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BLM Special Agent Daniel P. Love… ready to kill unarmed men?



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Yatsenyuk Fate is Sealed..CIA to assassinate him.

Goodbye, Yats.


Fire Brennan then send him to Crimera for war crime trials.



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Elite Zionists of Hollywood Don’t Vaccinate their Children


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Cyril Smith’s mother Single Mom, Feminist , Tart

This is what happens when feminists run the family.


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Anglosatanists in full control of WASP Churches in USA

More WASP/Texas/Anglomasonic/Satanic Weirdness. As JFK said, why is the same tired old names?

Leader of Christian ministry followed by the Duggar family from TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting is accused of using teenage girl as ‘personal sex slave’ in $1m lawsuit


NEW Doug Phillips, left, is accused by Lourdes Torres-Manteufel, top right, of grooming her to become his ‘sex slave’ after they met in 1999 when she was just 15 years old, in a lawsuit filed in Texas on Tuesday. Phillips had resigned from Vision Forum Ministries last year after admitting an affair. He is a senior figure in the Quiverfull movement which preaches that wives and daughters must live in submission at home. His followers include the Duggars from TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting….


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English Hoping for WW3 in Ukraine and they will escape blame…

The word of the Anglosaxon elite is only fit for bird droppings. The Zionist Matt Drudge was pumping this filthy propaganda as his lead article today, so I though i would comment on it.

Edward Lucas writes for the Economist and headed up the MI6 spy operation in Moscow for a while. Granted he’s trying to prime the English masses for WW3 ,and is not writing more sophisticated lies for people with University degrees. He’s a Rothschilds man. English, Jew, English-Jew, I can’t tell. Prince Charles ears, that is for sure. A nasty Goebbells that is for sure.






Not only were the leading English Russophobes out today, but the Jewish Russophobes as well.


Always the pattern is the same the WASP and Jew joining hands to whip America into fighting their wars for them.

Rofl. I would not want the monkeys to pick up HIV.




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The Pagan’s of Ishtar..er Coachella

To be fair to Americans, a lot of rich Eurotrash , especially English come over for this week long freak show. The English /Eurotrash rather stick out due their general effeminate and slattern behavior.


More German Culture Merkel wants to make sure the Ukrainians dont miss out on…high level satanic witches, celebrating the destruction of the German people for Zion.

Has Heidi Klum been there to support freeing the Germans in Lviv ?






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EU Bond Mania/Bubble Set to Burst?

Celebrations over Greece returning to bond markets mask a whole new problem: Athens hasn’t returned to economic health. Rather, it’s the bond market which has gone quite mad.

The Greek economy lies in ruins. After six years (yes, six years!) of depression, 27.5 percent of the workforce, and some 58.3 percent of youth, are unemployed. Over a quarter of the economy (26 percent) has been destroyed on the sacrificial altar of saving the flawed euro, spurring Athens’ lost decade. True, unemployment peaked nearer to 30 percent, but the economy can barely be said to be recovering with gusto… Well, unless you belong to the curious ‘troika’ tribe who promised rescue loans. Rather, their austere prescription delivered damnation.

Remarkably, ECB-EC-IMF lenders applauded last week as Greece returned to the international bond market. The curious political machinations of these unaccountable bodies meant the truth was not merely different to the PR swagger, it was quite astounding in its twisted reality. Greece has not healed its fiscal holes: the Hellenic Republic remains on life support. Investors buying this issue demonstrated a desperate market driven mad as a massive bubble inflates to bursting point.

This Greek bond wasn’t even truly Greek, being governed by UK law to help investors feel more secure that they would not be subject to arbitrary restructuring! Meanwhile, the 4.75 percent coupon placed Greek bonds back around low levels last seen just before Lehman Brothers collapsed. Therein lies a huge conundrum: the investors who bought this bond didn’t deliver a vote of confidence in the Greek economy. Rather theirs was a much more cynical calculation – buyers are gambling that having come so far, the Mario Draghi ’whatever it takes’ approach to saving the euro will be maintained by the troika come what may.

Hence this bond is not a Greek issue, but really a proxy from the troika who will guarantee euro stability by repaying the debt. The insanity of today’s bond market writ large.


People eat after they received food donated by the Greek church in central Athens (AFP Photo)People eat after they received food donated by the Greek church in central Athens (AFP Photo)


This increasingly desperate ‘yield chasing’ is common when a glut of investor cash is in the bond markets struggling to find a decent return. Following years of Quantitative Easing ‘funny money’, interest rates have remained almost at zero. Banks – those medieval institutions indulged with a regulatory monopoly to store savings inefficiently – pay a pittance on Western deposits. Hence, bond investors have become restive. Like a form of fiscal wildebeest roaming the plains of financial centers, they are searching desperately for anything which can pay them a decent dividend. Thus when a basket case economy like Greece – immolated on the pyre of the EU’s vanity eurocurrency – issues a bond, investors rush in to buy what seems like a five-year manna-from-heaven deal, paying almost 5 percent per year!

Meanwhile, during 2013, US high yield corporate bonds reached a record gross issuance of $378 billion, while $455 billion issued as institutional leveraged loans also trumped the last pre-crash peak of 2007. After six years of fatuous German-led moralizing about Athenian mismanagement without permitting them an equitable chance at recovery (i.e. leaving the euro, devaluing and rebuilding afresh), the West has not merely immolated Greece, it has simultaneously permitted a frankly obscene debt bubble to flare up which now threatens a crunch at least the equal of the last government-banker fiasco.

Make no mistake: the bond market is in a frenzy. Inside the bubble, investor symptoms include desperately lunging after anything which might pay interest a fraction in excess of a few percent. Outside the bubble it is still possible to smell the coffee while gazing in horror as bond markets facilitate cheap multi-year loans to borrowers holding dubious credentials. Investors are failing to competently calculate the overall risks while regulators are, as always, ignorant of the problem.

Thus bond markets are peaking. Such a massive bubble is unlikely to be deflated elegantly. Once interest rates start edging up, the subsequent burst is likely to result in a Western credit crunch easily the equal of 2007, albeit with government without the resources to intervene defensively as it did last time around.

With worries about a new recession growing, the bond market will play a pivotal role in whether the Western economy expands, or endures another bruising fall. Confidence is fragile and bond markets have been at remarkable highs for some time. Values will return to historic bond benchmarks with interest payments well above the current bubble levels (and bond prices thus well below today’s heady values). That transition means another painful bubble bursting, which further threatens the fabric of Western prosperity.


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Russians strike more black gold as England and Germany Come up Empty..

A new oil field with roughly 300 million tons of oil and 90 billion cubic meters of gas has been discovered in the Astrakhan region of Russia.“The field’s reserves are unprecedented, this discovery confirms the high potential of the Astrakhan region in terms of these major discoveries,” Sergey Donskoy, Russia’s Natural Resources Minister said on Wednesday.The field, called “Velikoe” (The Great) was discovered by the AFB Oil and Gas Company, which will likely seek out larger partners to develop it.Two likely candidates are Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned and largest producer, and Lukoil, the country’s second biggest producer.“According to experts, given the lack of large land deposits, project participation will likely come from all major industry players. The most probable partners are Rosneft and Lukoil, which already have projects in neighboring regions,” Uralsib Capital analyst Aleksey Kokin told mail.ru.


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Walmart/Wild Oats to destroy Organic Foods Markets

GMO is probably organic according to these clowns.


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Irish Jurists take payoffs from Banksters ?

 The jury in the trial of former officers at Anglo Irish Bank Corp., the big Irish lender that crashed during Ireland’s banking crisis, on Wednesday found former chairman Sean FitzPatrick not guilty on all counts.But the jury is still deliberating over two other former senior executives over charges they illegally provided money to prop up the bank’s shares as the lender faced difficulties in 2008.Anglo Irish, which has been liquidated, was the bank most closely linked to the Ireland’s property crash six years ago. The trial marks the first prosecution of officers who were involved with broken lenders that had been bailed out at huge cost by taxpayers. MW

Too many poor people in in Ireland, willing to take a bribe. Still it is possible the prosecution was told to throw the case, by the Anglozionist govt of Ireland. Ireland is just a summer home for the English now, and little else.

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Why I hate the Republican Party

San Jose raised wages recently. Studies showed there was NO impact to hiring. Only the bank shares, and CEO salaries, and govt workers salaries are allowed to ‘appreciate’ , not the lowly worker at Prince Charles Mart, AKA Walmart, or Starbucks or McDonalds. These rats just don’t get it. The democrats are worse.


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WASP Overland Kansas Shooter, Fed payrollee, ADL ‘predicts’ shooting

Nothing makes any sense in this current escapade of the NWO. If he were deranged and hate filled, why only shoot a few gentiles? The press said he had shotguns, pistols and an automatic weapon. That the ADL ‘predicted’ this likely says this is another Masonic scam. Regardless of Mind Control, Mason, or being deranged or a Crown loyalist , Miller, Cross or whatever his name is deserves life in prison without parole. What a bunch of nuts these so called Nazis are in the USA, they are never German and always WASPs or Jews at the top of the American ‘Nazi’ movement. The American Nazis of course reinforce the desired cultural stereotype of the Nazi party member, that Anglozionist run Hollywood wants programmed in people’s minds.


Miller did, for a time, take cover in the Witness Protection Program but eventually came out of hiding and took up a job as a long-haul truck driver. He spent his spare time running for public office and leaving thousands of inflammatory comments on online message boards.

Now 73, the former US Army Green Beret, neo-Nazi, and Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon could be facing the death penalty for killing three people in front of a Kansas Jewish community center, although none of the victims were in fact Jewish.

Just days before the shootings, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) warned that while anti-Semitic crimes are near an all-time low in the US, the Passover holiday could stoke racial tension.


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Ireland/UK among leading War Hawks on Russia




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Coincidence? Tiny Anglosaxon and Ashkenazi Trolls Emerging as new Global Power

Not photo-shopped. Hillary ducking a shoe being thrown at her. Anglosaxon-Satanic Troll



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