Aussie, Corruption and Debauchery to Americans. Australia’s hidden Crown Genocide, the past and Today in Oz.

Can’t have Oprah back at $1 million a day to pump that moral cesspool known as Oz, especially after she called Australians a ‘soulless’ people. Australians have souls , however most of them are hell bound, and glad of it. It is even worse than England with a whore house, 2 bars and a gambling joint on every corner, and the whore houses don’t even shut for Christmas day in Oz, showing you how cruel they are as a people, and amoral. A nasty secret Oz does not let out.

Oz is mainly a nation of Engbrews. An inspiration to the crown that the English-Hebraic  bloodline was strong enough to subsume the Celts and turn them into Crown bootlickers. Nicole Kidman is from one of the wealthiest families in Australia, one whose fortune was built on genocide and racism and hate. Fully illuminati. Used to promote child sex to American women, see results below. Boycott Australia, and Nicole Kidman and her films!!


Apartheid In Australia – U.K’s other dirty little secret – The Tall Man Documentary. Must watch for Americans!!!


More on Australia’s eternal shame and sin!!


-Hitler, Agent of The English Crown..

NAZI, National Socialist and Zionist Party!!


-American Feminists, the new Pederasts and hate mongers

Amazing how so many of these female rapists are not Jews, but Anglosaxons, especially given the small minority that Anglosaxons are in the population in the USA. Of course promoting ‘Cougars’ was strictly the idea of several Zionists from Hollywood. Women are destroying the USA in their rebellion against the natural order, a sin that akin to witchcraft if you study the bible and the outcomes of female rebellion against morality and the natural order of things.Thanks Nicole Kidman and Hollywood Zionist Agents!!



-18 Facts That Prove That Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control


-Just say no to the European Royals!!

Down with the Spanish, Dutch and English Crowns!! Actually my Grandfather was good friends with the emperor of Austria who was a very decent man but whom was a true Christian and no fan of England or Israel and their treachery. The NWO is headed by the Spanish Crown which controls Sephardic Jewry to due its evil drug running. The English Crown controls all the Anglosaxonmasons and Rabbis. The Dutch Crown controls the Dutch Jews and Dutch/Masonic/Pederast crown loyalists. The Crowns of England, Spain and Holland head the NWO and are purely satanic. I have nothing good to say about the Spanish, Dutch or English people for living high on the hog off the drug money and sin for so, so many centuries. Granted England to distance itself from the world’s ire, sold the last drug license to the Bush and Rockefeller families in the USA, and the CIA is doing much of it, under direction of MI6 and the Mossad. Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller. Bill loves the cocaine, coke whores and the horny Jewesses. Senator Jay Rockefeller won’t run again, largely as polls show he can’t steal the elections anymore in West Virginia. West Virginia is even poorer after his 30 years of rape and pillage.


-Zionist Jews and Anglomasons unite to scuttle anti-War Hagel nomination


-France invades, Gold and Uranium rich Mali which is also on the cusp of a major , major oil strike. Two Zionist presidents, and 3 wars. Mali, Ivory Coast and Libya. Good job France!! Keep electing Rothschild’s agents and agents of the English Crown!! The invasion happened yesterday around the time I was hacked. Annoying people that is for sure.

French military forces intervene in Mali to stem a renewed offensive by Islamist militants |



Updated January 12, 2013 – 11:10 AM EST
Obama, Karzai Stay Ambiguous on Troop Levels
Special IG for Afghan Reconstruction Cites Rampant Fraud, Waste
Army Endangered Troops With Poor Screening of Afghan Translators
Syria’s Rebels Form Own Secret Police Force
No Deal as US-Russia Talks on Syria End
Syrian Rebels Seize Military Airport in Idlib Province
Groups Claim Credit for Bloody Pak Bombings
Flurry of Drone Strikes Sets Stage for US Escalation in Pakistan
French, EU Troops Invade Mali for Offensive
Israeli Soldiers Kill Gaza Student With ‘Warning Shots’
Central African Republic Peace Deal Ends Rebellion
Iranian-Americans Send Medicine Home as Sanctions Hit
Drones Are Fool’s Gold: They Prolong Wars We Can’t Win by Simon Jenkins
Elliott Abrams’s Truth Problem by Ali Gharib
Iraq: US ‘Troop Surge’ Magic Bullet Myth Lives On  by Wayne White
Welcome, Chuck  by Uri Avnery
Chuck Hagel and China by Amitai Etzioni
Obama and the Betrayal of Democracy in Bahrain by Larry Diamond
More Viewpoints


-Frost Protection

Standard Techniques




Organic Antifreeze



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6 Responses to Weekend News and Commentary

  1. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    thanks great catch. i have been down with ddos attacks the last few days.

  2. vino says:

    craven british royals make open themselves up to war crime charges over iraq bombing… britain is a dictatorship as queenie and chuckie cheese can veto bills in parliament… this looks like grounds for prosecution at the world court in the hague if it weren’t controlled by abetting powers…

    Queen BLOCKED plan to pass Iraq War bomb powers to parliament, secret papers show
    Senior Royals offered veto over 39 policies that had impact on their power
    Queen blocked Iraq War law giving ministers sole power to authorise bombs
    Palace: ‘Decisions based on advice from ministers and civil servants’
    Critics: ‘Queen and Prince Charles have too much power over Parliament’

    The Queen and Prince Charles have been given at least 39 chances to veto legislation before it became law, it was revealed today.
    Secret papers show the most senior Royals have had numerous opportunities to torpedo bills that could change their powers, including a law that would have given parliament sole authority to sanction strikes on Iraq during the 1999 war.
    The extent of the influence the Queen and Prince Charles have over legislation has been laid bare because Downing Street lost a legal battle to keep details secret.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2262613/Queen-Prince-Charles-given-39-chances-veto-legislation-dont-want-law.html#ixzz2I73Gx9om

  3. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    the fed is all over the gold tape. friends tell me big, big problems sourcing gold. hey goldman has a new gig, running the esm dough for those rat germans /bundesbanks. all money and power to the state and their banksters and military, death to the people.

  4. Arb says:

    I reco mercola.com free daily email.

    Agreed. On that broad subject,
    While i will be setting up a new dedicated email, i wanted to tell you i went to the “W” hotel south of me and was quite favorably impressed. It will be several weeks or months before the ultimate course of that meeting is determined.

    that hotel is halfway to the rascal, who I visited recently.

    Gsux quoted today ‘go long gold until next fiscal cliff/ceiling’ and recod an option collar.
    Given gold rise today i thought headfake with the bernank to disinform and pull the rug out to 1640. Not so, not yet.

  5. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    evil medical establishment and their toxic vaccine. whose fault is it. as you know all the information is out there. and these people don’t even have to go to research university and read the science and medical journals, it is all their finger tips. one of the great con jobs of our times.

  6. Arb says:


    One friend, woman 40s, took flu vaccine andmwas sick for 8′weeks.
    Another’ 60-ish took it last year and immediately developed all kinds of allergies, skin outbreaks, fatiguue, pain, weight gain, headaches etc ever since.

    This is confirmed by the”establishment” big push for vaccination now.
    Western med annuities.

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