Geopolitical Headliners 
Updated February 12, 2012 – 9:45 PM EST
Iraqi al-Qaeda Behind Syria Bomb, Arming Rebels
Top Syrian General Assassinated as Violence Continues
With Violence in Syria, Some Spillover Into Divided Lebanon
Israel May Welcome Regime Change in Syria, Analysts Say
Iran to Unveil ‘Big News in the Nuclear Field’
Iran Helping Syria Overcome Sanctions, Leaked Documents Prove
Colonel’s Report Rips Afghan War Success Story
Guatemala Leader to Propose Legalizing Drugs
Secular Iraqi Dissidents Form New Opposition Party
100,000s in Europe Protest ACTA Threat to Internet Freedom
Interpol Arrests Reporter for Tweet, Saudis Vow Execution
The Return of the Keyboard Warriors  by Pepe Escobar
What Happens After an Iran-Israel War?  by Leon Hadar
A War Anniversary the US Wishes to Forget  by Emil Guillermo
Buck Fever: Crosshairs on Iran by Travis Kelly
Politicians Want War With Iran by Eric Margolis
On Becoming an ‘Opt-Out’ by Danny Schechter
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