ZGR 12/5/2012


-CB/Banking Cartel in full action today from China to the ECB to the UST/FED/PPT

-Freeport gets back in the Oil Business with Exploration arm and Plains acquistion

-Obama mainly threatens at Round Table Speech as Fiscal Cliff fight heats up

-USA Services ISM goosed by Commerce

-U.K. Growth Forecast Cut as Deficit Seen Wider, AAA rating towel tossed

-Citi to cut 11k jobs, $1 billion charge in q4.

-ADP 118K Jobs in November vs 125ke

-Euro-Area Manufacturing, Services Contract for 10th Month

- Euro Zone Retail Sales come in far below expectations, -3.6 pc y/y ,&-1.2 pc m/m, with back month lower revisions

-Greece Takes Top Spot in EU for Corruption- Transparency International

-Bank of Korea and other Central Banks Gold Buyers in November

-Spain tries to Block USA/CVX Expansion into Argentina

-Walmart Chose to Crisp Sweat Shop Employees rather than pay for Safety Upgrades like code wiring or fire extinguishers

-HSBC Services PMI for China’s services sector declined to 52.1 in November from October’s 53.5

-XI gives first Politburo address, Shanghai Composite surges 3 pc and regains 2000 level

-FED Expected to Launch Fresh Bond Buying at Meeting Next Week

-Chinese Companies Ready to Pull Out of USA For Sarbanes-Oxley Accounting Failures(fraud)



-1601 USA market close

Markets put in a great day on CB/PPT action from China’s SWF intervening to pump their markets on meaningless hot air from the new dear leader of the China coms, Xi, to the Eurocrats stinking up their tape, to traitor ratpublicans siding with Obama, and Obama the dear leader of America pumping out hot air with Cantor and Boehner, and of course the notorious boys and girls at the PPT. Merkels self congratulations are vomit inducing, she reminds me of Hitler more every day. Despite miserable data from China’s service PMI, to the the European Service ISM and horrid Retail sales which showed a crumbling periphery and France brought to its knees by the communist JEW, who runs it. Who can forget Hollande’s promise ‘to not make trouble’. We had Osborne, at his lying Jewish best, kind of coke and whore loving and smarter version to the feckless and stupid Cameron, and the Shadow Chancellor’s choice quote calling him out of touch and a fraud, which I totally agree with, even for British Parliament those are damning words. English politics are a riot. Meanwhile the Jewish tribal drumbeat started by Jewish King pin Krugman reverberates, ‘going over the fiscal cliff, going over the fiscal cliff’. Drumbeats can convey false or true information. In this case as it is so subdued and hidden by the media and denied by the politicians, I put the chance at 3/4. You can only explain the European bond market by guys like PIMCO reading the ZGR or the press and catching the Noyer Put quote, and front running and perhaps doing his dirty work for him, or the Chinese panicking and buy euro bonds in an effort to get away from the dollar haircut or simply Noyer deciding to operate in the nebulous land of put options like the FED to manipulate the yield curves of Italy and Spain. Freeport back in the oil business again certainly got the market juices going, after the dismal job report which Citi added salt to that wound. When you see insanity on the tape, sell it short if the data says to, and it sure did from Darden to Altera to China to Spain to Italy to Finland to the UK to the good old lying USA!!! Maybe Cohen had to cheat to beat the ‘legal’ cheaters at Goldman, HSBC, RBS, Barclays, DB, Socgen, and JPM!!! Hey I front ran the FED’s ppt and GS muscle on price action alone today. That someone had to give me such a good opening price on the DOW at the market tells me the tape was really weak today, as did the absent volume. Likely the ISM data was cooked. If you don’t know who heads the ISM up, it is one of Obama’s brothers, literally. Ha, ha, Blacks in the USA are so, so corrupt, they learned from their Jewish handlers. In other bold action, Citi was run up on firing 11k, and
Starbucks expansion plans and press released were barfed out. Pandora the internet radio, whose business APPL is now targeting was crushed as Ipad users make the switch. I ended up buying the close in APPL at 540. This largely looks to be a shakeout of the guys who buy strength and not the dips. APPL stock is for professionals only. APPL was crushed by the bears today by 6 pc. It is a cheap value stock given the growth outlook, assuming we don’t go over the fiscal cliff. I shorted heavily when the market was up nearly 1 pc and got the fade into the close, took a bit of profit and I m riding the DIA dragon overnight. The DIA is far less rigged and you get better prices than the evil Dow futures which the ppt like to run or their proxies. I had a champagne day as trader today as I front ran the crook at the PPT with nothing else than ‘cheap seats’ price action and market wires. The United States of America has the most filth vermin and swine, mainly Jews and Anglosaxon satanists and secular humanists in its Treasury department. Tim Geithner, a crypto Jew married to an admitted Jewess, is a protege of David Rockefeller and the only filthier satanic families are the Windsors and Rothschilds. Hey you Germans keep running that DAX up. I’m loving your EU fantasy. Wait until the revenge of the Weimar returns for what the Bundesbank is allowing that Jew Draghi to do to keep your fantasy export machine alive. German cars are crap still. Most everything you get in Germany is stolen from USA designers. You people have not been the same since WW2. Try and be honest and have some morality, you’re beginning to look ‘English’ to me you Germans. If you call a Frenchman, Anglaise he would have the courage to punch you. I don’t think you Germans have any spine left. No wonder the English have been cleaning your clocks in the markets for the last 10 years. Enjoy your Greeks, they are directly related to the English, ha, ha. I will bet you Germans did not learn any of this in your Zionist directed schools. That one German economic professor who called the greeks a dead corpse dragging Germany down was spot on, ex the Greeks are blood sucking vampire who are alive and enjoying German blood , sweat and tears. Man those are expensive people to own the Greeks, they will bankrupt you Germans yet. Wait until the really big print to save the EU and your Euros are worth as much as Weimar marks. I think we saw the bottom in gold today, so I acted accordingly. Mark my words the Pound, Euro and dollar will all trade at parity some day, and sooner than most think.

4:01 p.m. EST 12/05/12Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA* 13034.18 82.40 0.64
Nasdaq* 2973.70 -22.99 -0.77
S&P 500* 1409.25 2.20 0.16
DJ Total Stock Market* 14620.71 19.41 0.13
Russell 2000 821.22 -0.90 -0.11
Global Dow 1949.94 5.83 0.30
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Stoxx Europe 600* 276.91 0.67 0.24
UK: FTSE 100* 5892.08 23.04 0.39

3:59 p.m. EST 12/05/12Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 1/32 0.242
10-Year Note 6/32 1.591
* at close
3:51 p.m. EST 12/05/12Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 87.84 -0.66 88.50
Gold 1695.2 -0.6 1693.8
E-mini Dow 13036 103 12933
E-mini S&P 500 1409.50 4.00 1405.50

4:01 p.m. EST 12/05/12Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 82.40 81.90
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3073 1.3095
† Late New York trading.

-Some Of the Hidden ‘gotchas’ by the SP500 crooks that bring you the ISM reports.

The only thing relevant to a day trader, or overnight trader is price and volume and then finally the news flow and market directions. So much of the econometric data is falsified for political and market purposes. Someone should sue the ISM over rule FD. Sadly even the NYSE was selling early feed data to hedge fund HFT scum. The SEC is totally condemned by GS’s and JPM’s unending winning streak of perfect day trades and by daily market action like gold price manipulation, and articles like this. It does not do any good to be a whiny girl like the Anglosaxon, Harvard Blueblood Jim Grant. You have to as a trader go with the what the market gives you. The WASPs like to hold Jim Grant up as some paragon of their virtue on WS, but I expect he is only slightly cleaner than Alan Greenspan if you examined his trading record. He looks so Jewish anyways, I can never bring myself to trust him as he clearly has the ‘royal’ bloodline of the Windsors in him. I suppose not all Rothschilds kin are devils but who wants to take the risk of making an exception. Plus Grant masks the corruption with his Harvard erudition and is fundamentally a ‘historian’ by trade. A profession as notorious as the economics profession as being rife with liars. He’s written some good books, but clearly intentionally left out the London cartel and who rigs it all. Nice ‘bed time stories’ and lovely prose and you will get charged big bucks by Jim Grant to read it. IMO he can’t trade his way out of a paper bag, especially as a short. Never, ever trust a WASP from Harvard like Jim Grant or a Jew from Harvard (and Goldman) like Jim Cramer and you will do a lot better as a trader, they will, never ever give you a break. Trading is a war. You have to understand that. It is you against Goldman Sachs. Poor Steve Cohen must have been on the wrong side of the trade from JPM and Goldman London, eh. Poor guy, as he was one of the better Wall Street Jews. I will be sorry to see him go. You gotta love the bulls. I do. Cohen is an okay guy in my book despite his recent sins. He earned his money, and works like a dog for it. Unlike the scum at GS and JPM, who piggyback on PPT and FED daily repo pool float of free money. Total scum at the UST , JPM and GS, complete and utter filth.


-Economic Release Update

(IE) Ireland Nov Live Register Monthly Change: -1.9K v -1.0K prior; Unemployment Rate: 14.6% v 14.7% prior; Live Register Level: No est v 434.2 prior
(CL) Chile Oct Economic Activity Index M/M: -0.5% v +0.1%e; Y/Y: 6.7% v 6.1%e
(PL) Poland Central Bank cut the Base Rate by 25bps to 4.25%; as expected
(RU) Russia Nov Consumer Prices M/M: 0.3% v 0.5%e; Y/Y: 6.5% v 6.6%e; CPI YTD: 6.0% v 6.2%e
(RU) Russia Nov Core CPI M/M: 0.5% v 0.5%e; Core YTD: 5.3% v 4.8% prior
(US) MBA Mortgage Applications w/e Nov 30th: +4.5 v -0.9% prior
(BR) Brazil Nov PMI Services: 52.5 v 50.4 prior
(US) Nov ADP Employment Change: +118K v +125Ke
(US) Q3 Final Nonfarm Productivity: 2.9% v 2.8%e; Unit Labor Costs: -1.9% v -1.0%e
(BE) Belgium Q3 Final GDP Q/Q: 0.0% v 0.0% prelim; Y/Y: -0.3% v -0.3% prelim
(US) Oct Factory Orders: 0.8% v 0.0%e
(US) Nov ISM Non-Manufacturing Composite: 54.7 v 53.5e
(US) Weekly DOE Crude Oil Inventories: Crude: -2.36M v -500Ke; Gasoline: +7.9M v +2Me; Distillate: +3.03M v +1Me; Utilization: 90.6% v 89.1%e

-1345 I’ve programmed my trading for the rest of the day and barring another 100 point move up, I will carry the DIA shorts overnight. The DAX short is open and a
big fat juicy potential gain from the German market riggers when their economy goes into a recession, and/or when Obama takes the USA over the fiscal cliff like all the Israeli firster traders and Md assets are saying he will. The Jew Krugman’s plan is in play from the Obama’s speech today despite Cantor the Jew’s lies. Only the republicans completely caving can defeat it I expect. To be a good short you need staying power by never letting one short become too big, knowing how to trade and ride the short up, being a fast and decisive trader, using some ‘fuzzy logic’ types of rules system, and being fast to make a trading decision or letting your programming make the decision for you and by covering quick if you don’t know how to box and ride. You can see why with the disinformation out there and CB/Bank cartel /Government manipulation why black boxes that only trade price action exist. I chose to not follow the Obama speech today but to react to the tape alone. So my trading improved substantially by ignoring the lying POTUS and pols. Hopefully the APPL bull hedge fund guys will bull us back up to 700 on the 70 PC revenue gain APPL projected for q4. Altera is not APPL. APPL is a yuppie stock and yuppies and political toadies around the world are doing well and Altera is mfg /industry. They are the system and problem the yuppies and I despise them all. Stephanie rule has an orgasm every time she see that black jew obama and loves his corruption. Now you think the USA bloomberg team is slimy or the CNBC team is slimy. You should see the whores and queers he has in London and they are way stupid compared to the American team to boot. I guess Rothschilds wants to make sure stupid stooges never let out any real info on what goes on in London. Sometimes but not often you can learn something from CNBC or BBN-TV that is useful if only recognizing the lies and ‘fading’ in your trading. Dump the pump like the market pump of the DIA for the Pres today. Great job by the PPT in squeezing the stupid shorts like Zionist hedge. You’re either a natural short or you should not short at all but hire a professional to hedge your book for you. Key word ‘hedge’. The two greatest traders of all times both Gentiles, Bill Oneill of IBD and Justin Mamis admit making money on the short side is hell as a trader. I will be back to close it up at some point.

1:40 p.m. EST 12/05/12Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13065.64 113.86 0.88
Nasdaq 2984.19 -12.50 -0.42
S&P 500 1412.83 5.78 0.41
DJ Total Stock Market 14655.97 54.67 0.37
Russell 2000 822.77 0.65 0.08
Global Dow 1952.88 8.77 0.45
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Stoxx Europe 600* 276.91 0.67 0.24
UK: FTSE 100* 5892.08 23.04 0.39

1:38 p.m. EST 12/05/12Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 1/32 0.250
10-Year Note 6/32 1.590
* at close
1:30 p.m. EST 12/05/12Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 88.10 -0.40 88.50
Gold 1694.0 -1.8 1695.8
E-mini Dow 13054 121 12933
E-mini S&P 500 1411.75 6.25 1405.50
1:40 p.m. EST 12/05/12Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 82.35 81.90
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3083 1.3095

-1335 Obama makes a Mursi like Power grab at censored Business Round Table Speech

“The president wants to have the ability to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants, for as much as he wants, with no responsibility or spending cuts attached,” said Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “This is an idea opposed by Democrats and Republicans alike; it’s a power grab that has no support here.” “We’re ready and eager to talk to the president and to work with him to make sure that the American people aren’t disadvantaged by what’s happening here in Washington,” he continued.

Speaking with the business leaders Wednesday morning, Obama said that leaders could “probably solve this in a week,” but said Republicans were still unwilling to accept higher rates on high-income taxpayers.“It’s not that tough,” Obama said. “But we need that conceptual breakthrough that says we need a balanced plan.”
He also emphasized again that he did not believe a package could only include the closing of tax deductions and loopholes on the wealthiest taxpayers, arguing that rates also needed to rise on the wealthy.”It’s possible to do theoretically, but it is not practical to do… the notion that somehow we’re just going to eliminate charitable deductions is unlikely,” Obama said.


-Press told to shut up and write what they are told about the Roundtable meeting today with Obama

President Barack Obama dismissed reporters on Wednesday from his closed press Q&A session with the Business Roundtable by telling the crowd the media “probably got enough there to spin a story.”“Yeah, I think the press is, they’ve probably got enough there to spin a story,” the president said as the Q&A with the corporate CEOs kicked off.Business Roundtable spokesperson Tita Freeman told POLITICO on Tuesday the Q&A session would be closed to the press. And the White House schedule states that “the president delivers remarks to members of the Business Roundtable and answers questions” and that the press coverage is “for remarks only.” The president has not always held closed press Q&A sessions with the Business Roundtable. In Obama’s 2009 meeting with the group, both his speech and the following Q&A session were open to the press and cameras. When Obama met with the group earlier this year, however, his remarks were open to the press, but, like today, the Q&A was not.


-Finally the Pentagram boys cave in and admit the truth..

Drone captured in Iran appears to be a U.S.-made: Pentagon


-The biggest nutjob in Europe (outside of the lunatics of England)

Herman Van Rompuy

Congratulations to my speechwriter Luuk Van Middelaar. With his book “Le passage à l’Europe” he just won the 2012 EU @bookprize !

-ZGRs trump card of the Euro$ bulls like Jimmy Rogers

Ivory Coast President, Past IMF Deputy to WSJ: “If the euro does not fall, the situation in countries such as Greece will become untenable”

Dow wire

-Walmart the next Subprime Bubble maker

If you shop at Walmart you should not be able to get a mortgage, period. If you have a Walmart credit card, as a bankster I would throw you out if you came
looking for a home unless you had 40 pc down payment from your drug dealing or under the table jobs as illegal. Where is Bernanke he is ultimately in charge of all of this. The FED ‘owns’ the banking system, which now ‘owns’ the American sheeple.


-BREAKING: Citigroup said to advise clients against adding money to SAC

Cohen’s going down it appears. No wonder he ‘cheats’ given the CB intervention and programmed HFT. He’s been one of the few people to speak out over and over
again against programmed trading, hft trading and CB manipulation of the commodity and currency markets. I don’t think he’s part of the inner inner circle of world Zionism so he may be sacrificed here. Not a bad guy but a ruthless trader, who I think grew too ruthless. He could have reduced his fees to his clients and traded less aggressively and without courting insider information. IMO, you cant find a hedge fund manager on WS who does not trade on insider information from the Mossad or the CIA (like Romney). I used to do analysis work for WS, and can tell you ever single hedge fund manager I knew had insider information and traded on it. I got plenty of tips but never acted on them. I’m sure it is the same with the Anglos like this guy Hadden the Goldman Sachs director but as non-Anglo those guys will never tip you. The Jews are more accepting that way if you help them they will often return the favor even if it is misdirected like passing inside information on to you. I think Arthur Levitt at the SEC redeemed his entire miserable existence by forcing rule FD on Wall Street. Cox the Anglosaxon was even worse than Levitt and Schapiro. And who can forget the very evil Anglo Harvey Pitt, who was forced to resign in disgrace over all his conflicts of interest. Where do they get this Anglo-Zionist trash, oh, yes, Harvard. Harvard people are lucifer’s gift to the world like Oxbridge people.

-Fitch: Will Conduct Further Formal Review of UK’s AAA Rating in 2013, Incorporating Government budget. Gross general govt debt to peak at 97% in 2015-16; approaching upper level of UK maintaining AAA rating

-No big decision came out of Berlusconi’s meeting with senior members of his political party. Talks may resume tomorrow. Italian press.

-Adding to my DIA short here..

1:10 p.m. EST 12/05/12 Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13080.76 128.98 1.00
Nasdaq 2985.34 -11.34 -0.38
S&P 500 1414.40 7.35 0.52
DJ Total Stock Market 14665.78 64.48 0.44
Russell 2000 822.75 0.63 0.08
Global Dow 1953.75 9.64 0.50
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Stoxx Europe 600* 276.91 0.67 0.24
UK: FTSE 100* 5892.08 23.04 0.39

1:07 p.m. EST 12/05/12 Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 0/32 0.254
10-Year Note 5/32 1.593
* at close

1:00 p.m. EST 12/05/12 Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 88.20 -0.30 88.50
Gold 1694.2 -1.6 1695.8
E-mini Dow 13064 131 12933
E-mini S&P 500 1413.25 7.75 1405.50
1:10 p.m. EST 12/05/12Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 82.37 81.90
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3086 1.3095
† Late New York trading.

-Republican defectors ready to back tax-rate compromise

One of the petition leaders, Representative Mike Simpson of Idaho, says he could accept higher rates for married couples earning more than $500,000 a year, in exchange for an overhaul of spending on entitlements such as Medicare.
Separately, Representative Kay Granger of Texas is endorsing Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole’s call to extend all tax cuts for middle-class earners as “just the right thing to do.”
What unifies these lawmakers is a recognition that Obama’s re-election has strengthened his hand in negotiations aimed at averting more than $600 billion in automatic tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in January. The letter’s approximately 80 signers are half-Republican, half-Democratic, according to Simpson spokeswoman Nikki Watts.
“It’s pretty obvious Obama won the election, and he promised he was going to raise taxes on the wealthiest,” Simpson said in an interview. “What Republicans said is ‘we’ve got to have entitlement reform.’”


Obama has no more political legitimacy than W. Bush who stole the first election. Looks like 2016 is Jeb versus Hillary. Jeb will win.

-FT mourns the death of the Anglo-Zionist FT-Germany propaganda arm as the Germans deal a death blow to it..

Germany’s newspaper crisis has led to the birth of a new compound noun: Zeitungssterben, newspaper death:


At the University I did not have to study much largely as I completed the undergraduate work in math and physics by the time I entered the University. I discovered
this funny ‘pink paper’, in the University Library and used to read it to avoid studying. It took me very little time before I grasped, ‘my goodness the English empire is still intact and running the world’. The FT and DT are the propaganda arms of the Windsors-Rothschilds axis. American finance professors have been tracking the ‘rumors’, aka lies the FT puts out near the EU or USA closing time to help bail London out of the its bad trades. American British-Royals like Larry Summers and
Bill Gates most often got to the FT first to speak to the English globalist about their hidden dark plans. Paul Krugman does as well sometimes. Never give the American suckers an even break is the FTs bs party line. The paper is pink as a load of oxbridge fags and lesbians work there. I despise the criminality of the financial journalist at the FT. They are damnable liars and Keynesian/Rothschilds agents of destruction. Amazing the nonsense readers have told me who are ‘fooled’ by what that paper is all about. I spam bin the delusional so they don’t clog up the comments. Burn in Bankruptcy, FT, burn, just like your sibling paper the NYT..

-Europe Closing

Looks like I sold my bunds a bit early but got my sale on the peripheral debt just right. I won’t be wading back into either. Buying Europe is like buying a keg of lit dynamite. One month, or three years, it won’t matter it is all going down. I managed to short the DAX at the market opening and close that out near the low, but still have a very large DAX short position, I’m building. It was amazing to me, how the markets rallied on Xi blather, and lack of action by the PBOC, yet none of the press , ex the back pages of the Chinese press carried Wen’s comments that China is not getting better. In spite of of all that bad data out of the EU where at best they could say, ‘well its better than expected’ after the government offices ‘whispered’ the statistics to their shill friend economists at the banks who lowered their forecasts a week before to not look like fools. The CBs and politicians better deliver or their PPT and banking allies better be given a lot more cash to run the markets. USA pols are just as guilty of trying to talk the markets up as some stinking jobs data floated across the tape and the USA government ‘saved’ the day with the services ISM making up for the fall off the cliff recessionary manufacturing ISM. Sure to be revised lower like European retail sales were drastically revised lower in the back months by Eurostats. No wonder hedge fund managers like Jim Grant, whose a big short sometimes are grousing as they are getting ‘winning’ trades snatched away by CB and the banksters cabals manipulation. I watched a bit of Osborne’s speech, and I shared the shadow Chancellors opinion of it. Nice to know that Moody’s to have a shred of cred, left, or rather the appearance is going to finally downgrade the UK. We all know their banks need a big recap, yet had their bailout courtesy of the American and Brit-sh-ts taxpayers, and Europe and England in particular (and sibling oz) have the mother of all housing bubbles due to the ECB/BOE misplaced monetary policy. We know the ECB/Bundesbank are in war with London,and notwithstanding what we are being told the ECB has a virtual put options on peripheral yield and is covertly forcing them much lower, which is spurring this fake rally in European stocks that the ‘market’ thinks the EU situation is better on the TBD greek bailout when in fact the Data shows us Europe is rotten to the core, economically with even big commodity producer Finland joining, the EU recession crowd today. I’ve ridden some nasty short squeezes out in my life and survived and profited, and this DAX short squeeze is nothing compared to the tech bulls in 2001 and 2002 as Greenspan popped the tech bubble he created. The Germans are a paper tiger, they are too in debt themselves to carry all the deadbeats and busted economies. The only bright spot in Europe as far as I am concerned is Ireland, but we know England has gutted that place to send more Anglo-Zionist agents to buy it up cheap for the Crown. I will bet we see a big pop in EU monetary aggregates on the next report. No wonder the Bundesbank has been silent as Church mouses as all this market manipulation is going on. They hope to get some gold back from the USA and London before this mess they allowed to happen by giving the Crypto Sepharidic Jew Dracula Draghi the ECB spot instead of taking it themselves and hammering out a hard money line including cleaning up the filthy French banks sodden with peripheral debt and CDS and IRS swaps his pals at Goldman Sachs soiled them with. The gold market trading is being run by lucifer himself in London daily I expect.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1628.54 7.23 0.45
Stoxx Europe 50* 2564.44 7.94 0.31
Stoxx Europe 600* 276.91 0.67 0.24
Euro Stoxx 50* 2592.09 1.26 0.05
Euro Stoxx* 256.34 0.42 0.16
Austria: ATX Index* 2318.11 20.19 0.88
Belgium: Bel-20* 2439.67 -3.14 -0.13
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20* 494.23 1.26 0.26
Estonia: OMX Tallinn* 681.72 -3.15 -0.46
Finland: OMX Helsinki* 5777.27 66.97 1.17
France: CAC 40* 3590.50 10.02 0.28
Germany: DAX* 7454.55 19.43 0.26
Greece: Athens General* 818.71 8.54 1.05
Greece: DJ Greece TSM* 639.69 8.82 1.40
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20* 286.09 5.00 1.78
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share* 645.41 -0.13 -0.02
Ireland: ISEQ Overall * 3299.99 16.14 0.49
Italy: FTSE MIB* 15954.43 -87.11 -0.54
Latvia: OMX Riga* 388.28 -5.93 -1.50
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius* 348.27 -0.96 -0.27
Netherlands: AEX* 338.85 1.23 0.36
Norway: OSE All-Share* 480.56 -0.49 -0.10
Portugal: PSI 20 5371.70 92.67 1.76
Russia: DJ Russia Titans* 6123.98 138.47 2.31
Spain: IBEX 35* 7883.20 -19.20 -0.24
Sweden: OMX Stockholm* 339.19 1.06 0.31
Switzerland: Swiss Market* 6852.04 -1.11 -0.02
UK: FTSE 100* 5892.08 23.04 0.39
UK: FTSE 250* 12103.11 49.85 0.41
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share* 688.04 1.22 0.18

German 10y 1.35-0.05, 3.29%
Italy 10y 4.41+0.04, 1.03%
Spain 10y 5.40+0.16, 3.15%

-Selling more DIA short to carry overnight.

2:36 p.m. EST 12/05/ Major Indexes

Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13077.01 125.23 0.97
Nasdaq 2988.72 -7.97 -0.27
S&P 500 1413.99 6.94 0.49
DJ Total Stock Market 14663.84 62.54 0.43
Russell 2000 822.45 0.33 0.04


Dow Jones Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13058.33 106.55 0.82
DJ Transportation Average 5112.73 38.39 0.76
DJ Utility Average 451.36 3.06 0.68
DJ Composite Average 4382.84 33.95 0.78
DJ Total Stock Market 14648.96 47.66 0.33
DJ Broad Stock Market 3483.34 11.49 0.33
DJ Large-Cap Growth TSM 3428.20 -2.52 -0.07
DJ Large-Cap Value TSM 3002.08 22.75 0.76
DJ Mid-Cap Growth TSM 5304.35 10.21 0.19
DJ Mid-Cap Value TSM 4776.09 6.56 0.14
DJ Small-Cap Growth TSM 4627.93 6.28 0.14
DJ Small-Cap Value TSM 6065.84 5.24 0.09
DJ Micro-Cap TSM 7441.12 -32.59 -0.44
DJ Select REIT 206.11 -0.44 -0.21
DJ U.S. Select Dividend 410.87 1.96 0.48
DJ Internet 166.26 -0.62 -0.37
Barron’s 400 357.52 0.53 0.15

Nasdaq Stock Market
Last Change % Chg
Nasdaq 2985.76 -10.93 -0.36
Nasdaq 100 2652.61 -15.27 -0.57
Nasdaq Biotech 1440.46 -3.12 -0.22
Nasdaq Computer 1533.24 -16.38 -1.06
Nasdaq Industrials 2558.31 4.20 0.16
Nasdaq Insurance 4786.30 21.80 0.46
Nasdaq Banks 1824.49 7.54 0.41
Nasdaq Telecommunications 197.13 0.61 0.31

Standard & Poor’s
Last Change % Chg
S&P 500 1412.08 5.03 0.36
S&P 100 644.56 2.65 0.41
S&P 400 Mid-Cap 1000.73 3.05 0.31
S&P 600 Small-Cap 462.77 -0.07 -0.02
S&P 1500 SuperComp 326.06 1.13 0.35

New York Stock Exchange
Last Change % Chg
NYSE Composite 8275.10 51.24 0.62
NYSE Financial 4922.21 49.52 1.02
NYSE Health Care 7935.33 41.91 0.53
NYSE Energy 12448.75 120.08 0.97
NYSE Arca Biotech 1522.54 -6.32 -0.41
NYSE Arca Pharmaceutical 372.99 2.37 0.64
NYSE Arca Tech 100 1257.70 0.25 0.02
NYSE Arca Internet 318.03 -1.93 -0.60
NYSE Arca Sec. Broker/Dealer 87.50 0.72 0.83
NYSE MKT Composite 2401.10 -11.07 -0.46
Morgan Stanley High Tech 669.15 3.49 0.52

Other U.S. Indexes
Last Change % Chg
Russell 1000 781.73 3.32 0.43
Russell 2000 823.00 0.88 0.11
Russell 3000 836.29 3.35 0.40
PHLX Gold/Silver 163.15 -3.82 -2.29
PHLX Housing Sector 163.08 -2.72 -1.64
PHLX Oil Service 221.39 1.40 0.64
PHLX Semiconductor 374.84 -0.19 -0.05
CBOE Volatility 16.32 -0.80 -4.67
FOX 50 1043.27 3.52 0.34
KBW Bank 48.68 0.84 1.76
Alerian MLP 386.50 -1.91 -0.49

-1225 BREAKING: Cantor says House won’t adjourn without fiscal cliff solution-bbn newswire

-Elisabeth Murdoch, philanthropist and mother of News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch, has died at age 103


Some M– agent used to haunt this board at trolls, but one screwed up and told me she was great friends with Rupert’s mom and what a great woman she was. I spam binned her after that. I wanted to say hello to all the faggots and pederasts at M– who read this blog. About time you queers repented. Darwin was wrong, as was Keynes, and all your other English gods like that queer Betrand Russell. You queers at M– should repent. It is amazing how popular this blog is in London. Ha, ha, I wonder why queers. You know Queers, about the only time you find the Lord praising your wicked relatives the Jews in the old testament, is when they drove the queers out of their cities although none of your Church of England preachers can seen to find that scripture. Everyone knows you all want the little boys and little girls and you people are wicked, wicked satanists. I’m still alive. Looks like your occult department does not have the power you think it does. Say how come you allow that ex M–agent Tim R and James C to talk so much trash about you. They are still alive too. Boy you queers are slipping up at Shylock Yard. Oh well another generational satanist in hell most likely. Poor thing. Man these ashkenazi seem to live forever don’t they. And wait until the ‘twins’ live 700 years.

-Roubini Global ‏@RoubiniGlobal

According to our calculations, the Spanish banking sector may face additional losses of more than €135 billion.

That is probably on the underside. Sometimes Roubini gets his calls right. You can’t be a liar and wrong all the time. And these banksters in Europe are not degearing, their overleveraged banks thanks to Draghi, and his LTROs and OMT promises. The arrogant Germans are going to be taken down and made a fatal mistake by not kicking the Greeks out. Talk about throwing money down a rat hole.

-Amazingly BS market, eh. Without eyes in the back of your head for the banking cartels knives , long or short gold, you’re not going to make it. You
need a cats intuition to survive as a trader. These are among the most difficult markets I have ever traded as we move into the age of Government/Rothschilds managed
markets, and not free, fair and transparent markets. A electronic bucket shop, a rigged game if you know what a bucket shop is.

12:08 p.m. EST 12/05/12Major Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13070.37 118.59 0.92
Nasdaq 2987.91 -8.78 -0.29
S&P 500 1413.51 6.46 0.46
DJ Total Stock Market 14661.81 60.51 0.41
Russell 2000 820.44 -1.68 -0.20

-1207 Selling more dia short into this ppt spike.

-I just sold my DIA long I put on going into the Obama speech. I went short the DIA as well here. I sold brought most of my APPL stake back, it failed to to break through 600 and has been pounded back down far enough by the shorts, I’m willing to buy here at 548. My basic trade has been to buy at 515 to 525, sell near 600 and buy back. It is a great trading stock going into a record quarter. I don’t plan to hold apple beyond next quarter. I hope to not get caught in it if we go over the fiscal cliff. If it breaks 500 I will liquidate.

Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 13063.94 112.16 0.87
Nasdaq 2986.28 -10.40 -0.35
S&P 500 1412.53 5.48 0.39
DJ Total Stock Market 14645.11 43.81 0.30
Russell 2000 820.54 -1.58 -0.19
Global Dow 1952.72 8.61 0.44
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Stoxx Europe 600 276.91 0.67 0.24
UK: FTSE 100* 5892.08 23.04 0.39


-1157 I think today is the bottom in gold and silver and am acting accordingly , right here and right now.

-More on the Freeport Deal



-1018 Boehner speaking on hill..bbn-tv

Boehner- POTUS should send his plan to congress if he does not like his. Ready to talk and work. Cantor, Obama ‘obsessed’ about raising taxes, won’t focus on cutting waste and spending. More talking republicans heads rolling up and hitting up Obama on his prolifigate spending. They are hitting ball back into Obummers court.

New Zealand’s Hobbit subsidy shows films are as bad an investment as ballparks.


Hollywood, welfare quee

- Best Buy Co. rose 1% on Wednesday. The electronics retailer has moved up its quarterly cash dividend payment date to Dec. 31 from Jan. 2, joining Wal-Mart Stores Inc. , Costco Wholesale Corp. and others paying dividends ahead of the Jan. 1

-Factory orders rose 0.8% in October, much stronger than expected, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a 0.1% decline in factory orders. Economists had been worried that manufacturing was a weak spot in the recovery. Orders for durable goods in October were revised higher to a 0.5% gain from the prior estimate that they were flat. New orders for nondurable goods increased 1.1%. Shipments and inventories both gained 0.4%. Orders for nondefense capital goods increased 1.8% in the month


-USA SM services index rises to 54.7% in November

-1004 I closed my DIA short out. Obama speaks at 1030 to a business round table. I went long the DIA the bounce into the speech.

Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 12977.99 26.21 0.20
Nasdaq 2975.80 -20.88 -0.70
S&P 500 1405.16 -1.89 -0.13
DJ Total Stock Market 14587.85 -13.45 -0.09
Russell 2000 823.21 1.09 0.13
Global Dow 1946.47 2.36 0.12
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Stoxx Europe 600 276.68 0.44 0.16
UK: FTSE 100 5884.77 15.73 0.27


-BOEHNER BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: I’m ready to sit down with Obama “immediately.”


- 0957 Gold 1697.95 +2.15 +0.13%
Silver 32.933 +0.125 +0.38%
Copper 3.666 +0.011 +0.29%
Crude Oil 88.46 -0.04 -0.05%
Natural Gas 3.603 +0.065 +1.82%
US Cotton No.2 72.81 -0.10 -0.13%
US Coffee C 147.75 -0.60 -0.40%

EUR/USD 1.3073 -0.0021 -0.16%
GBP/USD 1.6098 -0.0005 -0.03%
USD/JPY 82.09 +0.19 +0.23%
USD/CHF 0.9278 +0.0011 +0.12%
AUD/USD 1.0470 -0.0002 -0.02%
USD/CAD 0.9924 -0.0002 -0.03%
EUR/GBP 0.8122 -0.0010 -0.13

-The consensus among ‘team’ Israel on WS seems to be that the USA will go over fiscal cliff. The question is when does the market break. Citi soars on whacking 11k jobs and Freeport tanks on its two acquisitions by 5 pc.

9:50 a.m. EST 12/05/12 Major Stock Indexes
Last Change % Chg
DJIA 12997.47 45.69 0.35
Nasdaq 2987.42 -9.27 -0.31
S&P 500 1407.98 0.93 0.07
DJ Total Stock Market 14610.99 9.69 0.07
Russell 2000 823.92 1.80 0.22
Global Dow 1949.48 5.37 0.28
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Stoxx Europe 600 276.74 0.50 0.18
UK: FTSE 100 5884.79 15.75 0.27

9:49 a.m. EST 12/05/12 Treasurys
Price Chg Yield %
2-Year Note 1/32 0.238
10-Year Note 4/32 1.598
* at close

9:40 a.m. EST 12/05/12 Futures
Last Change Settle
Crude Oil 88.50 0.00 88.50
Gold 1698.1 2.3 1695.8
E-mini Dow 12993 60 12933
E-mini S&P 500 1408.50 3.00 1405.50

9:50 a.m. EST 12/05/12 Currencies
Last (mid) Prior Day †
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) 82.10 81.90
Euro (EUR/USD) 1.3075 1.3095
† Late New York trading.

-Fiscal cliff negotiations aren’t going so well. Peter Orszag on how to move forward


-There has to be a major problem in physical gold for such a mugging to occur. Some day they won’t cover by forcing gold out GLD or Silver out of SLV and have to announce a ‘fail’.

-937 I sold my DIA long I bought at the opening. Now I need a decline to unload my short.

DJIA 12998.62 46.84 0.36
Nasdaq 2992.52 -4.17 -0.14
S&P 500 1409.41 2.36 0.17

-930 Major Indexes open down

Last Change % Chg
DJIA 12950.19 -1.59 -0.01
Nasdaq 2996.69 -5.51 -0.18
S&P 500 1407.05 -2.41 -0.17

-912 Gold and silver are being pounded down. Gold is below 1700. Just tape muscling by GS/JPM/HSBC on all that weak, weak economic data. Hey exploding deficits and debt is good for the euro dollar and dollar. Welcome to 1984. A bit early in his prognosis but MI6 wrote the theme song.

- Corporate chief executives were scheduled to meet with Obama later on Wednesday. The Business Roundtable, a lobbying group for corporations, has arranged the meetings. In addition to prompt action on the fiscal cliff, the group is seeking tax cuts for their companies.Boeing Co. CEO Jim McNerney, who chairs the group, said its members want “a balanced solution to the nation’s fiscal cliff and long-term deficit and debt issues … including meaningful and comprehensive tax and entitlement reforms.” The manufacturing sector contracted in November and posted its weakest performance in three years, a report showed on Monday. Companies taking part in the survey said uncertainty over the negotiations in Washington was a factor.


Stoxx Europe 600 276.67 0.43 0.16
Belgium: Bel-20 2443.88 1.07 0.04
France: CAC 40 3588.64 8.16 0.23
Germany: DAX 7449.25 14.13 0.19
Italy: FTSE MIB 16018.10 -23.44 -0.15
Sweden: OMX 339.36 1.22 0.36
UK: FTSE 100 5878.01 8.97 0.15

-Citi plans to cut 11k positions and 1 billion pretax charge ouch.. breaking bbn-tv

-900 Thirty minute count down starts.

-”one party cares about big government, one party cares about big business’.

Small business owner on why he won’t be hiring and the fiscal cliff, bbn-tv

-UK corporation tax cut to be 1% to 21% from 2014 per Osborne -from Live coverage

-Sandy Blamed for Jobs shortfall (horse manure)

Companies in the U.S. added fewer workers in November than a month earlier after superstorm Sandy battered the East Coast and temporarily shuttered some businesses. The 118,000 increase in employment followed a revised 157,000 gain in October that was less than initially estimated, data from the Roseland, New Jersey-based ADP Research Institute showed today. The median forecast of 38 economists surveyed by Bloomberg projected a 125,000 rise in November. The report estimated that Sandy reduced payrolls by about 86,000 (that is from Mark Zandi at Moody’s , 0 cred).


-852 Newslinks are updated for the USA trading morning

-844 Freeport to buy Plains Exploration for $6.9 billion, McMoRan Exploration for $2.1 billion-breaking

-”Unfair, incompetent and completely out of touch”

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls on UK government

Well Cameron is advising Obama.

-Finland’s economy has slipped into recession with a 0.1 percent drop in gross domestic product in the third quarter from the previous three months, as the export-dependent country continues to suffer from a drop in demand among European trading partners.Statistics Finland said Wednesday economic output fell 1.1 percent in the second quarter. That puts Finland in recession, commonly defined as two consecutive quarters of quarterly economic contraction.
Consumer demand was up 0.8 percent in the third quarter but investments dropped by 1.1 percent.
Compared with a year earlier, GDP was down 1.2 percent, with exports falling 1.8 percent.
The conservative-led coalition government of Finland, a rich country with healthy finances, has warned it will need to help the economy and contain growing inflation as the European crisis hurts exports.

AP Wire

I reported on this already but wanted to highlight Europe is getting worse not better.

-0834 The increase in U.S. productivity in the third quarter was revised up to 2.9% from an initial reading of 1.9%, as companies generated more goods and services than originally estimated. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected productivity to be revised up to 2.8% in the first of the government’s two updates to the third-quarter report. The Labor Department said output rose 4.2%, up from a prior estimate of 3.2%, in the July-to-September period. The rise in hours worked last quarter was unchanged at 1.3%. Unit-labor costs, meanwhile, fell by 1.9%, a much bigger drop the than the 0.1% decline initially reported. Unit-labor costs in the second quarter were also revised sharply lower to a 0.5% decline instead of a 1.7% advance. Hourly wages rose 0.9% in the third quarter instead of 1.8%. Yet after adjusting for inflation, wages fell 1.4% vs. an initial reading of a 0.4% decrease. That’s the largest drop since the 2011 fourth quarter. In the manufacturing sector, the decline in productivity was revised down to 0.7% from 0.4%. For the second quarter, productivity was unchanged at a 1.9% increase.


- Starbucks Corp. SBUX -1.29% on Wednesday unveiled a new accelerated global growth plan that aims to double the coffee retailer’s international footprint by 2015, and to develop China into its second-largest market in 2014. “Starbucks will have more than 20,000 retail stores on six continents by 2014 and more than 200,000 points of global consumer products group distribution by 2015,” Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz said in a press release. The firm said it plans to add 3,000 new stores to it Americas and U.S. division, and to rennovate thousands of other stores in the region. In Asia, the company said it will have almost 4,000 stores by the end of 2013, including 1,000 in mainland China. By 2015, the company said, it will have 1,500 stores in mainland China.


-825 ADP: U.S. adds 118,000 private-sector jobs in Nov.

I will just buy the market opening on the DIA to go towards a flat position. Futures did not change after the release by much, but that is the mysterious hand that often ramps futures and falls apart when the market opens.

-Goldman Sachs- Gold prices to peak in 2013 as US growth recovery takes hold”. Sees prices rising to $1825 then falling to $1625 by end 2014

Stunning liars and key cartel members. Their history is they have been wrong on every major forecast. I guess you’re not supposed to mention that.

-Clerical workers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will return to work Wednesday, ending a strike that crippled America’s busiest shipping hub for more than a week.Leaders of the 800-member International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63 Office Clerical Unit agreed to a tentative deal after marathon negotiations that ended late Tuesday. The deal will not become final until it is ratified by the full union membership.

LA Times

-Obama firm on “fiscal cliff” amid Republican disarray


-Euro-area services and manufacturing output shrank for a 10th month in November


-OBR says UK growth to be constrained for several years to come. 1.2% in 2013, 2% in 2014, 2.8% in 2017.

Assumes their housing and financial/derivative bubble does not bust and the UK can continue to cook their economic books like the USA does

-Re, Osbornes budget, the English traders have thrown in the towel and are admitting the UK will lose its AAA rating over this which it should have lost ages ago.

-Futures Index Value % Change Open High Low Time

DJIA INDEX FUTURE Dec12 12,986.00 +0.41% 12,938.00 12,988.00 12,938.00 07:42:05
S&P 500 FUTURE Dec12 1,410.30 +0.34% 1,401.80 1,412.90 1,401.60 07:42:16
NASDAQ 100 FUTURE Dec12 2,669.75 +0.20% 2,659.50 2,679.00 2,658.25 07:42:18

EURO STOXX 50 Dec12 2,599.00 +0.50% 2,608.00 2,614.00 2,591.00 07:37:33
FTSE 100 IDX FUT Dec12 5,885.00 +0.32% 5,870.00 5,904.50 5,866.00 07:37:24
DAX INDEX FUTURE Dec12 7,459.50 +0.42% 7,499.50 7,507.00 7,441.50 07:37:26

-0535 Europe

I took some profits off of shorting the ebullient opening in the DAX. This massive rally based upon greatly decreasing EU
credit spreads, despite greatly worsening fundamentals in the peripheral economies has to be one of the biggest hoaxes of all times wrt to CB and banking cartel market manipulation. The USA working group on capital markets, aka PPT, is beginning to look like pikers compared to the ECB/EU market riggers. Recall the key Noyer article we posted, that no one else could seem to find, where he admitted the ECB had an effective put option in place and that the EU would not be allowed to fail and peripheral yields would not be allowed to surge. Central bank manipulations are typically successful in the short run and sometimes intermediate term but in the long run will not overcome the massive structural flaws in the EU. We have not seen anything but further degradation in the EU peripherals which are now well into the core with France starting to go off the same cliff Spain, Italy and Greece went over. Only Ireland is on track. I sold some more Euro dollars short. This is clear intervention by the ECB and European banks, probably DB and Socgen and it won’t last long given the data we are seeing tonight. Normally you might guess it was China propping up Europe for the ECB, but Noyer freely admit the ECB was intervening and a put existed. No wonder Europe is so concerned about the USA fiscal cliff if you look at the data. Wen’s comments were not very cheering on China. I guess everyone expects Xi will really step on the accelerator. Any fall back below 2000 on Shanghai Composite is probably a buy as a trader as Capitulation has occurred although I view the Shanghai market as too expensive for the fraudulent accounting Chinese firms engage in. Only ‘banks’ have that license in the USA. No wonder Jim Grant complains so much in public about Central Bank market manipulation, they are the markets right now along with the HFT hedge fund crowd which certainly encompasses JPM and GS, and the gang and their trading allies.


Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Europe Dow 1628.37 7.06 0.44
Stoxx Europe 50 2560.65 4.15 0.16
Stoxx Europe 600 276.82 0.58 0.21
Euro Stoxx 50 2597.14 6.31 0.24
Euro Stoxx 256.64 0.72 0.28
Austria: ATX Index 2319.76 21.84 0.95
Belgium: Bel-20 2444.17 1.36 0.06
Denmark: OMX Copenhagen 20 493.18 0.21 0.04
Estonia: OMX Tallinn 682.41 -2.46 -0.36
Finland: OMX Helsinki 5773.11 62.81 1.10
France: CAC 40 3590.82 10.34 0.29
Germany: DAX 7453.27 18.15 0.24
Greece: Athens General 815.95 5.78 0.71
Greece: DJ Greece TSM 636.18 5.31 0.84
Greece: FTSE/ATHEX 20 283.87 2.78 0.99
Iceland: OMX Iceland All-Share 644.39 -1.14 -0.18
Ireland: ISEQ Overall 3304.61 20.76 0.63
Italy: FTSE MIB 16086.34 44.80 0.28
Latvia: OMX Riga 391.78 -2.44 -0.62
Lithuania: OMX Vilnius 348.69 -0.54 -0.15
Netherlands: AEX 338.49 0.87 0.26
Norway: OSE All-Share 481.81 0.76 0.16
Portugal: PSI 20 5332.26 53.23 1.01
Russia: DJ Russia Titans 6096.30 110.79 1.85
Spain: IBEX 35 7903.50 1.10 0.01
Sweden: OMX Stockholm 339.40 1.27 0.38
Switzerland: Swiss Market 6842.25 -10.90 -0.16
UK: FTSE 100 5880.13 11.09 0.19
UK: FTSE 250 12097.38 44.12 0.37
UK: FTSE AIM All-Share 688.07 1.25 0.18

German 10y 1.37-0.03,1.86%
Italy 10y 4.39+0.02, -0.57%
Spain 10y 5.35+0.11, -2.19%
U.K. 10y 1.82+0.01, 0.50%

Gold 1706.05 +10.25 +0.60%
Silver 33.123 +0.315 +0.96%
EUR/USD 1.3073 -0.0022 -0.16%

-Asia Closing Prices

Asia(Roll over for charts)
Country: Index Last Change % Chg
Asia Dow 2831.82 19.62 0.70
DJ Asia-Pacific TSM 1274.40 4.56 0.36
Australia: All Ordinaries* 4528.00 16.20 0.36
Australia: S&P/ASX* 4520.40 16.80 0.37
China: DJ CBN China 600* 18201.72 632.69 3.60
China: DJ Shanghai* 248.94 8.48 3.53
China: Shanghai Composite* 2031.91 56.76 2.87
China: Shenzhen Composite* 771.72 28.10 3.78
China: Shanghai 50* 1601.74 55.78 3.61
Hong Kong: Hang Seng* 22270.91 470.94 2.16
India: BSE Sensex* 19391.86 43.74 0.23
India: S&P CNX Nifty* 5900.50 11.25 0.19
Indonesia: JSX Index* 4286.84 17.19 0.40
Indonesia: JSX BISNIS 27* 358.38 1.14 0.32
Indonesia: JSX Islamic* 588.99 1.72 0.29
Indonesia: JSX LQ-45* 727.69 2.51 0.35
Indonesia: PEFINDO-25* 467.54 5.11 1.11
Indonesia: SRI-KEHATI* 229.89 0.54 0.24
Japan: DJ Japan TSM* 487.66 -0.02 0.00
Japan: Nikkei Average* 9468.84 36.38 0.39
Japan: TOPIX Index* 781.86 -0.11 -0.01
Malaysia: DJ Malaysia TSM* 3002.72 10.96 0.37
Malaysia: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI* 1613.79 6.18 0.38
New Zealand: NZX 50* 4007.25 -8.45 -0.21
S. Korea: KOSPI* 1947.04 11.86 0.61
S. Korea: KOSPI 50* 1683.44 12.68 0.76
S. Korea: KOSPI 100* 1945.43 14.06 0.73
S. Korea: KOSPI 200 Composite* 256.63 1.80 0.71
Singapore: FTSE Straits Times* 3075.92 13.80 0.45
Taiwan: TAIEX* 7649.05 48.07 0.63
Thailand: SET* 1330.06 -2.86 -0.21

- ESM bailout facility announced it would bonds via private placement of around €39.5B for Spain banking sector recapitalization. It stated 2 bills and 3 floating rate notes issued for Spanish banks with proceeds to be transferred to FROB in coming days.

- RBA Deputy Gov Lowe: Monetary policy is still effective; lending rates may remain low for a period; Closely watching business confidence and conditions. A$ response to rate cuts are smaller than usual. Rate cuts are proving effective in boosting overall economy. Threshold of low interest rates is around 1% and will not rule out Fx intervention, but would be a big step.

- Greece Bank Stability fund head Thomopoulos: Greek banks have huge capital, liquidity shortfall. Would like to get private investors into banks.

- Finland PM Katainen: Economy in a challenging situation; significant structural weaknesses in Finland, downturn is not just cyclical. Govt is committed to stopping debt growth. Borrowing costs would rise without austerity

- Czech Central Bank Singer: Reiterates that bank’s forecast implies fx interventions may be needed in 2013. Czech Central Bank quarterly stress tests showed banking sector capital adequacy falling to 11% in adverse scenario v 16.4% end of Sept. Under the adverse scenario, several banks would have to raise capital by a total of CZK18.7B in order to meet requirement for a capital adequacy threshold of 8%.

- Brazil Govt announced changed to the IOF as it cut the maturity of foreign loan subject to 6% IOF to one-year from the prior two-year

- Outgoing China Premier Wen: Global economic recovery is weakening; global crisis spreads to central Asia. Chinese press

- EU’s Rehn: Deal on the ‘two pack’ legislation is near; good progress was made on banking supervision; continuing to work with Troika on Cypus debt sustainability.

-France govt to raise capital gains tax from 3% to 5% on any amount over €100K starting 2014. Les Echos

-France PM Ayrault: Wants laws to limit hostile takeovers.

-Germany Chancellor Merkel has been re-elected as CDU chief with 97% of vote, German Press reporting yesterdays vote

-EMU finance ministers approve the 2 years deficit extension for Greece; as expected

-Greece Fin Min Stournaras: Critical that debt buyback is successful; Eurogroup meeting of Dec 13th to evaluate the buyback.

- Greece PM Samaras to meet with Fin Min Stournaras to finish draft of tax code; Was leaked that the plan called for 45% tax on all income over €25K (later denied) which caused an outrage. – ekathimerini

- Spain FinMin de Guindos: Q4 has been the most difficult quarter of the economic relapse, hopes economy will improve after Q4.

- Spain Budget Min Montoro: The regions are making a good effort to deal with their budget deficits; Notes that it is possible to meet the region’s 1.5% deficit target though that has not yet been reached.

- Spain autonomous regional deficit for first 9m of 2012: -0.93%- El Mundo; Catalonia, Andalusia, Murcia, Extremadura and Navarra have already exceed the 1.5% central govt deficit target.

- Major EU Bond Market Auction Results

Spain Debt Agency (Tesoro) sold total €4.25B vs.€3.5-4.5B indicated range in 2015, 2019 and 2022 bonds
Sold €2.124B in 3.75% Oct 2015 Bono Bond; Avg Yield 3.417% v 3.617% prior; Bid-to-cover: 1.99x v 2.09x prior; Maximum Yield % v 3.663% prior; Tail 8.1bps v 4.6bps prior
Sold €1.004B in 4.60% July 2019 Bono; Avg Yield 4.669% v 4.541% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.47x v 2.0x prior; Max Yield 4.729% v 4.643% prior; Tail 6.0bps
Sold €1.123B in Jan 5.85% Jan 2022 Bono Bonds; Avg Yield 5.290% v 5.458% prior; Bid-to-cover: 2.29x v 1.88x; Max Yield 5.322% v 5.468%; Tails 3.2bps v 1.0bps prior
& Germany sold €3.3B in 0.0% Dec 2014 Schatz; Avg Yield -0.01% v -0.02% prior; Bid-to-cover: 1.9x v 1.9x prior

-Sometimes Australians are admirable people..

Sadly if they are not beaten to a pulp for this, by the MI6 gang down under they will lose their jobs or bad accidents will happen to their children. Aussies don’t realize who these Windsors are really. People who knew Di, said they were so demonic they could change their physical form. Clearly they drove that poor girl over the edge.


-700 Europe Economic Release Update

(IE) Ireland Nov NCB Services PMI: 56.1 v 56.1 prior
(FI) Finland Q3 GDP Q/Q: -0.1% v +0.3%e; Y/Y: -1.2% v -0.8%e
(SE) Sweden Nov PMI Services: 46.4 v 50.2 prior
(CZ) Czech Oct Retail Sales Y/Y: 2.2% v 2.5%e
(ES) Spain Oct Industrial Output WDA Y/Y: -3.3% v -6.4%e; Industrial Output NSA Y/Y: +0.6% v -12.1% prior
(EU) ECB: €1.7B borrowed in overnight loan facility €1.7B prior; €234.8B parked in deposit facility vs. €239.4B prior
(ES) Spain Nov Services PMI: 42.4 v 41.0e (highest since Aug)
(TW) Taiwan Nov Foreign Exchange Reserves: $401.0B v $399.2B prior
(SE) Sweden Oct Service Production M/M: -1.1% v -0.5%e; Y/Y: -2.0% v -0.1%e
(IT) Italy Nov PMI Services: 44.6 v 46.0e (18th straight month of contraction)
(FR) France Nov Final PMI Services: 45.8 v 46.1e (3-month high)
(DE) Germany Nov Final PMI Services: 49.7 v 48.0e (7th straight contraction)
(EU) Euro Zone Nov Final PMI Services: 46.7 v 45.7e; PMI Composite: 46.5 v 45.8e
(IC) Iceland Nov Preliminary Trade Balance (ISK): 12.3B v 15.2B prior
(NO) Norway Q3 Current Account (NOK): 96B v 90B prior
(UK) Nov PMI Services: 50.2 v 51.0e (2-year low)
(EU) Euro Zone Oct Retail Sales M/M: -1.2 pc % v -0.8%e; Y/Y: -3.6% v -0.2%e

- Retail sales in the euro zone fell significantly more-than-expected in October, adding to concerns over the region’s economic outlook, official data showed on Wednesday. Eurostat said retail sales dropped by a seasonally adjusted 1.2% in October, compared to expectations for a recently revised down expectation of .8 pc. Retail sales for September were revised down to a 0.6% decline from a previously reported drop of 0.2%.. Year-over-year, retail sales in the euro zone plunged at an annualized rate of 3.6% in October from a year earlier, compared to expectations for a .2 % decline, after falling 0.8% in September.It was the biggest annual drop since May 2009.Following the release of the data, the euro was little changed against the U.S. dollar, with EUR/USD easing down 0.02% to trade at 1.3093. European stock markets came off the highest levels of the day. The EURO STOXX 50 rose 0.3%, France’s CAC 40 added 0.35%, London’s FTSE 100 eased up 0.25%, while Germany’s DAX tacked on 0.15%.

-Germans very gloomy on Europe- The Crisis and too many Chefs


-Bank of Japan assets have hit a 7yr high of JPY 156.35trn, up 9% this year. May continue to expand as BOJ plans to spend JPY 26trn more – BNPP

-I shorted the DAX at the opening, as this clear ECB covert intervention in the credit markets, goosing their markets in light of extremely poor data and the ‘rally’ can’t go on forever. The Germans are living in a bubble of their own making. In particular I thought it ironic the Greeks the most corrupt country in the EU with corruption on par with the middle east is being given such enormous sums of debt on top of debt even as the Greek economy continues to sink and the German markets chose to ignore that and were rallied at the opening. Altera furthering guiding down on sales does not bode well as their chips are always leading indicators for recessions and are a global standard as the USA dominates field programmable gate arrays. The Chinese PMI cooled and was very weak but the Xi promised more growth and markets had a capitulation rally. While CB /Treasury manipulation are moving the tape, all the data points to a world wide recession as Greece pulls Europe down with it, along with Spain and they in turn pull everyone else down, especially if the USA goes off the cliff. I doubt Reuters story pumping Bernanke and more QE3 or the China political words or Europe weasel words will move markets up in the face of what should be more dire data out of Europe. I will probably have to go to more of a neutral position for the USA open on my DIA short. In the short term as the hedge funds found out is tough to fight the Central banks and their proxies. The goal is to maintain a big short position going into the USA fiscal cliff or the German recession.

-302 EU Opens

Germany’s DAX 30 index opens up 0.6% at 7,482.23

Spain’s IBEX 35 index opens up 0.6% at 7,950.10

U.K.’s FTSE 100 index opens up 0.4% at 5,892.19

France’s CAC 40 index opens up 0.6% at 3,602.32

Stoxx Europe 600 index opens 0.3% higher at 276.95

German 10y, 1.41+0.01, -1.01%
Italy 10y, 4.37+0.00, -0.11%
Spain 10y, 5.25+0.01, – 0.28%

Gold 1707.35 +11.55 +0.68%
Silver 33.248 +0.440 +1.34%
EUR/USD 1.3116 +0.0022 +0.16%
WTI 88.91 +0.41 +0.46%

-Japan’s Nikkei Average ends 0.4% up at 9,468.84

-U.S. Oil Output Near 15-Year High

U.S. crude-oil production reached its highest level in nearly 15 years in September, thanks in large part to horizontal drilling and fracing of tight reservoirs.


-The Big news out of Europe tonight will be the retail sales m/m and Services PMI, at 400 AM and 500 AM respectively.

-USA Market Focus »

MBA Purchase Applications
7:00 AM ET

ADP Employment Report
8:15 AM ET

Productivity and Costs
8:30 AM ET

Factory Orders
10:00 AM ET

ISM Non-Mfg Index
10:00 AM ET

EIA Petroleum Status Report
10:30 AM ET

-0215 The English won’t be causing too much trouble today in Europe. Osborne does his song and dance on the UK budget before Parliament. It is akin to the Feds biennial meetings. It’s a big deal in England. About the only time the English journalists show up early for work.

-Currency wars and the Fed: Inflation and a new monetary system- Jim Rickards

“We rely on government regulators, the Justice Department, prosecutors and others to do the right thing. The problem is the whole system is rotten. The bankers are completely corrupt but government officials are no better because of the cronyism, the revolving doors, the fact that half of government officials used to work on Wall Street or half of them plan on working on Wall Street next year. Everyone is bailing out their friends.


-Global Warming Hoax exposed as Early Snows Fall in England.

-Jaguar Land Rover’s Ratan Tata warns on UK competitiveness

Hopes that manufacturers can drive Britain’s recovery have been dealt a serious blow after the head of the UK’s biggest industrial group said a stagnating economy and high costs are damaging the country’s competitiveness.


Is Ratan Tata an English name?

-Futures Index Value % Change Open High Low Time

DJIA INDEX FUTURE Dec12 12,972.00 +0.30% 12,938.00 12,993.00 12,938.00 01:24:41
S&P 500 FUTURE Dec12 1,409.60 +0.29% 1,401.80 1,412.90 1,401.60 01:21:12
NASDAQ 100 FUTURE Dec12 2,674.00 +0.36% 2,659.50 2,678.25 2,658.25 01:21:12
FTSE 100 IDX FUT Dec12 5,894.00 +0.48% 5,870.00 5,899.00 5,866.00 01:24:24

-Why everyone reviles the Communists

Paris’s legendary label as the “City of Light” may soon lose some of its luster.The French minister for energy and environment unveiled last week a proposal for lights in and outside shops, offices, and public buildings — including the flagship Louis Vuitton store and the Lido cabaret house on Paris’s Avenue des Champs Elysees — to be turned off between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. starting in July. The plan, to be applied across French cities, towns and villages, is aimed at saving energy and money and showing “sobriety,” Minister Delphine Batho said.


-Senate Passes $631 Billion U.S. Defense Legislation

The Senate passed unanimously a measure authorizing $631.4 billion for U.S. defense programs this fiscal year that sticks to President Barack Obama’s proposed spending total while drawing a veto threat with its policy provisions.

USA Press

No trouble passing outrageous budgets for the USA military-industrial Queen’s Dragoons!!!

-Repsol SA (REP), the Madrid-based oil and gas company, sued Chevron Corp. in federal court in Manhattan, claiming the U.S. competitor improperly obtained rights to develop Argentine shale and natural gas resources.
In a complaint filed today, Repsol accuses Chevron of getting those rights from Buenos Aires-based YPF SA (YPF) in negotiations with officers appointed by Argentina’s government, which expropriated the company, not “legitimate managers” appointed by Repsol as its majority shareholder.
“Chevron nevertheless has assured Argentina and the government-appointed managers that it is willing to overlook this illegal conduct and partner in Argentina’s illegal scheme to deprive Repsol of its rightful interest in the energy assets,” according to the Spanish company’s complaint.
Accusing San Ramon, California-based Chevron of unjust enrichment and interfering with its contractual relations, Repsol seeks a court order blocking Chevron’s development of the Vaca Muerta formation, which holds the equivalent of 23 billion barrels of oil, and other assets, according to Repsol’s complaint.
There is no legal basis for this lawsuit against Chevron Corp. or the unit that signed a memorandum of understanding with YPF in September, said James Craig, a spokesman for the company.
“Chevron Argentina stands by the legitimacy of its MOU,” Craig said in an e-mailed statement. “The company also remains firmly committed to its long-standing business relationship with YPF and to helping Argentina achieve its goal of returning to energy self-sufficiency.”
The case is Repsol SA v. Chevron Corp. (CVX), 12-cv-08799, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).


Nice dig by CVX at the Zionist crook at YPF whose looting and asset stripping drove the YPF into the ground production wise.

-Alacer Gold Corp. (ASR)’s plunging mining profits in Australia are creating a takeover bargain in Turkey.
Alacer has fallen 64 percent in Toronto trading in the last year as it struggles with rising costs and deteriorating ore quality at its Australian mines. The drop has left the Englewood, Colorado-based company trading at 0.8 times its net assets, a bigger discount than any North American precious metals producer with a market value of more than $1 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.


-The Bank of Korea increased gold reserves 20 percent last month to diversify investments, boosting holdings for the fourth time since June 2011 and underscoring increased demand by central banks. Prices gained.
The bank added 14 metric tons in November, bringing the total to 84.4 tons, the bank said in a statement today. By value, holdings increased about $780 million to $3.76 billion, equivalent to 1.2 percent of total reserves, the bank said.
Central banks from Brazil to Kazakhstan have been expanding their gold reserves at a time when investors increased holdings in exchange-traded products to a record to protect against weaker currencies and the potential for faster inflation. Gold is poised for a 12th annual gain as the U.S. Federal Reserve boosts stimulus to buttress the recovery in the world’s largest economy and European policy makers battle the debt crisis.
“Central-bank buying is a solid pillar for gold,” Nick Trevethan, senior commodities strategist at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., said by phone from Singapore. “It’s not a story that will go away soon.”
Countries bought 373.9 tons in the first nine months of the year, according to the producer-funded World Gold Council, which said in November that full-year additions will probably be at the “bottom end” of a range from 450 to 500 tons. Last year, central banks purchased 456 tons.
“Gold is a physical, safe asset,” the Bank of Korea said in the statement. The precious metal “is a way of diversification, which helps reduce investment risk in terms of foreign-exchange reserves management,” it said.


These are a pittance compared to its nearly 350 billion dollar foreign currency reserves.

-British Foreign Secretary William Hague ruled out the possibility of European sanctions on Israel. “I don’t think there is enthusiasm around the European Union … about economic sanctions in Europe on Israel,” he said. “I don’t believe there would be anywhere near a consensus nor is that our approach.” France too has indicated that it would not pursue sanctions.

Der Spiegel

Netanyahu wants to punish the Palestinians because President Mahmoud Abbas applied for ‘non-member observer state’ status at the United Nations…. But Israel’s settlements on Palestinian land are a violation of international law, against which the Palestinians could take action within the framework of the United Nations. With his approach, Netanyahu isn’t just awaking the suspicion that he is not interested in resuming peace negotiations. Rather, his government is creating facts on the ground indicating a creeping annexation of the West Bank. The prime minister is provoking both the Palestinians and the international community. A number of European capitals called in Israeli ambassadors to voice concernIf the international community wants to prevent the door to peace from closing completely, they should try to persuade Netanyahu to change his strategy from punishment to negotiation.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

But it is your approach in Iran you vile racists Hauge/Cameron and Hollande

-General Motors Co. (GM), with more than double a typical supply of trucks, is facing the prospect of cutting production or increasing discounts, threatening to squeeze 2013 profits. Clearing away that inventory is critical. At stake is the rollout of new versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierras, scheduled for release next year, and which are key to the company’s success in 2013. GM’s big pickups, which made up 23 percent of the automaker’s U.S. sales last year, are among their most profitable models.


-Samsung Electronics Co. on Wednesday promoted the son of the company’s chairman to the position of vice chairman, a move that puts Jay Y. Lee a step closer to eventually heading one of the world’s largest makers of consumer electronics.
Mr. Lee, 44 years old, was formerly president and chief operating officer of Samsung, which is still controlled by its founding family and is South Korea’s biggest company by market capitalization. Samsung has no plans to fill the vacant chief operating officer position and Mr. Lee’s responsibilities will largely remain the same, even though he will have greater say in key strategic directions. Mr. Lee is seen as the international face of Samsung, often brokering deals with companies like Apple Inc. AAPL -1.76% . Samsung said Mr. Lee has built strong relationships with global business leaders through strategic alliances and was “instrumental” in forging partnerships with key customers such as Sony Corp. SNE -0.62% , Apple and Hewlett-Packard Co.


-The Federal Reserve is set to announce a fresh round of Treasury bond purchases when it meets next week, avoiding monetary policy tightening to maintain support for the weak U.S. economy amid uncertainty over the looming year-end “fiscal cliff.”Many economists think the U.S. central bank will announce monthly bond purchases of $45 billion after its policy gathering on December 11-12, signaling it will continue to pump money into the U.S. economy during 2013 in a bid to bring down unemployment.”We expect status quo,” said Laurence Meyer of the forecasting firm Macroeconomic Advisers. “We expect purchases will continue at the same monthly rate as over the last three months; that the composition will be the same, and that the maturities distribution will be the same.”The decision would cement expectations that the Fed will keep buying a combined $85 billion of Treasuries and mortgage-backed bonds a month, while repeating that it expects to hold interest rates near zero until at least mid-2015.The Fed could even decide to announce a larger level of purchases if it wanted to exceed expectations and give the market a bigger jolt to press borrowing costs lower. “If the market expects $45 billion, maybe they should deliver $60 billion … get markets more excited and really push rates down,” said Torsten Slok with Deutsche Bank in New York.U.S. unemployment remains high at 7.9 percent and the economy, while doing better than Europe’s, is expected to grow at a meager rate of only around 2 percent next year.

Reuters Lead Financial Story tonight

-Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Blue Book Report: 2013 GDP may grow 8.2%, Sees inflation around 3% – Chinese press

-China PBoC Stats head Sheng: China 2012 inflation may be 2.6% y/y (below official 4% target) – Chinese press

-BOJ Dep Gov Nishimura: BOJ to continue to pursue powerful easing measures; Sees CPI to gradually rise but such forecasts are vulnerable to external shocks; core CPI will approach 1% toward FY14.

-New Zealand FinMin English: Sees considerable challenges in reaching FY14/15 surplus – financial press

-Australia Treasurer Swan: GDP showing ongoing economy resilience; conditions remain patchy in parts

-North Korea completed second-stage of its three-stage process to move its long-range rocket in position ahead of the Dec 10-22nd launch – Korean press

-TM: Recovery in China market could take up to a year – Japanese financial press

-US API PETROLEUM INVENTORIES CRUDE: -2.22M V -500KE (largest draw since early Sept); GASOLINE: +5.7M V +2ME; DISTILLATE: +1.1M V +1ME; UTILIZATION: 89.6%

-SLV: iShares Silver Trust ETF daily holdings rise to 9,790 tons from 9,757 tons (first rise since Nov 11th) .GLD: SPDR Gold Trust ETF daily holdings rise by 2.4 tons to 1,341.2 tons (record high)

-0100 Economic Releases Update

(AU) AUSTRALIA Q3 GDP Q/Q: 0.5% V 0.6%E (3-quarter low); Y/Y: 3.1% V 3.1%E (3-quarter low)
(AU) AUSTRALIA NOV AIG PERFORMANCE OF SERVICE INDEX: 47.1 V 42.8 PRIOR (5-month high; 10th straight contraction)
(NZ) NEW ZEALAND Q3 VALUE OF ALL BUILDINGS: 9.6% V 5.5%E (biggest gain in 10 years)
(CN) CHINA NOV HSBC SERVICES PMI: 52.1 V 53.5 PRIOR (3-month low)
(PH) PHILIPPINES NOV CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (CPI) M/M: 0.1% V 0.3%E; Y/Y: 2.8% V 3.0%E; CORE CPI Y/Y: 3.4% V 3.4%E
(TW) TAIWAN NOV CPI Y/Y: 1.6% V 2.0%E; WPI Y/Y: -3.9% V -2.7%E

-It pays to be a vain evil slut in the Obama administration

President Barack Obama is considering nominating Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, as his next ambassador to either the U.K. or France as he looks to reward his biggest fundraisers with embassies never out of fashion, according to two people familiar with the matter.


Shes an English Jew btw. Not even an American. I’m sure she will do a fine job ferrying gossip to MI6 and figuring out how to destroy the American people. This is one evil witch from hell, er England.

- Walmart ‘Crisp them’


May the blood of the innocent be upon your heads if you shop there. The reality of the ‘free trade’ espoused by the Rockefellers/Rothschilds and their hacks like Betty Liu and SP500 and the professors, let us not forget the seeds of the devil, er Keynes and Adam Smith the economic professor that sell this crime.

-Altera Corp., (ALTR) a maker of programmable chips used in phone systems, fell after saying fourth-quarter sales may decline more than analysts had estimated, citing weaker demand for its older products.
Sales will drop 8 percent to 10 percent from the third quarter’s $495 million, the San Jose, California-based company said in a statement yesterday. The low end of that range would indicate revenue of $445.5 million, compared with an average analyst prediction of $455.2 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
Altera and Xilinx Inc. (XLNX) make chips that can be reprogrammed even after they’ve been installed in electronics. Their products, primarily used in wireless telecommunications equipment, are being increasingly used to replace custom- designed semiconductors in a wider range of devices including industrial equipment and consumer electronics.
Shares traded as low as $30.36, down 5.7 percent from yesterday’s close in New York, in extended trading following the announcement. They had earlier fallen 5 cents, or less than 1 percent, to close at $32.18, leaving them down 13 percent this year. In October, Altera had predicted sales would decline 6 percent to 10 percent in the fourth quarter from the third.


If Altera is not strong, manufacturing is not strong.

-HSBC to Sell Ping An Stake for $9.4 Billion to Thai Company

HSBC Holdings Plc agreed to sell its stake in China’s Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. to Thai billionaire Dhanin Chearavanont for $9.4 billion as Europe’s biggest bank by market value moves to revive profit and boost capital.

Financial press

-020 Asia

Asian shares rose on Wednesday, led by surging Chinese equities, but concerns over whether U.S. lawmakers can break a budget impasse before year-end to avert an economic slump weighed on sentiment. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan advanced 0.6 percent, gaining momentum as Shanghai shares surged 3 percent to reclaim the 2,000-point level. Chinese shares were boosted by remarks late on Tuesday from new Communist Party chief Xi Jinping, who said that the government aimed to stabilize exports and make policies more targeted and effective. The HSBC Purchasing Managers Index for China’s services sector released on Wednesday showed the index slipped to 52.1 in November from October’s 53.5 indicating China’s recovery is at best tenative. This was Xi’s first official speech and likely Chinese SWF managers boosted Chinese shares on his remarks to over come weak data. Hong Kong shares jumped 1.2 percent, Australian shares rose 0.3 percent and Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average gained 0.4 percent, reversing losses of as much as 0.6 percent. South Korea’s Kospi Index rose 0.6 percent and Taiwan’s Taiex Index added 0.6 percent.The MSCI Asia Pacific Index advanced 14 percent through yesterday from this year’s low on June 4 as central banks added stimulus to spur economic growth. The gauge climbed every day except one during the past 10 sessions. The benchmark index traded at 14.1 times estimated earnings, compared with 13.5 times for the S&P 500 Index and 12.5 times for the Stoxx Europe 600. Commodity futures, managed slight gains after a massive drubbing, likely initiated by the Anglo-Zionist banking cartel ahead of a FED meeting next week where more QE is anticipated. HSBC and other are trying to force liquidation of John Paulson and other gold bulls funds and generate tax loss selling for year end book squaring. Gold was $7.5 to $1702 in Asian trading. WTI was up only .34 cents. European futures are up as much as .4 pc and USA futures are up from .3 to .4 pc although the USA is going into a tough run of job figures for the next 3 days.

Country: Index Last Change % Chg

Asia Dow 2825.47 13.27 0.47
DJ Asia-Pacific TSM 1272.59 2.75 0.22
Australia: All Ordinaries 4529.50 17.70 0.39
Australia: S&P/ASX 4522.50 18.90 0.42
China: DJ CBN China 600 18248.92 679.89 3.87
China: DJ Shanghai 249.54 9.08 3.78
China: Shanghai Composite 2032.73 57.59 2.92
China: Shenzhen Composite 775.26 31.65 4.26
China: Shanghai 50 1601.47 55.52 3.59
Hong Kong: Hang Seng 22086.88 286.91 1.32
India: BSE Sensex 19402.54 54.42 0.28
India: S&P CNX Nifty 5901.40 12.15 0.21
Indonesia: JSX Index 4277.57 7.92 0.19
Indonesia: JSX BISNIS 27 358.36 1.12 0.31
Indonesia: JSX Islamic 587.93 0.65 0.11
Indonesia: JSX LQ-45 727.16 1.99 0.27
Indonesia: PEFINDO-25 462.39 -0.04 -0.01
Indonesia: SRI-KEHATI 229.73 0.38 0.17
Japan: DJ Japan TSM 487.57 -0.11 -0.02
Japan: Nikkei Average 9447.61 15.15 0.16
Japan: TOPIX Index 781.73 -0.24 -0.03
Malaysia: DJ Malaysia TSM 2999.40 7.64 0.26
Malaysia: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 1612.25 4.64 0.29
New Zealand: NZX 50* 4007.25 -8.45 -0.21
S. Korea: KOSPI 1944.78 9.60 0.50
S. Korea: KOSPI 50 1679.88 9.12 0.55
S. Korea: KOSPI 100 1941.73 10.36 0.54
S. Korea: KOSPI 200 Composite 256.22 1.39 0.55
Singapore: FTSE Straits Times 3074.81 12.69 0.41
Taiwan: TAIEX 7628.48 27.50 0.36
Thailand: SET* 1330.06 -2.86 -0.21

FX and Commodities

EUR/USD 1.3118 +0.0024 +0.18%
GBP/USD 1.6116 +0.0014 +0.09%
USD/JPY 82.16 +0.26 +0.32%
USD/CHF 0.9258 -0.0010 -0.10%
AUD/USD 1.0477 +0.0005 +0.05%
USD/CAD 0.9918 -0.0009 -0.09%
EUR/GBP 0.8139 +0.0007 +0.09%

Gold 1703.05 +7.25 +0.43%
Silver 33.148 +0.340 +1.04%
Copper 3.679 +0.021 +0.57%
Crude Oil 88.84 +0.34 +0.38%
Natural Gas 3.538 -0.006 -0.17%
US Cotton No.2 73.17 +0.23 +0.32%
US Coffee C 148.35 -1.75 -1.17%


Japan 10y, 0.70-0.01, 1.70%

U.S. 10y 1.62+0.01, – 0.65%

Sovereign CDS

Price Change %Change

ATCD5 39.195 0.02 0.05%
BECD5 75.825 0.59 0.78%
CNCD5 173.57 19.34 12.54%
DKCD5 28.745 -0.075 -0.26%
DUCD5 226.28 6.795 3.10%
EGCD5 417.05 3.165 0.76%
FICD5 27.50 UNCH 0%
FRCD5 79.095 0.21 0.27%
DECD5 30.50 0.06 0.20%
GRCD5 4967.3999 -0.30 -0.01%
HUCD5 287.67 0.17 0.06%
INOCD5 122.165 0.485 0.40%
IECD5 181.17 -0.705 -0.39%
ITCD5 230.00 -0.755 -0.33%
JPCD5 69.155 0.17 0.25%
KRCD5 63.95 0.80 1.27%
NLCD5 41.025 -0.33 -0.80%
PNCD5 99.00 1.66 1.71%
PTCD5 444.86 2.14 0.48%
SKCD5 94.50 -0.235 -0.25%
ESCD5 274.375 -0.625 -0.23%
SECD5 19.00 -0.145 -0.76%
CHCD5 54.78 -14.87 -21.35%
GBCD5 30.325 UNCH 0%
USCD5 37.50 1.00 2.74%

-Higgs Boson ‘God Particle’ nominated as TIME Person of the Year

I guess if they are not going to elect Brother Kapner or Bradley Manning, it is a good choice given the politicians are all Rothschilds puppets on the world stage.

-Zionist War Mongers and Smut and Gambling Peddlers Infest America’s Political Waters.

Shelly Adelson to Keep Betting on the GOP

After spending more than $100 million mostly on losing Republican election campaigns this year, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson said he planned to stay in the game and double down on his political donations


-Osborne to extend austerity into 2018. Low growth and high borrowing point to bleak Autumn Budget Statement.FT

-Americans Reject English swill -Tesco signals end of American dream. Retailer to review strategy for Fresh & Easy.FT

-Ex-HBOS head was ‘dishonest’ or ‘delusional’. Commission accuses Lord Stevenson of ‘living in cloud cuckoo land’. FT

The English elite are insane. But at last we have the Financial Times forced to admit it.

-Freeport plans return to energy. Mining group plans big oil and gas acquisitions. FT.

-Shares of Pandora Media Inc. plunged late Tuesday after the Internet-radio company’s quarterly and yearly forecasts fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. Pandora’s stock P +5.47% tumbled 20% at $7.63 in heavy volume of more than 4.6 million shares after the company said it expects a fourth-quarter adjusted loss of 6 cents to 9 cents a share, on revenue of $120 million to $123 million. Analysts polled by FactSet currently expected earnings of 1 cent a share on $130.2 million in revenue.

-Netflix shares spike on news of Disney pact

Shares are up 9.6% on news that Netflix will be the exclusive U.S. subscription TV service for first-run live-action and animated feature films from Disney studios

-Intel Corp. INTC +0.10% took the lead, selling $6 billion in debt maturing from 2017 to 2042, according to Informa. The proceeds will be used to repurchase common stock and for general corporate purposes. Sherwin-Williams co. , Conoco Phillips, and BNP Paribas were among the other issuers.

That is a lot of dough. Whenever you can raise cheap money, do so.

-Take the Money and Run, the Wall Street Way

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Big Lots Inc.’s BIG +11.52% Chief Executive Officer Steven Fishman over a $10 million stock sale last March, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources. The sale came a little more than a month ahead of a negative sales report that pushed Big Lots’s share price down 24% in a single day, the report said. The drop led to a shareholder suit alleging the company was misleading about the state of its business the report said. The SEC probe is in an early stage, the report said, and it comes as Big Lots announced Tuesday that Fishman intends to retire to spend time with family.


-Welcome Back. USA Jobs data starts to roll in with the ADP number, and we get a take on services in Europe.

-Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
Wednesday, December 5
00:00 INR Indian HSBC Services PMI 53.80
02:00 AUD RBA Assist Gov Lowe Speaks
03:00 EUR Spanish Industrial Production (YoY) -7.4% -7.0%
03:13 EUR Spanish Services PMI 41.0 41.2
03:45 EUR Italian Services PMI 46.00 46.00
03:50 EUR French Services PMI 46.1 46.1
03:55 EUR German Services PMI 48.0 48.0
04:00 EUR Services PMI 45.7 45.7
04:30 GBP Services PMI 51.1 50.6
04:50 EUR Spanish 10-Year Obligacion Auction 5.458%
04:50 EUR Spanish 3-Year Bonos Auction 3.617%
05:00 EUR Retail Sales (MoM) -0.1% -0.2%
05:30 EUR German 2-Year Schatz Auction -0.020%
07:00 USD MBA Mortgage Applications (WoW) -0.9%
08:15 USD ADP Nonfarm Employment Change 125K 158K
08:30 USD Nonfarm Productivity (QoQ) 2.7% 1.9%
08:30 USD Unit Labor Costs (QoQ) -0.9% -0.1%
09:30 BRL Brazilian Foreign Exchange Flows 3.54B
10:00 USD Factory Orders (MoM) 0.1% 4.8%
10:00 USD ISM Non-Manufacturing Index 53.5 54.2
10:30 USD Crude Oil Inventories -0.322M -0.347M
10:30 USD Gasoline Inventories 1.767M 3.865M
15:00 NZD Interest Rate Decision 2.50% 2.50%
15:00 NZD RBNZ Monetary Policy Statement
15:00 NZD RBNZ Rate Statement
18:00 KRW South Korean GDP (QoQ) 0.2% 0.2%
18:00 KRW South Korean GDP (YoY) 1.6% 1.6%
19:30 AUD Employment Change 0.2K 10.7K
19:30 AUD Unemployment Rate 5.5% 5.4%
22:30 JPY 30-Year JGB Auction 1.902%


-Osborne Says U.K. Growth Forecast Cut as Deficit Seen Wider


-ADP Says U.S. Companies Added 118,000 Workers in November


-’Merkel’s CDU Has Become Intellectually Comatose


-Swedish Household Debt Growth Is Swedbank’s Biggest Worry


-EU Retail Sales Fall Sharply in October


-Australia’s Weakest Consumption Since 2010 Slows Growth: Economy


-Republicans Balk at Obama’s Short Term Stimulus spending requests


-EU Seeks Power to Probe Entire Industries Over State Subsidies


-Paulson Said to Blame Bet Against Europe for Most of Loss


-UK Threatens to Veto EU Bank Regulator


-Euro Crisis Feeds Corruption as Greece Slides in Transparency Rankings


-Chinese Stock Accounts Empty Before Rally on ‘Capitulation’


-Bank of Korea Gold Dip Buyer


-China Will Keep Economic Policies Stable, Politburo Says


-Chinese Leaders Take Aim at Extravagance in Bid to Bolster Party


-’This Time, Israel Has Defied the Whole World


-Merkel Launches Campaign for 3 rd Term


-Elizabeth Warren Said to Head to Senate Banking Committee

-MF Global Trustee Says 28,000 Customer Claims Completed


-Japan Can End Deflation in Months, Shirakawa Professor Says


- Obama to fill key posts in weeks, Hagel on Pentagon short list


-Boeing 787 Fuel Leaks Spur FAA to Require Jet Inspections


- Fed set to launch fresh bond buying to help economy


-GOP Deficit Plan Irks Conservatives


-China Listing May Flee USA Due to Accounting ‘issues’ (Fraud as state secerets)

The Chinese copied the Bush administration.


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