American Markets- Leading News-Update 2


Jobless Decline Masks Drop in U.S. Labor Force

The unemployment rate’s unexpected drop to a three-year low has overshadowed a less-positive labor- market development: fewer Americans are looking for work.

Last week’s Labor Department announcement that the jobless rate fell to 8.3 percent in January sent stocks and bond yields higher. The same report showed the share of working-age people in the labor forcehad declined to the lowest level in 29 years.

The so-called participation rate was cited by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke yesterday to support his assessment that the rate of unemployment obscures vulnerabilities in the job market. Bernanke, speaking to the Senate Budget Committee, confirmed the Fed’s stance that interest rates will stay low at least through late 2014, and repeated his view that the job market is a “long way” from returning to normal.

“Weakness in the labor force is frustrating to the Fed, which needs to see broadened participation from labor in this recovery,” said Eric Green, chief market economist at TD Securities Inc. in New York. “What the Fed wants is the real stuff. They want unemployment falling with the labor force rising….

Greeks In deadly Tailspin-Germans Loathed and Hated-AEP

This deal is moot as the Greeks are going to throw out office the people that are making it. Greece should be pushed out now. With the LTRO it won’t matter. Can you believe that Corzine bet that this Greek deal would got through. That is a felony worthy of life imprisonment as he did with it OPM/Stolen money. The financial equivalent of the Stockholm syndrome.

Roger Altman Calls USE profoundly Weak

Symantec /Norton Security Code Hacked. Source Code Posted

If you use Symantec you get what you deserve. An illuminist outfit.

These guys all have back doors for the spooks. That is how the hackers get in.

Symantec should have to stand liable for any loses.

Software makers get away with too much.

Crude Oil Rises on Inventory Drawdown

FEDhead Williams Chatting Up QE3

Fed and Sycophants Chortle No Inflation, No Inflation 

This propaganda piece is getting a lot of circulation today. Home Depot and Lowes both just raised their prices on hammers/sledges by 9 percent. But no inflation. Clearly these people don’t produce anything but lies, nor do they ever go shopping for groceries. 4.00 gas at the pump,  silver at 30+ versus 5.00 when the shrub took office. No inflation according to the Banksters. Inflation numbers have been helped by decimating the housing stock and prices.  Lets see University of California tuition went up 30 pc+ last year. No inflation?

States Continue to Refuse to Settle Mortgage Gate With Feds/Banksters

Ron Paul Threatens Republican Establishment with Convention/Deal Making Power. Republicans rig three states to boost Santorum into ‘deal’ maker 

Another magic election result. How about that BBN mentions Ron Paul. I will have to call Mike and make sure he cans the reporter.

Blackrock’s Fink Say Go 100 pc in equities 

He’s certainly on the inside if he is not doing a pump and dump ahead of the Iran war.

Hitler Youth Obama Takes on Catholic Vote 

Jams his pro LGBT , pro-abortion agenda down the Catholic’s throats with his health care mafia. Time to send Prince Charles’ organ grinding monkey back to England. Let Charles employ him in something decent like wiping his arse and let him quit afflicting us with this hate filled antichrist monster.

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