Cher, Whore of the Illuminati…

Poor thing. What a string of losers, ex Sonny Bono. His side of the story was that she was more than slightly bipolar and could not be trusted with money as she went through it like water. Talented but destroyed by Hollywood. Leave it to the English to pick on what the Crown’s bankers created, the amorality and sheer immorality of hollywood.

Started out as quite innocent.

No I did not dress in bell bottoms, or have long hair. Hippies were actually quite rare. 501 levi jeans, made in the usa, nordstrom blue dress shirts, made in the usa, and runners from Germany , or rm williams boots. And runners back before Frank Shorter won his gold medal and made runners, ‘hip’.

Seems like only yesterday to me.

No one dated ‘hippy’ chicks for anything but one thing as no one expected they would be much in the way of a mother or wife. Although I certainly miss the bralesss look the hippy chicks started. That is when I started wearing sun glasses wherever I went.


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  2. Christian says:

    What did people wear before running shoes were hip? And Sonny was murdered.
    Check this guy out, can’t figure out his stance n Israel, tho. Guatamela cost of living – like a king

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