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  1. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    sorry cant.

  2. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    imo, this guy is part of the illuminati and a controlled disinformation source. very, very few people have access to accurate geiger and radiation counters by design. i own and almond orchard and have not seen
    any counts even below 1 bp/kg in the almonds. likely they were contaminated going into japan. our levels were only .5 bq/kg to 3 bq/kg in the soil , in the top 1 inch where no roots are from the fall out. my rad meters show just the new normal background radation, which is about 2x the old level or 20 urdads/hr. no doubt fukushima is a severe concern moving forward, but so far it is not a present concern ex in japan. i’ve measured nothing in the fish i have caught out of the pacific. most of the radiation that went into the water seems to be kept offshore of japan by local currents. he pushes a geiger meter, i KNOW, does not give accurate readings. they are all rigged now unless you know how to get one that is not. rothschilds controls 95 percent of the global supply of geiger tubes. i would stick with uc berkeley which is still providing some updates. maybe i should do a weekly summary of the radiation. time is pressing though. i think the purpose of this is to keep people paralyzed with fear. for sure we need to get rid of nuclear power asap. i took nuclear engineer at uc, it made me an extreme disbeliever that we could every operate those things safely, especially with HAARP /Mossad etc.

  3. jose says:

    hi, i found this in the recent doug casey interview. this might interest you.

    Doug: It will. Actually, at La Estancia de Cafayate, we’re having a duodecathalon – a kind of Renaissance-Man Olympics I designed. My idea is that the physical nature of the sports you see in the Olympics is great – but combining it with an intellectual element could make it better. Anyway, you no longer throw a discus or a javelin in day-to-day modern life. So, my duodecathalon will include chess, a quiz contest, poker, and billiards, as well as an equestrian event, parcours, tennis, golf, archery, skeet, and the 100-meter freestyle, among other things. We’re hoping to do a trial run of the first one in early November at one of our semiannual events, and then make it into a regular attraction. The idea is that it shows the spirit of the place and showcases some of the things you can do there. Part of the spirit of Estancia is the theme of Mens sana in corpore sano.

    and while you are down there you might whip the management of our favorite miners into some sort of shape. ;) thanks, nd

  4. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    well the information is not covered in the standard economics texts at an undergraduate or even graduate level outside of say austria. every austrian knows about it as they teach about it and it is in the papers every so often. ‘hidden’ knowledge.

  5. underdog says:

    Thank you.Have you met people who know about it? I have tried to initiate a conversation
    on a few occasions in the past,got only strange stares of a ‘what,what !? He must be crazy!
    Very sad how completely people got lobotomized.

  6. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    sure, there was no interest, as is prohibtied by christ and the script was controlled tightly and not counterfeited so it worked. it worked so well the jews took over the Austrian Central bank and they killed it. jewish culture is a vampire culture it needs usury to take over the world, Christ forbid that to them so they murdered him. money should be fungible, non counterfeitable, and be both a medium of exchage and store of value and it should pay no interest upon long, although upon loan, equity should be tendered. the jews sent all their bankers into study it and make sure its history got buried.

  7. underdog says:

    Any thoughts on Sylvio Gesell’s money system tried in 1930′s at Worgl,Austria?

  8. alangreenspan says:

    well the italians and others have said their gold is not going to this redemption fund. this is some whacky idea of the NWO. but yes gold does appear to be returning to the money system., although i don’t support that, i want a tri-metal standard, gold, silver and copper.

  9. vino says:

    GOLD GUARANTEES ….for developing european redemption fund!!!

    buried in the poison penned dwarfs latest missive…. the english must be choking over the return of gold to the monetary system… this is a stupendous day for goldbugs

  10. vino says:


    27 video interviews from vancouver mining show

    from nutniks like bill murphy to the human slot machine ross beaty… and a host of the wheelers and dealers in the mining business today… something for everyone

  11. vino says:

    goldman sachs taking control of barrick

    big copper write off in the works… good will mostly???

    Barrick said Wednesday that John Thornton, a director of the company and a former co-president of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., will serve as co-chairman.


  12. zephyrglobalreport.com says:


  13. Christian says:

    Hilfe wir haben Miley Cyrus Ritzen, Rauchen, Hungern! Miley ist voll psycho”
    Magazine Headlines haha.
    Chernobyl Hoax




    ABC, NBC say film purported to be of Chernobyl was hoax Houston Chronicle News Services THU 05/15/1986

    Peter Jennings apologized for the fake USSR propaganda
    Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/05/14/facebook_trust_dumb/

    Helly-wood Molester Receives virtual slap on the wrist!” 40 counts/no time.
    Justin Bieber Proclaims He’s Christian with Jesus Tattoo But Why Flash Illuminati Signs? I saw on the news him flashing the retarded pyramid sign in

    Sweden – enjoy eternal hell, beaver, satan sock puppet.
    1. Tattoos are forbidden by the Holy Spirit.
    2. He’s a smarmy faggot, also forbidden by God – check out his 100% OPEN support/fag-enabling feces-eating position.

    “royals” no wonder they sing God, Please save the queen” bc she is not & never will be!
    “Bro, I Told You Already That The Royal Jewels Are Looking Tight. Stop Asking!” >> http://www.dlisted.com/ Sunday, June 3rd 2012

    Queen Elizabeth II’s weekend Diamond Jubilee celebrations (aka Hail To The British Thugs) continued today in London ..the Queen dipped into her pocketbook and threw raw diamonds (bought with taxpayer money) at her people. It’s the Queen’s way of giving back… Prince William and Prince Phillip wore the finest prince costumes found in Disneyland’s costume closet, Camilla wore …” :)

  14. jose says:

    hi. in the mining maven article mcewan says this about mcleod

    “She picked up a flavor of what the market wants and she said, ‘Let’s get the geologists operating closer to what the market wants, rather than what the geologists want,’” he says.

    can anyone help me understand the quote better?

  15. vino says:

    Forbes is todays gold smash a set up for QE 111 announcement… the jobs numbers were a disaster and the real now was cataclysmic

    Why Gold Could Be Setting Up For A Killer Comeback


    The stars could be aligning for gold to return to its decade-long bull run, recently punctuated by sideways trading over the last couple of months. The yellow metal is getting murdered on Tuesday, down more than $40 in New York, but an intense resurgence of political risk in Europe and a couple of months of weak jobs numbers in the U.S. put stimulus definitely back on the table: safe-haven flows, currency debasement, all of these are gold-positive.

  16. jose says:

    matt cuts through the bs. raising your right hand seems to mean nothing these days. if you read this do it before eating.


  17. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    some one should grab it , their land package is insanely good and they have a major hit now. i’m not selling, just not adding until a reverse split.

  18. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    silky saws. they carry them on amazon now. sadly all the really high end american manufacturers went to china. chinese steel should not even be allowed to be called steel. if you take your manufacturing and outsource it to china, what exactly does your firm sell? the silky fox is probably the best all around orchard saw. the yen got very strong so the prices are about 30 pc higher than last year. if silky is too much for you, you can get the Ars pruning saws. For lopers I use Hickock made in the usa, hard to beat their lopers. Ars is another Japanese company that has been making pruning saws for 150 years. about 1/3 to 1/2 the price and about 2/3 as good as the silky saws. stay away from felco, made in switzerland over priced junk that is not suitable ex for home gardening. stay away from corona, they went to china. used to make very good saws and lopers. not anymore.

  19. jose says:

    i used alot of your suggestions on my plantings and they all look great. especially the blackberries. planting my grapes today. speaking of tools i lost the name of the japanese garden tool company you recommended on the last site.

    on shepard smith it could be aids. we can only hope the person in “the kill shot” recieves the same considerations. smug witch.

    i was hoping for some of your thoughts on silvermex being taken over by first majestic.

    yeah bob at the swede said the arsenic and de-watering wouldn’t be a problem so i asked him what EL thought of the property. i tried to get the name of the property they were looking at in the states but to no avail. he said to call anytime and we should be getting the paperwork on the merger in a week or so. they seemed surprised i had an actual certificate for my shares.

  20. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    ha, ha, that property is spain is a ‘rope a dope’ and money pit as the locals, the same ones lagarde wants us to bailout with our tax dollars who have 25 pc unemployment and don’t want to develop an open pit, and this despite the EU shutting down all the other mines in europe or trying to.

    the average european is pretty spoiled, those that were not went to brazil, argentine, canada, the usa. it is the welfare state cradle to grave. i can’t stand it.talented europeans should move to the usa after we take the country back.

    i can see why a geologist would ‘love’ the spanish property but its in the wrong location with people who are wealthy enough they don’t need or want a mine around and it will be a nightmare to mine.

    blueberries? they don’t do much for the first three years but grow a big root ball, and need around 2 in a water a year for the first three years then after year three they slow down the root grwoth and by year seven their root ball is mature and as long as you mulch and water them them throw off berries and berries especially with a lot of cross pollination . you don’t even have to prune them and they are so disease and virus tolerant it is absurd.

    bosenberries are a dream but out here the weather is perfect and they take over like weed . i do think i like bosenberries more than raspberries. hard to find any american berry plant that is not superb. the europeans have nothing like it.

    planting blueberries at home and commercially is among the best decisions i ever made.

    the 4 inch plugs from, cutting not clonal root stock best way to go if you want to plant in volume. they root very easily. rooting is such a testimony to the genius of the Lord.

    you could always buy some land and put in a blueberry and strawberry orchard and make it ‘pick your own’ then can and make jams out of what was not picked.

    for sure those southern high bushes are a big improvement over the east coast northern high bush varieties.

    in s it is just a temporary setback, we are the road to big stuff and going to become a major producer.

  21. jose says:

    hi, blackberries look great. thanks

    spoke with the swede today. B kept talking about the “sweet” spain underwater project. i asked him how E felt about it and he said they weren’t keen on the property but were interested on other n. european projects and maybe one here in the states. the cost of getting the canadian mine started up would be 50 million he said. he complained about the current blood sucking the lawers are doing but sounded very upbeat. i needed to hear something positive after the s-fm news earlier today. thanks

  22. Christian says:

    Georgi Stankov Md. Bulgarian “In 1995 Stan­kov proved that all physical laws can be mathema­ti­cally derived from this one Law.”
    I am a theologian, not a physics/math person, but I wonder if his theory makes sense to you.
    He meets up with 2 POLAR BEARS from outerspace. Ok.
    He does state earth will be split into 2 groups: the enlightened and the darkened, which of course is true ( being a Post Trib Rapturist) but he is so new age, I fear he is quite insane.

    Free books, but gobbledy gook to me, all about his experiences, which are firsthand, which I know are quite possible, as I have relatives who likewise indulge in “spirit guides” aka demons and fallen angels.

  23. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    great catch. will post tonight.

  24. vino says:

    the bells tolls for the LBMA…. singapore dubai hint kong and shanghai look set to dismember and rip the LBMA market share to pieces…

    Singapore Seeks To Be Asian Bullion Hub With Tax Free Gold and Silver
    – Posted Wednesday, 14 March 2012 | Share this article | Source: GoldSeek.com


    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke offered no insight as to whether there will be another round of QE and the Fed said the economy was “expanding moderately” though growth still faced significant downside risks.

    Gold has broken below $1,660/oz to its lowest since January 25. Gold is now below the 200 day SMA at $1,681.08/oz as well as the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement from September’s record to December’s lows.

    Support is at $1,650/oz and below that at $1,600/oz and $1,550/oz (see chart below).

    Despite continuing caution regarding gold in western markets, lacklustre buying and indeed some selling – there is still strong buying from Asia store of wealth buyers.

    Singapore Seeks To Be Asian Bullion Hub With Tax Free Gold and Silver
    Another sign of Asia’s increasing importance in the global gold market is news that Singapore is planning to boost its share of global gold trade sevenfold after scrapping taxes on gold, silver and platinum bullion.

    This is the aim of the International Enterprise Singapore, the city state’s external trade agency according to Bloomberg.

    Currently just 2% of world gold demand flows through Singapore and Singapore is aiming to increase that to 10% to 15% over the next five to 10 years, Kathy Lai, assistant chief executive officer at IE Singapore, said.

    Singapore will exempt investment grade gold, silver and platinum from the 7% goods and services tax to turn the country into a bullion trading hub, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam told parliament in his budget speech on February 17. The change, which takes effect on Oct. 1, will apply to gold of 99.5 percent purity, silver of 99.9 percent purity and platinum of 99 percent purity.

    “Most other financial centers consider gold as a financial asset so few place any kind of tax on precious metals and we discovered that it was an impediment,” said IE Singapore’s Lai. “We noted that gold demand increasingly is dominated by Asian consumers and investors and we feel that this is something we may have missed out on.”

    Asia doesn’t have a so-called gold hub, where there’s a critical mass of traders and storage, like in London and Zurich, said Lai.

    “Vis-a-vis Dubai, we are a more credible financial center, vis-a-vis Hong Kong, we are seen as not part of China and therefore more neutral,” she said.

    This is another step towards price discovery in the precious metals market being related to supply and demand of the physical metal and not the machinations of banks and hedge funds manipulating the paper gold market on the COMEX.

  25. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    i would looked for an extended range wireless 802.11 router. someone should sell one that goes out to 300 feet. that would be the easiest. but the safest and most secure way is to run the cable. even with the cable you may need to go through a power amp. so not even that will be straightforward. driving 300 feet of cable is not as easy as it sounds. you can always send the router back if it does not work.

  26. jose says:

    hi, i have a tech question. i have broadband internet and would like to put a computer in my shop 300 ft away from the house. what is the easiest way to do it-short of running a coax cable from my router to the tower in the shop? thanks

  27. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    mining costs wont come down until they get their own equipment and replace these hyper expensive contractors. cost is coming down, but the korona rise has taken some of that back. they found enough ore to justify a lot more equipment. of course last year they spent 8 million on equipment. now at least they can go the mining equipment companies and get terms on equipment, lease to own. they are doing what they should do. contractors are about 2x as expensive as when you’re owner-operators.

  28. jose says:

    sorry, i somehow missed it. 100,000 ounces a year? the current output on the mill is 2,500 tonnes/day and they are getting 40,000 oz. a year. i’d like to see them get the costs per ounce down which they are working on. glad i didn’t sell. thanks

  29. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    i covered the swedes resource update 2 days ago in the zgr.

    dots are just people who are visiting the website.

    barricks is mentally ill.

  30. jose says:

    hi, can you explain what the dots on the globe are referring to in your meta section?

    did you notice the swede expanded their resources also?

    on the gs long gold, long majors/short minors- jim sinclair said that barrick would own it all(pm’s) years ago one way or another.

  31. Christian says:

    I love being able to view the world through the lense/parameter of the Antiochian Scriptures, aka KJV or NKJV. Few know that James the Scot was a theologian, his book Daemonologie is interesting >>http://watch.pair.com/daemon.html

    Meet AMISR – Weather Mod Cousin Of HAARP >>>http://zen-haven.dk/meet-amisr-weather-mod-cousin-of-haarp/

    PS: can you post this pic …http://enenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/enenews_-2012-03-02-11.37.jpg

  32. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    good catch. 100 pc spot on as usual.

  33. vino says:

    gold gets whalloped yet gld buyers overwhelmed gld sellers today by an incredible 291,500 ozs of gold…. Maybe the $87 smack down was not enough for the greedy bullion bank agents for the Fed.. maybe they loaded up with gld and other gold products knowing their little derailment of the precious metals market was temporary at best.. And then again the pent up demand emanating from gold bugs who were waiting for a chance to get a gold sale were behind the buying surge.. maybe both but it is highly unusual for gld to show a depository gain on such an incredibly disastrous day for the gold price….

  34. jose says:

    while watching bloomberg this am it seems a waiter accidently spilled a tray of glasses of beer on mrs. mirkel. 1% retaliation? looks like they will be getting a new real job. funny

  35. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    ha, ha, good catch. buffett they just announced his retirement effectively. anything to please the queen until your shareholder dump your arse for not protecting theirs. ha, ha, great catch.

  36. vino says:

    buffet knocks gold and then turns around and buys some… i wonder how much gold and silver these guys have in stock.. options to buy gold and silver as well. They are running a business after all and must have their supply lines established

    Cookson Group Sells US Precious Metals Business To Richline Group
    2/23/2012 4:00 AM ET

    (RTTNews) – Cookson Group plc reached an agreement to sell its US Precious Metals business, an operation that forms part of its Precious Metals division, to Richline Group Inc., an unit of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

    Earlier, Cookson announced that, following the US Precious Metals business becoming loss-making, it had begun a strategic review and significant downsizing of the business. Subsequently, Richline expressed an interest in buying this business, and on 22 February 2012, Cookson and Richline inked a deal for Richline to acquire the business, subject to normal legal and regulatory closing provisions which may be completed in the 2012 second quarter.

    The net cash consideration is subject to closing balance sheet adjustments but is expected to be sufficient for Cookson’s exit from the business to be cash neutral, including taking into account the restructuring and other costs incurred in preparing the business for sale. The gross assets of the businesses being acquired by Richline are nearly $69.8m or 44.4 million pounds, while the net assets are about $60.2 milion.


  37. Christian says:

    “queen” lizard diamond jubilee/madonna/superbowl/WH murder


  38. Christian says:

    Silver rising.
    Thanks for the WH video, 2/11. What a nutty world. What do I think? I think she was put on meds and they secretly upped the dosage from that suspicious pharmacy. She was doing back flips and hand stands the morning of her murder.
    WH, one of her favorite songs was “I Look to You”.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ePIHhUUtM

    … Clive Mr. Crocodile tears was not interested in her nor her Savior, he was all about $$$, his GOD, which the Bible states, the love/lust of and for is the ROOT of ALL evil.
    The second he first heard her, all that went off in his black little heart, were cash registers.

    She was sacrificed and the sales >>> more money.
    Evil, evil wicked people, whose god is their lust.
    2Peter 3:13 “Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”





  39. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    compared to gold it is historically very undervalued. i cant give individual financial advice legally. i bought some at 28 not long ago.

  40. christian says:

    I am thinking of buying some silver 1 oz rounds. It seems way undervalued???

  41. zephyrglobalreport.com says:

    thanks you’re too kind.

  42. Christian says:

    Looks like I better buy some silver ….

    Well worth reading: WH was replaced/eliminated.


    There’s that “2-11″ thing again. Whitney was unique, one of the really rare artists who proclaimed Christ to be a real Person.

    And an actual name and source>>> http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerfriedman/2012/02/12/whitneys-death-an-earlier-incident/

    Who is this strange person >>http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerfriedman/2012/02/18/whitney-houstons-mystery-friend-was-also-michael-jacksons-pal/

    This odd gremlin “Raffles van Exel” supposedly Dutch, was in the last photos of WH at the club, what an odd dwarf used to wear a yellow dress suit with black question marks all over it. WEIRD.
    Her last photos, she was NOT drunk, just hot, and was NOT “broke” at all. Her last tour grossed around 40 million, for a few months of shows in 2010, and her vocals for Sparkle in 2011 were just as perfect as ever, 4 octaves. High B! wow.

    Super Bowl crap >>http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/madonnas-superbowl-halftime-show-a-celebration-of-the-grand-priestess-of-the-music-industry/

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