American Markets-Leading News -Update 1

Greek Enters Death Spiral- AEP

With their first well in one the poorer blocks hitting a giant NG field, Greece’s future is not as dim as AEP foretells especially as that old goat that runs Mercedes who stripped Chrysler  of  its MP equipment and intentionally gutted Chrysler engineering , will no doubt move a big factory down there. You might say the Germans are creating a cheap labor pool. I don’t think the Greeks will ever accept McDonalds even if they start serving Gyros and Falafels  but the Greeks when they work like to build things and are very good at it like the Germans.  But now Greece is a German Client state. It will keep German wage demands down and its superb military will keep the Turks and Muslim hoards where they belong. The Greek military is far cheaper than the German military. German corporations are willing to pay for Greece it is that simple.

I support Union and labor organizations, even as a manager up to a certain point. I support profit sharing and equity ownership by the Union more than draconian rights to destroy your production.  I’ve negotiated with a fair number of union heads and it seems where ever  you go in the world your negotiating with some slimy Zionist lawyer whose crawled to the top as they did not like to work. Lu Lu Da Silva would be the most prominent example I can think of. I can tell you all these Union leaders have interests that are widely divergent from their members.

German and American unions are not like English or Australian unions which are malicious but the German unions can be tough. The firm I worked for pulled out of Australia simply as the union labor was lead by an  Engbrew Crazy lawyer from Cambridge,  and you simply could not afford to mine down under. No one sane would ever build anything in England or Australia. Drunks, belligerents, employees who will sabotage your work. I was desperate for labor once and let an English engineer who worked for me let a big contract to near his home town, almost cost me my job. I replaced him with some tough minded German-American to make the English firm  life hell so they would quit milking the contract. American and Canadian union people are a breeze to work with. Fundamentally Canadians and Americans like to work.  I let some electronics work to Mexico and was impressed with the diligence of Mexican workers. It was better than sending the work to Asia where my competitors were building. Mexicans mainly you have to set up schools for them. Mexican engineers are surprisingly good.  Even back then the ‘risk’ in Mexico was that I would get kidnapped, held for ransom then murdered. I’ve never felt safe in Mexico largely as you cant carry a gun. At least in Africa you could walk around with a .45 cal inside your boot holster , and your security team could carry Uzis or AK47s.  Mexico made a big mistake taking the guns away from the people.

USA Factory Production Rises

APPL Knocks Samsung out of first Place

Evil Shrub Family /Obama Administration Approve 2 New USA Nuclear Reactors First since 1978

The nuclear beat goes on like Fukushima never happened. Sad. Those shrubs are pure evil . Their entire large clan are satanic  like the RR/W.  They have never done anything good for the American people and never will. Their real home is in London. Nuclear power just gets 17 billion in taxpayer money to  slow kill the taxpayers. I thought the Bible say Jesus comes back to stop the people who are destroying the Earth. That would be the Windsors, Rothschild and Rockefeller and Bushes. I hope he comes soon.  Look at what you have done UC Berkeley with your Anglo-Zionist nuclear madness!!


Obama Tax Plan would end Business tax deductions but lower rates

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